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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; NuttAll; The Telegraph;’ Category

#154* – EUkip, RSS, BNP styles & Telegraph & Subsidies

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#154* – EUkip, RSS, BNP styles & Telegraph & Subsidies

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

EUkip Propaganda, The BNP look, Propaganda, The Telegraph and Subsidies:


If you want a steady flow of info. on the EU which is reliable may I suggest you set up your own RSS feeds on the items you want or go to whichever party site suits you best as most of us who are politically interested do.

If you want to have political commentaries beyond the press build up a list of the blogs which give you a wide range of opinions.

If you want to have the political articles pulled together in one place you will find that Politigg does quite a good job as it breaks it down into Parties AND Subjects.To discuss material it is best picked up and brought to a forum like and discussed – IF you feel it is of interest to others or requires clarification.

One drawback of any RSS system is that if it passes through the hands of a third party it clearly classifies as propaganda and is subject to alteration or selective quoting or perhaps a selective cut off point.Most of us with a serious political interest have a pretty big ‘milk round’ collecting info.

Here is the full article from The Telegraph:

France demands £7bn farm subsidies before talks begin EXCLUSIVE:

France is preparing to “stitch up” Britain by blackmailing the European Union into guaranteeing farm subsidies worth more than £7 billion a year.

By: Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Last Updated: 8:15AM GMT 25 Nov 2008

President Sarkozy,
who has bitterly attacked plans to cut Europe’s farm spending, has summoned EU
agriculture ministers to a special meeting to discuss ‘the future of the Common
Agriculture Policy’
Restricted documents seen by The Daily Telegraph, show Paris will demand subsidies to French farmers are protected before agreeing to allow global free trade talks to take place next month.

The development threatens to break promises made three years ago when the former Prime Minister Tony Blair gave up a chunk of Britain’s annual rebate from
Brussels on the understanding there would be a cut in farm subsidies after

The recent meeting of G20 leaders called on the EU to come to a quick
agreement on World Trade Organisation negotiations aimed at cutting farm
subsidies and dismantling import barriers.But diplomats say France, which
currently holds the EU’s rotating presidency, is using its position to hold the
EU to ransom by linking protection for French farmers to the reopening of
talks.President Sarkozy, who has bitterly attacked plans to cut Europe’s farm
spending “while 800 million people are dying of hunger”, has summoned EU
agriculture ministers to a special meeting on Friday to discuss “the future of
the Common Agriculture Policy” (CAP).

According to officials and diplomats, France is planning to take the issue to a summit of European leaders in 16 days time, even threatening to call heads of government back off their Christmas holidays on Dec 29 unless agreement is reached.”

It is a pretty transparent attempt to stitch up the CAP so France can carry on subsidising food and farms,” said one diplomat.

“It is alarming how much support the French have.”

A classified internal French document praises the CAP as a “strategic asset” based
on principles laid down in the Treaty of Rome over 50 years ago.

It goes on to urge that it should be continued beyond 2013, the date when a new five year EU budget period begins.

“It is necessary for the EU to continue to have after 2013 a common and sufficiently ambitious agricultural policy, ” state “draft Council conclusions”.

By seeking agreement “on the CAP after 2013”, France appears to be
trying to ring-fence its lion’s share of annual EU farm budgets worth £42
billion, spending that costs the average British household £322 a year.

Jim Paice MP, Conservative spokesman for agriculture and rural affairs, said: “When Blair gave up rebates worth £7 billion in 2005 it was on the basis that there would be substantial reform of the CAP.”

British, Dutch and officials from other countries committed to CAP reform are particularly concerned that the French paper insists on retaining Brussels jargon such as “Community preference” and “market stabilisation”.

This is wording that will preserve favouritism, price and production subsidies for EU farm products over agriculture imports from the developing world, trade barriers a new WTO deal aims to end.

Alarm bells have also rung over a demand for the EU to guarantee “the wholesomeness of its products for consumers by promoting ambitious health standards both inside and outside the Union”.

This move and the language used is widely regarded as spelling a new form of protectionism that will limit imports by demanding that non-European food producers in Latin America, Asia or Africa abide by all the EU’s health, environment, workplace and animal rules before food can be exported.

To get the measures through, Mr Sarkozy will need to win over the
German Chancellor Angela Merkel who he met with yesterday.

In 2002, the former French President Jacques Chirac did a deal with Chancellor Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schröder to maintain the high levels of CAP spending.Six years later, amid a recession, say diplomats, Germany, the EU largest economy and budget contributor, is not enthusiastic about guaranteeing subsidies that benefit French farmers.

Interestingly the duplicity of the CAP and these so called REBATES has never really reached the public – mainly because the people who were elected to raise the profile towards getting us out of the EU promptly went native and set about working out how they could enjoy life or in some cases what fiddles they could get upto for self enrichment.

They seem never to have training courses for their members even let alone the public. Had they been acquitting their duty rather than obfuscating accounts and activities to cover for each other and enriching themselves people would have become more aware that EUkip has agreed to work with the EU to strengthen their committees and it is this sort of betrayal that has made the article above from Bruno Waterfield such a revelation to many.

To this day people have little understanding of the huge perks and MEP gets and the massive pension they can accrue – few even seemed to realise that many MEPs families also can benefit – whether as with Clark’s wife who is milking the system for all it is worth it seems and then the dishonesty and betrayal of UKIP when as leader of EUkip it was revealed by the media that he had let the party down and added another source of income for himself by paying his wife £25,000 a year.

This was particularly shamefull as he had promised he would not do this at hustings and when elected and had as leader issued a direct instruction that MEPs should not pay family.

Had those elected to get us out of the EU stuck to their core job they might have made some progress. Clearly they were elected to address this ONE issue which would, when achieved, give British people the right to vote on all aspects of Governance of Britain – this was what achieved such a notable result for UKIP it was only when they turned the party into a muddle of fatuous policies and corruption that their support collapsed.

UKIP was voted in to address the single issue of getting out of the EU so that we could have a full slate of meaningfull policies of our own in Britain.EUkip is now like all the other parties a single issue party no longer is it seeking the right to multiple issue politics – it is just willing to be RULED by The EU and like the other parties be single issue parties have a meaningless wish list.
The collapse into ruin of UKIP came when as EUkip it went from being a party fighting for the liberty and freedom for sovereign self determination with policies on ever issue once out of the EU to being a single issue party squabbling as EUkip over childish and meaningless window dressing with manifestod policies – Dream on!

Just a bunch of pretend politicians surrendering to EU rule as a single issue party.

EUkip lacks vision, shows no understanding opf leadership and manage every problem to turn it into a divisive chrisis, that is one problem with a single issue party – they are left squabbling over who makes the cake for the next meeting and policies that have no meaning. In EUkip’s case the seem to need the police to bring order at their meetings and have dedicatedly branded themselves as the BNP by any other name.

Well what IS the difference?

They behave the same, they look the same & they seem the same – maybe they are a duck!


Greg L-W.

01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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