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Archive for the ‘Steven Wolfe’ Category

#0753* – ex UKIP MEP Addressing REAL Issues

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/02/2012

#0753* – ex UKIP MEP Addressing REAL Issues

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

ex UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire Addressing REAL Issues!

Meanwhile UKIP leadership continue their unprofessional and unethical self enrichment at the expense of these United Kingdoms!



we are all well aware of the very real issues related to the policy of Leave-The-EU ex UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire has consistently addressed with her highly successful petitions in the UK and having forced a reluctant Government into holding a full debate and vote in The Houser of Commons – something UKIP has spectacularly failed to participate in despite the dishonest attempt to try to lay claim to involvement when in fact UKIP’s utterly self serving and incompetent leadership had done almost everything they could to sabotage her efforts!

We note in the field of domestic politics UKIP leadership seem much more interested in fiddling and rigging internal elections to ensure they remain on the Gravy Train – UKIP leadership is noted for its unprofessional behaviour serial condoning of cyber bullying and dishonesty and childish antics in the EU’s pleasure domes.

In domestic politics they have rtaken on the mind blowing irrelevance of smoking in pubs and the price of beer – one wonders what this will achieve towards the aim of Leave-The-EU!!!

XClearly as far as domestic politics are concerned UKIP have lost the plot with not a single solitary individual of any note what so ever elected to public office in the whole of the UK and less than 20 elected seats held out of 19,500 in these United Kingdoms after 20 years and many £Millions of other people’s money squandered on their unprofessional; antics.

After 20 years UKIP has abjectly failed to devise or present any kind of coherent Exit & Survival strategy relative to the aim to Leave-The-EU nor even the simplest of tactics beyond dancing to the EU tune and riding the gravy train.

At least Nikki Sinclaire has, since she resigned from the vile EFD Group of racists, holocaust deniers, anti Jewish anti homosexual advocates and appologists for violence as a political tool who UKIP are so very much a part of – Sinclaire has at least engaged in the major issues of domestic policies both with her petition addressing a Referendum and its success – You may recal the efforts UKIP leadership made to avoid placing ANY obstacle in the way of their beloved ERU and its New Constitution which became The Lisbon Treaty!

Sinclaire has also addressed the issues of real consequence in her constituency as you will see in the article below – despite the lies and sabotage of the likes of John Ison, Malcolm Pearson and others!

UKIP have now spent over a year trying to bribe Sinclaire back to avoid losing a High Court case for their behaviour which included bullying, anti homosexuality and abuse at the highest levels in the party! (May I remind you they were found GUILTY of these offences in a Court!).

Due to utter unprofessionalism and a clear lack of plausible trustworthy behaviour UKIP have failed so far in their efforts yet Sinclaire never seems to speak out on the issue and just gets on with the job she was elected to do. A role model for UKIP MEPs!





Issue Date: 21st February 2012

A West Midlands MEP who has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Meriden residents will now call for the judge to reject the travellers appeal.

The gypsies, who have settled on the Eaves Green Lane site, will be at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre this morning to challenge the decision taken by the Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP to oust them from their Meriden base.  The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government agreed with the local council’s decision to deny the travelers retrospective planning permission for the Meriden site on 25th October 2011.

Nikki Sinclaire, Independent MEP for the West Midlands, will be using her own advertising vehicle to send a clear message about the appeal this morning with the van being present around the Bull street area all day.

The travellers arrived at the site on a bank holiday weekend – a common process which means Council offices are closed, and once Council officials have returned to the sit, it is usually complete. This then leads to thousands of pounds needing to be spent on mounting legal challenges to move these people off the land.

The large ad clearly sends a message to the judge, “DISMISS THE APPEAL. PROTECT OUR GREENBELT” and Nikki hopes that the judge will have strong words to say about this flagrant abuse of the law

“Appeals such as these are unnecessary abuses to the system and are at a huge cost to the law abiding tax payer”

“Any decision about the Eaves Green Lane site needs to be strongly upheld. Any further planning applications at the unlawful and adjoining site need to be rejected outright. To continue further applications at this site and the site next door – where there are already provocative signs erected giving notice of future development attempts – would be to fail the people of Meriden as well as the travellers”

“We cannot ignore the rights of those residents who have camped 24/7 for over 700 days to protect the Greenbelt land. This is about for equal rights for both the traveller and settled community”.

“I am urging the judge to uphold the decision so we can move forward and bring this sorry tale to an end”.  

Tomorrow’s case, entitled Noah Burton v Eric Pickles, will begin at 10.30am.

What is UKIP’s example to follow?

Well their fisheries spokesman is a geriatric ex school teacher, liar, cheat, fraud and found guilty by OLAF of using public money unlawfully such that he was forced to refund somewhere between £30,000 & £100,000 which he constantly dishonestly denies!
To have as spokesman on fisheries this odious individual with ZERO experience living and representing not a single port let alone one inch of coast does make UKIP look more than somewhat stupid esspecially as many will recal their previous spokesman on the subject was ‘also’ forced to repay money which he had stolen and was sent to prison for his fraud for 2 years!
Now we have the farce of UKIP’s London elections where they issued the ballot papers and this blog pointed out that they were so unprofessional and incompetent hat shortly after they were forced to try to reintroduce ‘some’ credibility – which they did by reissuing the whole procedure with an appology letter for their crass antics!
The election was held and the results never announced, although they were accurately published on this blog.
It became clear why the party witheld the election result because they wished to practice what they have learned in The EU – TOTALLY IGNORE THE ELECTORATE and just make people vote again until they get the right answer, as they are doing regarding The UKIP Constitution and as they are doing with regard to PEPPs.
UKIP’s unprofessional and utterly unethical leadership having asked their members to vote and held hustings and then found they did not like the result have just ignored the concept of democracy and have drawn up their own list – placing the utterly corrupt Steven Wolfe as top of the list.
This will of course earn this Cheshire resident and drinking chum of Nigel Farage’s a considerable amount of money, irrelevant as he will continue to be!
I clearly state that Steven Wolfe is corrupt and unfit for the office – for ANY public office – he has gone along with this fraud as it advantaged him against others in just the same way the liar and fraud Marta Andreasen took advantage of dishonesty and Mick McGough lied and cheated to try to gain preferment.
Are UKIP Leadership directly working to aid and assist The EU in its malign aims?
It sure looks that way the unprofessional manner in which they are bringing EUroScepticism into disrepute – resulting in, as you will have noted, serial failure in domestic politics and elections – never once coming even close to being elected to ANY seat of consequence.
They will probably get their corrupt Steven Wolfe into the EU’s London Assembly but sibnce they only need 5% of the vote that can hardly be called a success – 1/25th. of a say – all the relevance of UKIP’s MEPs in The EU – Let us not forget The BNP had representation in 2008 and UKIP had the faintly idiotic Mr. Bum Lift (Damien Hockney) elected with an also ran who UKIP leadership were at war with and lost almost immediately.
Just who do UKIP represent other than a small clique seeking self enrichment and agrandisement and their claque – which reminds me I shall try to find time to publish some of the most patronising imature drivel I have read to date from within UKIP presented by Farage’s ‘prodigy’ Annabelle Fuller, who you will remember conned Farage into a pack of lies in The Independent & Daily Mail to back her unprofessional idiocy, also brought UKIP into disrepute with the Data Protection Laws with her childish and unethical behaviour and was then involved in what was a seeming attempt to cover up her theft of a Blackberry and a House of Commons pass from an MP who she then tried to claim had TRIED to grope her when drunk in the presence of a Civil Servant.
Just a measure of UKIP leadership’s judgement and professionalism!
. .
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to Reclaim YOUR Future 
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