There is every possibility that Nigel Farage was made an offer he could not refuse, to save his skin, by Murdoch & Fox at Lebedev’s garden party on Sunday. This may be a way for him to leave the skeletons in the cupboard having been given a new lock – we may well see him on Fox News & putting his name to articles in Murdoch’s new creation ‘Heat Street’, based in America for a period.

The wealthy make fortunes from the sort of chaos that puppets create for them and there is no more loyal puppet than a political prostitute with under investigation as aspects of Farage’s UKip is!

It is interesting to note just howmany UKippers are currently jumping ship.

Even Aaron Banks is steering a new course, and he was Farage’s only backer of substance – with his gofer Andy Wigmore at Andrea Leadsom’s launch.

Where better for Farage than as a puppet funded to promote breakup of the EU from a well funded US platform acting to make fortunes for his puppet masters.

That I believe peace and stability would be best served by the re-emergence of the competitive nature of Nation States actively trading with eachother in Europe and beyond as the EU is dismantled, it is the period of uncertainty that suits wealthy gamblers like Murdoch, Soros, Lebedev and their ilk.

Peace is best served without Farage who brought to the table the very worst of values with his louche and libertine behaviour, intellectual indollence and bullying self agrandisement – hardly the skills of leadership and most clearly not the skills for negotiation!

With Farage gone there is a greater possibility of a poeacefull dismantling rather than ‘the wars of dissassociation’ of which I have warned for almost half a century, starting in my opposition to membership of the EU in the first place.

That Nigel Farage tries to lay claim to having brought about the Referendum is obscene arrogance – Farage opposed the only way it could be achieved via a debate in the House of Commons and as a professional politician having failed to get elected as an MP on 9 occassions he was never likely to instigate such a debate!

Nikki Sinclaire picked up the batton Farage had tossed aside and despite Farage’s effort to sabotage her, even down to working with a mole in her office to set her up as proven by his tape recorded conversations in Court last week, Sinclaire doggedly ploughed an average of some £30,000 a year of her own money into her constituency duties and raising a petition, as has been led in evidence by forensic accounting.

Cameron had promised that any genuine petition of over 100,000 signatures would trigger a debate – to that end, on top of her constituency work, Sinclaire threw herself into the task gaining 1/4 of a Million signatures which were delivered to Cameron’s door!

The result of the debate Sinclaire obtained for us was Cameron’s first major Commons rebellion – this led to Cameron including the promise of a Referendum in the Tory Manifesto, at a time he believed he would not win a majority and believed a coalition partner could be blamed when he reneged on his promise.

I believe Farage has contributed to BreXit but the damage he has done over the years outweighs his contributions and there is no doubt that we owe our thanks and respect to Nikki Sinclaire for the Referendum.

I would also wish to pay homage to others who have ensured BreXit – not least of whom are Norris McWhirter, Bernard Connolley, Richard North, Christopher Booker, Phillip Day and many more few if any of whom have been tolerated by Nigel Farage and many of whom he actively drove out of UKip treating UKip as not just his private fiefdom but as his bank account over the years in a manner that has seen him rise from failed City trader fired by a French Bank that employed him to a publicly estimated wealth in the £Millions – Yet on scouring the Electoral Commission accounts and those of UKip there seems to be no record of any donations to UKip and indeed it was pointed out in the EU Parliament and widely published he even ensured both his wife and mistress were on the public payroll!

Let us not forget Farage’s proud boast some years ago at a Press Council lunch when he admitted that the EU had over funded his expenses to the tune of about £2Million so far!

I can not disagree with Richard North for one moment in his excorriating judgement of Nigel Farage’s character though there is no doubt Farage shelters behind a totally false facade that does tend to dupe the unwitting and the gullible.