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#215* – YOU ASKED WHY I LEFT EUkip – Norman SCARTH

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/12/2008

#215* – YOU ASKED WHY I LEFT EUkip – Norman SCARTH

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is
what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



I am providing a platform for this letter – NOT because I xcan endorse its detailed statement but because I am aware that much of it rings true, from tyhe many many other people who have contacted me complaining of the shamefull behaviour of EUkip executive staff, NEC members and leadership who are unarguably corrupt, dishonest and bullying.

I am well aware of the lies of people like Croucher, Nuttall, Denny, Clark, Gulleford, Ma Zucherman, Batten, Wood, Challice, Curtis, Bannerman, McGough, Smith, Reeve and many more of the solids that has floated to the top in the septic tank of EUkip politics.

That they are able to bully the weak and the corrupt like little Anthony Butcher and his sad aid Brendan Padmore comes as no surprise – they are experienced at finding the weak and those without understanding of morality or integrity – one need only look at their own leadership of drunks, layabouts and liars and their self seeking MEPs and NEC.

It is not that the detail of Norman Scarth’s denouncement is certainly true but that it has all the ring of truth when compared with known facts:

UK-IP: You ask why I left:

To: Nigel Farage, Leader,

Cc: to members of the UK-IP.

In a letter dated 1st October 2008 Office Manager David Challice reminded me that I had not renewed my membership, & asking if there was a reason.

On 6th November a lady rang from HQ with the same query.
I told her I would be writing.
She suggested I ring Regional Chairwoman Jill Collins (07845 489080) which I did.

We had a brief conversation, & told her also that I would be writing.

A little late perhaps, but I do so now:

The short answer is that I have realised that the party is as false & treacherous as the rest of them.

WHY do I say that?

A most terrible blot on the face of modern Britain is the ever increasing number of murderous attacks on the old & vulnerable. Almost unheard of until the 1960s, they are now an everyday occurrence. The main point of my manifesto when I stood at the 1997 General Election (as an Independent Old Age Pensioner) was my concern at the total LACK of concern from regular politicians about these diabolical crimes.

The thugs who attack the old are often addicts desperate for drug money.


At the AGM, 5th October 2007, there came the time for questions from the floor. I tried to ask mine. A mob of about 6 black-suited goons moved in quickly to throw me out. A rousing cheer for me from the 300 or so people present (& the fear of publicity like that following the ejection of Walter Wolfgang from the Labour Conference) caused the Afternoon Chairman to call the goons off, & I was in fact invited to speak from the platform.

I then told the truth about Godfrey Bloom MEP (who had been the Morning Chairman). I denounced him as ‘False-Flag Agent’, a traitor to the UK-IP, & to the Nation.

Afterwards, in the foyer, there was considerable interest in my leaflets. One artist member was very flattering in that he went on to produce a painting of me, entitled by him ‘Portrait of a Hero’ (a copy is sent as an attachment). Needless to say, the Report of the AGM did not include MY contribution!

You know of the War Crimes by Fony Blair’s Regime, but may not know of their diabolical crimes at home. Far from exposing them, Bloom is determined to cover them up – & ENSURE THEY CONTINUE!

A measure of Bloom’s treachery is that he gave a wonderfully warm handshake to one of Blair’s victims, before HIMSELF delivering a sadistic, slimy attack upon that victim, a World War II Veteran. How do I know this? I am that victim! It is no thanks to Bloom that I am alive & free.

YOU NOW KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT BLOOM, BUT APPEAR TO ACCCEPT THIS MONSTER. What does that say about the rest of the party?

Sunday 28th October 2008 I attended a Branch Meeting of Bradford UK-IP at the home of Chairman Jason Smith:
1, Woodland Avenue,
Clayton Heights,

Present were Phillip Bird; David Nevin; Stewart Hanson; David Curtis & Jamie Illingworth.

None of them had been at the AGM.

They looked at my leaflets & listened respectfully to what I told them about Bloom but, strangely, there has been no interest since.

Next, the Haltemprice & Howden By-election:
It was caused by the resignation of David Davies MP, SUPPOSEDLY because of his opposition to the Bill to increase the time people could be kept in custody without charge, I had evidence that his libertarian stance was totally false, & decided to stand against him.

The Anti-Crime Party (founded by me) had not attracted the support hoped for, so I decided to stand as an ‘Independent’.

At the 2005 General Election UK-IP had a candidate, who received about 700 votes.

However, they were not contesting this time.

There was no conflict between myself as an Independent (or the A-CP), & the UK-IP, our policies on the European Union being identical. So, I wrote to UK-IP HQ, & to Jason Smith, asking them to urge UK-IP supporters in the constituency to vote for me. They did not do so, nor did they even acknowledge my request. Afterwards, I wrote to them expressing my disappointment. This time they did respond.

David Challice wrote from Head Office, saying, “… We do not know the intricacies of your policies as an Independent & I’m afraid it would be quite wrong for the UKIP Head Office to recommend you to other UKIP members …”.

Jason Smith wrote saying much the same.


It is common practice for Opposition to support Government on matters they agree with, & so they should.

That other Arch-hypocrite Tony Benn (Labour Left wing) supported the (purported) stance of David Davies (Tory Right Wing) on the ‘detention without trial’ issue. A pair of ‘falsies’ together. That does NOT mean that they are in complete agreement on everything.

At least I was treated with respect at the AGM in 2007. How different was my treatment at a hustings meeting in the Yorkshire & Humberside area on Monday 28th July 2008. It was to assess those seeking to be the UK-IP candidate for the area at the 2009 election for the European Parliament.

I tried to make the same point that he had made at the AGM – which SHOULD have been of interest to all!

A large lady from the top table & a smirking young thug made a beeline towards me to throw me out, but backed off when I defied them. The cowardly young thug refused to give his name when asked. It turns out he was treasurer for the Leeds Branch of the UK-IP.

Godfrey Bloom, the sitting MEP for Yorkshire & Humberside did not threaten violence – his attack was much dirtier! He sneered at me, “He is obviously ill”.

By co-incidence, a major news story that morning had told of some 50 or so women (all completely sane) who had been locked up FOR LIFE because they were typhoid carriers. This went on from 1907 up to 1992 – long after the invention of antibiotics ended the risk of death from typhoid.

Worst of all, they were NOT locked up in an isolation hospital, but in a lunatic asylum! As might have been expected, some of them DID become mentally ill.

I asked the candidates to comment: To his credit, one-time Labour Councillor David Daniels said it was outrageous.

Bloom could see nothing wrong in it (not surprising, he himself being party to the continuation of this diabolical State Crime, NOT against typhoid carriers, but against ‘dissidents’, whistleblower & writers – just as in Stalinist Russia!

The other 3 candidates, Jonathan Arnott, Jason Smith, & Toby Horton, did not think it worthy of comment.

From: Norman Scarth,
WW2 Veteran, Parliamentary Candidate,
Investigative Author & Publisher, SUCCESSFUL Law Reformer,
Associate of the Article 6 Group (International Human Rights Lawyers),
Founder & Leader of the Anti-Crime Party,

36 Anvil Court Chambers,
Tel: (01274) 541 213.

Mobile: 0779 435 8691.

The END as received from Norman Scarth, he has provided his contact details and you may ascertain for yourself the veracity of the detail.

I am happy to have published as I am aware that EUkip is now managed, controlled and exploited by a corrupt and dishonest cabal.

Consider the discreditted and dishonest Treasurer Marta Andreasen, the corrupt drunkard and womaniser who gained leadership through the corruption and dishonesty of his staff Annabelle Fuller, Mark Croucher and their corrupt ilk, or the deputy leader David Bannerman, who gained his position through lies and dishonesty – or their supporters like the rascal Andrew Smith whose dishonesty and lack of professional competence as Treasurer led to a guilty verdict in the courts and has exposed EUkip to forfeiture and costs risk of £1/2 > 1,000,000 through Judicial Review or his gofer Michael McGough who was happy to lie and deceive his friends for personal gain.

EUkip has NOTHING to offer the British electorate other than corruption, greed, self interest and betrayal. Liars – Cheats & Rascals.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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