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Archive for the ‘George EUstace MP’ Category

#0666* – Farage & UKIP Play The Fiddle Well whilst GREECE DEFAULTS!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/09/2011

#0666* – Farage & UKIP Play The Fiddle Well whilst GREECE DEFAULTS!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
Farage & UKIP Play The Fiddle Well, whilst GREECE DEFAULTS!

Meanwhile the Judas Goats and EUroPlastics like Dan Hannan, Roger Helmer, George EUstace and the like posture and clamour to order for the Tory Whips in a pretence of a Referendum!

Someone tell them whilst they postured and congratulated themselves on their fundamental inconsequence The Express obtained 300,000 supporters and Nikki Sinclaire obtained and delivered for Parliament 100,000 fully verified signatures!

Interestingly UKIP has NEVER achieved anything by way of petition or leadership – just the self enrichment of a small clique egged on by their ever hopefull claque who seek reward and denigrate all who may criticise their route to the troughs!



just think where UKIP would be now if only it had at some time had a competent, honourable, trustworthy leadership and prominent policies of gravitas led by someone of stature.

Just imagine after 20 years UKIP has only obtained less than 30 elected seats out of the 19,500 available in British governance, UKIP has never offered or INSISTED on training for its personnel or staff, branch chairmen and the like.

Incredibly UKIP has never produced any kind of training/management manual and has never had a clear organisational structure and has since day one NEVER had a web site commensurate with the image they seek to portray.

Astonishingly in 20 years UKIP has utterly failed to devise and present a coherent Exit and Survival Strategy for these United Kingdoms to Leave-the-EU in good order, clear of the benefits of self governance, self determination and sovereign independence to in liberty and dignity present its goods, needs, values and justice on the world stage.

We are all well aware and sick of hearing how bad membership of The EU is but we have failed to reassure the British peoples of how on these United Islands we have presented the team that has led the world in ethics, morality trade and justice.

We permit the scum of politics to seek, for their own personal gain, people like Tony Blair, Alec Salmond, Neil Kinnock, Roy Jenkins, John Major, Shirley Williams, Jack Dromey, David Owen, Michael Hesseltine, Jerry Adams,  Ken Clark, Pieter Haine, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown, Hazel Bleares, Harriet Harmon, David Bonkit, David Cameron and the like to talk down our abilities, denigrate our achievements and prostitute our future and all for their sordid personal ambitions and unpleasant gain.

Not an individual of stature amongst them! Self serving self promoting self important nobodies!

Had UKIP had sound leadership, vision, strategies, tactics and values as would be provided by a leader of stature UKIP could have capitalised on its greatest asset Nigel Farage – a good performer who could have trained an army of spokesment to spread the word to the world as we repatriated our democracy, restored our sovereinty, resconfirmed our justice, reinstated our borders and moved forward into the future as a proud and free United Kingdoms where the likes of the risible little squirt Alex Salmon, Pieter Haine and the like would have been shuned by a people of stature and dignity, shunned for the odious little men they are.

Sadly for lack of leadership UKIP has achieved the sum total of nothing as one performing cockrel strutting on top of a dung heap of the weak and venal he has been allowed to gather around him do not a party of significance make.

There is no doubt, insecure and amoral as he is Farage sets a tone it is hard to follow.
Disclose.tvNigel Farage Lambasts Europhile UK Mps Who Led Us Video

Just think what UKIP might have achieved with sound leadership capitalising on Farage’s ability as a performer. All the time wasted on navel gazing, petty infighting, corruption, dishonesty and weak and self serving little creeps many hidden behind false identities all of whom have so clearly destroyed UKIP as they jockeyed for position and lied and cheated to try to get closer to getting their snouts in the troughs on the gravy train for enrichment through the bribes of The EU.

With clear leadership, and let us face it there was no one else of note in The Referendum Party – it was the clear leadership of Sir James Goldsmith that forced the hand of Government and ensured Britain could not glibly be betrayed by entering the EUro with its totally predictable pending failure we see with the Default of Greece and for all its dishonest language Greece HAS defaulted!

The EU in a desperate move to try to deny its abject failure may call it ‘Restructuring’ or is the buzz word ‘Rescheduling’ – but I put it to you that if you had £100,000 on deposit with your bank and it blithely told you it had restructured its payments to you so that it would only pay you £50,000 and would need you to deposit more for them to pay you interest and they intended to print more cash thus devaluing the money to half its value and it would start repaying if it could at some time in the future after devaluation and you MIGHT get £25,000 in value eventually – I just have this feeling you would call that default – if not outright theft NOT ‘restructuring’.

Inventing words to dishonestly misrepresent situations is an old and rather sordid trick – consider homosexuals who instead of admitting they are perverts insist on normal heterosexuals calling them ‘gay’ – What dishonest balderdash!

Just as calling the DEFAULT of Greece ‘restructuring’ – with an obscenely bloated public sector, a bit of tourism and absolutely no exports of consequence (well Feta Cheese and bulk olive oil for bottling overseas) Greece is BUST and has no choice but Default with absolutely no chance of survival within the EUro as with Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Ireland – their only hope is charity and the only country able to provide that charity over the next 20 years, and it will take at least 20 years IF it works, is Germany.

The downside is clear – money that would have advanced the EU scam and might have helped towards growth will now be squandered on demeaning the default countries as they emerge to follow Greece.

The size of the debt and the piddly amount now on the table for the bail out is like the drunk peeing on a burning building to put out the fire – as the dawn rises over the ashes and the truth comes to light the building WILL have burned down but only dawn will show if the drunk fell in the fire and was consumed as the little hiss of steam as he urinated will be long forgotten.
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