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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKKIP; John West; Peter Reeve; McGough; Bridget Rowe; Bannerman; George Curtis; Steve Allison;’ Category

#182* – EUkip Has A Rally!!! 29-Nov-08

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/12/2008

#182* – EUkip Has A Rally!!! 29-Nov-08

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

EUkip’s Failing Structure – NO LEADERSHIP!


On the 29th. November 2008 EUkip held a major Saturday Rally to try to launch and promote its pretence to campaign for the EU elections in June 2009.

EUkip had had a major launch as Capel St. Mary for its so called deputy David Bannerman who now works for the EU, in direct conflict with his aims and claims as deputy leader of EUkip – Gone Native springs to mind – like Marta Andreassen I gather his CV also left out various material facts! Clearly both are discreditted cheats.
The Capel St. Mary launch, after widespread advertising, extensive leafletting and a great deal of promotion was hardly a run away success – well who would cross the road to listen to the cheat and liar Bannerman? Well to be fair we understand 12 people were that gullible but we do not know if that included Bannerman himself and/or the discreditted failure and outgoing Regional Organiser Peter Reeve who has been deselected or whatever by several Constituency Branches.
The meeting on the 29th.
ran to an hour of drinking in the bar starting at 12.00 branded ‘networking’.
The meeting strted at 13.00hrs. after being introduced by the coward, liar and cheat George CurtisCurtis is all too happy to blacken anyone’s name as long as it never surfaces he is the diashonest coward who provides the lies required. He is seen by most members in the region as treacherous and completely untrustworthy out of touch with the members but propped up by a clique of corrupt assosciates like Smith & McGough on a reciprocity of dishonesty.
The Aims for the day were rather fuzzily put forward by Peter Reeve

Reeve is fast loosing any credibility despite having a patron on the NEC propped up as a gofer for his friend and look alike with his shaven headed bully boy look.

The next 45 minutes were rivetting Ken Irvine spoke about the EU elections based no doubt on his extensive knowledge! We have yet to learn anything of the vision, strategy, tactics or training for candidates.

Furthermore since the selection process has been pronounced as corrupt and the EUkip Returning Officer’s report, featured on this blog, shows that the entire process was corrupt – corrupted by the lies and dishonesty of Bannerman, Tirford, Gollom, McGough and others leading to the unequivocal verdict from the RO in his official report that the outcome was invalid and the process should be run again by a trustworthy external third party organisation.

That the liars, bullies and cheats are still fighting against the truth is no surprise.

End of the session 45 minutes down and a break already – are we talking here of the challenged prostates of the elderly supporters or the attention span of the others!

Then we have Steve Allison telling all how to win at local elections WOW that must have been gripping! Nice enough chappie but you may recal he presided over the catastrophy last local elections where EUkip managed to get less councillors elected out of the 19,500 electable seats LESS than the 7 elected by Kernow, the extremist Cornish group!

Did he tell everyone present everything he knew 22 times or stretch out his 2 minutes of knowledge – one can only judge by the results – especially when you realise political nebishes like Bert Hitt & Ian Smith see themselves as consequential on the grounds of being PARISH councillors!! I guess they are when you judge by EUkip results in local elections under Steve Allison!

At 15.00hrs. the audience was embarrassed for 45 minutes by the foul language of some ghastly female, Bridget Rowe whose language brings EUkip into disrepute. Even her pretend interview with the discreditted liar & cheat McGough was an embarrassment.

Yet more break and on to 45 minutes from For EUkip members to be subjected to 45 minutes of the outpourings of this sad and dishonest little man is an insult to decent people – he is a fraud and a cheat willing to cheat his friends, and betray his party bringing it into disrepute!

No wonder there were only 28 people present, not including staff, sychophants and speakers.

No doubt it was frustration at yet another abject failure that led Peter Reeve to commit an act of Common Assault on John West to take him outside in a manner that led the witnesses to believe the act was threatening, belligerant and aggressive. That a witness told me about the assault within hours and when I phoned John West he informed me he had been promised 2 or 3 witness statements and would report the matter to the police for investigation.

Another catastrophic EUkip event that did more damage than good!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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