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Archive for the ‘EUkip;UKIP; Bannerman;NuttAll;Farage;Andreassen;Brown Shirts; Reichstag Fire; Kristall Nacht;’ Category

#141* – EUkip’s NuttAll Issues Party Suicide Note!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/11/2008

#141* – EUkip’s NuttAll Issues Party Suicide Note!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

Little Paul NuttAll, as Nigel Farage’s unelected Puppet, goaded on by David The Desk Bannerman. Bringing EUkip into DISREPUTE YET AGAIN.


you will be astonished when you realise that EUkip could be so staggeringly stupid, this looks like a suicide note in its stunning amateur understanding of LAW.

Minded that EUkip try to sell themmselves in Government as ‘The Party Of Freedom Of Speech’

This following letter was forwarded from Anthony Butcher’s ISP in America for his attention. Anthony was at one time on EUkip’s NEC and owns The Democracy Forum:

PO Box408
Newton Abbot
United Kingdom
TQ12 9BG
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am the Party Chairman of the fourth-largest political party in the UnitedKingdom, the UK Independence Party.
I am writing to request that you takeimmediate action concerning the website, whichyour company is hosting, and which has knowingly permitted libellous anddefamatory statements about myself and the rest of my party’s leadership,in direct violation of the law in the UK.
Your Service Contract (Section 1.B, User Conduct) states that users mustnot”Post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous,defamatory, obscene, offensive, indecent, pornographic, profane, orotherwise objectionable information of any kind, including withoutlimitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that wouldconstitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwiseviolate any local, state, federal or international law, including withoutlimitation the U.S. export control laws and regulations, and lawsprotecting intellectual property including copyright, trademark, tradesecret, misappropriation and anti-dilution laws”Literally hundreds of posts on this publicly-viewable forum( are not only false, but also defamatory andlibellous under UKlaw.
These posts are now being viewed by British mediaorganisations as well as members of the general public – which is damagingthe reputation of my party. The moderator (and owner of the forum) hasbeen reminded of the existence of libel laws in the UK, and of theresponsibility that they, and the hosting company, have to prevent thepublication of a libel. In the UK, either publishing or repeating a libelis in itself libellous.Legal action is currently being prepared against the moderators of theforum if action is not taken; I am now asking you as the hosting company toexercise your responsibility – both under UKlaw and under your own ServiceContract – to shut down such content as soon as it is made aware of itsexistence.
You may also be interested to note that on the bottom of the main page, thesite claims to be hosted by a different company with the clear intention ofconfusing the general public.
Please find just three significant examples of libel within the last weekbelow:
1. The third post in this topic accuses the Deputy Leader of our party ofbeing a ‘proven and established fraud and liar’. Under UKlaw, it islibellous. The party holds a Criminal Records bureau enhanced disclosurewhich demonstrates the falsehood of the claims made.
2. The first post in this topic accuses me personally of being’treacherous’. Under UKlaw, this is likewise libellous anddefamatory.
3. The third post in this topic is libellous because it accuses the PartyLeader of “total amorality, bullying, adultery, and drunkenness,vengefulness andlying”. would appreciate an immediate acknowledgement of receipt of this email,and your speedy assurance that swift action will be taken in accordancewith British law.
Yours faithfully,
Paul Nuttall -Chairman,

I do not claim to be a lawyer but isn’t it an offence to bear false witness? Also is it not an offence to deliberately lie to harm anothr?

I have every reason to believe as part of this bullying and dishonest claim has deliberately misrepresented British Law for gain.

The clearly untrue accusations spuriously backed up with meaningless reference renders this vexatious and mallign harassment.

Dear Mr Nuttal,
I have just been informed by our hosting company ( that you have made a complaint about the British Democracy Forum.I would like to raise several points:
1. We have an established complaints system that we take seriously. If you think that there are any abusive or libellous comments made on the forum, this is the appropriate place to report them. We have several moderators and complaints are usually looked at within a couple of hours. If you would like to make specific complaints, we will be happy to investigate and take appropriate action. There is a small red and white triangle icon to the left of every posting that allows you to complain about a post very quickly and easily.
2. Due to the volume of posts on the forum (there are currently 350,000), we simply cannot read every single one. Therefore we depend on users to make complaints about inaccurate, offensive or libellous postings.
3. We operate a policy of free speech as much as possible, and encourage users to voice their opinions. One of UKIP’s own founding values is the support of free speech, so I find it somewhat unusual that you are complaining about people calling you ‘treacherous’, for example. This seems somewhat frivolous, especially for a political party in Britain. Politics is a rough and tumble business and you must expect robust language, and this clearly comes under the category of opinion, rather than stated fact.
4. You claim that there are ‘hundreds’ of postings that are ‘false, defamatory and libellous’, yet not a single complaint has been made. Regular readers of the forum include both of your press officers, who drop in several times per day, and at least two NEC members who are also regular readers. Strangely none of these very senior people have so far made any complaints. If the postings are as bad as you attempt to make out, why have none of your party’s senior officials made any complaints over the past few months? I am not sure why you have waited until now to make a complaint, when it would have been far more effective to ask us directly as and when the postings appeared; it seems entirely the wrong way to get postings altered if you genuinely feel that they are damaging.
5. I don’t think that it is reasonable to expect us to be able to take action unless you tell us that there is a problem. Common courtesy would involve using the complaints system, or contacting me or another moderator before approaching the web host. To repeat, we will be very happy to investigate and take action on your complaints, but you will have to tell us what they are first.
Yours sincerely,
Anthony Butcher

May I commend Anthony Butcher on his robust response unwilling to succumb to the dishonesty, unsustainable and vexatious letter from EUkip’s NuttAll.

It is astonishing the collapse in morality and principles of EUkip since Nigel Farage corruptly seized leadership of EUkip.

excellent response by Anthony to Paul NuttAll’s suicide note on behalf of EUkip.
We all appreciate he is Nigel Farage’s unelected puppet chairman since his last one quit in disgust. NuttAll is so staggeringly incompetent that EUkip’s last NEC meeting got so out of control that 2 Metropolitan Police had to attend to restore order!
You may be assured that if any of the items are mine you can count 110% on my standing in front of you and providing chapter and verse PROVENANCE of my every comment.
Should you have difficulty over any other accusations levelled at you you may count on me standing shoulder to shoulder with you and I will provide any PROVENANCE to aid substantiation of the material where I can.
Please do NOT remove any posting that I have made as you can be assured of its accuracy and I was speaking over my signature and will stand by my comments and substantiate it.
I am disgusted – I knew that EUkip was morally in trouble but this takes the biscuit – I can see the headlines now!
EUkip, The Party Of Free Speech, Attacks Many Supporters In An Attempted Denial Of Free Speech.
I do hope there are members here who will be able to make a complete copy of this Forum and I am sure at least 50 copies can be hosted around the world if little NuttAll and his puppet masters do not withdraw this latest example of their utter idiocy and apologise.
How dare these sordid treacherous, drunken womanising liars and frauds like David the desk Bannerman who has lied cheated and dissembled regarding who he is again and again and again so betrayed the principles of the party they are destroying for their own gain.

1. Bring your full birth certificate and DNA samples to court Bannerman, you are beneath contempt – just because your ‘claimed’ daddy owns a desk that does not make you other than a liar, a fraud and a cheat. How dare you sink so low as to have hijacked a decent honourable party and use it for your own protection as a liar you fraudulent little parasite. that you are proven to be a cheat, a liar and a fraud is not in dispute and if you have enough CRB forms to paper your bathroom in the back streets of Acton and I don’t care if you stick one up your backside every time a train passes back or front it makes you no less dishonest.
Do not delude yourself you have not been libelled under ANY law even in Fantasy Land – no statement can be a libel that is true.
2. As for treacherous Paul NuttAll it is my opinion based upon his behaviour, letters in my possession, witnesses I will bring with me to court that you ARE treacherous and I can substantiate it.
Do add to that the fact that you are self seeking, deceitful, incompetent and have the morality of a rat.
That you have jumped through the hoops placed for you and been rewarded makes you a rather sordid little fellow, willing to take advantage of the dishonest treatment of other.
The performing monkey’s performing puppet monkey.
3. What an outrageous claim that the party leader has been libelled because it accuses the Party Leader of “total amorality, bullying, adultery, and drunkenness.
How can Nigel Farage be libelled by these statements he IS a totally amoral, bullying, adulterous, whoring, duplicitous, incompetent, drunkard wherein do you claim he has been libelled.
It would be virtually impossible to establish damages even were he libelled as his reputation and publicity could hardly be likely to put a value to this silly little man’s reputation above abot 17/6d. – Read the media files that are readily available.
Provenance that Nigel Farage is vengefull and bullying is clearly to be seen – Read Paul NuttAll’s fatuous letter authorised by Nigel Farage spurred on by the liar Bannerman they have issued a bullying letter seeking vengeance against the Forum and individuals for having published the truth about the party they are destroying and the corrupt leadership claque.
May I also bring to the attenrion of the bullying, dishonest bufoon NuttAll that before he continues to libel Anthony Butcher, The Democracy Forum, ANY of its members or myself may I suggest that you find a competent lawyer as neither the idiotic Rachel Oxley nor Michael Zucherman of Bent & Manure can be taken seriously if this is their perception of libel.
You owe us all jointly and severally a written apology for your all too irresponsible and glib libel founded on either your incompetence, dishonesty or sheer stupidity.
If you would like articles on other members of your debased NEC and leadership please supply suitable pictures and the order you would like the articles published and we will see if we can oblige.
Would you like an article on the dishonest and corrupt Marta Andreassen;
the duplicitous and dishonest Lisa Duffy;
the idiotic, corrupt, liar and cheat Douglas Denny who has so betrayed and besmirched the name
of EUkip with his behaviour;
the fraudster Derek Clark who venally betrayed these United Kingdoms;
the liar Graham Booth and his dishonesty over accounts;
the dishonesty and failure of duty of Trevor Colman;
the corrupt and dishonest Peter Reeve;the abrogation of duty by the untrustworthy Christopher
The liar Malcolm Wood;
the dishonest Andrew Smith who with professional irresponsibility and abrogation of duty together with Nigel Farage incurred a guilty verdict in the courts the penalty for which has been under Judicial review and the verdict is due from Justice Walker within days which could leave EUkip technically insolvent in which case this vexatious and mischiefous threat from these idiots is invalid/unlawfull.
Shall I just work from the party lists you are too incompetent to keep control of.
No doubt there will be more from our London friend via the Colchester office tomorrow.
No doubt you will be bringing to court those whith whom you are associated who placed the deliberately dishonest blog All About UKIP with its lies, libels and defamatory dishonesty – we trust you will have excellent explanations for your association with that blog.
After months of the lies about me and friends of mine by your staff and associates including the liar and cheat Mark Croucher, the foul mouthed Fuller and the imbecilic little liar Douglas Denny – got a tad bored by your party’s undeniable attempts to vindictively bully and lie.
When the association with the low lifes of EUkip leadership and NEC over the squalid little blog became established I took the liberty of teaching EUkip a lesson in an attempt to clean up the obvious filth that had floated to the top of the septic tank that EUkip has shown itself to be.
The aim is unashamedly and with determination to unthrone the revolting people who have dishonestly and corruptly hijacked UKIP which was the dream, hope and aspiration of so very many, which you have betrayed.
BE ADVISED:Further contact from you or any of your ‘Brown Shirts’ and Bully Boys, other than to deliver the photographs and list as requested or to publish a withdrawal of your vexatious, mallicious and worthless threats and a public apology will be considered to be harrassment.
I make this statement of fact in my own name and seriously advise you that to fail to apologise or to further attempt to harrass will meet with suitable response.

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