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Archive for the ‘Mary Honeybell’ Category

#0048* – UKIP’s Gerard BATTEN IN A CAT FIGHT – No Surprise There Then!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/07/2010

#0048* – UKIP‘s Gerard BATTEN IN A CAT FIGHT – No Surprise There Then!
Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

– No Surprise There Then!!

I may well think that Gerard Batten UKIP MEP is little better than an excrecence with no manners, no charisma, little personality, no understanding of Justice and far better suited to running a telephone shop for BT than acting to represent ANYONE.
Gerard Batten is unreliable, untrustworthy and clearly dishonest.
Gerard Batten is a self serving creep without loyalty, integrity or morality – a Racist, anti Jewish, anti Muslim, anti Homosexual, pro EU membership supporter of UKIP’s membership of the Pan EU Political Party EFD group.
Gerard Batten is a contemptible little man who has done next best to nothing to move Britain one iota closer to leaving the EU.
You will note Gerard Batten openly colluded in the utterly corrupt selection process of UKIP leadership, of which he is a part, relative to the dishonest and corrupt selection of UKIP potential MEP candidates – he even employed the liar Michael McGough to promote the corruption.
Batten’s only independent claim is that he had a member of his staff do a re-write of the Government Pink Book on expenditure ie the cost to Britain of EU membership – The fiirst one he had produced was in 2006 and he has publish an update annually – here is the latest one as advertised on his web site CLICK HERE So I guess his staff have managed to produce two!
That slime like Batten disgust me and represent nothing that I value about these United Kingdoms may possibly have dawned on you, but he does deserve the right to defend himself against a very personalised attack by a fellow MEP.
Nothing like a good cat fight and who better to be involved than Gerard Batten and Mary Honeyball of Labour they are a fairly well matched pair with so much in common!

Mary Honeyball Labour MEP 
– Tells lies about Gerard Batten MEP

Mary Honeyball Labour MEP for London for reason known only to her has chosen to tell lies about me on her website the misnamed, ‘The Honeyball Buzz’ (who exactly is she trying to kid?).
I am flattered that she sees UKIP as such a threat (as she should) and that she needs to attack me, but telling lies about me personally is not the way to do it. I have asked her nicely to take down the lies and write a retraction. She has ignored my request.

I am advised that what she says is libelous and actionable but that the only people who make money out of libel actions are libel lawyers. Therefore I will counter to her lies with the truth, and respond by telling some truths about her.

I won’t waste any time responding to her political criticisms since they are the product of her politically correct, one dimensional and simplistic perspective and not worth the trouble. But I will deal with some of the specific lies she tells about me.
The lies.
She says about me, ‘he… does not pay his taxes’. This is a lie. I have been paying taxes on PAYE since 1972 solely in the UK. I have always paid every penny in tax that that I was ever liable for.
She says about me that she exposed that ‘I was covering up my financial records’. This is a lie. I have carefully complied with all the rules, regulations and requirements of the European Parliament in full and on time.
If Mary is referring to my signed and blank Financial Declaration published on the European Parliament website, it is blank because I don’t have any financial interests to declare. Unlike her I don’t have to declare the use of a free tram pass in Strasbourg, free rail travel in Belgium, and free parking in City Airport – because I don’t use them. However as she is obviously taking advantage of whatever is going free I expect she assumes everyone else is doing the same.
She says that I am ‘not keen on people of different races mixing’. This is a lie. It is based on her deliberate misrepresentation of serious articles I have written on the doctrine of political multiculturalism (which I don’t believe in). I have many constituents, acquaintances, friends and family of different races who can demonstrate her lie is just a pathetic attempt to smear me.
She says it is a ‘UKIP proposal to cut back public spending by killing prisoners’. Another lie. Again based on a deliberate misrepresentation of a speech I made on the death penalty in South Korea. I do believe in the return of the death penalty in the UK for some crimes, but it is personal view not UKIP policy. I can make a serious case explaining why I am in favour of it – could Mary make a serious case to the parents of the victims of paedophile murderers why she is not? I doubt it.
Mary is “absolutely useless” says colleague.
Mary Honeyball holds her seat only because of positive discrimination. In 2008 the Labour Party’s selection rules said that if the first candidate on the list was a man the number two had to be a woman. That is why a hard working and conscientious sitting Labour MEP (Robert Evans) was passed over so that Mary Honeyball was elevated to number two. She doesn’t hold her seat because she was the best candidate but because she is a woman. She gives positive discrimination a bad name and that is an insult to all men and women who expect to succeed on merit.
No wonder that one of her Labour MEP colleagues confided to me in desperation over a coffee that she is “absolutely useless”, and that she only achieved her position second place on Labour’s London list “because she is a woman”.
Mary Honeyball’s record compared to Gerard Batten’s and her own Labour colleagues.
In her first five year term (1999-2004) Mary only managed to speak in the Parliament a total of 12 times.
In my first term (2004-2209) I managed to speak a total of 184 times. During that period Mary managed only to speak only 17 times. What exactly was she doing during the monthly Strasbourg sessions for five years? Going on tram rides using her free pass perhaps? Composing lies for her website? Who knows?
Since we were both re-elected in June 2009 I have spoken 30 times but Mary has only managed to speak once, and on a subjected related to Italy. She is the worse performing Labour MEP in the Parliament. At the time of writing (1st April 2010) her Labour colleagues have spoken an average of 12 times each to her once. And I have spoken more times than any one of them.
Prior to the European elections in June 2009 the Open Europe think-tank rated all sitting UK MEPs on their record for openness and transparency. Gerard Batten was rated 9th out of 78, Mary Honeyball only managed 35th place.
Labour has the nerve to criticise UKIP?
There is a lot more I could say but just to finish off, it is a bit rich for a representative of the rotten to the core Labour Party to criticise me and UKIP.
The criminal incompetence of Gordon Brown has brought Britain to the edge of bankruptcy after thirteen years of criminal mismanagement of the economy.
Labour took us in a war in Iraq on the basis of lies. Meanwhile Tony Blair, the man who told those lies is now lining his pockets with millions of dollars made as a result of the connections he made while in Downing St; all this while some of our bravest young service men and women are returning home dead and maimed. But if you speak out be careful, under Labour’s terrorist legislation they have criminalised a young woman just for reading out the names of the war dead at the Cenotaph.
Labour has deliberately given us unlimited and uncontrolled immigration in order to create a problem that is not meant to have a solution in the name of ‘diversity and multiculturalism’. They have damaged the education system to such an extent that hundreds of thousands of children now leave school unable to read, write or count properly. Crime is now out of control in many parts of Britain.
Soon to be out of work ex-Labour MPs and cabinet ministers ply their dubious services like “cabs for hire” prepared to sell whatever knowledge or influence they think they have to the highest bidder.
Worse than that many prominent Labour MPs including some Cabinet Ministers and Gordon Brown were first installed in safe seats in the 1970s and 1980s by Labour Party organisers now known to have been working for the KGB. This is a matter of historical record and a book on the subject by Russian political historian Pavel Stroilov will be published shortly. Some of Mr Stroilov’s work in this vein has already published in the Spectator magazine and he recently revealed the communist agenda of the Unite Trade Union in its bankrolling of the Labour Party (Daily Mail 24th March 2010).
It should not therefore be surprising that the Labour Party and Government no longer able to serve the Soviet Union are now dedicated to betraying Britain to the European Union. In the most cynical political move ever they reneged on their 2005 election manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.
So while I try to remain on polite and friendly terms with my political opponents in the European Parliament my readers might understand why I don’t take kindly to being personally attacked with lies by a lazy, nonentity of a political place-woman representing an incompetent, corrupt and traitorous political party.
To view The Original Article CLICK HERE
Mary’s HONEYBALL BUZZ can be seen if you CLICK HERE
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