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#175* – EUkip Corruption PROVENANCE

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/12/2008

#175* – EUkip Corruption PROVENANCE

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Originally Posted by Blog Bot
Bloggers 4 UKIP:The Peterborough & NW Cambs Branches will be hosting a Public Meeting with guest speaker Nigel Farage MEP party leader on SATURDAY 31ST OF JANUARY 2009 starting at 10am *** which will finish at 5pm.

All newcommer’s are welcome to come and hear ten speakers talk about the UK Independence Party More…

Sorry the links no longer work!
I WROTE ON Democracy Forum, formerly UKIP Forum:
I note the so called leader of EUkip will be strutting his same old choice of speeches. To find out more about the truth behind Farage just click his picture.I gather 10 additional people will be peddling the dishonest lies so common amongst EUkip supporters.
The claim is they will talk about UKIP – I very much doubt they will have the integrity to tell the truth but I presume there will be speakers like the liar, cheat and fraud Bannerman – I wonder if he will have the integrity to admit he works for The EU and has signed an agreement that he will uphold the EU and act against the aims of UKIP.
So very very EUkip!
Then I guess they may well have the totally discreditted new financial fixer EUkip has brought in to cover their tracks. A woman of little merit as an alien she clearly can hardly be described as a British patriot. Marta Andreassen is indisputably discreditted having, amongst other things, corruptly taken advantage of dishonesty and corruption for her personal gain.One wonders if The discreditted Liza Duffy will show her face after her vile display of ill manners and chavvery at the NEC where she so dishonestly gained a seat and has perpetuated her dishonesty by voting on issues regarding her bully boy partner the BNP role model Peter Reeve who not content with dishonesty would seem to wish to use his fists to try to silence the truth and is currently under investigation for common assault.
Perhaps they will have the other BNP styled dishonest and corrupt bully boy Nigel’s unelected puppet chair, sat upon and rewarded in equal measure it seems, NuttAll who is all too willing to bully people and bear false witness; a sad figure who even as a puppet is incompetent to manage a meeting and had to call upon the services of the Metropolitan Police to restore order in an NEC meeting.
It was after that that he threatened to thump a member!
Perhaps they will wheel poor old Jeffrey Titford out for one last outing before he is handed to his family for full time care – one has to wonder if it is the travel, the pressure of being under investigation by OLAF Case Number OF/2008/0764 or perhaps the underhand manipulative dishonesty of Gollom – either way Titford presents a sad spectacle these days.It is astonishing just how many probably otherwise decent people are corrupt enough to support the dishonesty and BNP style behaviour of the corrupt Farage’s so called leadership and disgraced NEC.
Greg L-W.
Originally Posted by B.A.Ware (aka: Brendan Padmore)
Can you either substantiate that allegation or retract it please.And when i say substantiate i don’t mean by an anonymous source i mean hard indisputable facts that she gained her place dishonestly.
The statement I made was:
One wonders if The discredited Liza Duffy will show her face after her vile display of ill manners and chavvery at the NEC where she so dishonestly gained a seat
I most certainly can substantiate my statement as such
It is most clearly NOT an allegation, it is a statement of fact.
Here in part is the substantiation.
Lisa Duffy stood for NEC membership as the partner of Peter Reeve employee of EUkip and one of its main bully boys, abusing and threatening members.
He has a record of abuse of the party constitution, has been deselected by a growing number of branches, ia arranging, orchestrating and colluding in corruption within the party.It clearly states that NEC members may not be salaried employees. Lisa Duffy is either in a marriage type relationship with Peter Reeve

as she claims or she is not.

In clear contravention of the spirit of the Constitution: clearly Lisa Duffy has corruptly gained her position.
A provenance for the need to prevent such a position occurring, in accord with the clear contravention of the spirit of the Constitution is that her presence on the NEC has added to the corruption that would seem endemic on the NEC.
That Lisa Duffy in abuse of the spirit of the constitution and the very reason for that section has not only failed to recuse herself in debate and vote on that NEC, in as far as the NEC is permitted of debate and when it is not merely members shouting profanities at each other, such that notably a recent NEC meeting had to call the Metropolitan Police to restore order.
Lisa Duffy has not only failed to recuse herself in debate but also in voting.Lisa Duffy has corrupted proceedings by comment and vote in matters pertaining to her partners job both in terms of the Eastern Region and also in direct terms of her job as the partner of an employee.
I consider this clear and unequivocal substantiation of Lisa Duffy having corruptly gained her seat on the NEC by corrupting the clear intent of the Constitution her seat on the NEC brings the NEC & the constitution into disrepute.
Further it has widely been speculated that her election was corrupted in terms of the % and number of votes gained and in view of The Returning Officer of EUkip’s recent report EUkip is clearly willing to cheat in elections.
Further proof of EUkip’s willingness to cheat is that Douglas Denny is permitted to produce revisionist minutes, unsubstantiated by fact, to try to cover-up for his corruption, dishonesty and willingness to corrupt due process dishonestly in a EUkip election.
Further provenance of corruption in elections being acceptable in EUkip is the corrupt and dishonest manner by which Farage seized the leadership.
In terms of direct corruption on the part of Lisa Duffy to gain election to EUkip’s corrupt NEC and leadership team is that she willingly accepted the support of her election to the NEC from David the desk Bannerman who is proven, beyond any and all doubt, to be a liar, a fraud, a cheat and corrupt – therefore to gain election she was willing to benefit from corruption to achieve her position. Lisa Duffy’s Seconder was David Bannerman an individual who is known by all informed members of EUkip to hold his position dishonestly and corruptly.
I trust that when UKIP is redeemed by the honeast members they will have the integrity and morality to uphold their Constitution both in spirit and in letter as morally requisite in any reputable organisation.I trust these facts as led clarify the reason I state:
One wonders if The discredited Liza Duffy will show her face after her vile display of ill manners and chavvery at the NEC where she so dishonestly gained a seat
thus dealing with the more important statement of fact I made.
With regard to the secondary statement of fact:
One wonders if The discredited Liza Duffy will show her face after her vile display of ill manners and chavvery at the NEC where she so dishonestly gained a seat
I hold to hand a recording of Miss Lisa Duffy displaying a vile, ill mannered example of chavvery at a recent NEC meeting.
I am perfectly happy to provide a copy of same in a Court of law – however you may by all means listen to the relevant section at my premises if you wish.
I will release the recording in the fullness of time with a view to the most effective time to seek to damage the corrupt and corrupted EUkip to seek to clean it up in the hope that we can restore UKIP in a state firt for honest men and women of integrity to patriotically vote for UKIP rather than be reliant on ignorance of the facts and the corruption, the dishonesty and bullying that has debased the party aided and abetted by Nigel Farage and his cronies in leadership and on the NEC.My establishment of the veracity either in part or in full of my statement is thus clear and undeniable therefore I am happy to stand by my statement:
One wonders if The discredited Liza Duffy will show her face after her vile display of ill manners and chavvery at the NEC where she so dishonestly gained a seat
I appreciate that with dishonourable and weasle words there may be dishonest claims that my case is in some way not proven I stand by my statement and as with any statement I have ever made on This Forum or elsewhere.
I will with honour and integrity be happy to present my case in any legally constituted Court in these United Kingdoms with absolute honesty.
I trust I have made myself adequately clear to the satisfaction of honest men of integrity in the scope of the rules of this Forum.
I accept full responsibility for my words in this posting and all others on this Forum and have made them freely and wittingly absolving any and all other parties of any associated responsibility for them.
Further should anyone wish to post a copy of my postings here or on any other site on the internet in their owiginal context and form I will stand by any quote on which they are challenged.
Greg L-W.
Greg Lance – Watkins,
8 Middle Street,
NP16 5ET
01291 – 62 65 62
I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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