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Archive for the ‘National Liberal Club’ Category

#0770* – Gerard Batten and the Far Right with LINKS!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/04/2012

#0770* – Gerard Batten and the Far Right with LINKS!

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.Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

UKIP MEP & EFD Member Gerard Batten and the Far Right with LINKS!

IT SEEMS Gerard Batten is in association with a number of extremist and seemingly racist organisations!

As an elected representative of these United Kingdoms personally it is my opinion that such odious behaviour is incompatible with his elected role!

It seems I am far from alone in these beliefs!



it was interesting to see this series of postings on the UKIP controlled Forum of Anthony Butcher.

It was first published a few days ago by Junius at and subsequently at 

Gerard Batten and the Far Right

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    Apr 2008

    Default Gerard Batten and the Far Right

    I did my own research on this, and everything in it is available on the internet. The Traditional Britain Group website even carries the story of Batten speaking to them, and they have posted videos of the speech on You Tube.…p-speaks-video

    Shame on you, Gerard Batten!…far-right.html

    UKIP: Gerard Batten MEP and the Far-right

    Gregory Lauder-Frost is a controversial figure. Whilst working as a payroll operations manager he admitted to eight specimen charges of embezzling £110,000 from Riverside health authority in 1992 and was jailed for two years. The court was told he had channelled money into extreme right-wing political causes.

    This was not his only brush with the law, as it emerged at the end of his trial that he had also been implicated in attempts to sell elderly Russian arms to far right groups in the USA.

    Lauder-Frost has a history of far-right connections, including with Clive Derby-Lewis who was jailed for life for his role in the murder of the ANC leader Chris Hani.

    During his involvement with the white supremacist ‘Western Goals’, the group’s magazine, European Dawn, carried an interview with Franz Shonuber, a former SS officer. It was claimed by The Scotsman newspaper in 1987 that Western Goals may have been used by its U.S. associates as a conduit for funds to the Nicaraguan Contras following the Contragate scandal.

    In December 2006, Lauder-Frost’s name was found on a leaked copy of the BNP membership list.

    On April 23rd 2010 Lauder Frost presided over a dinner at the National Liberal Club which was attended by, amongst others, Adrian Davies (former barrister to holocaust denier David Irving), and Sam Swerling (a BNP member). Lauder-Frost was an associate of the late Mike Smith, a notorious far-right figure, and kept company with Stuart Milson, an-ex BNP member and self-confessed fascist.

    The Monarchist league, Western Goals, the Conservative Democratic Alliance, the Monday Club, the list of failed right-wing groups associated with Lauder-Frost goes on and on.

    Now there is yet another of these right-wing entities, The Traditional Britain Group, and guess who is Vice-President? You guessed it – Gregory Lauder-Frost!

    The group held a dinner in London in November, and boasted a guest speaker – UKIP MEP Gerard Batten. This was held at the Charing Cross Hotel, which was previously the venue for a notorious dinner held by Western Goals in 1991 in honour of their guest, Jean Marie Le Pen, of the French Front Nationale. Western Goals also held a dinner to commemorate the life of General Franco, and have met with Alessandra Mussolini.

    Given that Batten is implicated in certain allegations that have been subject to legal process, is it wise for him to be seen publicly associating with such people? While Farage struggles to dismiss charges that UKIP sits with racists and extremists in the European Parliament, Batten takes the decision to speak at a meeting that clearly positions him alongside some of the most notorious right wing elements on the lunatic fringe of British politics.

    Last edited by Mjolnir; Today at 06:19 PM.

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    Apr 2008


    And if you doubt that Lauder-Frost was involved in Western Goals, check out this link from traditional Britain, where he boasts about it.…y-lauder-frost

    Sorry Lauder-Frost, but right wing extremists like you have nothing to do with ‘traditional’ Britain. Go and join Mussolini, Pinochet, Franco, and all the other fascist **** that you sympathise with. DO NOT WAVE MY FLAG! You don’t deserve to even look upon it.

Yet when one checks back to Junius’s blog one finds the message:

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Post Unavailable

In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. If you wish, you can read more about the request at
To which I responded with a comment being aware that Gerard Batten had little regard for Justice or any concept of the rights of others, which was confirmed some years ago by his abuse of basic Justice, when he colluded with Derek Clark MEP & little Douglas Denny to orchestrate a UKIP Kangaroo Court to remove Peter Baker from his elected role as Regional Chairman of UKIP East Midlands: by blocking Peter Baker from presenting evidence that clearly proved his innocence of the invented charges, dishonestly made against him.

My response as posted on Junius ‘Comments’ was:




it seems strange that the suppression of this posting has been made as the text seemed to be nothing more than a series of statements of fact – surely it can not even in the burgeoning police state, that seems to be the way forward of The EU, that it can already be legitimate to suppress facts and the truth!

I would contend that all that Junius would seem to have done was show the close linkage of Gerard Batten with criminals and extremists like Gregory Lauder-Frost and various extreme right wing groups.

Can it be that MEPs can now abuse their positions as elected representatives to hide facts about themselves.

It is hardly a secret that Gerard Batten has some particularly odious views, based on what would seem to be verging on incitement to hatred, towards followers of Islam – presumably based on his own religious superstitions and as his wife is/was Philipino may it be that he is representing an extreme Catholic viewpoint rather than the genuine interests of his electorate at large in The UK.

That Gerard Batten has been a guest speaker at some organisations which I and others may consider extremist and has published racist positions regarding creed is surely a legitimate issue for discussion when related to an elected individual feeding from the public purse.

I have a copy of the text removed FROM Junius and can see no slander, insult, libel or the like in that text – It would seem to be a statement of facts each seemingly easily verified.

IF Gerard Batten believes that Junius has posted incorrect FACTS then surely his first course of action ethically is to contact Junius and ask for the removal quoting his grounds NOT to use his elected position to promote what many would see as his deeply offensive and seemingly extreme right wing views and association with criminals and extremists.


I do hear that Gerard Batten has been seeking to suppress publication of facts and opinions about him, by seeking to suppress the truth, with abuse of his position and the use of Police – thus in my opinion dishonestly seeking to mislead people and waste Police Time.

I also hear that he is sailing VERY close to the wind in The EU in terms of a potential defamation and libel writ, as he dishonestly has sought to cause problems for an EU employee by alleging they are Junius without a shred of provenance – rather similar to his seemingly deliberate efforts to incite racial hatred by publishing tasteless papers and comments regarding those who do not support his chosen superstitions and beliefs.

I believe it is the duty and responsibility of all elected representatives of the British peoples to represent the society without fear or favour regardless of colour, creed or any superstitions or beliefs legally permitted and I totally reject his views and associates which I consider to be anti-Islamic as socially divisive and against the spirit of British Justice and thus absolutely no part of his elected office as a UKIP MEP elected to work to Leave-The-EU.

Do be minded that Gerard Batten works in association with some of the most vile extremists in EU politics as an EFD member who include convicted racists, anti homosexuals, anti Jewish, Holocaust deniers and advocates of slaughtering African migrants in their boats at sea!

Not to mention the associations highlighted in the posting on the UKIP controlled Anthony Butcher blog as quoted above.

Subsequent to my postings I received an ‘eMail from Gregory Lauder-Frost, rather unkindly nick named after his conviction and prison sentence by some as Frauder-Lost!

The text read:

Subject: Hello – question
I have been advised that you are the individual responsible for this blog:
Could you please confirm that is true.
Gregory Lauder-Frost.

His ‘advice’ seems almost as ill informed as Gerard Batten’s – I responded as soon as I noted his enquiry, at 14:59hrs. Wednesday.:

From: Greg Lance-Watkins
Greg_L-W (
Tel:      UK: 01594 – 5-2-83:37
Thanks for your enquiry – please be advised that I can NOT confirm that I am responsible for The Junius Blog.
Health Stuff:

IF Gerard Batten or any other party believes a single word or fact in this posting to be inaccurate or unfair they are welcome to contact me and if they can provide factual support of their contentions which correct the wealth of support in the public domain, when researched, I will of course highlight any such inaccuracy and apologise for having republished facts from the public domain in good faith and will also, naturally, grant a right of reply – as I have done ever since I commenced blogging.

. .

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

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to Reclaim YOUR Future 
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