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Archive for the ‘WISE’ Category

#0548* – UKIP’s Grubby Little Criminal Tom WISE MEP (rt. to PRISON!)

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/06/2011

#0548* – UKIP’s Grubby Little Criminal Tom WISE MEP (rt. to PRISON!)

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UKIP’s Grubby Little Criminal Tom WISE MEP (rtd. to PRISON!)!



Crown vs. Tom WISE MEP & Lindsay JENKINS his original co-defendant

I have never really understood Gary Cartright’s crano rectally retentive attitude to Tom Wise – especially now that he himself is a more or less free agent as an accredited employee of The EU and is no longer salaried by Tom Wise to try to dupe people!

It is very clear that Roger Knapman leader of UKIP at the time lied to The NEC, whether wittingly or due to his personal stupidity is hard to tell.

It is also clear that Trevor Colman MEP prostituted his Queen’s Commission as a senior retired Police Officer to become embroilled in constructing a cover-up of Tom Wise’s undeniable criminality and it is hard to draw any conclusion than that when Graham Booth MEP had stood down after the result of The OLAF enquiry into him and its outcome that Trevor Coleman was other than rewarded for his loyal dishonesty by being placed in his seat!

Quote Originally Posted by gc View Post
Roger actually informed the NEC that Tom Wise had been vindicated by the European parliament, which he had.

I quote directly from a letter (to Tom Wise) from Roger Vanhaeren, Director-General of Finances, dated Jan 15 2008 “Accordingly, as explained in a mail sent by Mr Priestley, former Secretary-General of the parliament on 8 May 2006 to Mr Verheirstaeten, Parliament’s services are satisfied that your financial position vis-à-vis Parliament in respect of the allowances you received is correct, this is the reason why no further action had been taken on this matter”.

There is, as you can see, a lot more to this episode than lies in the public domain.

Certainly Roger Knapman, being in posession of the facts as outlined in this and other communications, could not have seen this as anything other than a vindication. To suggest he had deliberately mislead the NEC is untrue.

Ian Gilman who was relatively well informed on the matter provides rather more of the facts than Gary, who was in Tom Wise’s employ at the time and thus subject to the lies he was promoting and the selective use of correspondence.

There is absolutely no doubt that by using the acquiescence or collusion of Lindsey Jenkins his Tory researcher – Tom Wise used false instruments to defraud the tax payer and the public purse.

There is no doubt that Tom Wise stole money by fraud.

There is no doubt that Tom Wise was on a self enrichment campaign using public money to enrich himself and buy favour.

There is no doubt Tom Wise embezelled public money to make personal purchases for his own gain.

There is no doubt Tom Wise spent around £8,000 of public money seeking to silence me and prevent me publishing the truth.

There is no doubt Tom Wise eventually, after TRYING to shift ALL the blame to Lindsay Jenkins, confessed to his criminality when in Court he realised the Police had ALL the evidence from his computer hard disks.

There is no doubt Tom Wise changed his plea – thus saving Nigel Farage MEP from embroilment in Court which he was panicing over having received and used part of the stolen money to settle a personal bill.

There is no doubt Tom Wise was guilty.

May I remind Gary Cartright and fools like Peter Cole that The British Courts sentenced Tom Wise to 2 years in jail for his criminality and dishonesty.

I do concede that many others should also have joined him there!

Here is Ian Gilman’s summary of some aspects:

I hope that nothing that I now say would cause Mr Roger Knapman to have reason to disagree with me. 

A decent man , he was badly let down by some around him, and advice from persons who had ulterior motives.

Please read that letter carefully, the truth is contained within its specific wording, including “in respect of the allowences you received”. “Allowences” ? then … ” there is, as you can see a lot more to this episode than lies in the public domain”…..Think about the useage of English; and the specific nature of the Crown Court case against Wise.

One particular effort to destabalise Mr Knapman; including from within the NEC came to my notice. I garnered all available information and spoke out ( carefully and using certain notes) at an NEC about this and similar matters.

I demanded that the practice cease.

I had gained possession of very personal information; names , dates and events used in an attempt to smear , thus damage the man. I and perhaps others too were being drawn into a crude attempt to damage our leader; perhaps to benefit another political party; and those within UKIP after his crown.

A terrible row happened.

I was asked to stand up and repeat everything that I had said.

I did so looking around at every face within that room ( The Rugby Room within the East India Club; from memory. ) I can recall those who dared to look me in the face, and those who cowed to their blotters.

For daring to speak the truth ( that others knew too; but were too timid to stand up for their leader) for that attempt to protect the elected leader I was subjected to several solicitors letters arriving , and an attempt to bring me into court.

I ignored the solicitors letters as intimidation. I have contempt for such practice.

The issue of the corrupt former police officer and UKIP MEP Tom Wise resurfaces.
A character who evidently; and from information explained and circulated, (which is contained within his C.C. case files too) was able to claim his friendships within the force / even department investigating him and where he lived, was sufficient to ‘save’ him.
Why his ‘home force’ clung to that investigation must be of great interest.
Surely an explanation is owed to those who were intimidated ; perhaps in an attempt to remove them from being prosecution witnesses.

Surely the files should be released to allow civil/criminal cases to be built thus enabling legitimate process; with claims against those who desired to see this case fail.
The crude use of the Data Protection Act to suppress access to those files is surely unlawful in itself ? It prevents legitimate civil action ! Useful.
What about the Freedom of Information Act?

His ‘home force’ should have handed that case over to a police force well away from Woburn Road, Kempston , Leighton Buzzard; The Ship Inn, Wing Road, Linslade crowd, his grouping of bon vivars; and Beds.

When Wise; within court precincts is able to boast; as reported and circulated; about his police contacts/friendships who will ‘save’ him (as previously to his staff; and they to others) it is a moment, or should have been anyway, for The Police Complaints Commission to be called in,the C.P.S. to react, The Home and Justice Secretaries to receive a file and warnings of just what might emerge, the case stopped; and suspensions from all duties of those implicated, pending ( in my own opinion) a retired Judge or senior criminal lawyer to investigate without fear or favour questions about this case.

Then the case should in my humble opinion be given to a force a long way away from Beds.

What regard and respect does Miss Debbie Simpson and Det. Insp. Shane Roberts, Supt. Tompkins, Mr Williams and others have for those who dared to stand up against this monster?

Well Miss Simpson became an Assistant Chief Constable , incredible; with these matters simmering. Mrs May, please note during your intended police reforms.
Why did a Det. Superintendent just shrug of the fact that a Crown witness (please note) was circulating around and around letters ; including such lines as: 

“Bedfordshire police are running little more than a protection racket “………………

This alone needed investigation. Why did the police have so little authority; that they had to evi pathetically accept this without complaint ? Surely this could have wrecked the crown’s case ?

Beds Police / Authority ran 3; yes three investigations simultaneously into Wise including The Economic Investigation Unit, wherein Wise claimed friends and two others. Why have we not been allowed a printed and signed explanation of the results when peoples lives are affected ?What about people’s property; if damage has been done in the run up to this case by friends of Mr Wise ?

One UKIP member (not me) had two days of statement taking with an officer who stayed over night at an hotel in order to supposedly look at complaints about this case. What happened?

Why was I left to carry out my own personal protection surveillance in Bedfordshire in the run up to this case ?

Internal resolutions are not acceptable; they have too much of a smell about them; especially when everything ( all three investigations)are tightly contained with the ‘home force’ of the defendant who is claiming friendships with those investigating him.
Indeed it appears from paperwork that perhaps 3 yes three police forces may now be colluding ( letters released are effectivly identical other than sending address) to prevent legitimate legal process of application (Freedom of Information Act) for the case file/information contained therein to be released in order that (without prejudice) cases against certain persons may be built.

Thankfully the C.C. legal people were keen-eyed , otherwise a lot of witnesses may have suffered from malicious useage of process; forms of intimidation and the activity associated with so called third world societies and their types of policing. The sight of the arrogant and quite grotesque Wise described by others as running from the court when caught out tells us just so much.

Wise and matters surrounding him cost me my NEC place, I resigned with a heavy heart.I could not sit upon that committee being told to collude in corruption. (police were given by someone on that NEC evidence to prove my point here).

I wanted to protect our members many of whom are pensioners. I was there for ideological and philosophical reasons. I want my country back; free and unfettered again.My father and two grandfathers served in wars to pass onto me just that.

Then a campaign was waged against me until with no support I resigned from the party. It sincerely saddened me after all of the work; time and resource put in.

In any corruption situation ,- a sort of cancer that permeates the body;- there can only be losers; bitterness with anger.It is unlikely that anything positive can emerge.

UKIP Wine World, under Tom Wise MEP, what was the VAT number ?

To which Customs office was the VAT paid ? What was the import licence number for wine imported ( as explained by Mr Wise himself ) from The Lebanon; (details held by Beds Police) and perhaps other places ?

Which bonded warehouse, and owned by whom; was used to store the wine ?
Mr Wise claimed within a newspaper article his own storage of a commercial quantity of wine,1,000 bottles. Was it all imported from The Lebanon , or did the police discover other chanels of distribution ?

Did any Beds. police/authority ,officer; serving or retired, or civil staff ever buy/receive wine from Mr Wise ? Were any of the above ever proffered wine or any other goods by Mr Wise ?

Were any of the above part of a greedy group of Bon-Vivars sharing food/wine and company even following the revelations about Mr Wise; from perhaps around 09/05?

Did any of the above frequent the Ship Inn, Wing Road, Linslade Beds ?

Where are the accounts for UKIP wine world and where was our money banked ?

Is it a fact that in the lead up to this case Mr Wise was able to holiday/ travel in Switzerland and Russia ? If true,( and only if true) his lifestyle does appear unconventional by comparison with certain witnesses.

I want to wish Roger Knapman well in whatever decision he takes. Gaining our freedom from the E.U. is going to continue to be a difficult process.As we know; many a pitfall will occur, but amongst the UKIP membership (despite reformers/juncketeers/fraudsters and freeloaders) is the basic decency and spirit needed to fight for our hard won British freedoms.

You may recal I was more than a tad involved and on Anthony Butcher’s forum the odious little worm of a man harboured continuous lies, defamation and attacks against me to try to suppress the truth – slime that the dishonest liar Anthony Butcher clearly is.

You may well have taken note of the hard evidence supplied by me to The Police together with much of the wordy material above. CLICK HERE

Also you may remember:


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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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