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#0731* – The Lies of Nick CLEGG & irelevance of UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/01/2012

#0731* – The Lies of Nick CLEGG & irelevance of UKIP

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

The Lies of Nick CLEGG & irelevance of UKIP!

Showing the source and dishonesty of Clegg’s lies AND the utter incompetence of the self serving claque that now lead UKIP!



do be minded that those I quote below were BOTH Branch Chairmen of UKIP Branches and also Niall Warry was for a time Chairman of UKIP Wales.

Both, after numerous elections on behalf of UKIP as candidates AND organisers eventually quit UKIP in disgust!

QUOTE from a public forum controlled by UKIP!:


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Quote Originally Posted by Steve Morson View Post
I think, like a few here prober, there is a feeling that UKIP, in it’s present form and “leadership” profile, isn’t going anywhere. So whilst I think it should be giving thought to an exit and post-secession strategy, it is – electorally speaking – a pipe dream. Instead of getting their policies right, media message “on song” with the public and MSM, an appealing website (the harshest criticism I hear comes from active members), and then an electoral strategy which doesn’t involve blanket coverage in a general election, then they may be rewarded with a seat or two in a general election (maybe not even the next one!)

That disgraceful brainwashing and propaganda like this garbage that Clegg has vomited goes unchallenged by UKIP is a true obscenity of our age. This has been spouted a few times in BBC1 Question Time, until Peter Hitchens tore Sarah Teather a new one confronting her to name a single source that could support this nonsense. She couldn’t – of course – and was utterly humiliated. In fact, Civitas have analysed that 3 million jobs in the EU depend on the UK’s membership.

But at the moment, as when I left it, the only thing that matters is the Euro elections in 2014, and jockeying for position and backstabbing / throatcutting for those started over a year ago. Believe it or not! Local / county elections can remain uncontested, the only thing that matters is the gravy train club…. I mean…. European parliament elections. Generally speaking.

 Niall Warry commented:

What an accurate analysis from an ex-insider, who like myself, saw first hand what EUKIP is now all about.

The whole sordid (which in this context I mean ‘selfish and grasping’) EUKIP machine is now about one thing, which is the election of MEPs onto the EU gravy train, who as a prerequisite must all sycophantically worship at the feet of and ‘Big up’ Nigel Farage.

It is for these reasons I keep banging on about EUKIP in the possible hope something might just improve but increasingly I have realised that this is a pretty forlorn hope.

Even so I still maintain it is essential that those of us who rumbled EUKIP a long time ago owe it to the country to keep pointing out the unpalatable truth about Nigel’s EUKIP.

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To clarify the source of the lies from Nick Clegg and others it is worth noting that the figure of ‘3 Million jobs being dependent on the EU’ was from a report commissioned by The Labour Party and when Blair and others quoted it dishonestly out of context the director of The IPPR who produced the report was most outspoken and stated that ‘…never had he seen facts so dishonestly misquoted out of context’ and he resigned!

Firstly the report made it clear that the jobs were dependent on The EU NOT on membership of The EU and it went on to make it very clear that leaving The EU would not only cause a probable INCREASE in jobs within 6 months but that our trader defecit with The EU would most probably greatly improve.

Further The EU Commission made it VERY clear that when we leave the EU there would be absolutely no consideration of any type of trade sanctions against our goods, services or peoples.
. .
PS.: Please note a correction was made within 15 minutes of receiving the info. the first sentence of Niall Warry’s statement was tagged to the end of Steve Morson’s due to the copy facility from the original.
IF this led to misleading anyone please accept my apologies as it is essential this blog is 100% accurate at ALL times.

YOU will note a link to the original was provided – so no attempt was made to mislead ANYONE. 
Correction made22:15hrs.

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