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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/07/2009


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!



I note with interest that this resignation letter was by an executive member of EUkip and posted 24-Nov-2006.

Well at least he had more integrity than most EUkip MEPs and the majority of the NEC – though there were those of moral substance who acted likewise – this left the trash that lead EUkip today, bereft of Moral Compass – associating as a Grouping with some of the most vile Politicians in modern EUropean politics with their racism, hate and xenophobia.

So little has changed and you will note that the leadership team can only bray and sneer, unable to lead by example they resort to vicious and vile personal attacks on their critics. There would seem to be no gutter into which some of them will not leap for self aggrandisement and to keep their position in line with snouts to the troughs on the gravy train.

There would seem to be little or no interest amongst EUkip’s self important leadership to extricate Britain from the EU, merely to attack anyone who criticises their inactivity, dishonesty, corruption, lies, bullying and self important posturing – Politically they have achieved virtually nothing when one considers the £Millions they have trousered or squandered.

Their achievements in the recent elections were catastrophic when one considers their MEPs were elected not on merit or achievement but on revulsion of the public at the body politic and to achieve their publicity they raised the profile of The BNP so clearly that 2 of these vile people were able to join EUkip in the EU’s palace of bribery!

I have decided to resign my membership of UKIP, and in doing so am also resigning from the UKIP Wales Committee and from my positionas Vice- Chairman of UKIP Cardiff & District Branch.

Below is my resignation letter in full:

TO: Nigel Farage, Present UKIP leader, John Whittaker, UKIP Chairman, Michael Zuckerman, Party Secretary, Roger Knapman, former UKIP leader.

Dear Mr Farage,

I am writing to you to inform you of my resignation, with immediate effect, from the United Kingdom Independence Party, my position as an elected member of the UKIP Wales Committee and from my position as Vice- Chairman of the UKIP Cardiff & District Branch.

After many weeks of deliberating, I have come to the conclusion that UKIP has become a hindrance to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. UKIP professes to be the flagship Euro Sceptic pressure group in Britain (to describe it as a true political party, would, I believe, be a gross misrepresentation). This places a serious responsibility upon the shoulders of the party, one it does not take seriously enough. From the perspective of a pro- European, UKIP have become ideal opponents, a party led by useful idiots and therefore being a joke opposition.

The fight to regain control of Britain’s sovereignty needs and deserves a serious political party with a mature core message, a clear strategy for getting that message across and must be led by political heavyweights. UKIP has failed on all these grounds. It cannot decide whether it is a political party or a pressure group, and as a result has not succeeded in being either. Your initial response during your short time as leader has been to treat UKIP as a Conservative Party splinter group, whilst still lacking any serious policies. If I had wanted to belong to the Conservative Party, I would have joined it.

These frustrations on my part are nothing new, and judging by the rapid decline in membership since 2004, this is a view shared by a large number of others.

Yet my principal reasons for resigning relate specifically to you, your controlling cabal and your unacceptable behaviour over recent months, most specifically, the series of events that began at the Exeter hustings of July 30th. Simon Muir, David Noakes, Richard Suchorzewski’s solicitor and others have seen and verified the validity of a letter signed by a bona fide member of UKIP clearly stating Annabelle Fuller introduced herself as a member of the Press Office and clearly showed herself to be an ‘intimate’ of yours. She solicited the conversation with a stranger and stated unequivocally that Richard Suchorzewski had lied about his background and CV and that he was a BNP supporter.

Your employee Mark Croucher also made similar accusations on a public internet forum. Mr Croucher’s twisted logic that Mr Suchorzewski’s alleged links to Greg Lance- Watkins somehow make him a BNP plant is bovine in the extreme. Mr Suchorzewski and Mr Lance- Watkins are more febrilely connected as allies with the BNP than you are through your well publicised and close
association with Mark Deavlin.

I have given you and your clique several opportunities to substantiate these serious accusations, yet all I received from you was an ill- mannered and abusive response on one occasion and no reply at all on others.

During the past 18 months I have worked closely with Mr Suchorzewski and can have consistently found him to be a man of integrity and great talent who was willing to work long hours and without pay to help UKIP develop into a serious political force.

It appears that as soon as he became a threat to your control of the party you resorted to using the politics of the gutter to destroy him. The accusations you made against Mr Suchorzewski were especially absurd when one considers members of his family were killed in the Holocaust and he is in a stable relationship with a woman of Afro- Caribbean origin. Even I was surprised by how low you were prepared to sink to destroy him.

I concede you are a quite brilliant media performer, but I have come to the conclusion that this is where your talents begin and end. Your track record in all other areas has been truly shambolic. You have been convicted of misusing party funds. You have overseen a catastrophe at the Ashford call centre where just 15% of all money raised ever reached the party. Can you enlighten me and the many other concerned members as to which black hole the generous donations of ordinary members fell into?

And can you enlighten those of us on modest incomes just how much of your generous salary you have donated to the party? Or do you rely solely on us members and the naïve Alan Bown to fund ego- trips such as your campaign in the Bromley by- election in which every vote you gained cost £86 in campaign money?

Since you became leader many decent people at every level of the party have resigned, and, after a period of reflection, I have decided to do likewise.

My own personal experience of you has taught me a lot about your character. On an occasion during the 2005 conference you personally assured me a Youth Movement would be set up in the near future. A long conversation, followed by a period of email correspondence with your Personal Assistant of the time persuaded me you were serious about this, whereas in reality it was a ploy to turn me against the successful “Youthkip” movement set up by younger members of the Lechlade Group.

Then, in December of last year, the last time we met in person, you once again assured me that the launch of the Youth movement was “imminent” and likely to occur in February of this year. Your PA then refused to answer emails written by myself or any other younger members of the party who wanted this to be set up.

How is it possible to come to any conclusion other than that the only purpose of this exercise was to turn me against a then- thriving “Youthkip” Movement, favouring the “official” Youth movement which, in truth, you never had any intention of launching?

How can I have confidence in a leader who behaves in such a way?

Your short period as leader so far has fared little better. On day one of your leadership you referred to myself and others who have dared question you as, “A small number of malcontents”, thereby implying we were in some way trouble makers rather than people merely revealing the truth about you and your conduct. You then went on to attack those of us who subscribe to the “Democracy Forum” during your conference speech. It seems you simply dislike those who dare to question you or your conduct in any way.

It also seems you have learnt nothing from past mistakes when it comes to celebrity endorsements. You stupidly invited the mock shock jock James Whale to represent UKIP as the party’s London Mayoral election candidate. Mr Whale is clearly using this as a ploy to draw attention to himself and increase ratings for his radio show- he has no intention of joining UKIP or representing the party at any level, yet you have allowed him to use the party as a self- publicity tool. Does this remind you of anyone?

Finally, I turn to the state of the party in Wales. Following the resignation of Mr Suchorzewski as UKIP Wales Chairman, John Pratt, a decent and honourable man, was elected to take his place.

Whilst I hold Mr Pratt in high regard, the notion that he would make a good Chairman is frankly laughable. How can an elderly man, who has numerous commitments outside politics, as well as having no access to the internet and who admits to seldom watching television possibly be a suitable Chairman?

I fear he will be used and manipulated by you and your controlling cabal as so many others have been, and then chewed up and spat out if he dares to challenge you in any way. I am therefore calling on him to resign from the post, and indeed as a member of the party, with his dignity and reputation in tact and find better uses of his time and resources to contribute to the campaign to get Britain back.

What remains of UKIP is a shipwreck of a party, consisting of a Dad’s Army of largely well meaning, patriotic and generous people who have no idea about the corrupt nature of those at the top, such as yourself, Mark Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, Tom Wise and Douglas Denny to name but a few. Indeed, with their track records, I would consider all of them suitable candidates to become European Commissioners. The way you are lining your pockets, you would be in good company in the current Commission.

I no longer wish to remain in this increasingly autocratic party, led by a corrupt leader who must be obeyed by all at all times.

With your dreadful professional and personal track record, you can be sure you will be found out soon enough, and I doubt it will be very long before you cause UKIP and yourself embarrassment in the press, killing off UKIP once and for all in the process.

I also wish to call upon the many, many decent ordinary members I have had the privilege of knowing and working with to resign their party membership, as they are doing the euro- sceptic cause far more harm than good remaining in a party led by you and your cabal.

I therefore call on all ordinary members to abandon this sinking ship led by a rogue Captain, and to confront head- on the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I have myself wrestled for perhaps too long.

The campaign to restore Britain’s sovereignty requires a serious political party led by people of integrity. Instead, we have a joke party led by a two- faced philandering drunk, who enjoys the wealth and trappings his role brings, yet in reality has contributed very little towards the goal getting Britain out of the European Union and restoring British sovereignty.

Yours Sincerely,

Marcus Stead.
Vice- Chairman, Cardiff & District Branch.
Wales Committee member with responsibility for Youth Development.
Membership number: 135349

Many of you will also have read the resignation letters of Richard Suchorzewski, Ian Gillman, Linda Guest and others who left inm disgust at the behaviour of the pond life that seems to have floated to the top of EUkip.

Pray tell what such people as Bannerman, McGough, Smith, Denny, Croucher, Fuller, Colman, Clark, Wittacker, Reeve, Nuttall, Curtis and their ilk bring to aid Britain in leaving the EU?

Would you wish to have a single one of these odious, untrustworthy back stabbers in your home – would you even wish to have a drink with them or break bread?

I can expect a diatribe of vile comment in defence on every Blog & Forum they can access where I have no reply – but I believe it is safe to say there will be no moderated discourse, no reasoned rebuttal, no discussion of why they have proved such failures. No it will be abuse, accusations and attack – no sign of leadership, no display of gravitas just snivelling whine of cowards and low lifes seeking to justify their vile personnas.

There will be endless accusations but even so they will not find a single solitary substantive inaccuracy or untruth or deliberate lie in a single word of the 10s of 1,000s on this blog or elsewhere – as I try my very best to be accurate and truthfull.

There will be squeals of rage and grave accusations they have patterned me greasy, pony tailed, pot bellied – a liar (but have yet to identify one – yes even ONE), I have been accused of theft, deal;ing in stolen goods, running a junk shop, criminality (yes on return from 10 years in Africa my girlfriend, American, accidentally imported a hand gun and ammunition for which I was fined – BIG DEAL – that was almost 30 years ago yet they abused access to CRBs to dig this irrelevance up!), also I am informed I am a bankrupt yet can find no record of such nor can anyone remember it!

These people are vile – is this how they would run a Country since these comments have without exception come from their leadership team.

I would contend this behaviour alone shows EUkip to be a disgrace and unfit for ANY office of ANY consequence.

Shamefull inadequates, clearly without ANYONE of substance to bring a halt to such behaviour and show leadership, decency or competence!


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.
NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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