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#524* – THE FILTH OF EUkip – McGough et al.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/06/2009

#524* – THE FILTH OF EUkip – McGough et al.

What a particularly vile and odious little man Michael McGough of EUkip is and has been on a consistent basis.

Michael McGough so clearly represents some of the filth and solids that have risen to the top of the septic tank that EUkip and its leadership have become.

Here is the revolting little man’s latest sodid comment from Anthony Butchers outstandingly unpleasant little Forum:

Will ukf lose their deposits??????????


Standing in three regions will have cost ufk £15k which is probably as much as an east anglian book stacker or hamburger flipper earns in a whole year.Is this sum about to go down the drains or will they have a credible performance in the euros and save their deposits?

Michael McGough has almost never missed an opportunity to make some vile comment about someone.

In the instance of UKFirst Party he has done EUkip, The Freedom Association, The CIB and the other organisations he represents in one way or another a great deal of harm in his vituperative and demeaning attacks and vile innuendos.

A small group of old school UKIP members, disgusted by the lies and cheating of EUkip, the betrayal of the electorate, the refusal to honestly account, the self enrichment scams and the endless lies decided they wanted no part of the filth that remained in EUkip – liars like McGough,
Mark Croucher, David Bannerman and their ilk – then we have the blatant and disgracefull lies and dishonesty of Farage.

In a determination to continue to try their best, having been betrayed and let down by the filth that remained in EUkip openly telling lies for personal gain – they opted, after a couple of meetings to continue the fight against The EU as best they could.

That Bruce Lawson was both too stupid and too self obsessed and arrogant to be able to lead was not immediately apparent to them – nor were they aware that Peter Cole was to operate the Party from the tainted surrounds of Tom Wise’s Office for his personal gain.

The decent people of UKFirst Party were trying to get away from the corruption of EUkip and, in my opinion and against my suggestions, opted to go ahead due to limited time – the aim was after all to try to represent people like me who would NEVER vote for corruption in any institutionalised form, would never vote for the filth of EUkip, would do all we were able to defend our Country and were unrepresented.

Congratulations to UKFirst Party members, damaged as they were by Bruce Lawson and Peter Cole.

The obscene and vile attacks they received from filth like Michael McGough, Mark Croucher and similar dishonest filth in EUkip was totally uncalled for and explains clearly why so many people refuse to vote for EUkip.

Shame on you both Michael McGough and Mark Croucher – your behaviour has been beneath contempt as you saw your income at the troughs threatened, neither of you represent a single value that I recognise as British or worth defending – you revolt me as you revolt any decent human being.

In disgust that such filth survives and is even rewarded within EUkip!!


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