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Archive for the ‘UKIP Constitution’ Category

#0739* – Are Purchased Honours for UKIP an Embarrassment?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/02/2012

#0739* – Are Purchased Honours for UKIP an Embarrassment?

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Are Purchased Honours for UKIP an Embarrassment?

Demeaning both UKIP, Farage AND the positions invested in!

I gather Freemanship of The City now requires the nomination of two individuals (easy to obtain when controlling selection lists!) and a payment of £30 + of course many rounds of ingratiating drinks!

See How to buy YOUR Freemanship – apply: CLICK HERE!




at a time when honours are increasingly seen as something of an embarrassment one wonders at the extent to which UKIP leadership has lost the plot; such that it is a much discussed ambition of Farage to be appointed to The House of Lords, for clearly he is unlikely ever to earn a seat in The House of Commons by election, along side all the other appointees who have in many cases been rewarded for their betrayal of these United Kingdoms or their funding of corrupt politicians.

In terms of ELECTION – UKIP has never topped 30 elected representatives out of the 19,500 seats available! Even then out of the MEPs Nigel Farage has personally displayed the most crass of leadership skills in those he has over the years selected and supported and in addition to the likes of Bannermann, Agnew, Clark, Bloom, Nuttal, Andreasen, Wise who are without exception an embarrassment – Farage has personally backed each of them including the liars and thieves!

Of the remaining few Farage has fallen out with around 1/3rd.

Farage is clearly not just an utterly incompetent leader but bereft of any competence as a judge of character or people as he has proved time and again – this does not for a moment gainsay his competency as an entertainer, and as The Independent recently showed, he responds to outright flattery and is of absolutely ZERO gravitas – this of course makes him popular with a small percentage of the more immature members of the population.

Currently the entire honours system is called into question and the public has an abiding, allbeit largely unfair, loathing of City types as we have rascals from finance stripped of their appointments yet UKIP makes much of having invested in the somewhat meaningless title of ‘Freeman of The City of London’.

I appreciate that now that UKIP Constitution is being changed to permit Farage to officially appoint candidates of his choice, as the controller of The NEC and appointments thereto, where honest men who dare to represent the members are vilified and attacked to make way for the scum of the party like Mick McGough, Peter Reeve, Derek Clark, Hugh Williams and the like – for as long as they do Farage’s bidding!

So when this authority to rig elections becomes ratified, as opposed to the previous clandestine dishonesty CLICK HERE, We can reasonably expect at very least the following to be DUMPED:
Mike Nattrass
Trevor Colman
Wee Willie Dartmouth
Nikki Sinclaire
Andreasen the liar and self serving fraud
& no doubt others.

So I guess the London MEP list will feature
Steve Wolffe with Paul Oakley nominated as an also ran.

South West:
Niel Hamilton & Steve Crowther

South East:
Nigel Farage & Harry Aldridge

Bloom & Nuttall will hold their places on Farage’s lists as it currently stands, despite Nuttall’s self obsessed irrelevance and incoherence and Bloom’s drunken loutish behaviour and speaches in The so called Parliament when drunk and most recently both drunk and under the influence of drugs yet without the judgement or sense of responsibility to keep his own council when under the influence, for whatever reasons!

At least little Gerard Batten will be liberated to dash around more Police stations in abuse of his position of duty and responsibility trying to cover his tracks by informing them they should arrest people for telling the truth about him BECAUSE he thinks he is VERY important even if they haven’t heard of him and are not very impressed with another corrupt politician – For further facts about Batten CLICK HERE!

Perhaps some of these trade offs will explain why Farage has purchased a Freemanship of the City [How to apply CLICK HERE & send £30!!!] – it will of course extend his rights of braggadocio to further pubs but can hardly serve the interests of Leave-The-EU which seems spectacularly low on UKIP agenda as they jockey for positions on the gravy train in 2014!

All rather embarrassing but so clearly justifying The Independent’s lampooning of Nigel Garage in his Arthur Dailey outfit:

One is inclined to mischievously speculate whether despite her £30,000 a year UKIP hush money Kirsten has chucked Nigel out and he is now living in this garage, with his rumpled and clearly grubby old coat and the garage’s two TV aerials and stove chimney with little sign of wear as a garage as such!

 Nigel granted Freedom of City of London

Tuesday, 7th February 2012
On the day that the House of Commons debated a wages policy, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was granted the Freedom of the City of London.
Following a ceremony at the Chamberlain’s Court in the City’s Guildhall, Nigel said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been inducted as a Freeman of the City of London. My father, grandfather have spent their working lives in the Square Mile, as did I for the first 15 years of mine. Now my sons are doing the same.

“The oath that I was required to swear calls upon me to, ‘Maintain the Franchises and Customs (of the City), and will keep this City harmless’. I only wish that all members of Parliament would swear the same, or at very least anybody involved in setting Treasury, trade or European policy as it seems apparent that keeping the city ‘harmless’ is the least of their concerns.

“I would like to thank Murray Craig, the Chamberlain’s Clerk for his kindness, good humour and efficiency in running the ceremony”.

Nigel is pictured here with the Chamberlain’s Clerk, Murray Craig, acceptiing the extended right hand of friendship at the Chamberlain’s Court.

 . .

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