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Archive for the ‘UKIP Election Results’ Category

UKIP Catastrophically fulfills predicted results!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/05/2012

UKIP Catastrophically fulfills predicted results!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Catastrophically fulfills predicted Local Election results!!!


unfortunately it would seem UKIP is living down to my VERY clear predictions made before the election CLICK HERE

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UKIP 7 seats +1, outstripped by Greens with 16 +3, Respect +5 & IC&HC +5. Clearly a disaster for UKIP with 7th. place in England & Wales!

UKIP lost seats & net gain of 1 so far mid term & Government takes a kicking but UKIP makes no significant gains under unprofessional leader

UKIP looks to have lived down to catastrophic predictions so far ONE seat not the 100s needed gained 2.5% in Liverpool!

UKIP Might Care To Consider, in the light of their risible domestic election results

UKIP Expecting Catastrophic Domestic Election Results

UKIP’s risible results today, as expected, should lead to MEPs of principle quitting The EFD & removing unprofessional leadership from UKIP

UKIP Sponsor states “A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. And the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut” – Racism & religious race hate is endemic!

4,987 Seats up for election today with CLAIMED 10% support anything short of 498 won by UKIP will reflect their TRUE value! – LEAVE-THE-EU

UKIP openly soliciting protest vote having failed to sell their own message! Only able to find 30% credible candidates!

UKIP scrabbling to back peddle on expectations today their unprofessional & racist behaviour has failed to convince

A Sad Reflection On UKIP!

The tragedy is that after 20 years, UKIP is running in 7th. position in terms of seats won in England & Wales and still with not the slightest glimmer of hope of a Westminster seat on the horizon!

The Scottish results are as yet not available but it is unlikely that UKIP will be even noticeable and the Scottish result will further highlight the rejection by the electorate of these United Kingdoms.

To be fair UKIP will bleat that the turnout was low with around 32% so far but that in fact would be expected to help such a party!

Yes we need and want a referendum – YES the public wish to Leave-The-EU by a majority and yes a huge majority want to remove our political and economic control by the malign and corrupt EU.

Sadly, just as when the traitor Heath signed the warrant for the death of these United Kingdoms and the new vassal status any current referendum on the subject would be similarly fiddled!

I do NOT believe that the Leave-The-EU cause would win a referendum as the EU would pour huge amounts of OUR money into propaganda, spin and lies to ensure their Milch Cow staid in THEIR barn!

Consider the undeniable FACT that The EU does not have a Democratic Defecit it has NO meaningful democracy, spends £Billions each year on propaganda and has the largest Civil Service in the world with armies of self serving unelected bureaucrats endlessly t6ightening the rachets of strangulation of ‘Self Determination’ of its vassal regions and enthralled peoples.

An IN/OUT referendum would be lost by the people who clearly want to Leave-The-EU – The EU has NO democratic mandate and openly advocates a ‘Post Democratic style of governance’!

Let us not be confused – The EU is NOT our enemy, The EU has published every step of the way in its social engineering experiment openly stating its aim to be an Empire of voluntary member regions (formerly independent states!).

OUR ENEMY is without a doubt OUR enemy within:
The armies of Civil Servants in the UK, who now work for the EU implementing EU diktat, the banks working to control our economy for alien gain.
The water companies with their largely invented scares and crises (try fixing the leaks, introducing a National grid and building resevoirs to cope with increased population & needs), which are increasingly foreign owned.
Our power industry which is also mainly foreign owned.
Now we are tendering our roads,
having lost our fisheries to alien control –

When last did a credible politician of any gravitas or stature stand up for the peoples of these United Kingdoms? – don’t say Thatcher, she traded off our CAP income for a showy settlement at Bruges and never once voted to block EU legislation or increased undemocratic profligacy. Thatcher admitted that she never understood The EU as did Norman Tebbitt until long after he left office!

When last did UKIP take any credible stand on a referendum and in fact the only credible stand has been that of Nikki Sinclaire, who UKIP have done all in their power to hinder, harm, defame and lie about!

UKIP will try to make much of Jon Gaunt’s efforts as if they were a party to them yet it will be noticed that Jon Gaunt’s efforts to find himself a job have been a lamentable failure and I understand that shortly before being resoundingly rejected as a prospective Mayor on his home territory in Coventry he was removed from the EUreferendum Campaign he was trying to run!

Can we expect him next to pop up as a UKIP candidate placed high on an MEP list in the misguided hope he will, as an entertainer, replicate the much over estimated so called ‘Kilroy-Silk effect’!

When last did we have a British politician acting in Britain’s interests?

Yes, Farage puts up a good show but as a showman he may well be popular but one need only look at the number of seats won to realise entertainers and showmen carry no weight!

Of the 4,987 seats up for election yesterday so far UKIP have 7!

With one gain so far UKIP remind us that one swallow does not a summer make and although Galloway described his result as ‘The Bradford Spring’ – surely no one can see 7 seats won so far as ‘A UKIP Spring’ or an endorsement of Farage and his unprofessional and largely divisive leadership of HIS party!

I do however appreciate that discontent as the Tory Party may be with Cameron & his set, The Tories have the same plight as Labour lacking any credible alternative to a hugely un-credible leader!

Let’s face it the public may well have increased UKIP vote by using them as a dustbin to show their opprobrium for the politicians of any expectation but on a 32% turnout it is clear that the electorate hold ALL politicians in contempt and at such a stage in the cycle that UKIP have only gained 7 seats is nothing more than a catastrophic embarrassment for them – however they try to spin it or whatever left wing spin The BBC put on it!


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to Reclaim YOUR Future 
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