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We can but hope This EUlogy is more of an Obituary for Ukip …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/04/2019

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We can but hope This EUlogy is more of an Obituary for Ukip …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

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it seems Ukip’s final demise is coming faster than one might expect, the failure started with Farage, who realised there was nothing further he could personally milk out of it & quit, leaving it in the catastrophic hands of first Diane James who realised that her partner had sufficient assetts for those who were owed money by the party once she had the leadership to persue her – had shunned the awkward and savoury public moment of being kissed by Nigel Farage and had read the balance sheet , it seems , as she quit in 18 days!

Nigel Farage had to keep it going to distance himself from its parlous state and stepped back in long enough to find some other idiot to dupe into the position and in quick succession there was Paul Nuttall who was forced to crawl away & hide under a stone or something, once we had comprehensively exposed his lies & braggadocio in his embarrassingly nonsense CV (almost as much exagerated rubbish as that of David Bannerman who had made an earlier play for leadership but lost hands down when I exposed him also!).

Next we had Henry Bolton who had little understanding of the cause or the party but felt, with his new exalted title, it was time to dump his wife and as I recall small child to parade his new bimbo who lasted a very short time  for reasons well exposed elsewhere on this blog! He promptly quit.

Now they were really scraping the barrel and the only person willing to take on the role was the utterly incompetent, corrupt, obsessive Gerard Batten with his Phillipino wife and hence his extremist Islamaphobic views – views that have been the keystone of his catastrophic leadership.

Not content with his extreme racism, presumably to make him look less extreme he took on, as his main advisor & prominent spokesman (when out of prison!) the infamous Tommy Robinson and thus a surge of new members from the ever more extreme gutter sweepings that Ukip has attracted over latter years.

Now of the 24 MEPs elected to Ukip I see the 3 remaining women have also jumped ship leaving Gerard Batten with a crew of 3 in the EU now!

Ukip’s sole remaining MEPs are the oaff Mike Hookem, best if not only known for having been an instigator of a fist fight which hospitalised another Ukip MEP now affiliated with the Tory Party, then there is the odious scoundrel Stuart Agnew who was exposed some years ago on film bragging of how he, with Malcolm Pearson (a Peer of dubious origins) & Nigel Farage fiddling donations to Ukip to avoid declaring them, finally there is Ray Finch, something of a nonentity, probably best known for employing Kirsten Farage (Nigel’s wife) whilst Nigel employed her @£30Kpa his only justification seemed to be she was willing to carry out her duties late at night in a dressing gown – where that places Finch I know not!

Then of course there is Batten himself – all a rather sorry situation and one can but hope that IF there is participation in an EU election in May, Batten will stand down and Ukip will withdraw from the field of combat to avoid further embarrassment having slid from 24 MEPs to their present 4!

It is unlikely Ukip, despite the utter mess Corbyn has forced May into over BreXit whether Ukip will get ANY councillors returned on May 2nd local elections.

Surely the public have had enough of this shower!


To be sure those who have sought liberation from the EU to take full advantage of the opportunities BreXit clearly offers will be glad to see them gone as they have done so much damage to the cause and thus the country over the years.



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