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#133* – EUkip – The Poodles of War For EUkip!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/11/2008

#133* – EUkip – The Poodles of War For EUkip!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Originally Posted by: Michael McGough

It is amazing that the UKIP Team on Eastern have managed to keep the membership numbers stable, despite the mess Reeve inherited. In fact if you look at the membership figs since Reeve became RO the number of members in Eastern Has gone up significantly. This is testimony to allot of hard work being done by the whole team including really good branch officers across the region (most of who don’t have time to post here as they are busy working on the campaigns) and is despite the likes of messrs,West/Baynes/Cole//Harvey trying to de-motivate the members there.
The original can be seen at:

I wonder if Michael McGough realised that honest men & women would expose his dishonesty if he saw fit to defame those with integrity in support of dishonesty, corruption and self interest!

Gd. afternoon Mr Mcgough.

I am Len Baynes I don’t hide behind a nom-de-plume as indeed neither do you. I would like first to ask you what was the mess that Mr. Reeve inherited ?

I have been a member for 10yrs almost, I with the help of Mr Derek Norman initiated the Cambridge city Branch and went on to start the Fenland Branch both of which are still very viable and I resent your implication that I and the other members you named are working against the betterment of UKIP.

Your Mr. Reeve was invited as a guest speaker at a meeting of Fenland Branch which I was chairing he had been selected as PPC by the Branch and I felt it right he should have the oppotubity to address the branch, another guest speaker was Mr. Peter Cole who I had hoped would give us an insight to the abominable treatment of Tom Wise MEP.bearing in mind innocent until proven guilty I believe.

On seeing Mr. Cole Mr. Reeve like a petulent schoolboy refused to sit at the top table with him because he stated he was not going to be associated with anybody who had dealings with Tom Wise.

As Mr. Reeve was not a member and never has been a member of Fenland Branch I said as Chairman if he would not take his place as a speaker I would ask him to leave, he then condescended to join us at the table, but unfortunately by this time he had upset so many people by his infantile behaviour acall was made for his deselection as PPC.

I then made a mistake and I hold my hands up I called a meeting for a weeks time with a motion of deselection and I was so sick of the inturnal backbiting and petty squabbles I resigned as Chair and my membership. But I was astounded by the backing I got not only from my own branch but calls from as far afield as the west country, west midlands, London and the NW. Mr. Reeves Idea was on my resignation he would put in his own commitee from NW cambs to take over Fenland and he would lord it over the whole of the N Cambs area.

Mr Peter Cole put his name forward for the chairmanship of Fenland and he was unanamously elected on the condition I stayed on as treasurer, such now is the status quo.

Mr. Reeve has done nothing but get peoples backs up by his constant deragation of anybody who disagrees with him , he failed Robin Page after agreeing to sort his papers out for MEP selection whilst robin was in Hospital, he stated that I had not bothered to put any candidates forward for local elections and made that very public before looking at the fact there were no local elections in Fenland at that time.

I am sorry Mr Mcgough you must please get your facts right before you start running people down I and all the people you mention work damned hard and have done for a long time for the ideals of ukip myself standing twice in general elections which does not come cheap. and I will continue to do so .

But I will accept your apology on behalf of the other people you dinigrate and just hope you find time to get your facts right.

The original of this can be read at:

I wonder if Michael McGough will have the integrity to apologise and publish a correction?

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

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