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Archive for the ‘Andrew Smith; Power Policy; Wind Turbines; Nuclear; Nigel Farage; NuttAll; Chairman; Bannerman; EUkip; UKIP;’ Category

#128 – EUkip Is Just NOT Credible – POWER DOWN!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/11/2008

#128 – EUkip Is Just NOT Credible –

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Attending the champagne launch of the Orbis building, the new headquarters for the offshore wind industry in Lowestoft on Friday 7th November, UKIP representatives Professor Stephen Bush and prospective MEP Andrew Smith were seemingly the only delegates who were opposed to the mad rush for wind turbines………………….more at the source web site above.

Really, Really NOT a Good Idea!


Astonishing – Much as I may agree in outline with the sentiments expressed by EUkip on the twaddle about wind power – EUkip would seem to consider the discreditted scheister Andrew Smith is fit to represent them!

This man was EUkip’s treasurer but when asked legitimate questions about the accounts he, as a self professed accreditted accountant, had accepted responsibility for was not only unwilling but proved incapable of answering the basic questions.Andrew Smith abrogated on his CHOSEN responsibility with shameful disregard for EUkip and his professions reputation.

Andrew Smith quit leaving the accounts in an unpresentable and incomplete condition.EUkip is brought into disrepute by Andrew Smith on the grounds shown.Interestingly it was Andrew Smith who, in breech of the law and his duty, failed to address the issue of accepting false and illegal donations under the law.

Andrew Smith, David Lott & Nigel Farage were all well aware that for personal reasons Alan Bown had withdrawn from the electoral role. Further the Electoral Commission approached Andrew Smith as Treasurer and EUkip advising them of the fact that they had received illegal donations and asking them to please regularise the matter.

Please confirm with EUkip’s previous Treasurer and the law and you will find it is the duty of the recipient and NOT the donor to ascertain the validity of donations.Andrew Smith & Nigel Farage are personally responsible for failing to address the matter despite repeated requests and easy steps – thus EUkip is found guilty in the courts and then despite clear warning Farage acts the fool & pretends EUkip won and puts out rubbish about being picked on by El.Com. because EUkip is a threat!!! What with 117 votes (0.03%) in the last Parliamentary by election anNEC where the police have to be called to restore order due to the incompetence of his little unelected puppet chairman – you must be joking.

Whatever Andrew Smith says, as a so called spokesman, after his behaviour merely brings EUkip into further disrepute. This man pretends to being a professional yet it is his & Nigel Farage’s crass and irresponsible behaviour and poor legal advice that has landed EUkip in the position of having been found guilty in the courts and now facing the potential of an enavoidable Judicial Review costing EUkip between £500,000 & £1 Million.

To permit people who have so clearly brought EUkip into disrepute is crass beyond belief – as crass as still being prepared to be associated with David Bannerman who has been proven to be a fraud, a liar and a cheat and acting dishonourably.

When will EUkip start to clean-up its act as we have all seen 97% of the peoples of these United Kingdoms who voted in a recent National poll stated unequivocally that they wished to leave the EU – the people are desperate for a party of integrity, gravitas and competence to vote for – NEVER forget that no other footling area of policy be it education, policing, health or tax has EVER had 97% support so do NOT dilute that by making the mistake of believing policies in other areas are anything but damaging and divisive.

Dream all you like but address the single issue of unity – no policy ANY party puts forward is other than a pack of lies uncosted and other than drivel as unless the ONE policy of Leave the EU is addressed and achieved absolutely every point in a play school manifesto must by law comply with the diktat of the EU.It is childish beyond belief to believe the British Parliament can pass an Act to leave the EU and it is all over. Dream on!

Extrication is as complex and dangerous as intigration.No Party has ever published an exit and survival How will you make a phone call? The terms of international billing are under an EU diktat.How will you feed Britain?

The terms of quality and costing of every import are under a centralised EU diktat.Idiots like McGough may lie about their status, fools like Smith may run away when caught red handed, Bannerman may pretend to be someone he isn’t but at the end of the day we must consider – What is our exit and survival strategy?It really is more complex than Bannerman’s play school manipulation of EUkip’s Constitution for footling trumped up show trials.

Having read EUkip’s so called energy policy which was drawn up by:

This Report was prepared as a draft Policy Document for the UK Independence Party by
the UKIP Energy and Environment Working Group:-

David Becalick, Robert Beith, Professor Stephen Bush, Gary Cartwright, Mike
Greenhough, Mike Hall, Tim Henderson, John Kelly, Alan Love, David MacDonald,
Clive Medway, Lynnda Robson, David Scott, Derek Smith, and Roger Sutton.
Dr David Scott acted as Secretary in preparing the various drafts and Professor Derek
Smith acted as Chairman.

David Campbell Bannerman as Head of Policy for policy input.

I am surprised that they have not identified an electrical engineer, a physisist, an authority of any sort from the ‘Power Industry’, the cut and paste work is excellent but on what party or individual authority – I appreciate that Prof. Smith chaired the committe but it fails to identify his Doctrine – is he a Gynacologist?

Where is the costing?

This is a first year, end of year, Uni. project of some 15 basic pages – more of an executive briefing.

David Bannerman?
Finally the entire credibility is brought down in howls of laughter by the fact that it is signed off by David Bannerman – an individual of such scientific plausibility that he barely knows who his father is and has a track record of inventing the truth to suit his own best interests.

Sorry folks – JUNK


Greg L-W.

01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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