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EU – F.A.Qs and Myths

EU – F.A.Qs* and Myths

* Frequently Asked Questions

IF YOU have a sound ANSWER: to any of the QUESTIONS: below that are as yet unanswered or additional points OR a QUESTION: please mail your comments to me to add – any help towards a FAIR, FREE, INFORMED Democratic Debate and The Referendum on IN or OUT which we WILL obtain.
PLEASE address your ‘e’Mails to
PLEASE start the subject line >**** FAQ: <
We will try to answer ANY rational Question – The Source of QUESTIONS: or of ANSWERS: will NOT be published!
IF you wish to discuss the Q & A do GoTo The Forum at CLICK HERE Join as it costs NOTHING and we value YOUR ideas.
The QUESTION in the EU Referendum will be broadly:
Do you wish these United Kingdoms to LEAVE the EUropean Union in Political, Economic, Defence, Law, Policing and any terms it may in future wish to impose – 
where these United Kingdoms are and would continue to be Governed Centrally from a Brussels / Strasbourg / Luxembourg Government with Britain having less than 10% say over our own future?
YES      or      NO 








Just as you are losing your argument. You have nothing of worth to say except degenerate the EU with abstract phrases. I tell you, the EU aint perfect, but I wouldn’t live in a country with te far right domination that you are seeking. Although far from perfect, it is the alternative that is untenable

I do agree The EU is not perfet but naked ambition, greed and centralised control without any meaningful style of democracy is more than ‘ain’t perfect’ – it is an obscene concept and clearly a failure imposed on people at the expense of the future for the gain of the self serving politicians and civil servants at the expense of the peoples who have been denied the fundamental human right of self determination.
  There is no need to denigrate The EU merely a need to tell the truth.


I have values and I have loyalty, althouh not loyalty to a sadly wasted United Kingdoms. The simple and straight forward answer is trade, and prices. If you leave the common market, watch inflation soar, watch the trade deficit fall floorwards, and most of alll, watch half the city of london head for Frankfurt. Naturally I take exception to being called an englander.

Sorry I assumed you had no values save those you are paid for – just as you foolishly brand me as right wing.As the 7th. largest manufacturing country in the world I do not suffer your Little Englander beliefs that these United Kingdoms are too small & inadequate to survive without paying a tax of £48M a day to be in the over regulated, corrupt, damaging, centralised idiological communist styled EU.

Sorry your propaganda fails to impress but never mind, who cares what you think as you have no interest in Britain as a propagandist for The EU – salaried by the British tax payers I presume, as a part of The EU propaganda budget.



The European Union brought peace to Europe.
No; that was NATO. Since the second world war American and British forces guaranteed peace in Europe, preventing Communist takeover. (Which would also, let’s admit, have guaranteed peace!) Two major players in NATO were Turkey and Norway, exposed on the flanks of Europe, neither of them members of the EU

Two minor players in NATO were Germany, forbidden to operate an army outside her borders, and France, going her own way and acting as if it was in charge of OTAN – sorry, NATO. Both strong in the EU.



The European Union is not and will never be a superstate.
The EU has a flag, an anthem, a currency, a bank, a parliament, a passport, policies on agriculture, economy, fisheries, industry, employment, air travel and Law. It has a foreign and security policy, judiciary, police force and is developing an army. It has an (unadopted) constitution, diplomatic representation, and wants representation on the UN Security Council. It is working towards jurisdiction over all other nations in Europe. Jean Monnet set it up to be supera-national.

Which bit of ‘superstate’ do our politicians fail to understand?

OR are our Civil Servants & Politicians telling us lies?



Churchill was all for the European Union.
Er…no. To be blunt, he was for an Anglo-Saxon union: Britain, The USA and the Commonwealth. The European union he wished for was that of France and Germany, to prevent them from starting more wars and inviting the British to bail them out again.

Churchill said of Britain in Europe: “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed.”



There is no rule about straight bananas. It’s a eurosceptic fairy story.

Rule 404/93. There are others; cucumbers not being unnecessarily curved, not selling loose items under a certain weight, the ‘rickety ladders’ directive, fish quotas…

Not to mention the nasty habit our civil servants have of ‘gold-plating’ Brussels diktats, after Parliament has rubber-stamped them, by sneaking extra rules on top.


Ah, but 60 percent of our trade is with Europe…
Well, yes, very true… but what ‘they’ fail to add is that the trade is coming OUR way. If we withdraw from the European project, the EU. loses out, as we switch our trade back to the Commonwealth and the world. Let us not forget, too, that much global shipping we are permitted is sent via Rotterdam: which is counted as trade with Europe, no matter where the cargo is destined.

Don’t forget either, that we don’t need to be in the EU to trade with it. Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, U.S.A. …none of those are EU members.


We get huge amounts of funding from Europe.
A conservative (little c) estimate is that £40 billion per year is going from the UK to Brussels. If we subtract how much is spent on projects ‘funded from Europe’, experts calculate that for every £2.60 we send over, £1 comes back to us.
Not only that, but Brussels decides what we spend the returned money on. Then we have to match it…

Doesn’t it make more sense to KEEP our money and spend it on things WE want, like hospitals, pension investment, less tax, and education?


The EUropean Constitution Lisbon Treaty is a harmless ‘tidying-up exercise’.

This is not tweaking the treaties of Rome, Nice and Maastricht so that they work better. Now that the EU constitution has been accepted, it has changed a group of trading nations into a Federation operating under one law; a whole new ball-game. Guess who will make the rules?.


Britain will lose influence outside the EU.

Probably not, but it definitely will if we STAY in the EU. Britain is a member of the UN, NATO, G7/G8, OPEC, the Commonwealth and other world organisations. When the eurozone becomes a Federation – with its common economic, foreign and defence policies – Britain will lose all control of these seats and its voice.


We’ll have to join the single currency eventually.
Why? The UK has the fourth largest economy on the planet. London is a major world financial centre – by far the biggest in Europe. The ‘City’ is reckoned to be stronger now than when the euro was launched- so of course Brussels wants a new exchange, run from Frankfurt…
The point to emphasise is that the euro is not an economic project but  a political one. It always was. Continental politicians make no effort to conceal this. By joining the euro, we would signal that we are prepared to let this country be ruled by a corrupt politburo whose accounts have not been signed off in 12 years.

Ask for yourself: If we find the euro is not good for Britain’s economy, will the european Central Bank allow us to withdraw from it?


But think of all the benefits of joining…
The shortest answer is “Name three.” Common Agricultural Policy? It brought British farming to its knees, and puts £250 a year onto food bills. The countries that benefit from the status quo outvote any proposals for serious reform.
Common Fisheries Policy? That resulted in the destruction of Britain’s fishing fleet. The fishing policy creates a major environmental catastrophe by forcing the dumping of dead fish, yet we can do nothing except ban our own fishermen.
All those funds coming our way? We pay Brussels twice or thrice what we ever get out.
And 75% of our laws are created abroad by people we did not vote for, cannot vote out, and who are not accountable for their mistakes.
Our Parliament is a rubber stamping machine, where Brussels’ Bills are passed on the nod.
The House of Lords is being dismantled peer by peer.
The judiciary is over-ruled by Brussels law, the police are about to be subsumed by europol.
A constitution? We’ve got one. If we ever need another, what’s wrong with the US Constitution? They’re not using it…


shill scumbag on YouTube paid to tell lies…
We don’t need 30 million signatures to force an ALREADY PROMISED referendum.
A cool million would do it, however if we needed 30 million we could find them.
The VAST MAJORITY of people saw Camoron promise a referendum and now see him lying about it.
Much as I may agree it does NOT help our argument for liberty and the fundamental human right of ‘Self Determination’ by abuse.
Yes politicians lie – Sadly that isn’t news it is a norm.
We should NOT blame The EU as they told it like it was it was our own snivil Cervants and self serving self styled political elite who betrayed us.
The underlying Hubris of our Political class will be their undoing – but based on reason, determination, facts and values based on integrity & values.
I do not believe it will be easy to get the first Million signatures but fortunately the Government has put it on record that with 100,000 signatures on a Petition that will cause Parliament at Westminster to have a debate on the matter – that will raise the profile for the next 900,000 and then we continue right up until the day of The Referendum and a YES to Leave-the-EU.
This was spotted by Sinclaire early this year and she registered all the material and started just over a month ago to get signatures and has already topped 20,000.
No Great endeavour was ever easy and it will be hard for the first few years when we Leave-the-EU.


I am really curious as to what exactly you propose to trade?
Currently we HAND OVER £48Million based on the betrayal of our own self selected Political class and their hired Praise Singers.
Don’t worry about what we will trade – trading with the EU is a net, net loss so we would be Better Off Out.
The sooner we Leave-The-EU the greater the risk that we will escape the famine and the wars of disassociation that are inexorably bearing down on the failed concept.
Riots in Spain, Riots in Greece fear in Ireland where next?


Most countries have taken a hammering, but the Germans wiill recover far quicker than anyone else because they have the right model. Yes, your industry is in French/German hands, as is every utility bill you pay. Whose fault is that?
Of course Germany will recover quicker, but do not under estimate these United Kingdoms, consider the Empire Germany built off of its great land mass whilst we made our achievements from this small island.Germany does NOT have the right model it has sold out largely to Russia & is owed a fortune by those who have NO ability to repay so they are printing money helter skelter – to orchestrate buy outs of busted economies!

ONE trip and they fall!

FAULT? Indubitably OUR self styled Political class.


The PIIGS countries made the mistake of joining the Euro at a time when it was over inflated by the strong industrial countries. My guess is the single currency won’t last out the next decade. You seem to mistake me for someone who is simply pro european, I’m not. We should not have entered in the first place, but it’s too late now.We have no trade and industry, we gave our soul to the market, it owns us now. You cannot come out of the EU and hope to make England an industrial country
EVERY Country did that was daft enough to join. Most, like Greece, Italy & Spain lied through their teeth and the banks made paper loans to fudge the figures.

Ireland was bought by EU investment that cut off after they joined!

Do you really see the farce lasting that long as gold goes through the roof with China purchasing 10,000 physical tons to back the Yuan and the US Dollar no longer free standing.

I do not agree with your LITTLE ENGLANDER scare mongering we WILL Leave-the-EU, I am infinitely more scared of the period we are in the EU than after we Leave-the-EU.



Farage with is self promotion speech. Same speech, attacking people not ideas, last time was EU President now is EU Comission. Same speech about Belgium. He don’t have nothing to say so he needs to repeat him self.Any idiot sees that Farage can only criticise people not their IDEAS, in his own words EU President was a damp rag, bank clerk, etc, but NOTHING about their ideas. That’s LACK of arguments and Farage don’t have much capacity of argumentation. To do what he does I can do for half of his salary, to only Insult people? I can do that to.

Farage criticizes the entire IDEAS of common polices, unelected bureaucrats who draft these policies, and the fact the EU was forced on many countries that did not get a vote.
Let me break it down for you…
Farage’s largest two criticisms of the EU are:1) The Lisbon Treaty was not adopted by democratic measures in adopting countries as promised

2) The EU Commission is ENELECTED… that means the people who get to write legislation are unaccountable to the people.

Who chooses them and how? Where did they come from? This is not democratic.


I don’t see that… I see Europe getting stronger. If we take 2 steps forward and now we go back 1 step with this crisis we still won 1 step forward, and EU is in that position. In general, Europe citizens live better now than 20 years ago. Democracy is good is we don’t copy USA Democracy, and Capitalism can be good again if we don’t copy USA Capitalism (sick, destructive capitalism).

Every aspect of the steps to EU & Lisbon has been a slide into Fraco Germanic centralised communism. Read The Treaty of Elysee!
The EU – without merit, morality, integrity, justice, compassion, strategy, vision or value. Most certainly without Democracy!
Millions of miles and 100s of 1,000s of hours of pointless travel for MEPs and apparatchiks to collect their instructions and bribes each MONTH! At a cost of £Billions a year – For what?
The EU – a step into a Victorian concept, in a modern world which has failed.
The economy is a fraud, the EUro is a failure, the accounting is a fudge, the democracy is missing, the leadership is incompetent & even the propaganda @€2.4Bn. has failed spectacularly – more people HATE the EU than EVER liked it!
Dislike has become hatred as we slide inexorably to famine, disease and wars of disassociation.


My issue about Farage is simple:
Insulting People and even worse, insulting their superior, is lame and don’t bring anything good to EU Parliament.
Farage has all the right to speak, but to say what is wrong, what can change and bring new solutions not to call “damp rag” to EU President.
Whats for? He and UK only lose with that… That’s my point.
Sir, I incline to agree with you but with respect when people are forced to be under the control of others when they do not wish to be it is called a prison.
When this is structured and then enforced by a State Police, EUroPol, and political it is called a Gulag.
The entire EU structure is an obscene and dishonest experiment that has failed on every count having achieved not a single benefit for the peoples of Europe or mankind.
Centralised dictatorships are an obscenity & invariably collapse in misery after about 60 to 80 years. NOW.


Ohh here we go again…
Ohhh The EU is not democratic…
Ohhh The EU is not a fan of freedom of speech…
Ohh this and that.. all the whining for what?
Look for a moment at Farage ABUSED freedom of speech!
ABUSED Democracy! Farage could say: ‘I don’t like this law, or we need to change that law or situation, I don’t like EU’.
That is understandable but calling Damp Rag and Bank Clerk to EU President is LOW, very low, very poor argument. How can I like Farage? I cannot like him.
Did someone say Farage was perfect?
He is a showman, a city barrow boy, a good performer who had he a competent leader would have been a great asset to these United Kingdoms, but has become a mouthy barrow boy with a good performance – his ad hominem attacks demean him.
All that said and the catastrophy that he has been as a leader of UKIP his underlying claims and what is left of the UKIP principles are spot on accurate – sad that he has gathered such garbage around him, he is demeaned by himself and by those parasites who gather around him – his salaried and rewarded ‘Praise Singers’.


When former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev visited Britain in 2000, he accurately described the European Union as “the new European Soviet.” He said this with obvious approval, since he sees the evolving EU as fulfilling his vision of a “common European home” stretching “from the Atlantic to the Urals,” as he described it in his 1987 book Perestroika. Mr. Gorbachev is a lifelong Communist overlord who has steadfastly refused to renounce Communism.


God, why did you sent so much fools on this planet and so few who speak the truth??

Perhaps because the EU was a fun scam to watch fail for a malevolent god 😉 awaiting the warming of the local star pending nemesis?


I wish we had someone here in Germany willing to defend freedom and democracy.
Well said The UK EUroSceptic Movement & thanks to Mr Farage!
Thank you for speaking for hundreds of millions of Europeans who were not even asked if they wanted to become ” citizens ” of the EU ” Empire”
You never have, since the war due to a collective shame that you MUST get over – your leaders merely shout louder and you all jump OR the extreme reaction of such as Joshker Fisher, Andreas Baader, Horst Mahler, Gudrun Ensslin, Ulrike Meinhof, Petra Kelly, Gert Bastian, Danny Cohn-Bendit – leadership in Germany has been fraught with angst whilst the hard men march inexorably behind the screen!
Do what you can in Germany where your Constitutional Courts are looking for support to call a halt to this obscene experiment.
Why don’t you start?


Greece was the first true democracy and Britain and France are responsible for modern democracy – the US over estimates it’s contribution to the world & as a result interferes in trying to make The EU work due to a complete misunderstanding of the construct by many Americans and due to the naked ambition for a New World Order by the balance!

No Greece was a stepping stone to democracy but struggled in its erstwhile City States to come to terms with their own concepts of a demos.
We must remember their idea of democracy was to execute the messenger from Marathon so they did not receive his message and thus might alter the truth! Here there are similarities with The EU which funds, if not the lie, their propaganda with our money!
True democracy is something for which we should always strive and not permit the evils of centralisation and the loss of democratic freedoms that the EU scam represents.
I could not for a moment disagree with your summary of America’s involvement – though some time it is worth expanding the discourse!


On the strength of the speech replying to Barosso’s ‘State of The Union’ speech

Go Nigel. You guys should elect this guy to Prime Minister -he’s awesome!

For the sake of UKIP I agree.
For the sake of these United Kingdoms how true.
Go Nigel and Go soon!
The comment would seem to be that of an American – may I remind him they thought Tony Blair was a good PM and Gordon Brown was an economist of competence!
He is without substance – he delivers a good speech but that is practice, he is without gravitas and bases his position on childish ad hominem attacks that are populist but pointless. John Gielgud, Richard Burton, Helen Miren and Kenneth Branagh all delivered excellent speeches as did Edward Fox great company at a dinner table all but ‘Leader‘ I think not – most actors are so carried away by the applause their lives are a can of worms as with many politicians similarly self impressed!


Farage is Brilliant, a British Alex Jones

Indeed how very true – an entertainer, overdosed with nihilism but after 17 years he has no exit or survival strategy for these United Kingdoms, nor vision nor plan – just personal ambition and a competent delivery which seems all the better for crowing on an ever larger dung heap and performing stunts to please the crowd.
What is overlooked is the fact that Alex Jones is seen by the ‘smart money’ to, like ‘Arctic Beacon’ be no more than a plant managed through the CIA for a controlled opposition – there are those who believe this of UKIP and its utterly corrupted leadership.
17 years and 3.1% vote from the electorate and out of 19,000 electable seats less than 30 have fallen to UKIP – one has to wonder!


Well done Nigel, Hannan, Sinclaire and the like, good speeches, and as for that loathesome Barruso , Schultz , Watson, etc. enough said.


Barroso is with out a doubt the best event  on the floor in The EU. Where our own politicians tend to balance eachother out and who listens anyway – Barosso is infact more widely quoted and his hubris is staggering.
He brings home to the thinking people of The EU just what a degree of olleagenous self serving contempt they have for the electorate.
Barosso shows just exactly how flawed is his logic and how self serving his communist styled centralised greed and profligacy.
Nigel Farage acts well as a cattle goad or mahoot’s ank to keep the movement going but sadly he has destroyed himself by his idiotic antics and childish ad hominems.
Thus the baton has largely passed to Dan Hannan were he not so self serving in his own way – it is not true, whatever he may think, he is NOT the kingpin but merely the puppet – a darned good puppet though he may be!


When will people learn from the mistakes of history?
And when, oh when, oh when will the British electorate WAKE UP and consign this unelected, unaccountable EUSSR to the scrapheap of our political history?
NEVER is the simple answer, the ONLY lesson we have learned from history is that we never learn from history!
Just as clearly some have not learned obscenity and abuse undermines their argument and Gravy Trainers like Farage has not learned ad hominem abuse has destroyed his credibility indeffininitely.
We will NOT get a YES vote by insulting the enemy!Learn From History 😉 The British Military has a history of doing well but we talk up our enemy and we respect them – the American Army lurches from disaster to chaos as a rabble utterly dependent on equipment and superiority of arms even though, having denigrated and insulted the Gooks, Geeks and Spics they are confronted by they tend to end up shooting themselves in both feet and being trounced by peasants on bicyles!

Insults will not win this as the concept has laid its plans, bided its time and progressed by deception, duplicity, betrayal and a feel good propaganda programme that salami slices away our rights and liberty.
The EU experiment is failed but I fear the wars of disassociation may prove hideous, but sadly inevitable as we regain our national freedoms.


Excellent speech by Farage in response to Barosso’s ‘State of The Union’ speech.
Its a pity that quite a few people that this creeping EU superstate is communist.
The only thing it shares with Communist regimes is a totalitarian outlook. In almost all other respect, the EU is becoming increasingly fascist.
Remember that the privatisation of profit and the socialisation of loss (bank bailouts anyone?) is the hallmark of fascist economics, and it is what we have in the EU.

Farage is an excellent speaker and from time to time hits the mark – sadly so what? No speech in the EU Parliament is of ANY consequence – even Dan Hannan’s excorriating attack on Gordon Brown was an irrelevance despite receiving 2.1/2 Million hits + on You Tube – there are 500M+ people in The EU, almost 7Billion on the planet and in Britain alone 60+Millions.
One of the great dangers of drinking on the enemy’s shilling is that it is all too easy to become impressed by oneself as an actor and lose sight of the audience beyond the curtain!
Communism with an underlying fascist method of running economics is far from mutually exclusive.
EU Commission : Polit Bureau (unelected aparatchiks elevated as dictatorial functionaries under an unelected leader!)
Duma : EU Parliament – no meaningfull say or democratic input – 28 languages – diffrent ethnicities – imposed diktat from the top NOT representation from grass roots.
State Police : EUroPol
Enforced membership : Gulag
Centralised control.
IDENTICAL corrupt structures EU : USSR : EUofUSSR
Same ending!!


Barosso is a communist and covers up paedophile activity – among political elites and Jews like Schultz..
Barrosso is of a communist background and upbringing and he was a Communist. However many of the self styled political elite are of a similar background and be minded almost all of the population of EUrope has in recent history been either conquered or under dictatorship – whether Barosso’s Salazar, Franco of Spain, The Communist new comers to democracy – thus there is VERY little understanding of the concept we were at least striving in Britain for only to face this setback.
Please identify one shred of valid evidence to back your defamatory comment about cover-ups or paedophelia – just ONE would be a first! I totally repudiate your divisive, immature and irresponsible defamation of either individuals or groups whether based on ethnicity or superstition.


Nigel Farage is really becoming annoying to the Jesuits and the next time they try to assassinate him they will succeed. He didn’t take him warning serious. I suggest he does not take any planes anywhere.
Total dellusional nonsense – NAME ONE attempt EVER to assassinate this little chappie – had the EU not invented him they would soon have to!
Do not dellude yourself into ‘the plane crash was an attempt to kill him because UKIP is doing so well‘. Firstly I have talked at length to Justin Adams the pilot, secondly with 3.1% of the electorate voting for UKIP I suggest you may be a tad out on how well they are doing!
Out of some 19,000 elected offices in Britain UKIP currently has had less than 30 elected!
I believe you grossly over simplify the concept of a New World Order and in proclaiming a Jesuitical background ity is as specious as blaming the Jews or Zionism.
Conspiracy is an every day part of life and always has been but childishly inventing and spreading fantasies/conspiracy theories is just irresponsible – leave it to nutters like David Icke, pandering to the gullible underbelly of life and largely based on outright lies with the odd grain of other people’s truth salted in – as with any Snake Oil Sales charlatan!
Lizards any body before we all repair to the moon and leave for another galaxy!!!
Must be 2012 – so blame The Mayans (or von Dainiken!!)


Things aren’t good for Europe right now with the world wide economic downturn and it is uncalled for for people to produce videos with Russian Anthems as backing tracks for EU material!.
If the EU wants to be successful, they really need to get to a point where they work together in ALL fields. That’s why the US was successful, and that’s why the EU are trying to do it.
The problem is all US States shared a common language and SIMILAR culture (not completely equal but SIMILAR) and that’s what’s keeping the EU from getting back on track.

Firstly as you say ‘things aren’t good’ but then again any fool can run anything when ‘things’ are good! The stupidity of this centralised over regulated control was bound to be most vividly seen when tested and it is clearly a failure. Much of the world is in a massive growth patern at the expense of The EU, BECAUSE OF The EU!
As for anthems – there is only one other anthem that so readily evokes understanding of centralisation, oppression and entrapment in a Gulag:
‘Ode To Joy’
A sordid piece of music with a sordid sales banner a HUGE propaganda budget with €2.4 BILLION, money stolen from the vassal states & even so all they have managed is an obscene and hated failure with the obscenity of a despised centralised money that is failing all who were forced (against their will) to adopt it.
It would seem only those lining their pockets at the expense of the people support this commune style centralised concept.
ONLY FEAR backs The EU & of course BRIBES!


How does this system of EU governence have any justification without the legitimiasy of a full free and fair informed referendum.
It BRIBES Massively Expensive Parasites with incomes few of them could EARN outside of other forms of crime, in return they betray their country and their people, acting as Salesmen for The EU as they have little other significance with Britain having less than 8% say and even that is divided!
As MEPs are in the main utterly unemployable after they are booted out they enjoy obscenely high pensions for as long as they do not speak out.
These have become almost an accepted criminal class in the eyes of the informed public and the unelected aparatchiks are maintained by an army of low grade administartors who are also over paid for their betrayal.


The You Gov. Poll of early September shows 47% in favour of leaving and 33% in favour of staying with the ‘Don’t Knows’ likely to go either way.This is not enough now or later.


This is a figure based upon virtually 60 years of misrepresentation and propaganda, bribes and misrepresentation – it is astonishing that we start from such high ground in terms of interest where the NO vote is very similar to the ‘Don’t Knows’.Quite an achievement in independent thinking and the courage of the peoples of these United Kingdoms in largely rejecting the endless betrayal by a self styled largely mutually supportive Political Elite – you will those wishing to stay by voting NO are almost the same % as are the ‘Salary Vote’ of Politicians, Civil Servants, QUANGOcracy Government employees – The EU is after all and enrichment scam based on ‘Jobs for The Boys’!



Even if the September 2010 figure is accurate now, there is certainly no guarantee that it would remain at that level after a national in/out campaign, given all the economic priorities which would distract from it.
Given also the extensive propaganda  drives, and especially massive funds input from the MSM, BBC, EU establishment in the UK, and of course Brussels itself supporting an ‘in’ position.
(The Irish campaign on Lisbon is a case in point).


Surely it is up to those who want a YES vote to Leave and those who want a NO vote to NOT Leave to ensure that with equal funding by the tax payers through Government, without interference by any State or Corporate body and clearly without any EU propaganda or influence the arguments are marshalled and the facts spread.
One would hope, despite their endemic dishonesty the self styled Political elite and their parasites and the EU could manage to act with integrity.I do not believe that any but UK citizens of not less than 10 year standing should be authorised to vote it is OUR Referendum for US not for aliens from France, Germany, Poland or Africa ONLY British citizens.

I believe the Irish Referendum was so dishonest, so corrupt and has had such a catastrophic result for Ireland that it has in fact helped the YES argument for Leaving.


The point about the clear lack of interest at Westminster  would I think be the critical factor in the defeat of the ‘YES’ side wishing to leave.
Let us remember that Westminster (and the devolved parliaments) are broadly speak united in staying in.

The party whips would most certainly be out in force  resulting in a predictable re-run of the  Maastricht scenario (battle was lost in Westminster).

If it is to be won/lost, then Westminster will be the crucible.
IMO it is impossible for it to be decided by the uncertain fluctuations in so called ‘public opinion’ alone, and without any noticeable pressure from the public to alter the status quo.


I believe you are wrong – the lack of interest in Westminster is no more than Hubris and as John Basil Barnhill said: “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”
It is time we considered that relationship of tyranny – and our Political servants are JUST begining to realise our growing contempt for them.
I can not disagree that the EU Regional Assemblies and Westminster are largely acting in default of their duty and in their own interests and not those of their Masters the voters & tax payers.
I do NOT agree – this will be won in the streets, the market places and the shires – Westminster has made of itself a raddled whore despised by its pay masters.
British Public Opinion is somewhat like a class of children – if led well they will learn and be loyal and given the encouragement of adults they respect they will take on the world – as history has taught many an enemy and even Kings!
A jug of milk on a heat source will seem indifferent until suddenly the temperature rises by one crucial degree and it ALL boils over – I believe the informed peoples of this Country are approaching that crucial temperature.
What will YOU do to help?


On this issue timing is  everything.

The ‘YES’ side needs to be absolutely certain of at least a reasonable
chance of winning a vote.
I cannot see this happening unless and until the the British public are so enraged by  living under the soft jackboot of the
EU that they will be hammering on the doors of Westminster demanding a referendum.
No signs of that yet, and look how far down the road we have gone into almost total subservience.


How very right you are when you say timing is everything and it is clear that the timing is nigh.
There are enough ‘Grey Beards’ of over 53 with adequate energy and there are some younger with adequate knowledge but leave it any longer and the Country will be lost.
It is worth repeating the story of the Frog:
‘If you place a frog in a pan of cold water it will sit complacently as you raise its temperature indifferent to that rise until it overheats and dies – If you place a frog in warm water let alone hot it will leap out with great alacrity’.We are at that stage – since you talk of timing – when failure to act will give rise to being boiled alive!

I do NOT agree with you when you say there is insufficient anger – when for 60 years the people have been lied to and propagandised by self serving criminal self styled political class and yet 47% of the population would vote YES to Leave whilst a mere 33% would vote NO to Leaving that is an indictment of the failure of the EU and all its Machievellian dishonesty and its £2.4Billion a year in Propaganda and the largest bureaucracy in the World – Larger than The Chinese Army! 


Whilst I have confidence in the power of  the Internet, a referendum campaign  confined in the main to the Net and seeking to galvanise national interest  will not IMO be nearly sufficient to generate the necessary level of anger and resistance to the EU which would be vital.
That would need the support of much of the MSM, in particular the Sun, Mirror, and Torygraph, as well as endorsement from  trade unions, business leaders, and a good many other public figures/ and so called ‘opinion formers’ .
A lacklustre campaign borne out of sheer frustration by Hannan, UKIP, and a few  elements of brave Tory malcontents would  not be enough,  and  would prove, yet again, that the EUroRealist movement in the UK has not learned important lessons from past failures.


May I ask why you believe suich a campaign would be confined to the internet? Do be minded that Nikki Sinclaire with her own very limited funding has already got filled sheets of signatures flooding in from all over Britain for THE PETITION for an IN/OUT EU Referendum – I appreciate that the planning was under way before Easter and everything was registered long before the summer recess but THE PETITION proper has been going about a month ON THE STREETS and by POST and already it has topped 20,000 signatures.
This is NOT like a UKIP petition, it is NOT a scam to get addresses and scab money for the favoured few – UKIP is now on its third petition as yet there has been no accounting or presentation of the previous petitions, just a rather unpleasant stench of corruption.

Further THE PETITION for an IN/OUT EU Referendum (CfaR)  is working WITH other organisations including The EU Referendum Campaign (EURC) and others including The Freedom Association, CIB, Unions, Global Britain, Labour EU Safeguards Campaign (LESC) – and others with Tories, Labour, UKIP, EDP, IL-t-EUA, and many others see CLICK HERE for more details.
It will be these FACTS that will bring the media to our aid and also the Campaign is rather more active than you seem to think.



The British population was nervous before the election about whether the Tories could be trusted; the Coalition was the result. The population is even MORE nervous about leaving the EU, as I am, since I haven’t yet seen a business plan on how we would succeed? [G.L-W. we are working on that NOW CLICK HERE]I accept most of the points put forward which were:

It might be an appropriate point to produce these results again, taken from a variety of published EU-related polls over the last 12 months:

  • 84% want Cameron to hold a referendum on Lisbon, even if it has already been ratified
  • 60% want a complete renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU
  • Only 6% want the UK to be “at the heart of Europe”
  • 55% wanted to leave the EU but maintain close trading links
  • 84% said that voters should decide whether any further powers should be transferred to the EU
  • 51% did not think there was any benefit in trade or jobs from EU membership
  • 69% want the Government to start ignoring EU rules
  • 60% say that fines for disobedience to our Brussels masters should be ignored
  • 75% want a referendum before any more powers are given to the EU
  • 57% want to take back powers already given to the EU

but we need substantial reasons why our withdrawing from the EU is guaranteed success!


we have substantial reasons why remaining is catastrophic – £48 Million a day is a pretty good start!

Then the fact that NO ONE has ever shown a valid benefit of membership that has any merit when related to a loss of £17.5Billion a year or if you rather £2Million an hour!! 

ONE Billion is in itself a VERY large number!

1Bn. seconds ago it was 1963
1Bn. Minutes ago The Christian era had not begun as Christ had not been born!
1Bn. Hours ago bi pedal mammals did not exist!

Politicians speak glibly of £Billions of OUR money but I have every doubt that they haven’t a clue what a Billion is!

Clearly in financial and moral terms there is absolutely no justification for Britain’s membership of the anti democratic EU!

We hand over, if counted at the rate of £1 per second such that our annual payment would need to have been started counting when:

Gregory VIII was Pope
Henry !! was King of England
Geoffrey Duke of Brittany was born
The Battle of Hattin was lost and Jerusalem fell to The Saladin

& the population of Britain was under 3.5 million!

Yes to pay our annual Dane Geld our dues to the malign continental centralised communist style committee dictatorship which imposes our laws upon us undemocratically and holds us in its gulag had we started counting at the rate of £1 a second in 1187 we would just have the sacks full!

I see absolutely no reason to be nervous of leaving but many reasons to be terrified of staying!

The more informed the peoples of these United Kingdoms become the more they realise the catastrophy of what our treacherous and venal politicians and our Snivil Cervants have done to us.

Please provide a single solitary reason for membership of the EU that we could not achieve, if we wished, using the money we pay them in any one month £1.46 Billion!

At the end of the day nothing in life is guaranteed.The EU on the other hand is a proven faliure. The alternative of staying part of a growing Fedralist Block will mean the end of the UK as we know it and being dragged ever deeper into the maw of the behemoth as it dies consuming us in its fury!





IF YOU have a sound ANSWER: to any of the QUESTIONS: below that are as yet unanswered or additional points OR a QUESTION: please mail your comments to me to add – any help towards a FAIR, FREE, INFORMED Democratic Debate and The Referendum on IN or OUT which we WILL obtain.
PLEASE address your ‘e’Mails to
PLEASE start the subject line >**** FAQ: <
We will try to answer ANY rational Question – The Source of QUESTIONS: or of ANSWERS: will NOT be published!
IF you wish to discuss the Q & A do GoTo The Forum at CLICK HERE Join as it costs NOTHING and we value YOUR ideas.
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