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#0692* – Might this be a large part of the Future for EUroRealists?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/11/2011

#0692* – Might this be a large part of the Future for EUroRealists?

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To Spread The Facts World Wide



Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Might this be a large part of the Future for EUroRealists?!

With support and some dedication and through an open and balance Forum for discussion and suggestion it may just possibly provide the vehicle these United Kingdoms so clearly need!

Already it is clearly not just crano rectally retentive theorists nor self serving parasites seeking self enrichment – unlike the various political parties! 



if you are truelly a EUroRealist or even merely a EUroSceptic you may find this interesting:

Nikki Sinclaire in Israel
Nikki Sinclaire travelled to Israel and Palestine earlier this month for a series of meetings with senior politicians and NGOs active in the field of human rights.

She was able to observe at first hand conditions in the besieged city of Gaza, before travalling to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and other senior figures. She also met with Israeli parliamentarians in the Knesset.

Ms Sinclaire is becoming increasingly active in this area, she was one of the first western politicians invited to meet with the interim government of Tunisia following the overthrow of dictatorial President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali at the beginning of 2011

Interesting to note this was gleaned from a nascent site which looks as if it holds some promise for true EUroRealists.

It is good to see Tony Schofield looking as if he will be taking an active and VISIBLE role in the new venture bringing his knowledge, commitment and publishing experience to bear. Let us hope his thoughts and publications will become ‘usably’ available on the web site as he has written several excellent pamphlets and essays on EUroRealism and EUroScepticism over the years.

Then we have Gary Cartwright who is currently an EU employee of the non alligned group in Brussels where I understand he is currently assigned to Nikki Sinclaire as a researcher and assistant – his alternative values and diverse interests may well act as a foil to hone the main thrust of the new group.

Similarly Josh O’Nyons with his experience as an assistant to an MEP both in and out of the EU parliamentary milieu combined with his grass roorts experience across The UK campaigning for the the cross party petition which was devised, founded and led by Nikki Sinclaire with such success that she and her staff and supporters obtained 100,000 signatures and a debate in The House of Commons on an In/Out EU Referendum.

It was interesting to note that Trevor Colman and the ex deputy leader of UKIP Mike Nattrass lent their support latterly and even Nigel Farage praised the efforts of Nikki Sinclaire AFTER the event!

Let us hope this new group moves from strength to strength providing the much needed vision and strategies required as The EU continues to be exposed for the evil that it clearly is. They may even consider working on an exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms as we move inexorably towards leaving The EU rather than the puerile concept that all that is needed is the repeal of The EUropean Communities Act!

The new group may provide the intellectual rigor and enthusiasm for facts and details that have been conspicuous by their absence in self serving minor parties like UKIP and The BNP.


Gary Cartwright's picture
Although a committed Eurosceptic, Gary Cartwright has extensive experience of working in the EU institutions.
He has a particular interest in east-west relations, and specifically the geopolitical implications of energy supply. As an accredited journalist and author, he has written extensively on this subject.
Contact Gary Cartwright.
Josh O'Nyons's picture
Josh O’Nyons is a political campaigner, an ardent Conservative and committed eurosceptic. As a Political advisor to a Member of European Parliament he is well aware of EU meddling and interference in ordinary people’s lives. Having witnessed examples of small business wrapped up in red tape and constantly lobbied for help in blocking EU regulation, Josh has had firsthand experience of the detrimental impact EU membership has had on Britain.
He became and still is the National Campaign and Grassroots Coordinator for the Campaign for a Referendum in August 2010 responsible for coordinating the work of their activists across the country.
The group which cemented itself as the most successful Eurosceptic direct action group within the UK, successfully collected the 100,000 signatures to trigger the famous EU referendum debate in the House of Commons on the 24th October 2011. Where the UK government suffered their biggest rebellion since taking office, the Campaign continues to pressure the UK Government for an ”in or out” referemdum. Within his home town Josh is a member of the Solihull Ratepayers Association which locally campaigns for lower taxes, holds the council to account and criticises all examples of wasteful and unnecessary spending. Outside of politics Josh is involved in period property renovation.
Contact Josh O’Nyons.
Nikki Sinclaire's picture
Nikki Sinclaire was born in London, and she is currently Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands.

A graduate in law (University of Canterbury), she has gained extensive experience in politics in the UK, the USA, and in Europe. An advocate of universal human rights and a supporter of democratisation, in 2011 she was one of the first western politicians to be invited to meet with the transitional government of Tunisia, following the overthrow of the authoritarian regime of President Ben Ali. during the so-called Arab spring.

More recently she rocked the British government by presenting to 10 Downing Street a petition of over 100,000 signatures calling for a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU. This triggered a debate in the House of Commons that resulted in a major rebellion within the government ranks.
Contact Nikki Sinclaire.

Trevor Colman's picture
Trevor Colman was born in the Cornish village of St. Breward on the Bodmin Moor. He attended Sir James Smith’s Grammar School in Camelford and, later, when the family moved to Devon, the Tavistock Grammar School. He left school aged 15 and began working life as a kettle boy in a farm suppliers yard. He later became a court clerk working with the Clerk to the Justices department, attending a different magistrates court in Devon, every day of the week.

Aged 21 years he joined the Devon Constabulary (later the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary) serving for 33 years. During that time he walked the beat as well as driving a high-speed main road patrol car. However he served mainly in the CID, retiring in the rank of Superintendent. During that time he was seconded to Operation Countryman, the largest corruption enquiry into the Metropolitan Police and uncovered police wrongdoing resulting in a number of wrongly convicted persons being released from prison.

For seven years he worked as a script advisor on the television series ‘Wycliffe’.

He is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction. One of his fictional short stories was broadcast on BBC radio Four whilst another won an award and was published in a collection of short stories. His non-fiction book was on Police procedure and was published by McGraw Hill.

He joined UKIP in 1999 (having never been involved in politics before) and instantly became an activist. He has written, designed and produced four films/DVD/videos on the EU which have sold in their hundreds of thousands. He has written and designed speakers scripts and presentation packs for speakers which have been and still are used all over the UK.

He became an MEP in October, 2008 and was re-elected in June 2009.

He has designed and published his own website (The EU-nit) dedicated to producing up to date, non-party political details about Britain’s membership of the EU. On average he addresses three meetings in the South West every week.

He is married to Sue and currently lives on the South coast of Devon overlooking the English Channel.
Contact Trevor Colman.

I wish the new grouping good luck and hope they are not attacked too early by those who have made a career out of EUroScepticism and see their incomes as threatened!
. .

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
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to Reclaim YOUR Future 
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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/09/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


as a matter of record I AM aware and have managed to confirm that

  • John Ison was responsible for the paperwork and accounting of travel in Nikki Sinclaire’s Office.
  • John Ison was responsible for travel claims upto and including all in January
  • Nikki Sinclaire ceased to be a member of Farage’s Racist, Xenophobic, anti Jewish and largely pro EU group The EFD at the END of Hanuary effective at the Strasburgh plenniary.
  • The entries claiming for road travel to Strasburgh were made by John Ison.
  • John Ison KNEW Ms. Sinclaire DID NOT drive to Strasburgh on that occasion.
  • John Ison was removed from access to cash and accounting matters when discrepancies were identified.
  • John Ison quit as a service provider to seek to harm Nikki Sinclaire as a UKIP elected MEP standing as a PPC
  • Certain documentation was found to be missing subsequent to John Ison’s departure.
  • John Ison stood as an unknown on a UKIP ticket as a PPC with Allcock in the ajoining constituency.
  • John Ison attended hustings on behalf of Allcock who was seemingly preoccupied
  • John Ison was rude and abusive at hustings seeking to embarrass Ms. Sinclaire.
  • John Ison was forced to withdraw libellous comment at least once by embarrassed chairmen.
  • After the election was over Sinclaire or a senior staff member reported the thefts to West Midlan Police.
  • West Midland Police made preliminary investigations but advised it would be difficult to obtain a conviction.
  • Sinclaire let the matter lie.
  • On Friday at an approved Fring Meeting attended by Sinclaire, her staff and UKIP ex Leader Roger Knapman efforts were made to disrupt the meeting by UKIP personelle.
  • Godfrey Bloom was abusive and insulting to staff.
  • Peter Reeve tried to embarrass both Knapman & Sinclaire and showed himself for an ill mannered, ill informed fool.
  • It was leaked by UKIP NEC that a whistleblower from Sinclaire’s ex staff had reported financial irregularity last January whilst he was responsible for certain areas of accounts.
  • Sinclaire, at the first opportunity, contacted OLAF to report a problem and seek to instigate a full independent check on her accounts by OLAF to establish if a member of staff had fraudulently misrepresented fact in her accounts and whether there were other hidden ‘time bombs’ planted to embarrass her.
  • Sinclaire is seeking a full meeting at OLAF’s convenience.
  • Sinclaire I am reliably informed will be advised by OLAF as to procedure.
  • Sinclaire is expected to seek a right of reply from the Sunday Times in the clear understanding that The Sunday Times report was accurate but misleading as it inferred deliberate fraud.
  • The expenses by car to Strasburgh are approximately €800 and by air €263 fare + £80 to airport & £80 return No claim for fare from Basle to & from Strasburgh as the City of Strasburgh makes so much money out of the EU’s presence it lays on a fleet of limos for MEPs as something of a bribe to keep the business (paid by the tax payer!).
    ie: Road about 800 air about 450 – potential gain!
  • Sinclaire DID state that an MEP can make a gain of 500,000 over their period in office – Farage has personally admitted he made £1M each term of office, over and above expenses.
  • Sinclaire did respond on a test video to a question asked in her office by John Ison that there was loads of money in the EU or some such. The test video was removed from her office without authorisation and an edited was placed in circulation on YouTube and as I recall featured by Mark Croucher on Butcher‘s squalid Forum which attacks UKIP supporters on behalf of the UKIP Leadership.
  • On Friday last spokesman for West Midlands police stated there was no record of a complaint lodged against Ms. Sinclaire
  • On Friday last I understand OLAF denied knowledge of any complaint against Ms. Sinclaire.
  • If there is/was an error in the entry for which John ison was employed in January it is reasonable to ask did he make a false entry in malice or by accident.
  • Did John Ison realise at the time that a ferry ticket had been purchased and travel plans altered.
  • Did John Ison intentionally enter a ferry ticket AND claim for air travel deliberately.
  • Why has this noble whistle blower, subject of a removal of responsibilty.
  • Possible theft of a video.
  • Possible theft of documentation.
  • Subject of a police complaint in May.
  • Why has this service provider made no effort to bring it to the attention of his employer at the time but waited to announce at UKIP conference7 months later that he wittingly made a false entry in Nikki Sinclaire’s books whilst in her employ.
  • Let us see what OLAF have to say in assisting to clear Ms. Sinclaire’s name.


It is understood that the referrence to over payment of a 17 year old is Joshua O’Nyons – showing a gross annual salary of £30,000.

However there is no claim that he was paid £2,500 per month regularly.

It is entirely possible that for book keeping/claim purposes additional payments were included over and above the 18 hours it is claimed he officially worked for other work done.

Interestingly £30,000 a year is the amount paid by Nigel Farage to his wife, yet his Constituency Office in Britain had absolutely no idea what, if anything, she did for UKIP!!

Assuming the report of young Mr. O’Nyons’ income were completely accurate it would seem he is doing almost 1,000 hours of work a year more than Kirsten Farage!

Assuming the very worst Sinclaire is being profligately over generous with her allowances with her loyal staff!

At the moment it looks as if this story is a malicious but let us see what OLAF make of it.

At the end of the day either John Ison has acted maliciously, maybe even criminally – maybe Sinclaire HAS over claimed, however it does seem that she has made every reasonable effort to make her accounts transparent for her constituents and she has even had them auditted and published in public. It would be so much easier if you wanted to fiddle to do as Farage does and refuse to answer questions, lie to your members and pay your wife on the side.

Remember this:
On July 25th 1999, Meridian TV’s ‘Seven Days’ programme, put a straight question to Mr Farage, and received in response an unequivocal answer. An answer that has now come back to haunt Nigel.


Reporter Phil Hornby: Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?

Nigel Farage: You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get – the excess that we are forced to take – particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native.

To this day Farage has failed to honour that promise in any meaningful way!

I believe that Sinclaire has taken the right and responsible action by seeking the intervention of OLAF to check there are no further time bombs that have been deliberately hidden in her accounts.

Also it may well be apposite for OLAF to establish that John Ison’s position in this is legitimate as it does look as if he deliberately made a book entry which he knew to be false claiming a ferry ticket and car travel when he KNEW his employer had flown. Was Sinclaire even aware a ferry ticket was purchased in her name?

Fortunately on such matters British Justice is still hanging on by the skin of its teeth and both John Ison and Sinclaire are innocent until proven guilty and that is initially a matter between Sinclaire & OLAF. Clearly there is a need in any organisation for an element of trust to ensure the primary task, in this case campaigning to leave The EU and making the people of Britain aware of the benefits of leaving The EU are carried out.

In my brief awareness of John ison I have become increasingly aware of reasons to consider him untrustworthy and duplicitous and ambitious in his own interests at the expense of all else.

I have been aware of Sinclaire for some 15 years and of that at least 16 of them she seems to have been under some kind of attack from Farage and the pond life he has gathered around him – that she has without exception shown that actions made against her have been made in malice and has proved same in the High Court would lead me to believe she has habitually endeavoured to act ethically and within the law at all times.

I understand some years ago she even presented to a returning officer on the day of a General Election top offer her resignation as that day she had been served with bankruptcy papers – for her integrity the returning officer at the count officially waived her need to be humiliated by resignation – the bankruptcy was eventually fully resolved and her reinstatement made public yet Mark Croucher supplied the information from the gutter where he lives for Farage to try to use to Bully & Blackmail her into remaining with his racist, anti Jewish, creepy EFD Group.

We are aware that at the Conference Farage was so totally out of step with UKIP members when he endeavoured in debate the gains of forming a Pan EU Political Party called The EFD and abandoning UKIP – it does look all too clearly as if Farage has no desire to leave the EU and the same is true of ALL UKIP MEPs as they are ALL part of this vile group except Mike Nattrass & Nikki Sinclaire who have both refused to compromise their position.

I understand that having lost the debate and been trounced in the vote Farage was seen to sink his head in his hands and state to a confidante that just cost ME a Million a year! Though I can NOT confirm this as it is reported speech.

I might add that a few days ago I gave some details of the 4000 account money and in its enhanced form as a Pan EU Party this may well be the amount it would be possible for an unscrupulous leader to trouser!

You will note the Sunday Times speaks of a €76,000 sum in staffing which may well be those monies but here The Sunday Times is in error as an MEP sitting in splendid integrity as an Independent receives only €40,000 paid direct where Farage as a party leader receives the sum of €76K per MEP centrally! Seemingly unaccountably!

Let us hope Sinclaire can ammicably negotiate a right of reply with The Sunday Times – who would be churlish in the extreme were they to deny the right on the pretext that they had given it when out of the blue they sprung a loaded question on her for her response as published!

Let us hope that Farage and his parasites do not dream up any more stunts as such behaviour is clearly VERY damaging to the interests of the British peoples who seek liberty – let us regardless of UKIP Leadership and its unpleasant parasites ensure that NOTHING damages our Petition which Sinclaire is both personally funding AND fronting at this stage pending some heavy weight support arriving.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 


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