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Archive for the ‘Paul Sykes’ Category

Sykes, Farage, UKIP et al PLEASE NOTE ‘When in a hole stop digging’!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/04/2014

Sykes, Farage, UKIP et al PLEASE NOTE ‘When in a hole stop digging’!
Correction made re one of the posters 24-Apr-2014

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Paul Sykes, Nigel Farage, UKIP, The Express et al PLEASE NOTE ‘When in a hole stop digging’!
Even with 27% at the polls UKIP would do well to remember that means the pro EU vote amounts to over 70%.

UKIP has clearly failed, after 21 years, in its role to lead These United Kingdoms from EU vassal status.



Ukip ‘voter’ pictured in manifesto leaflet exposed as a worker for the party

NIGEL Farage yesterday dismissed as a “non issue” criticism that a “voter” in the UK Independence Party’s European election manifesto was actually one of his aides.

By: Macer Hall – Published: Wed, April 23, 2014

Lizzy Vaid, pictured in the manifesto, is an events manager and assistant to Nigel Farage [NC]

A full-page photograph of a young woman was printed in the document with the caption: “Lizzy Vaid, Devon.”She was quoted as saying: “I’ll be voting Ukip because they’re the only party listening to what people want.”But the manifesto failed to identify her as the anti-Brussels party’s events manager and assistant to the leader.

The row threatened to overshadow the launch of Ukip’s campaign for next month’s European elections.

Mr Farage brushed aside suggestions the manifesto picture of half-Indian Ms Vaid was also used to counter allegations of racism.

Speaking in Sheffield, South Yorks, he said he “did not see the need” to state she was an employee, adding: “She got a job with Ukip because she believes in what we stand for.”

She got a job with Ukip because she believes in what we stand for
Nigel Farage
Ukip also came under fire for posters highlighting immigration from the EU, part of a £1.5million advertising blitz funded by Eurosceptic businessman Paul Sykes.

One showed a massive finger with the message: “26 million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose jobs are they after?”

Labour MP Mike Gapes described the posters as “racist” and urged “decent” voters not to support Ukip.

But Mr Farage said: “To have an open door to 485 million from Europe means there is an influx of foreign labour into Britain, the likes of which we have never seen.

“These posters are a reflection of reality. We are a non-racist party. But I think it is the job of the British Government to put the interests of our own people first.”

Mr Farage was also forced to defend employing his German wife Kirsten as his secretary despite opposing foreigners taking British jobs.

He said: “I don’t think anybody else would want to be in my house at midnight, going through emails and getting me briefed for the next day.”


To view the original article CLICK HERE

Now that UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn has quit The Express the level of sycophancy of the paper seems to have reverted to journalism rather than advertorial UKIP hand out as O’Flynn collects his reward as a leading UKIP MEP candidate and apparent front runner to replace Nigel Farage once the media have spat him out and the police and OLAF have taken their toll together with the new money laundering unit at HMRC have tracked down where all that money he gets vanishes in what passes for transparency in UKIP!

It was interesting to watch Nigel Farage trying relatively adroitly to get off of the hook of overt racism levelled at him by Sky’s Kay Burley see: CLICK HERE that his primary defence seemed to be to single out members of his own party for their ethnicity was I guess one way of defending UKIP’s rather unpleasant populist gutter pandering of Paul Syke’s Billboard campaign.

Farage even gratuitously pointed out that Lizzy Vaid, who it was initially claimed was domicile in Devon was in fact half Indian and lived in London where she worked as an assistant for Farage and events manager!

Syke’s Billboard campaign seemingly put together by UKIP’s web site designers:



TW Media 01

Watch what happens to this chap:

TW Media 02Looks like Sykes is up to his old tricks – you will remember much of UKIP’s printing for elections was done overseas at the expense of British jobs but now even the jobs are at risk:


UKIP’s new beggar does look a little familiar – surely Sykes could afford to use a professional model!


It seems that Sykes did fund a model and despite the similarity between the individual in the poster featured as an out of work British worker who has lost his job to an imigrant and the individual TWMedia’s web site the story is even worse for UKIP it seems!

We are now given to understand tyhat the model used is not British but an imigrant by the name of Dave O’Rourke! Mr. O’Rourke originates, we are told, from an EU dependency, Ireland and presumably due to the shortage of work in Ireland has moved to Britain to take advantage of the British labour market – just like all those Rumanians, Bulgarians, French, Germans, Spanish, Italians, Greeks and the like that UKIP complain so bitterly about for having taken advantage of the ill concieved EU open border policy.

Irony that is beyond doubt an embarrassment for UKIP.

But perhaps not as embarrassing as this lampoon may prove:


Sykes may not be willing to risk money with UKIP, knowing their lack of transparency and the huge amounts of public money that have ‘gone missing’ he is wise to not trust the party or its leadership but he is paying for the Billboard campaign – perhaps paying for models could have satisfied Michael Crick with the right tonal mix of colours 😉 and have avoided some embarrassment!

Paul Sykes might also have been able to avoid making ill informed and foolish, UKIP style amongst his other inane and irresponsible comments at CLICK HERE, comments such as:

“….. there’s only one political party giving the British people their rights in an immediate referendum if they win the European elections and that’s what I’m fighting for”.

Quite clearly Paul Sykes has absolutely no understanding of the workings of or powers of The EU, nor any comprehension of its aims and seemingly little or no knowledge of UKIP’s role in such a referendum – a referendum UKIP failed totally to fight for at the introduction of what was to be The EU’s New Constitution ‘The Lisbon Treaty’ and their subsequent abject failure to campaign for a referendum – not even signing the petition, organised by Nikki Sinclaire, that forced a debate on a referendum at Westminster and  the Government’s largest revolt in the House of Commons debate which forced Mr. Cameron’s hand to promise a referendum were he to be re-elected; an action in which UKIP nor Farage took any part nor can claim any credit.

However the most worrying piece of clap trap from Sykes mirrors the blind ignorance of UKIP where they consider UKIP’s apparent rise in popularity to signify a win in such a referendum, A position which is possibly further from the truth than it has been for several years, largely due to the lack of leadership and self serving ineptitude of UKIP and a few of its fellow travellers.

After 21 years it is abundantly clear that not only does UKIP have absolutely zero idea of a safe Exit & Survival strategy but goes so far as to side with the enemies of the people and our Country – just consider The Early of Windfarming Mr. William Legge and his endorsement of the winner placed by the utterly corrupt IEA in their squalid and failed BrExit Competition which was so hopelessly rigged as to have failed to even bestir the media with its fatuous essays as published – seems the only praise they could muster was from William Dartmouth! Praise indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However neither Sykes’ nor Dartmouth’s comments were all that much more stupid than this risible assertion in The Express:

The EU was HITLER’S idea
and it proves Germany WON the Second World War, claims new book

THE ‘fascist’ EU was inspired and designed by the NAZIS and is proof Hitler won the Second World War, an outrageous new book is claiming.

Published: Thu, April 17, 2014

Adolf Hitler orginally came up with the plan for the EU

Before The Express writes more of this drivel may I suggest they first read:
EUropaiche Witschaft Gemeinshaft which for convenience I published some years ago on the internet CLICK HERE then enter EUropaische into the Search box on that page and read the full series of pamphlets I published – do distribute them widely with source to help the challenged like The Express!

Then you may find it apposite if you wish to understand The EU a little better that you start with Dr. Richard North & Christopher Booker’s excellent and highly informative book ‘The Great Deception’ which is readily available on Amazon.

To understand UKIP itself better you must realise that the bulk of its popularity falls to those who resent ‘The Establishment’ of which it is itself a well studied part! UKIP’s failure to make a mark in domestic politics in the last 21 years is largely down to the fact that it is down to the charismatic behaviour of a single man who is best understood by even the simplest of study of sociopathic behaviour and as for the love hate following he engenders perhaps some understanding of ‘hybristophilia’ will help and also explain why in the long term UKIP is unlikely to rise above the status of the dustbin for the protest vote and why they have so very few councillors, and absolutely none of note, no MPs and never even a close call, no elected Mayors and abject failure when it came to PCCs where a majority of those elected were Independents!

The media and commentators have remarked that even despite the sleaze, corruption and utter incompetence of UKIP with its lack of strategy, tactics, gravitas or any semblance of an exit and survival strategy for These United Kingdoms their apparent popularity rises – again remember that even on highs of 27% that leaves over 70% supporting parties that are in favour of EU membership as UKIP has been an abject failure at getting across the message of the benefits of Leaving-The-EU – but as a protest vote the more contaminated the dustbin the greater the protest can be seen to be!

Sadly such antics on the part of UKIP bring us no closer to Leaving-The-EU and in fact with UKIP’s over simplification of the task and failure to counter the well funded pro-EU machine of The EU and those it bribes and the policy of FUD by those promoting EU membership above the interest of the peoples and our Country with sabre rattling of Fear (true or false), promotion of Uncertainty (true or false) and the dishonest seeding of Doubt UKIP’s pusillanimity and dependence on one man and a showman of little substance at that leavves the likelihood of winning a Referendum to Leave-The-EU as a distant unlikelihood, damaged by UKIP for a probable generation to come or at very least until The EU itself collapses, dragging us further down with it as we struggle to break free, like a slave shackled to the oars of his master’s sinking trireme!

Be that trireme the crass concept of a single currency, the one size fits all and legislation to disadvantage all to suit the lowest common denominator or the crass mishandling of foreign policy which as I write sees the EU as clearly wrong footed and tyeatering on the edge of open confrontation with Russia over the idiocy of the EU’s unelected bufoons in The Ukraine.

How can anyone countenance lecturing Russia on being ‘naughty’ as they seek to influence what was a part of their territory and is heavily Russian speaking and depende3nt on Russia when the EU was so utterly crass in its interferrence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya Chad, Mali, Rwanda to name but a few areas The EU, Britain and even The USA have been so resoundingly out maneuvered and in many cases like Iraq, Afghanistan and their ilk been so clearly driven out in defeat.

Just what meaningful ties can The EU put forward in these Countries where they have been such abject failures to user to lecture and threaten Russia, who sit with an army of 40,000 standing on the Ukrain’s border ready and willing to intervene with the excuse of one further EU/US wrong move!

This of course plays into the hands of those promoting The EU to those UKIP has failed to educate or reassure – Indeed UKIP is possibly our biggest single block to winning a Referendum to Leave-The-EU, particularly when you add the near inevitable approximate 17% swing to The Status Quo, at the last moment that can be expected.

FUD plays a huge role as do the many Quasi NGOs that although funded by The EU through the back door such as it seems The BBC, The IEA, Open EUrope and scams like The Erasmus Projecty and faux Independent companies like Nissan in Sunderland and the many French power companies and the German c ontrol through such companies as Bertelsmann and Siemens. All pedling the alarmist propaganda of FUD!




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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