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Scotland is a strange situation in that they are it would seem , more concerned with the break up of the UK than that of the EU . Minor parties suffer when there is a two way battle going on . SNP/Lab


Scotland with its huge and ill informed ‘underclass’ who bring little understanding of global issues and less knowledge to bear being in many instances embroilled in sectarian rivalries running to bigotry and hatred in many cases is indeed a different issue.

Few Scots have the vaguest clue why they joined the Union, many believe the drivel put forward as history in the film ‘Brave Heart’ which was about as historically accurate as ‘a Bridge Too Far’ or the fanciful Holywood entertainment regarding The Enigma Code.

The tribal rivalries in Scotland have done them little but harm over the centuries – possibly more harm than the terain, the climate and their lack of indigenous gainful employment of a profitable nature.

Sadly like Wales – another region with huge internal rivalries and only the thinnest of historic right to pretend to nation status in a region which is uneconomic and dependent on support from its partners, it resents its own palpable inadequacies, which rather than seeking solutions seems all too readily to spill over as hatred in seeking someone to blame!

That in Scotland UKIP has failed to find anyone who stands out as of ANY merit as an exemplar of its beliefs has led to the minnows squabbling like sharks in the most risible manner – heaven only knows UKIP are past masters of it in right across Britain but with the dirth of competence in Scotland the minnows seem more visible and even less identifiable as of any use whatsoever.

If Scotland was unfortunate enough to fracture the Union there would be no winners – one need only look at the morality of its institutions take Royal Bank of Scotland and Noble Grossart as examples and you soon realise the finances of Scotland will be in tatters rapidly. One need only look at the opprobrium in which most Scots seem to hold their own Judiciary to realise just how incestuous it is and just how venal is much of the decision making of its Courts.

Much is made of Scotsness in Scotland yet no other part of Britain can matche the divisive hatred and sectarian bigotry of a Celtic Rangers match and one need only look at the obscene levels of borrowing of David Murray of Murray International to know ‘the glorious game’ is a non starter financially in Scotland or consider the reprehensible behaviour of the sectarian biggot Donald Finlay Scotlands highest paid QC exploiting Legal Aid to see these obscene rivalries run deep withing the foetid structure of Scotland.

Scotland, as with Ireland, will be promised much to bring pressure to bear on Britain and to aid the breakup of the Union and like Wales there will be a body of venal self interest that will play on unsound and unfounded resentment of Westminster to get their hands on the largess of The EU. Were they not blinded by greed they would note many like Ted Heath, Jim Callaghan, The Kinnocks, Blair, Jenkins, Plumb and others were grossly enriched by betrayal of these United Kingdoms and support of The EU, yet the Country at large & the peoples of Britain have fared ill as a result of the EU. There is not one identifiable gain that can be identified to counter the damage, the risk and the costs.

Ireland is no longer of use to The EU and well you can see what has happened to their economy as increasingly all decisions are centralised in Brussels and Ireland has ever less say over its own lands or its own destiny now dumped by The EU and destroyed by The €Uro. Having bought off a political venal group of scheisters in Scotland how long will Scotland last having served its purpose for The EU?

It is into this climate of hatred in Scotland that UKIP has of recent years launched Tom Wise as part funder of Scotland’s UKIP office until he went to prison for fraud and embezzling tax payer’s money! Next UKIP launched the liar, cheat and serial fraud David Bannerman on the Scots a man without honour, principles or integrity who has now betrayed two Parties for his personal gain.

More recently UKIP’s idea of a joke would seem to have been to saddle Scotland with the liar, cheat and all round blithering idiot the showman Christopher Monkton who relatively recently inherited his Father’s title to tag onto his Cardiff Degree a man of little merit and many lies CLICK HERE

Clearly UKIP has problems in Scotland as have The Scots with their own hatreds internally and the malevollence of its own representatives – a study of The Speculative Society of Scotland or the overt Satanism at Governance level is worthy of consideration!

UKIP will have to find someone less gullible and far less idiotic than its present team Scotland to make any headway whatsoever in Scotland – its last by-election saw its vote fall and still it was pronounced as an achievement with a 1% vote for UKIP’s candidate 0verall UKIP’s vote in Scotland is unlikely to be markedly higher! Nor sadly is it likely to get higher due to the incompetence of UKIP leadership.