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#132* EUkip – The Poodles of War!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/11/2008

#132* EUkip – The Poodles of War!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Originally Posted by: Michael McGough

It is amazing that the UKIP Team on Eastern have managed to keep the membership numbers stable, despite the mess Reeve inherited. In fact if you look at the membership figs since Reeve became RO the number of members in Eastern Has gone up significantly. This is testimony to allot of hard work being done by the whole team including really good branch officers across the region (most of who don’t have time to post here as they are busy working on the campaigns) and is despite the likes of messrs,West/Baynes/Cole//Harvey trying to de-motivate the members there.

Michael with the best will in the world you have written self serving twaddle.Let us look at the facts:Eastern Region.

1. Jeffrey Titford MEP who has done very little in the region, now lives outside of the region, has had risible results in numerous elections, only gained leadership due to my intervention and was there as he could be relied on to be ‘pedestrian’ whilst the party tried to heal!

2. Tom Wise MEP who is currently under arrest & out on bail on the grounds of various crimes being investigated – has garnered a huge amount of bad publicity bringing EUkip into disrepute.

3. David Bannerman Deputy leader – a fraud a liar and a cheat with a catastrophic track record of dishonesty. Ex Tory bag man who seemingly jumped ship for better personal prospects. His presence as a serial liar brings EUkip into disrepute.

4. Lisa Duffy NEC elected based upon what was considered to be utterly implausible results and is on the NEC in breech of the spirit of the Constitution, an embarrassing lack of understanding of morality, fails to declare interests on NEC voting.

5. Andrew Smith ex Treasurer, ex NEC due to lack of professional standards unable to answer legitimate questions about the accounts he was responsible for and quit! Personally together with Nigel Farage incurred a Guilty verdict in the courts due to dishonest and irresponsible handling of domations. Currently seeking gagging orders on representatives of members! EUkip await Judicial Review, the direct fault of Andre Smith & Farage, that may cost EUkip £1/2 > £1 Million. Has brought EUkip into disrepute.

6. No. 2 candidate MEP Stuart Agnew abusive and openly states he has put sufficient money into EUkip to buy his position – clearly has an agenda of his own regarding GM Foods.

7. Peter Reeve & Stuart Gulleford – possibly their greatest achievements have been to make themselves reveilled and hated by a significant percentage of EUkip Eastern Region. Both more than willing to manipulate the party and abuse their positions for personal gain.

8. George Curtis a coward and a liar – more than happy to speak out to attack individuals whenever he feels there is a gain and his behaviour will not become public.

9. Michael McGough your good self – lied about your status falsely claiming to be The PPC for Harlow in an attempt to enhance your position as a prospective MEP candidate – failing to correct the dishonesty or apologise for it. So yours and the applications of other candidates were clearly fraudulent.

10. The indisputable corruption of the MEP selection proces from the betrayal of Robin Page to the criminal breeches of The Data Protection Act and its condoning by the leader, the chairman, the NEC & others.
Michael McGough it was your habit to dishonestly mislead during the leadership election seeking to smear one particular candidate, seemingly for your personal benefit by corrupting the election in your favour.Michael McGough you state:

West/Baynes/Cole//Harvey trying to de-motivate the members there.

Before defaming these people had it occured that as individuals they have a commonality in dedication to the patriotic belief that EUkip can not achieve the aim of Getting Britain Out of the EU unless it is cleaned up and made fit to be voted for by British citizens of integrity.

In what way are you helping by endorsing corruption whilst willingly excorriating the efforts of honest men and women?

Michael McGough I find your posting disingenuous in the extreme and have quoted only a few examples of why I believe you are publishing bunkum – minded of the possible intent I would conted utter dishonest duplicity.

I hope you will be willing to apologise for your apparently deliberately misleading statement.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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