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Archive for the ‘DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE’ Category

#0080* – MORE LIES from UKIP’s Douglas DENNY!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/08/2010

#0080* – MORE LIES from UKIP’s Douglas DENNY!   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

MORE LIES from UKIP’s Self Serving Douglas DENNY!
These Clearly Anti UKIP Activities and Statements
of The Leadership Team – Are What Has Destroyed UKIP!

17 years & 3.1% Vote in The General Election

Out of about 19,000 electable seats UKIP holds less than 30 by election.

Clearly the utter corruption of the anti UKIP, Self Seeking & Corrupt
Leadership has hugely enriched a few but has destroyed UKIP.

For More Of Douglas Denny’s Dishonesty see:
Other Articles where his probity, integrity, wit, charisma and charm have 
shone through (NOT) can be found at the end of the posting! CLICK HERE!


Here is a revisionist history from Douglas Denny for UKIP – which is a pack of lies, which will hardly surprise anyone!

Sadly one expects dishonesty, false claims and childish abuse from UKIP Leadership and their parasites who feed off them!

The self serving drivel from the idiotic Denny is in blue:

Petrina appeared in train with with GLW and others including Mariline Swaine and Peter Baker and others for a disciplinary committee meeting I chaired, which was to ascertain if there had been a serious breach of confidentiality of UKIP business by Peter Baker.

A misrepresentation in that material witnesses had been asked to arrive early as I for one had not met the players and Ms. Holdsworth wished to briefly run through her ‘running order’ having been asked to act with Peter Baker in his defence against the utterly dishonest and duplicitous behaviour of Derek Clark and his Kangaroo Court Show Trial – masquerading as a disciplinary hearing to seize control of The East Region Committee which Peter Baker had been elected to chair.

It was aborted when on the day at the meeting after about two hours into the proceedings,

A LIE – The proceedings never commenced as Douglas Denny proudly announced he was not prepared to hear various witnesses. After discussion with Petrina Holdsworth & Peter Baker, forced to be held on the pavement of a seedy Council housing estate by Douglas Denny as the offices to be used were Gerard Batten’s.

Peter Baker, on advice from Holdsworth agreed to have a mediation meeting to set aside the matter. They then entered the building leaving the witnesses in the street, including 2 UKIP branch chairmen and the treasurer of the Eastern Regional Committee – courtesy and consideration of senior members of UKIP by its paid servants seems unheard of!

when the complainant, Derek Clarke, gave up on the proceedings, because the meeting was held in Gerard Batten’s rooms on London and had been compromised.

A lie – it became clear to the sordid pair Douglas Denny & Derek Clark that they were not going to get away with their corrupt action and also they were unable to constitute a Disciplinary Hearing under even a parody of their own rules.

Compromised because he (Gerard Batten) had disallowed by telephone that morning the presence of GLW in his property,

Gerard Batten being fundamentally a dishonest little oik and having absolutely no understanding of British Justice nor his duties as an MEP and representative of others – The little man showed himself to be self important, unjust, corrupt and a fool, an opinion I had formed previously which he has repeatedly confirmed by his actions and utterances.

and would not allow GLW (a valid witness to the proceedings) – entry.

Of course NOT what Denny said at the time – propositioning me in public to take a witness statement in a public toilet! I declined his importuning!
Denny also tried to imply that I was NOT a valid witness at the time.
Whatever the corrupt Batten may understand of British law and whatever his fear of me is immaterial to Justice – had it occurred to him responsible men and women who oversee and dispense Justice, the length and breadth of Britain, may well not like those in their premises and before them – clearly this jumped up telephone salesman was too stupid and too ill educated to understand his duties on the public purse.

Batten was not elected for his ability, intelligence, competence or integrity – he was selected in a corrupt internal ‘process’ and elected based upon votes for UKIP on a corrupt EU PR system – that is how slime like he and Derek Clark get to hold their overpaid sinecures way beyond their ability, intellect or probity.

That was a crass decision by Batten

Interesting to see Denny changing his tune – no doubt to seek corruptly to advantage his master’s chosen candidate for leadership by disadvantaging the corrupt Gerard Batten.

– I knew from that moment my meeting was a disaster.

It was Denny CLAIMS his meeting – yet if this were the case why is it clearly a fact that he lacked the integrity to cancel it forthwith nor did he voice his opinion that it was un Just and unfair and no more that a Kangaroo Court of no validity until years later – It will be noted that he did all he could to proceed with the case despite its corrupt circumstances and Denny has himself pronounced that it should have gone ahead and he would have won it!!! Denny was supposed to be a functionary in this event not a protagonist and it shows clearly by this statement alone how corrupt is UKIP’s disciplinary process and particularly Douglas Denny.

He had made my job impossible.

NO – Had Denny had a shred of integrity or one wit of moral compass Gerard Batten’s corruption had made Denny’s job simple. Cancel or set aside the proceedings, apologise to all for their being inconvenienced, thank them for their commitment to justice and ensure that UKIP acted honourably and refunded their expenses.

I knew it but went ahead.

Clearly because Douglas Denny lacked morality or any ethical understanding of how to behave.

It scuppered the meeting’s proceedings.

Douglas Denny permitted the proceedings to be scuppered by his incompetence and fundamental corruption.

Petrina made full use of that in her support of Peter Baker who she was acting as legal advocate

A measure of Douglas Denny’s incompetence is that he doesn’t even appreciate that is the duty of a legal advocate!!!

(in direct conflict of disciplinary proceedings protocol; and to which to my shame I allowed and should NOT have –

Are you seriously telling us that UKIP Disciplinary hearings dictate the manner in which defendents are permitted to defend themselves against corrupt individuals like Derek Clark who seek to hold Kangaroo Courts in the party name. Can it be that if it is a trial by UKIP rather than a hearing of two parties then UKIP will ham string the defendent and deny them a fair trial and select who may be witnesses and preclude the witnesses who show clearly that UKIP is in the wrong!!!

Next you will be telling us that UKIP should be elected to positions in Governance!!!

and should have slapped her down!).

What a foolish uppity little worm – since when is it the job of a clerical functionary – which was Denny’s job at that stage to ‘slap down’ anyone under any circumstances as he was representing the interests of UKIP members at large. Might this be why UKIP is a risible disaster that after 17 years obtained 3.1% in a General Election and out of 19,000 electable seats they hold less than 30 by election!

Are not people of the calliber of Denny, Clark, Batten and the like the very reason for UKIP’s abject failure in the light of the incredible popularity of the cause the members espouse.

I regret that: I did not. I should have – she was in contravention of the rules.

There are those of us who support UKIP who regret you have any part in it with almost if not all the leadership team and their parasites.

Petrina Holdsworth was not in contravention of the rules YOU were firstly as the rules are unlawfull being, as you have explained them, ultra vires to the basic tennets of Justice and it was YOUR duty to uphold such laws as were valid NOT Petrina Holdsworth’s duty to teach you your responsibilities – at least be man enough to not try to blame the lady present!

Petrina although an ex-chairman of the party has consistently been an anti-UKIP advocate here on this forum.

Perhaps you could site a single example of her ever being anti UKIP – she has without fail upheld the aims and principles of UKIP which she has done calmly and with courtesy. I appreciate you and others have made fools of yourself in your childish and totally unfounded aspersions and name calling – it has clearly been yourself and others colluding in the corruption, dishonesty, fraud, theft, embezelling and contempt for British values who have been anti UKIP – UKIP’s leadership has not for many years represented it members or the ethics of its members it has been scum like yourself who have lied, cheated, defamed and corrupted the party by your behaviour.

We all recall that Petrina Holdsw2orth resigned as Chairman as she was not prepared to collude in the corruption and lies of the leadership of UKIP which was anti UKIP and in complete betrayal of the principles and ethics of UKIP members.

We all remember also that even that usually corrupt UKIP body the NEC acted honestly, honourably and with integrity on one occasion and then by a majority of the vote, despite a corrupt and unlawfull attempt of John Wittacker to corrupt the process, they voted by majority to fire YOU Douglas Denny from the position you held for dishonesty, corruption and seeking to corrupt a leadership election on behalf of and on the instruction of Nigel Farage – however many revisionist histories and re-writes of the minutes you may commission, the truth is in the public domain and understood by the informed.

I leave you to make your own conclusions as to that fact – as I already have.

Oh but we have and that is why UKIP has to rig its internal elections and selections and why it obtained a mere 3.1% of the vote in the General election and less than 30 elected seats out of some 19,000.

UKIP’s results are based on just such examples as led by the utterly dishonest, dishonorable and corrupt Douglas Denny and the other parasites and self seeking, self enriching crooks that have formed UKIP’s leadership over many years.

So many in UKIP’s leadership believe attacking and defaming their critics is defending UKIP – when in fact attacking the messenger and unable to address the criticism is a mark of dishonesty and incompetence on the part of the name caller – so very UKIP!

We watch Croucher, Denny, Skeptyk, McTrough and others perpetually making fools of themselves and then believing repetition of their dishonesty and misrepresentation in some way makes it true – it is in fact a measure of their stupidity as they overlook the FACT that individuals like my self are not seeking votes or power nor to feed from the public purse.

Douglas Denny for instance is ONLY of ANY significance BECAUSE he seeks aggrandisement, authority and influence representing others as do Croucher, McTrough and others and as are those seeking to destroy UKIP by upholding corruption like Skeptyk and others of the anti UKIP faction.

For More Of Douglas Denny’s Dishonesty see:
Other Articles where his probity, integrity, wit, charisma and charm have 
shone through (NOT) can be found at the end of the posting! CLICK HERE!


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
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Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
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