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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/03/2009


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!



As if Libertas UK didn’t have enough problems with Libertas UK having been registered by Nigel Farage’s friend and press officer Bridget Rowe and Farage considering standing candidates having opted not to in a recent by election since Junius had heard his plans in Brussels and published them!

One has to wonder, in view of his catastrophic leadership, whether Nigel Farage is testing out a contingency plan to jump ship from EUkip to his own version of Libertas as it is an undeniable fact that Farage was behind the signing of an agreement by Derek Clark that was in accord with Libertas EU policies and DEFFINITELY not UKIP principles as being a policy of change rather than withdrawal from The EU.

You may not be aware that Derek Clark an elderly self interested EUkip MEP with a very small and shrinking following, signed an agreement that Britain should be subject to GREATER ‘Subsidiarity’ of The Odious EU AND the agreement to work WITH The EU through committees to improve EU control over these United Kingdoms.

For Libertas this is perhaps acceptable but for UKIP such an attitude brought a day of shame which EUkip has failed to repudiate and the behaviour of such as Anthony Butcher, Brendan Padmore and others is treachery and betrayal of proportions previously known more honestly as Treason.

It is interesting to note that Anthony Butcher as owner of what was UKIPForum but has now dumbed down as British Democracy Forum together with his postulate Brendan Padmore (who is so ashamed of his behaviour he hides behind the name B.A. Ware, how droll!) clearly kiss the ring of their puppet masters.

Many will remember that in an attempt to stiffle the truth Paul NuttAll the unelected Faragista Fan Club puppet chairman of EUkip wrote a pack of lies, which I presume are still in the Archive and based upon these lies Anthony Butcher corruptly and dishonestly bowed to the lies and hounded me for telling the truth on his Forum – I was expected to lie by omission and be as dishonest and untrustworthy as Anthony Butcher & Brendan Padmore who provide a platform for the lies of EUkip and their corrupt and dishonest supporters such as Douglas Denny, Paul NuttAll, Bob Feel Martinis, Mark Croucher, Mick McGough and their ilk.

Regularly defamatory statements are made about me and NEVER corrected though they come without a shred of evidence and I am denied any right of reply let alone the right to present the facts or even since it is a Forum beset with similar dishonesty and abuse I am denied the right to behave similarly.

It is interesting to note that the dishonest and unethical Anthony Butcher who now actively seeks status and probably income in support of the Declan Ganley Libertas debacle – be minded of his claimed expertise and desire for status with Ganley it is quite incredible that Anthony Butcher lacked either the integrity or the intelligence to warn Declan Ganley to register the name Libertas UK.

Knowing how dishonest Butcher is and how computer illiterate Farage is one has to wonder if he was party to the registration of Libertas UK in the name of Farage’s friend and press officer Bridget Rowe.

I note that yet again to aid EUkip in the suppression of the truth Anthony Butcher has issued a warning to a poster on his Forum for stating a FACT – that being that Peter Reeve is subject of a Police Complaint for the common assault of a EUkip member whom he had invited to a EUkip public meeting.

Peter REEVE EUkip’s BNP look alike knuckle dragger and Party fixer, bully boy and liar assaulted John West at a EUkip meeting.

A complaint was made to Cambridgeshire Police.

The complaint was given the enquiry case number: CF0669431208

The Police have taken 4 independent statements I understand.

I am aware that 3 statements supported the veracity of the complaint.

To suppress these FACTS Anthony Butcher has lied saying no such case existed and has threatened to ban the poster.

Many of you will recall that some time ago Brendan Padmore dishonestly and corruptly removed me from the list with the support and collusion of his dishonest chum Butcher, based on the lies of EUkip in their claim that Peter Reeve WAS NOT under investigation for Common Assault when it was a FACT that he was.

I am thus banned for life for telling the truth whilst these dishonest individuals collude to provide a platform for regular and defamatory statements regarding me.

Brendan Padmore & Anthony Butcher are thus clearly dishonest, corrupt and beneath contempt, supporting the distribution of defamation, insults, cyber attacks and lies on their Forum misleading and thus promoting lies to the members of the Forum in the suppression of the truth.

I wonder if Declan Ganley and Libertas EU are aware of the dishonesty of their little chum Anthony Butcher? Perhaps the individual Anthony Butcher has recently dishonestly threatened with a warning will feel it appropriate to inform Ganley & Libertas!

Based on my experiences they will be happy to be known as liars and in support of dishonesty – you need only glance at their Forum to see they make no effort to prevent defamation, insults, dishonesty, outright lies and the suppression of the truth – It speaks volumes of their integrity, lack of morality and ethical failure.


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.

NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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