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Archive for the ‘UKIP Bankrupt’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/05/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
The Pretence of Consequence for UKIP’s CEO is No More Than An Embarrassment!!




an interesting comment on the obvious stupidity of letting idiots loose acting in their own interest and self serving greed for status to desperately try to lie, cheat and leapfrog their way to listing as potential MEPs – Just how embarrassing can the on line snippet in The Daily Mail be regarding this disaster?

Genuine Patriots in UKIP must be relieved that the story of this foolish and dishonourable failure did not get into any papers of note.

Few of any intelligence or decency would disagree with UKIP’s staff member and now NEC appointee Steve Allison who comments:

The politicisation of any previously non-political group is actually a very bad thing in my opinion. Would you say it was a good thing that Remembrance Sunday is becoming more and more political? How long before it’s just another campaign activity that we all tick off on our campaign plans? I have never and will never lay a UKIP Wreath at a remembrance parade. I don’t want politics in that day. Look at the outcry when Tony Blair tried to use Royal occasions for party politics.

Try reading the Triumph of the political class by Peter Obourne. Brilliant Book. We should be fighting for less politics in things not more.

I do congratulate Lisa and her team on their result but I am still slightly saddened that politics has gained another foothold. In my opinion party politics shouldn’t be a part of local government at any level.

Clearly neither Peter Reeve nor his doxy Lisa Duffy would have the intellect or fundamental common sense to realise the damaging and demeaning folly of their stupidity.

So within hours the foolish pair dashed down to get their hands on the chain for a quick snap which demeans not only UKIP but the office of this glorified Parish Council – Ramsey is sadly made to look stupid by such behaviour – could they find no one of sober and self effacing competence?

This does rather show the stupidity of unprofessional UKIP with no competent training being used and abused for personal gain! What a shame to politicise yet another area of life just for these odious nobodies!

  • Population in 1801 – 1894.
  • Population in 1851 – 4645.
  • Population in 1901 – 4823.
  • Population in 1951 – 5770.
  • Population in 1971 – 5646.
  • After 1981 the parish population figures were divided into to the two de-facto parishes of Ramsey St. Mary and Ramsey Town.
  • Population in 1981 – 5816 (Ramsey St. Mary parish) and 3652 (Ramsey Town).
  • Population in 1991 – 4995 (Ramsey St. Mary parish) and 5181 (Ramsey Town).

I assume this includes the quoted 1,400 students at the local college!

Sadly this does put the over blown claims of UKIP’s achievements in perspective:

The Mouse That Roared!

Ruritania Rides Out?

I do appreciate this is being promoted as some sort of achievement to cover for the wholesale failure of UKIP in domestic politics.

I live in Chepstow in Monmouthshire at Geo. Sat. 353 484-194 013 or if you would rather NP16 5ET & NP16 5EX – you will note that is almost slap bang in the middle of the town of Chepstow.

Chepstow has a population of around 20,000 and in most wards it is a struggle to find someone to stand for the clown Council as it is – like all other Town Councils – virtually irrelevant – in fact I haven’t a clue and less interest who is the Mayor, a title awarded on the basis of ‘Buggins Turn’. £1 for each time I have been approached to stand or be co-opted to unfilled seats would pay for a pleasant evening for myself and a couple of friends at a local restaurant.

I note the comments of a UKIP supporter, in the local area of Ramsey, Len Baynes on one of the UKIP controlled Forums is telling and clearly UKIP would seem to have done themselves more harm than good with this appointment:

There are times when it is a good strategy not to win some elections. It has been a good strategy by Peter Reeve & Lisa Duffy to win district & council seats in their town & Lisa is set fair to win the final district council seat next year.

But the way they have taken over the parish council has left a bad taste in the town. The council has always been non-political and has had good respresentation from the town & the villages which make up the Ramsey ward. But UKIP flooded the ballot paper with candidates some of whom don’t live in the ward; and won an immediate majority. They then voted in Lisa Duffy as mayor and Ian Curtis as deputy mayor. Indeed the whole stance is combative so instead of everyone sitting randomly round the table Reeve has put all the UKIP members on one side of the table and the rest on the other side.

This is too much too soon and has shaken a lot of people in the town. It would be stupid to lose the bigger prizes by appearing to want a “benign” dictatorship in the area.

So far contary to some of the statements on this forum the Tories have been quite laid back about UKIP in the Ramsey area as they have huge majorities in Huntingdon DC and Peterborogh City council. This year the Lib DEms didn’t put up a candidate and the Tories put up a paper candidate & did no canvassing or electioneering. However make too big a noise and maybe they’ll get together in a common cause and start spending some money.

Come on guys use your brains

 Another supporter in damning Peter Reeve with sarcasm and feint praise for mounting this politicised raid describes the situation as Lilliputian!

It is hard to disagree – yes indeed well done for personal achievement there will always be those who seek to busy body and claim importance and it is great that our democracy allows for such self important people to gather and discuss, with no authority, the siting of benches, doug fouling in the streets, and as a vent for complaints about late night noise on some Councils they even sometimes have a local community Constable attend.

Even locally I have NEVER heard a political party crowing over the banal squabblings of the mental midgets on our council.

Sorry to present this as some great achievement shows UKIP up and demeans the party more than assists them.

That the party had such risible results in the recent local elections is further highlighted by the fact that they make much of this when let us face it Steve Povey would have been embarrassed if such agrandisement of his time as Mayor had been thus presented!

It is all as toe curlingly embarrassing as  having UKIP represented by proven liars and cheats like Mick McGough, David Bannerman and the like – the gonadically challenged like Gerard Batten, John Bufton and their ilk the utterly stupid like Godfrey bloom or the fraudulently dishonest such as Stuart Agnew, Derek Clark.

Then to see some irrelevant hireling writing blogs and essays dragging the name and reputation of Winston Churchill into the gutter politics of UKIP so demeans the party as to further render them unfit for purpose.

The tragedy is that UKIP was our only lifeboat and they have so demeaned themselves that the people of Britain have resoundingly rejected them as even after 18 years and many £Millions invested out of the 19,500 available seats for election their only claim is to have done better than the crypto communist Greens and promote as their great achievement ONE Mayor placed in a town council! Less than 30 seats are occupied across Britain by those elected as UKIP and of those 13 were elected on the wake of protest against Westminster’s perceived corruption to be MEPs – seen by the British public as largely irrelevant – and who could argue!

Sadly in or should I say within The EU UKIP’s residual 9 members in support of Farage would seem only to be seen as a slightly embarrassing comedy act. It is hardly surprising when one looks at the pond life gathered and rewarded as praise singers – all too willing to offer praise of Farage in return for the monies he liberally contributes to them from the public purse!

Is it any wonder that UKIP is described as bankrupt which I readily concede is something of a foolish statement by the half baked accountant and self publicist Marta Andreasen but that they are technically insolvent must come as little surprise as they desperately wriggle and squirm to avoid further liabilities for their utter incompetence in leadership and man management that has laid them open to serial exposure in the Courts.

Clearly they are broke as they have not as yet honoured their moral debts to me of £12,500 and clearly can not pay them – nor even honour the debt they incurred by their action as ordered by Cardiff Courts of £8,500 – yes it seems they are technically bankrupt their only excuse may be that they are morally bankrupt and utterly duplicitous.

I note Farage has been asked ‘to do a turn’ on 31st. May at a funded talking shop where the promotion is based on offering as compensation for listening to him ‘At least the cocktails will be enjoyable’ – in the invitations!

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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