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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/04/2011

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Godfrey BLOOM MEP Describes An African Leader as a BABOON!




sadly in the Strasbourg plenary earlier this week UKIP’s racism spilt out for all to see.

As Google shows:

  1. Gawain Towler (GawainTowler) on Twitter

    Cameron “a super-annuated schoolboy whistling in the dark – #UKIP Bloom http://t .co/NuX0iJn @goddersukip Mugabe a “homicidal baboon” about 4 hours ago via

The party was little helped when their own press officer Gawain Towler seemingly drew as many people’s attention to it as possible, with all the good taste the fool had when he was boasting of his indiscriminate sexuality on his own blog some time ago and his own wife was posting on his family blog of his sexual antics with his daughter in the bath – that led to his deselection as a candidate by the UKIP South West Committee.

Astonishingly Nigel Farage completely over ruled the democratic process of his own party and dictatorially reinstated him giving him a highly salaried position as a UKIP Press Officer! Just the sort of pond life anyone could be proud of as a spokesman!

Now we have, if Gawain Towler is to be believed the imbecilic Godfrey Bloom with his foot in his mouth yet again!

Whatever a politician may think it ill becomes them when representing others in a hugely over paid role as a Massively Expensive Parasite to let ones own outright racism show with an unprincipled and utterly irresponsible comment as he did!

Last year Godfrey Bloom as a UKIP MEP was censured by The President of The EU Parliament for his ‘homophobic’ attacks on Nikki Sinclaire MEP who then took UKIP to Court and won a Guilty verdict against UKIP, Godfrey Bloom and Nigel Farage for wrongfull dismissal which they had made clear was on sexual grounds.

Then earlier this year Godfrey Bloom made a complete fool of himself in the eyes of most people by chanting Nazi slogans in an attack on a German politician – for which he was fined under Parliamentary rules.

Now again he has irresponsibly and tastelessly overstepped the mark as the corrupt and dishonest Gawain Towler pointed out.

This time it was outright racist to call the Zimbabwean Despot Roberty Mugabe a ‘homicidal baboon’.

Does anyone believe he would have used such a comment of any country other than an African by such a soubriquette?

Had Bloom been a genuine politician in British politics he would have been charged by now under the race relations laws for likening an African to a baboon.

Surely we would expect The BNP MEPs to have been charged had they made such an outrageous comment.

That Godfrey Bloom may be British he is we must remember amongst the extremist gutter sweepings of EU politics and supporting the overtly racist and xenophobic Pan EU Political Party EFD Group.

Is UKIP under its present leadership with the trash that consistently is to be found in its press department not now clearly past its sell by date?

Let us see if The EFD Chairman, despite his waning credibility, openly censure Bloom for his despicable behaviour yet again.

Then can we see a level playing field legally and Bloom brought to book for his racist comments as you or I would have been had we made such derogatory comments about Africans or an African.

Homicidal is merely a statement of opinion and in real terms Robert Mugabe is not responsible for as many deaths as can be laid at the door of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and his lies, though on crimes against humanity the winner between the two is a moot point – though I doubt Godfrey Bloom would consider calling Blair a ‘homicidal baboon’!.

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