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Archive for the ‘Buster Mottram’ Category

Lies Surrounding A Claim That UKIP NEC Members Favoured BNP Alliance.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/03/2014

Lies Surrounding A Claim That UKIP NEC Members Favoured BNP Alliance.

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Lies Surrounding A Claim That UKIP NEC Members Dr. David Abbott & Dr. Eric Edmond Favoured Alliance between UKIP & The BNP & dishonesty in their removal from the NEC as with Richard Suchorzewski.


one has to wonder if some authors, be that media or book authors do any research or whether they just write the propaganda as it is fed to them!

Senior Ukip members ‘backed pact with BNP’

Proposal was canvassed among party’s National Executive Committee in 2008 according to a new book

Daniel Boffey, policy editor
Saturday 8 March 2014 16.29 GMT
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
Two members of Ukip considered forming a pact with the BNP five years ago but in 2008 Nigel Farage said the deal had been unanimously rejected. Photograph: Simon James/GC Images
A new book has revealed that Ukip considered forming a pact with the BNP six years ago, with two members of the party’s national executive committee at the time in favour of the idea.In 2008 Nigel Farage acknowledged that the BNP had proposed a deal for the European elections the following year, but insisted it had been unanimously rejected. Farage told reporters then: “I’m simply amazed that the BNP thought we would even consider such a thing.”

Now the new book, Revolt on the Right, by Dr Matthew Goodwin and Dr Robert Ford – called the most definitive account yet of the Ukip movement – reveals that the BNP’s proposal was canvassed among 17 members of the party’s NEC. Two members supported the proposal, it has emerged.

Farage, who said he had been against a pact, told the authors: “There were a lot of people saying to me at that time, ‘You’ve got to do a deal with them.’ I even had Tory MEPs saying to me, ‘Nigel, you’ve got to do a deal with these people.’ We were being beaten by them regularly in local elections. So there was huge pressure on me. The nature of the deal was the BNP would stand in some regions in the European elections in the north, and Ukip would stand in the south, and that would be the electoral pact: we wouldn’t oppose each other.”

Of the members who offered support for the pact, Farage said: “They were the angry old men of old Ukip who thought Ukip was doomed.”

The political predicament of Ukip in 2008 contrasts with its potential today, the authors say. In the book, published this week, they say the party has emerged from the crash with the potential to attract a third of the electorate.

Around 30% of voters are now believed to be both Eurosceptic and opposed to immigration, or Eurosceptic and politically dissatisfied, the defining themes for Ukip. Such sentiments are continuing to grow in strength among the electorate, according to the authors, who draw on the biggest pool of data so far amassed on the political movement.

The book provides evidence that the share of voters holding Eurosceptic views and at least one other radical right belief has increased by five to seven percentage points since 2008. Ukip is widely seen as not having a credible manifesto and has faced serious questions about the calibre of its MEPs, the authors note.

This weekend, the party was dogged by claims that it had misused EU funds in paying staff working in the UK. Yet Goodwin, from Nottingham University, and Ford, of Manchester University, say the “army of potential supporters for Ukip is growing in size” and is being aided by continued anger at Labour’s record and disaffection with the Tory leader.

They argue that Farage and Ukip face huge challenges in the first-past-the-post electoral system, and given the party’s continued unpopularity among women, ethnic minorities, graduates and the young. However, Ukip is now the favoured electoral option among those who strongly disapprove of the EU – 20% of all British voters.

Over the past three years, the party has also performed better than Labour among older, working-class voters and those who are struggling financially. The party is using tactics similar to those once successfully deployed by the Lib Dems, the authors say, in that they seek to deepen their vote in particular areas by getting into local councils and building strongholds.

It is claimed that, of the five constituencies where Ukip stands its best chance of general election success, four are Labour seats (Great Grimsby, Plymouth Moor View, Ashfield and Walsall North) and one is Tory (Waveney). The consistent feature in these areas is a splintering of the traditional vote and the existence of a large, older, blue-collar demographic.

The book suggests that the potential for Ukip’s rise can be clearly seen in societal changes that developed decades ago. The authors write: “Its seeds lay among groups of voters who struggled with the destabilising and threatening changes brought by deindustrialisation, globalisation and, later, European integration and mass immigration.”

The academics claim Farage is fusing three issues to make a coherent message: “Farage’s party now encourages voters to say ‘no’ three times: no to the Eurocrats in Brussels and Strasbourg; no to the politicians in Westminster; and no to immigration. This is not a grand ideological vision – there is no ‘Farageism’ – but it is a coherent and highly effective message.”

They add: “Ukip is not a second home for disgruntled Tories in the shires; it is a first home for disaffected working-class Britons of all political backgrounds who have lost faith in a political system that ceased to represent them long ago.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE
On publication of the book Revolt on the Right I read it but found it was tedious and pretentious in the extreme and the reporting of this story in the article above was just as inaccurate as shown! The story put forward regarding the claim that an official approach from the BNP was made and was supported by two members of UKIP’s NEC is utter hogwash.
At the time I wrote numerous factually based and sourced articles regarding this even which I showed to be nothing more than Nigel Farage’s ‘Reichstag Fire’ event giving him an excuse for his own ‘Crystalnacht’.
Never have those who Farage and his clique identified who actually proposed a link with the BNP backed by a single fact.
Was it in fact Nigel Farage?
FARAGE, Nigel 37 DEAVIN, Mark - LeCOMBER, TonyThis photo shows Nigel Farage, Mark Deavin (who sat with UKIP NEC) and Tony LeComber (National Front & subsequently BNP Lecomber was convicted for criminal damage in 1982, offences under the Explosives Act in 1985, and was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in 1991 for an attack on a Jewish teacher.)
It is widely believed that the photograph was taken after a lunch between the three in which the possibility of Nigel Farage joining the BNP with a view to leading the party as at the time Farage was not a member of UKIP having fallen out with his colleagues!
The NEC meeting referred to in the article, and in the rather sloppy book, was attended by arrangement, as a guest of Martin Hasslam, an attendee at the NEC at the behest of Nigel Farage, agreed to by Nigel Farage, by Buster Mottram, a Farage family friend who I understand was living with a relation of Nigel Farage’s and let us not forget that Nigel Farage, against widespread advice, enrolled and welcomed Buster Mottram as a favoured member of UKIP and as something of a personality and spokesman.
Buster Mottram presented a scenario of association with the BNP claiming he had the approval of the BNP leadership!
I am reliably advised that NO ONE elected to UKIP NEC was in favour of the suggested scenario, interestingly by dint of lies and inuendo, rumours and spin it was claimed by the ‘Farage faction’, a view promoted via certain liars amongst UKIP’s press staff, that two members of the elected NEC supported the suggestion – this was and is a lie.

The claimed, by inuendo, supporters were Dr. David Abbott and Dr. Eric Edmond, both of whom have sought clarification of the implied slur and have promised to sue Farage and any member of his odious clique who claims they have supported the BNP in this context. It is interesting to note that both Abbott & Edmond had actively campaigned for transparency in UKIP’s use and abuse of both tax payers’ money and that of UKIP donors – particularly in respect of the apparent scam of The Ashford Call Center and its ramifications where another elected member of the UKIP NEC Richard Suchozevski had proved that less than 15% of the money raised by ‘Ashford’ ever reached the Party!
Interestingly not only were Drs. Abbott and Edmond forced off of UKIP NEC by Farage’s cult but so also was Richard Suchorzewski, a position that was inevitable once he had, in campaigning for clarity and probity, asked 30 questions regarding UKIP accounts and use of donors’ and tax payers’ money, questions that Andrew Smith, treasurer at the time, was seemingly unable to answer and quit his position thereby avoiding the question leaving UKIP accounts in total disaray  – seemingly with possibly £Millions unaccounted for.
I must apologise for not having posted this article when it was first published, but at the time I felt it was so shoddy, inaccurate and unchecked as to be irrelevant, as with the book quoted! I find that a subsequent article elsewhere made it relevant and therefore added the article with this comment on 10-May-2014.




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

tel: 01594 – 528 337
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To Leave-The-EU

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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/07/2011


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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!    

Again and again they believe they are above the law and hold Britain and OUR Courts in contempt!



further to my having posted the outcome of UKIP’s idiotic debacle in the Appeal Court this week – more details of which can be found at CLICK HERE – A perfectly rational question was asked of me, as posted below, to which I responded as shown:

Re: UKIP Lose Yet Again In The Courts!

Originally Posted by Streetwalker 

You post regually about the quality of personel that UKIP attracts ,of the connections with other European parties with questionable policies (EFD) . Over the years UKIP have expelled /refused membership to various undesirables . UKIP it seems are doing ,or rather trying to do exactly what you have long surgested in cleaning up its act . It would seem that ex BNP member Hardy had not changed his ultra right wing views after all .
UKIP’s one fault here is taking the advice of the legal proffesion to appeal the case . Sometimes you have to walk away , even when you are in the right.

My Reply:


if only that was the basic truth I would agree with you – It is not.

UKIP’s inept and corrupt leadership has, as so often before, chosen to invent its rules on the hoof – do read the full judgement which can be see at CLICK HERE UKIP seem to believe, in their ineptitude and mismanagement, that they can have different rules for different people and as a result they make utter fools of themselves.

We note ex Deputy Leader and Party Chairman David Bannerman has made the written statement that Farage incurs an annual legal bill of around £140,000 AFAIR.

Fortunately David Bannerman, a liar, cheat and low life has decamped to The Tories as I predicted 7 years ago!

I totally endorse any action to clean-up UKIP, as without it they are a part of the problem and no part of the solution.

Breaking the laws of the land and being found guilty on a serial basis is no example for ANY politician to set – That is NOT cleaning up the party that is further befouling it – just as having different rules at different times for different people and liars and cheats like Mick McGough, Stuart Agnew, Marta Andreasen Derek Clark and their ilk as members of their leadership team makes them look no more than foolish – hence they have less than 30 people in elected office out of some 19,500 seats available – after 18 years!

I entirely agree that The BNP is a vile and contemptible organisation and I believe UKIP should NOT encourage racists and the anti Jewish low lifes that gather around the BNP to join without a panel clearance (3 months of ill informed membership of the BNP and a denunciation may well be a Patriot looking for a home rather than a Nationalist!). Be minded that Nigel Farage, as effectively THE PARTY, employed a BNP member as an election agent!

Do remember Nigel Farage who makes all the rules with a claque of chosen sycophants and boot lickers invited his family friend Buster Mottram to join UKIP against advice!

You may remember the outrageous comments of Nigel Farage’s puppet Malcolm Pearson that were so offensive to Muslims.

You may well have noted that UKIP endorses the killing of North African immigrants as espoused by their partners in the EFD Group.

Indeed cleaning up UKIP to try to make them electable, by informed decent people, is long over due and if they are unwilling to act with morality and ethically, show vision, display strategy, effect tactics and devise an exit and survival strategy after 18 years then PERHAPS they are working for The EU, rather than for withdrawal, as they have astonishingly NEVER had training sessions, an organisational structure or one wit of professionalism – do they assist The EU on purpose?

It has proved hugely rewarding for a small claque who feed at the troughs on the gravy train!


 . .

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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#0442* – UKIP, Farage,The BNP & The Parasites

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/04/2011

#0442* – UKIP, Farage,The BNP & The Parasites
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP, Farage,The BNP & The Parasites Exposed!

NO INITIATIVE for honesty, integrity, transparency, probity or accountability HAS EVER been put forward by Farage or the maggots that feed off him!




Leicester’s Mayoral sideshow is no concern of consequence but it is a measure of both how UKIP behaves, UKIP’s utter contempt for the electorate and clearly the contempt of senior members of UKIP for the due process of the Party they exploit as their self enriching route to the troughs on the gravy train.

When will UKIP get serious competent respectable leadership rather than the liars, cheats, chavs, bullies and clowns they currently have.

Yes there is no doubt that Nigel Farage is a great asset as a performer for UKIP and his gutter cuning that manipulates the maggots around him to ensure his hand is visible in every action but never his fingerprint is clearly a skill some MIGHT aspire to.

That the party is so controlled that it has become bereft of any talent that might work alongside Farage is self evident – just look what lack luster, incompetent and ill informed trash for the NEC and just look at the length and dishonesty to which the party has been manipulated to suit the ambitions of the one remaining schpieller.

The huge effort that was put into raising the profile of The BNP and the lies put about by Mark Croucher and various filth in UKIP – mostly too ashamed to put their name to their lies – to TRY to link people with The BNP.

You may remember when with great glee and against sound advice Nigel Farage was the sponsor and promoter of bringing his families friend Buster Mottram into UKIP – I gather he had at one time been a tennis lothario and had been a long time associate of Lt. Guy Farage who himself had been a supporter of The National Front we are told.

You may find these details from The Western Morning News of interest:

‘UKIP defends ex-NF member over e-mail’ on 24.3.07:


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has defended the decision to allow a former National Front activist to join his party – and threaten Westcountry MPs with losing their seats. This week the WMN revealed that former British tennis ace Buster Mottram had written to a number of MPs warning they could be “decapitated” at the next election if they do not sign up to the “Better Off Out” campaign.

He also claimed to be “implementing this particular strategy on behalf of Mr Farage”.
Yesterday the UKIP leader suggested he had not expressly ordered contact to be made with Westcountry MPs – but did support the efforts in principle

It is interesting to watch the dishonest spin put out by UKIP’s habitual liars and defamers like William Shaw, who to be fair has little knowledge of UKIP or seemingly politics merely a lack of manners and a willingness to lie in his childish abuse.

Then there are the normal maggots that lie and dissemble in support of a place picking up crumbs from the troughs on the gravy train like Skeptic, Independent UKIP, Mick McGough and their ilk who have been proven again and again to be willing to lie and distort for their own gain and are without honour or integrity – that most such are too ashamed to use their own name is unsurprising.

That Mick McGough has accepoted he has no reputation worth defending even as a proven liar and low life can hardly surprise.

It is interesting, for those who have followed the heart of UKIP politics for best part of 15 years to note the spin put about to hide the gross behaviour of the leadership.

One need only remember the irrefutable FACT that Douglas Denny was fired by his colleagues on The NEC as untrustworthy having corrupted the pretence of an election that put Farage in position just as it is irrefutable that Annabelle Fuller is a foul mouthed slut and a liar and with Mark Croucher deliberately set out to lie to try to keep their jobs with Nigel Farage, for had an honest man won that election they would have been out of the door with their over paid bribes straight down the toilet.

As a family friend of Farage’s Buster Mottram was widely lauded within UKIP and his affiliation with The National Front and latterly with The BNP was plaid down, yet widely known. However the efforts of Nigel Farage and his parasites to raise the profile of The BNP are well known:

That Farage was clearly using third parties for contacts with The BNP would seem obvious and his duplicitous gofer Mark Croucher is well known to have extremist political contacts and no reputation of either honesty, honour or integrity – little surprise that he was promoting The BNP with such energy! He was all too willing to lie about anyone or anything to justify being over paid!

Mark Croucher is a whore of the worst kind, who has prostituted morality and decency, as he has constantly acted in his own interest regardless how dishonestly or the consequence to others – a particularly unpleasant type of human being, feared by some and respected by no one.

The members of UKIP ELECTED to represent them on UKIP’s leading management committee amongst others Dr. David Abbott who would stand no dishonesty and no racism He was elected having informed Nigel Farage that misguidedly some years earlier he had made two minor donations of about $100 each to a British Nationalist organisation which subsequently transpired to be a front for fund raising for The BNP.

Nigel Farage personally condoned this and was well aware of the paltry sum relative to the large amount of money David had already and would subsequently donate and use in the interest of UKIP.

Another individual of notable competence and excellent pedigree who was ELECTED by the members was Dr. Eric Edmond – a mathematician and economic analyst of no mean ability who had taught at Liverpool University, had been a Civil Service adviser in Downing Street and had subsequently worked as an executive within The Bank of England. Doctorates come apace it seems as his wife Mary is a Senior Paediatric Consultant in The West of England and thus with David Abbott able to provide a unique insight into The British Health Services!

That these two men of letters, seemingly the only qualified Doctorates on the NEC at the time (or for that matter within the meilleur of the Party leadership), were both independent men of stature and probity did not sit easy with the low lifes gathered around the inadequates that were passing UKIP leadership. That they believed that public and party money should be accounted for did not sit easy with those there to aggrandise and enrich themselves!

A campaign commenced to remove these two honest men – just as had been carried out to remove honest individuals like Linda Guest, Richard Suchorzewski, Jill Chant etc. before them and the campaign mounted, including death threats, against Delroy Young ALL ELECTED TO THE NEC BY THE MEMBERS also Anthony Butcher who however weak, corrupt and venal he might be was ELECTED by his supporters.

Over the years Farage has engineered and cheated, usually through others, to ensure a compliant team of nodding donkeys (in the main outright Asses) who are bought and paid for and moulded to his needs for corruption and weak incompetent leadership.

In the knowledge that UKIP was facing an election in the following Spring and aware that the likely expectation was a collapse in the vote during the preceding summer the stance of The BNP was built up by Farage’s associates such that eventually – despite the difficulty of UKIP leadership being hounded to account for the huge amount of money that had seemingly been stolen in self enrichment scams or at very least not been honestly accounted, as with the £211K listed as OTHER EXPENSES in an office budget of some £400,000, whilst the scam described by Farage himself as:

‘UKIP’s most successful fund raise ever’

Ashford – had so David Bannerman the Party Chairman informed members:

‘merely funded the party to the value of less than 15% of the income’

whilst in one cheque alone, paid into a private bank account sums of £1/4 Million were unaccounted and went missing.

That Petrina Holdsworth as Chairman had previously resigned as she was not prepared to have her name associated with the corruption and financial misdeeds, including criminal fraud is a matter of public record.

Now there was the embarrassment of The Two Doctors and Delroy Young seeking transparency – a situation that had to be resolved or Mike Nattrass’ prediction made earlier:

‘How do you think we get our money, if you don’t shut up we will all end up in prison’.

The promotion of The BNP continued apace but it seems that a contingency plan was put in place to blacken the names of Dr. Abbott and Dr. Edmond for fear of reprisals over what seems to have been the money stolen from the party which they were determined, with Del Young, to have exposed.

You will be minded that at this same time the grime squad of UKIP was mobilised and active spreading their filth and dishonesty everywhere to rig the selection of MEP candidates a process being overseen by Christopher Gill – a failed ex Tory who had joined UKIP to more spectacularly fail – as he did when asked to preside over the Selection process CLICK HERE his suitability as a politician in his own right was displayed by the risible result he achieved in the constituency he had been given to serve The Tories previously as a safe TORY seat.

Nowhere was it more clearly shown that the British people vote for Parties not the trash that represent them!

An integral part of the ‘Plan B’ besides linking, utterly dishonestly, Abbott, Edmond, Suchorzewski and most farcically of all myself, with The BNP was the acceptance of a suggestion made by Martin Hasslam, Nigel Farage’s place man, who had done a great deal of pro bono accountancy work for Farage and had been a consistent and substantial donnor to UKIP, Martin suggested that he bring his tennis partner Nigel Farage’s friend to The NEC.

Farage personally agreed this as how could he not since I understand that Mottram was at the time in an ongoing relationship with Farage’s cousin and Martin was Farage’s trusted accountant.

No other NEC members seem to have been aware of this as I feel sure that at very least Drs. Abbott and Edmond and Delroy Young would have cautioned against it.

However come the day and sponsored WITH PERMISSION FROM FARAGE, Martin Hasslam introduced Buster Mottram to The NEC. Having introduced him to Abbott, Young and Edmond immediately prior to the formal meeting as I recall.

There was some ill mannered braying from the asses which Farage silenced and as a matter of manners Eric Edmond openly advocated politely listening to his proposition – once heard the detail for individuals of integrity would provide the weapons of its destruction only braying asses would fear succumbing to involvement with something as odious as The BNP.

That realising that Buster Mottram’s idiotic concept, once aired, would stand no chance of favour with the far more discerning membership than it had with himself and others seeking their own aggrandisement the entire debacle was used by Nigel Farage as his personal Reichstag Fire and soon after came the obscenity of Crystal Nacht and the slaughter of the innocents advancing the odious and machevellian Adolf Hitler to his power base as with Farage and the simpering maggots he surrounds himself with.

Drs. Abbott & Edmond together with Martin Hasslam and the much abused Deroy Young were rapidly consigned to history and lied about to ensure no danger of probity, transparency or reasoned debate in the rejection of Farage’s attempt seemingly to conjoin with the less extreme element of The BNP.

It was not long before Farage – expressly against the wishes of the membership of UKIP, had conjoined – not with The BNP – with the low lifes and extremists of EU gutter politics where he now leads the racist, xenophobic, anti Jewish and violently antio homosexual Pan EU Political EFD Group.

It will be noted the odious and dishonest calliber of Nigel Farage’s chosen proponents of membership/forming a Pan EU Political Party men of no political caliber nor any intellectual standing liars, cheats, corrupt and ever willing to defraud for political gain – in this instance Farage’s chosen incubae are front run by Mick McGough and Stuart Agnew MEP both individuals proven to be without honour, integrity or probity.

Both Eric Edmond and David Abbott are as dedicated to the values and principles espoused by the members of UKIP, but have both discovered just how cheap and tawdry are the corrupt aims of the leadership and their parasites.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/02/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
Without Farage’s efforts would The BNP have died by now?




You may find this information interesting as it shows, or would seem to, the utter incompetence of Farage yet again:

Posts Tagged ‘Alistair Barbour’

Leading BNP man in Cumbria quits party

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Barbour with BNP leader Nick Griffin
Alistair Barbour, the BNP’s candidate for Carlisle, has quit the party after becoming disillusioned.  
Barbour was on the BNP’s leading lights in Cumbria but yesterday he astonishingly quit saying he is ’sick of defending them.’
Speaking to local journalists in Cumbria Barbour said: “I joined the BNP two years ago and was perhaps a little bit naive.
“I don’t agree with everything they stand for and I’m sick of defending them.”
Cumbrian local media say that Barbour, a gas fitter, stood for the BNP in the Penrith West by-election on Eden Council in October and in Currock, Carlisle, at the county council elections in June.
Barbour has also been a candidate at Carlisle City Council elections in Castle and Upperby. He says he is not a racist and that he disagrees with some BNP policies.
For example, he believes the party was wrong to bar non-whites from joining.
“We are where we are in 21st century Britain,” he said.“You can’t turn the clock back. You need to make the best of what you’ve got.
“The BNP should take a long, hard look at themselves and how people see them.
“I realise now that you don’t have to belong to a party. You can have your own thoughts.”

I gather  Alistaire Barbour, subsequent to his denouncing The BNP claiming he had been ‘a little naiive’ in joining them, moved to UKIP.

UKIP is a natural home for ex BNP members who place a value of any sort on anti Judaism, Racism, Holocaust Denial and violent sexual intollerance as Nigel Farage is chairman of the Pan EU Political EFD Group to which his remaining dishonourable and corrupt MEPs subscribe in support of their EI colleagues who are some of the most vile and extreme politicians in The EU.

We gather that Nigel Farage to maintain the profile of The BNP has made yet another show of CHUCKING a new member out of his Party.

Surely ANY competent leadership team with an ounce of leadership skills or OQ would have solved the problem long ago.

Farage’s antics would clearly seem to aid The BNP by ensuring that their most misguided member will stay as there is no viable stepping stone to leave.

The answer is so simple – When you join UKIP as a new member full membership is paid but you MUST declare your membership in the past of ANY political group and if that includes any of a list of extremist groups your membership will be associate for a 2 year term during which it can be revoked without compensation – Simples!

But NO – you will have seen the idiotic antics of Farage, Croucher and the rest of the UKIP Pond Life that form its leadership regarding Buster Mottram, Dr. David Abbott, Dr. Edmond, Martin Hasslam and latterly David Barnbrook and Farage’s sparring partners Steve Uncles and Robin Tilbrook of the fatuous EDP with their determination to aid The EU break up these United Kingdoms to make them more manageable with the stupid wee regional assemblies and very little comprehension of consequence, constitution or outcome!

Sadly as one of the most extreme Racist, anti Jewish and sexually intollerant groups in The EU UKIP is on very weak ground to speak of or demand morality of any measure and thus do much to aid and promote The BNP.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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#109* – EUkip Member Mr. Mottram NEC Report

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/11/2008

#109* – EUkip Member Mr. Mottram NEC Report

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




“He (NIGEL FARAGE) told the BBC there had been an attempt “over many months” to
infiltrate and try to “demoralise” UKIP members into thinking there was no
future without a deal with the BNP.”We had worked out who those people were,
that had infiltrated UKIP, we were on the verge of getting rid of them, and they
began to panic so they thought they would play their trump card.”The party says
it expects more people to leave within the next few months.”**END**

I do not believe there is one word of truth in this statement from Nigel Farage.

I do not believe there has been an consequential efforts by BNP members.

I do not believe that the BNP has taken any but normal opposition to EUkip.

The only attempt to damage UKIP over the last 4 years has been:I believe Nigel Farage and various of his associates such as Denny, Bannerman, Croucher, Nuttall and others have acted as recruiting sergeants for the BNP.

01. The relentless incompetence of its leadership.
02. The lack of good publicity.
03. The corruption on the part of the leadership.
04. The lies told about members.
05. The dishonesty of the leadership.
06. The dishonesty of Nigel Farage.
07. The lies & Fraud of David Bannerman.
08. The Fraud, Embezzling & Money Laundering which led to the arrest of Tom Wise as published.
09. The Bailing of Tom Wise on the grounds of criminality.
10. The renewal of the arrest warrant of Tom Wise.
11. The extension of Bail incurred by Tom Wise.
12. The questioning of Lindsay Jenkins regarding her involvement in criminality.
13. The bullying of Del Young at NEC meetings.
14. The childish behaviour of NEC members.
15. The lies of Andrew Smith.
16. The identity of Bannerman being based on HIS lies.
17. The serial lies & dishonesty of Douglas Denny on public Forums.
18. The guilty verdict of the Courts in a Tribunal.
19. The fact that a judge did not find John Wittacker or his Regional Organiser to be honest.
20. The lies and serial dishonesty of Mark Croucher on behalf of Farage in public.
21. The dishonesty of Farage in paying his wife £25,000 against an edict NOT to pay family.
22. The fact that Smith, Lott & Farage acted dishonestly on purpose leading to a guilty verdict in the Courts.
23. The payment of Mark Croucher adequate to fund two pubs for the pathetic output as Press Officer.
24. The failure of the Leadership to denounce the activities of Tom Wise.
25. The dishonest and corrupt behaviour of Trevor Colman in abuse of his Queen’s Commission seemingly for gain.
26. The willingness of the leadership to dishonestly seek to pillory Dr. David Abbott having investigated and approved his historic relationship with the BNP.
27. The scurrilous behaviour of the NEC & leadership of permitting a known liar to trump up charges against Dr. Eric Edmond.
28. The use of unacceptable obscenities by Zucherman as Party Secretary at NEC meetings.
29. The lies in the dishonest letter from The Party Chairman.
30. The failure to fire Annabelle Fuller for apparent criminality.
31. The employing of Ms. Fuller who uses foul and abusive language when representing EUkip in public.
32. Press Reports of the irresponsibility of the leader.
33. Press reports of the greed, gross behaviour & dishonesty of Tom Wise.34. The dishonesty and corruption in the debarring of Greg Beaman to dishonestly favour NuttAll.
35. The refusal of the party to apologise to John West who has been criminally wronged by the party.
36. The dishonesty & Corruption of Gulleford & Titford that led to Police investigation now in abeyance pending further direct complaint by Kingscott, Holdsworth and perhaps others for their breech of the data protection act.
37. The passing of a Police File on Gulleford & Titford to OLAF who are to investigate to what extent they have been defrauded.
38. The Guilty Court verdict for Racism & Assault by an executive Officer of EUkip after drinking with Farage.
39. Outright lies to The Daily Mail by Farage bringing the Party into disrepute.
40. Bannerman’s LIES that gained him preference by FRAUD claiming relationship to a dead Liberal! In NO SENSE is Bannerman either a close relation or any kind of blood relation as he dishonestly claims – he is merely a liar whose ‘claimed’ parents own a desk!! He is a serial LIAR.
41. A Guilty Court verdict for receipt of unlawfull donations.
42. I understand Farage received excellent service from the waitress Bloom knew well in Brussels last Tuesday night.
43. The serial lies and dishonesty of Graham Booth regarding accounts.
44. The betrayal of Britain by Derek Clark advocating greater subsidiarity to the EU.
45. The obvious incompetence to manage a Party NEC meeting without calling the Police to keep order.
46. The utterly risible & inappropriate placement of a shaven headed Liverpool scally as Farage’s placement as Chairman (unelected).
47. The total disregard for EUkip Constitution by its leadership & NEC.
48. The failure of EUkip leadership to show ANY leadership abilities.
49. The admission of corruption of the leadership’s choosing of candidates by refund of deposits to those who were lied to.
50. The dishonest hijacking of branches in a corrupt manner by those aided by Farage.
51. The indisputable collapse of activist members.
52. The lies & libels of George Curtis in legal reports.
53. The corruption & dishonesty of Christopher Gill in his failure to acquit his duty.
54. The dishonesty of Christopher Gill in his lies to Robin Page.
55. The criminal abuse of the DPA by Farage, Zucherman, Gill, Page, Fuller & others.

I will happily provide at least another similar 55 items but I am getting bored and believe my point is made.


NEC 03-Nov-08 re: Mr. Mottram:

Mr. Mottram
– one time Tennis Player I understand and known as Buster Mottram – gatecrashed a EUkip NEC meeting and in a bad mannered and unacceptable way abused the invitation of his host Martin Hasslam.

I have a personal assurance from Dr. David Abbott & Dr. Eric Edmond also from John West and also a second hand assurance (he was out when I called him) from Del Young that they had no prior knowledge or indication that Mr. Mottram was present at the NEC meeting for any other reason than to act as a witness of a conversation Martin Hasslam had had with The Independent newspaper.

Nigel Farage has conceded he had colluded with The Independent in a vile and underhand attempt at entrapment! via a journalist he, Nigel Farage, knew and was friendly with, in a corrupt and despicably underhand plot to entrap EUkip long term benefactor Martin Hasslam.

I am given to understand that Mr. Mottram is a personal friend of Martin Hasslam’s and he had no idea that he had any reason to believe that Mr. Mottram would so take advantage of that friendship as to use Martin Hasslam as a way to dishonestly gain access to EUkip’s NEC meeting in total breech of trust.

These circumstances being as I believe them to be, as I have stated herein – I totally repudiate as utterly unacceptable behaviour on the part of Mr. Mottram his betrayal and abuse of his friend and the embarrassment he has caused those who believed Mr. Mottram was only in attendance to defend Martin Hasslam and give honest testimony which would prove the underhand and despicable behaviour of Nigel Farage in trying by duplicity to remove a EUkip long term benefactor.

Nigel Farage’s behaviour was, as we have come to expect, that of a low life barrow boy – his loyalty to others is as ever ZERO, and it is increasingly obvious to the less informed that Nigel Farage is no gentleman and to be trusted as far as one can kick him.

It is increasingly obvious that Nigel Farage is untrustworthy in terms of money, in terms of women, in terms of alcohol, in terms of friendship.

Seemingly Nigel Farage has only one interest which would seem to be his own personal well being and his insecurity is such that he will travel to the ends of the earth (at anyone else’s expense) for a chance of praise and an opportunity to show off – the man is a sad caricature.

I have read Mr. Mottram’s report of the meeting which is in the public domain but I refuse to circulate anything from this man – not because of the apparent abuse of his friend and the undeniable exploitation of those he had led to believe he was ONLY in attendance to defend his friend.

I note that Mr. Mottram’s report confirms almost to the letter the details I have already published and those I have obtained independently.

I will NOT circulate any material from Mr. Mottram in the light of his past association with the National Front and manners aside his alleged suggestion that the decent people of UKIP might be duped into any kind of electoral pact with the BNP or any other racist, anti Jewish organisation that actively preaches hatred and opposition to either the superstitions and faiths of others or against British citizens and those legitimately in these United Kingdoms whatever class, creed, colour, ethnicity or belief within the law.

Until Mr. Mottram TOTALLY & UNEQUIVOCALLY renounces and repudiates his past association with The National Front & his present advocacy of the BNP I will have nothing to do with the man nor with any grouping he associates with.

I will implacably campaign against any organisation that is or has associated with the BNP and will actively campaign against any organisation which will not unequivocally renounce and denounce them – or any organisation which is willing to give them succour or support – including Mr. Mottram, unless he unequivocally apologises to the decent members of UKIP whom he has tarnished and repudiates his association with the BNP.

There is no man who can not change his mind and apologise for an error who should not receive forgiveness for their error.

A public, clear and unequivocal rejection, apology and repudiation is all I demand.

I have never stolen money, I have never wittingly lied, I have never intentionally told an untruth about anyone, I have never deliberately betrayed anyone, I have never been a racist, I have never wittingly associated with racists, I have no religious belief nor belief in God or Gods and thus accept all faiths beliefs, superstitions and religions as private (albeit I consider them to be bunkum), I do not seek to force my belief on others nor will I tolerate them forcing theirs on me.

I consider Tuesday 4th. November 2008 to be a great landmark in world history and I feel the pride of America in its people’s leadership who elected a man of white and black parentage without making great issue of his colour or that of his family.

Just 2 years since a Black Mayor was slaughtered in a car park in The American South, because of his colour, by associates of the BNP – members of the White Supremacist Movement of America.

Just some 3or4 years after associates of the BNP members of the White Supremacist Movement of America were sent to jail for the murder of young men because of their colour.

It is only a few years ago that BNP associates – members of the White Supremacist Movement of America, took a young man and put him in chains because he was black and dragged him until the colour came off urinating on the unrecognisable remains of no more than meat.

The White Supremacist Movement of America, which has helped create The BNP with its origins in funding The National Front, has ritually killed, mostly for entertainment, between 4&5,000 young men by hanging, dragging or burning just because they were black.

On December 1st. 1955 Rosa Parks took her seat on a segregated bus refusing to move to the black section where there were no seats – Rosa Parks took her seat so that Martin Luther King could walk with dignity and lead a sector of the peoples of America to freedom and Tuesday 4th. November 2008 a man of colour was elected President of America not because of his white Mother or his black Father, but because the majority of the peoples of America believed he was the best man in America for the job of leading them.

How dare ANYONE try to associate my Country with the racist scum of The White Supremacist Movement – How dare ANYONE associate my Country with the anti Jewish scum that are the BNP funded in its origins by filth like John Tyndall & Lady Birdwood.

Be advised the BNP leadership to this day are associated with those murders in America and with the anti Judaism and religious hatred of their founders and funders as they have refused to denounce them, have failed to repudiate them and have NEVER apologised for their inherent evil.

I call on any individual or organisation that expects my support and does NOT want me as an implacable enemy to apologise, renounce and repudiate the BNP.Much as I loath what damage Nigel Farage has done to my Country, much as I despise the sad little man, much as I resent the betrayal of UKIP by the scum that has seized the leadership & the placemen of the NEC – Credit where credit is due:

”I congratulate Nigel Farage for having rejected any kind of deal with filth like The BNP” – it is to be hoped that Mr. Mottram and others with a past in similar extremist politics including

Nigel Farage’s election agent or Michael Natrasse, Jeffrey Titford and others will step forward and publish their apology, their rejection and their repudiation of such organisations.

Nigel Farage – without a doubt that was your finest hour and now I call on you to resign at your zenith because for your other betrayals I intend to hound you and your sordid little claque out of office.I trust there will be others who have the integrity to step forward and support my statement – however if acting with integrity costs me every friend I have it is a price worth paying.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#108* – EUkip NEC Member Dr. David ABBOTT’s NEC Report

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/11/2008

#108* – EUkip NEC Member Dr. David ABBOTT’s NEC Report

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




I am David Abbott a member of UKIP’s NEC, elected and re-elected by the members of UKIP.

On both occasions I had stood for election on a platform of transparency, democracy and probity.

Other candidates have been elected on similar platforms in the past, but the emotional toll of the ridicule and abuse from the party leadership has resulted in most of the good people resigning. Resignations since I have been on the NEC include Anthony Butcher, Linda Guest, Gill Chant, Richard Suchorzewski, and Bryan McCormack.

The result is that there were, until yesterday, only three members of the NEC who had any backbone. Eric Edmonds, Del young and me. The rest are, for the most part, just nodding donkeys who never disagree with the leader and never vote other than how he wants.

As of now Del is the only member with any courage who remains. It will
be lonely for him with no one to second motions or give moral support.

The circumstances of the removal of Eric and me are as follows:

There were complaints on the agenda against both of us. In my case Rachel Oxley had made the complaint that I had circulated a letter calling for the rules of the party
to be adhered to!

The item was added to the agenda less than two days before the meeting and the addition was not drawn to my attention by the secretary or anyone else in the leadership cabal.

It was another attempted ambush.

However, her complaint, made under section 7.18.1 of the UKIP constitution was not valid and I had prepared a statement, which I planned to read to the NEC. However I never did present my case as events took a strange turn.

In addition to efforts to get rid of Eric Edmond and me, the leader had also asked for the resignation of Martin Haslam, the deputy treasurer. Martin is a gentle, honest and very generous man. He has restored our faith in the accounts, at least in the current ones.

The leader’s beef was that Martin had taken a phone call from a reporter
and had not reported it to Farage.

By chance the phone call had come just as Martin had just finished a game of tennis with Buster Mottram, who had overhead the conversation and could vouch for was had been said. Martin felt very aggrieved at his dismissal and had come to NEC with encouragement of several members, not just the three stalwarts, but also some of the nodding donkeys too.

At first he was denied permission to speak but eventually he made a moving
speech, reminding the leader how much he had contributed in time and money to
the party, he had paid for Nigel’s driver, paid the salary of Marta Andreason,
paid for a fund raising dinner at the House of Lords, and done the SE accounts
as well as the national ones free of charge etc.

Farage belittled his contributions and did not once say thank you.

Then came the appalling statement from Farage that he had known the day before that the reporter was going to phone. But instead of alerting his colleague he had waited to see if the call would be reported to him. It was a trap.

This sneaky, untrusting treatment of a kind, honest man so incensed me that I left the meeting.

I could not sit at the same table as a man who demanded trust but could not trust others, who did not recognize as valuable anyone who didn’t totally agree with him on every single issue.

These new revelations were on top of all his more obvious defects including total
amorality, bullying, adultery, and drunkenness, vengefulness and lying.

Also there was so much uncontrolled, violent shouting from the redfaced, arm waving
Zuckerman and the ill mannered and threatening Nutall, that I felt physically

I did not resign from the NEC, but when I got back from the meeting I found that the complaint against me had been upheld! I enclose the statement I had intended to make to the NEC.

EU employee Bannerman’s complaint about Eric had also been upheld!

We have both apparently been fired from the NEC. I want to make it clear that our firing had nothing to do with Buster Mottram’s idea of a pact with the BNP which neither of us endorsed or supported and which I spoke against.

We were each fired as a result of a complaint by another NEC member.

Neither of us presented our defence.

In my case I was not given adequate notice and the complaint was patently not valid in any case.

David Abbott MRCP

Statement I intended to read to the NEC NOV 3rd 2008

All of us sitting here today agree that you can’t have an effective organization without rules and procedures that are fair and followed. Rachel accuses me of breaking the rules because I distributed a piece asking that our party rules and constitution be
adhered to,…including observing normal British conventions of fairness.

We may find it telling that she and the chairman are now attempting one of the NEC’s signature ambushes… by only giving me one day’s notice of the complaint.

Our constitution does not forbid NEC members from commenting on the leadership.

My comments were not an attack on the party, but a plea to keep to our own rules.
Let me remind you of the circumstances that led me to write the letter.

By refunding the fees paid by two of the candidates, the party has already admitted
that rules were broken in the MEP selection process.

The returning officer ‘s report says that rules were changed in mid game, …which was one of the observations I had made. He seems to recommend rerunning the entire election process in London …because of all the rule breaches.

Our rules do not permit a foreigner living abroad to be a member of the party, …let alone become the treasurer, or an MEP candidate. The preferment of an Argentinean Dane who lives in Barcelona …and who has told this committee that she does not share UKIP’s core goals is against the spirit and the rules; and is causing much disturbance in the SE.

The lead candidate in the East works for the EU and thus his terms of employment include that he shall conduct himself solely with the interest of the EU in mind …and shall not take instructions from any organization or person outside the EU.

He is thus not eligible to be on this committee, especially not as deputy leader and certainly he cannot be an MEP candidate. The fact that he is repeatedly introduced as the relative of a famous man, (which claim appears to be without basis), is the icing on the cake…. I would like to know who it was in our organization that checked his credentials and identity as required bya resolution of this committee.

Our press officer loses a computer …with confidential data on it … and somehow someone in Morocco puts up a video of another East region candidate on U tube. And the party didn’t even apologize.

In fact our leader seems to sympathize with this woman in a newspaper article
rather than with the wronged candidate.

The candidate is now suing….. More trouble because we haven’t kept normal standards of decency.

The constitution states that the chairman is appointed by this committee, but the membership was told of the appointment of our new chairman before the NEC had even met him, let alone discussed his appointment.

Our leader issues an edict that MEP’s wives must not be on the MEP’s payroll. Then he is caught paying his own wife.

And this committee says and does nothing.

Del, the founder and energetic leader of Young Independence, was ambushed without notice.

Eric is similarly pounced on without the notice required by common decency. The man who was our treasurer at the time knowingly accepted illegal donations, …..landing our party in trouble with El.Com.

Alan is kindly picking up the tab.. but this money could have been spent on the cause if we had just kept to the rules in the first place.

Rules and conventions are broken time and time again. This lack of attention to rules
and procedure is only one aspect of the shambles of a leadership that we now
suffer,…. but it is an aspect that this committee can and should deal with, if
our party is to survive, …let alone succeed in its noble goals.

And that is the reason I wrote the letter.

.***END of Dr. David ABBOTT’s Report on EUkip NEC Meeting

I have placed EUkip’s Returning Officer’s full report in the public domain and much more regarding the corruption & Dishonesty of Nigel Farage’s selection process – David is being VERY lenient – it is beyond any doubt that Nigel Farage is on a regular and serial basis willing to take advantage of dishonesty, corruption, other people’s money and outright lies.

Whether Nigel Farage actively encourages the dishonesty of which he is beyond doubt the centre and much of which emanates from his staff and immediate cronies I leave to you to judge.

My personal opinion is that Nigel Farage is a liar, a cheat and thoroughly dishonest little man as shown by his association with such behaviour and his unwillingness to speak out with integrity against those who lie on his behalf. Nigel Farage is a drunk, a womaniser, consorts with prostitutes, is perceived as totally untrustworthy with money, slick and sadly comes across as politically inept and little more than an overly smooth barrow boy with too slick an answer on a series of sound bites.

Sadly for EUkip Farage has raised himself by sheltering behind the weak, the untrustworthy and the incompetent removing by deceit and bullying those of competence and integrity in order to retain control.

Unfortunately, as shown, Nigel Farage is without gravitas and has shown absolutely no leadership skills beyond a ruthless self interest.

Farage’s undeniable incompetence as a leader lies behind almost all the various Court cases brought against The Party, almost without exception by individuals dedicated to the support The Party’s aims of leaving the EU and institutions established to protect the electorate from corruption!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#107* – EUkip Puppets Now On Chains?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2008

#107* – EUkip Puppets Now On Chains?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



I note the desperate mess EUkip are getting in unable to rebut a single fact I have published Nigel’s little goffer has had to troll through his searchlight records and hunt through Google and Mark Croucher hasn’t been able to come up with a single substantive item against me that hasn’t long since been kicked way into touch as unmitigated nonsense.

They are now so desperate that Mark Croucher has had to recycle old lies he has used before, I note he even repeats the same errors when before it was proved his understanding of English usage merely made a fool of him:
Do try to remember what EMPATHISE means Croucher!

Little Mark Croucher was too stupid to grasp the concept last time the nonsense he was spouting was shown to be absolute tosh.

Try not to keep making a fool of yourself though I do understand your need to be seen to be performing for your master – that you again make a fool of yourself with rehashed repetition of debunked drivel speaks volumes – I guess repeating lies is a hazard of being owned by another man and having to sing for your supper.

Croucher do go away and play with your drinks you are just becoming a sad figure of ridicule and pitied by all but a few gullible idiots, like ANYONE who thinks you were EVER value for money – you are just a figure of pity leaping up and down to earn your crust.

Back to the FACTS and let us try to ignore inadequates and their lies.

I have just received this from my EU contact, and had it confirmed, I understand it was sent out quite a while ago and you will note it endorses virtually every aspect of what I have stated about EUkip’s dishonest NEC meeting and the shouting, bullying and incompetence of those set up as puppets to control it.

The staggering thing is these liars and cheats frauds and spivs in the leadership are again and again proven to be low lifes of no credibility some even criminal and it is proven – there are numerous legal cases they have brought upon themselves and it is looking increasingly certain that they are about to be hit with a bill in the region of £500,000 to £1,000,000 and their only consequential backer is beginning to wake up and realise he has been taken for the mug he clearly is – just turned upside down by a bunch of self serving spivs to have his pockets emptied – laughed about behind his back for his gullibility and when it comes to the crunch cut adrift to face The Judicial Review alone!

I believe it would be an honourable action on the part of Alan Bown to refuse to pay for the dishonesty and incompetence of Andrew Smith and David Lott and the idiotic weenie waggling of the massively insecure Nigel Farage. The three of them having irrefutably personally incurred this debt.

If I was Dr. Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmond, John West or Del Young I for one would be consulting Councel for a sound ‘Opinion’ as to how best to ensure I was NOT on the NEC as the NEC are bankers of last resort and thus Jointly & Severally liable for the debts of The Party.

Does Brian Seymour know his wife’s ambitions with Farage’s corrupt crew could cost him £100s of £1,000s similarly the Weasle Rachel Oxley with her knickers stuffed with her legal opinions to glibly distribute.

I wonder will they pursue the shaven headed Liverpool Scally Farage has put in as his puppet or the undeniably corrupt Bannerman or perchance that other man of straw and liar Douglas Denny or the cheat and clearly corrupt Lisa Duffy or will the Courts and bailiffs go straight for Farage, Bown, Seymour & Zucherman as obviously sufficient for the funds and let them chase after the others for their cut!!

For what portion will The Treasurer be responsible as a foreign National who lives in Spain?

Well anyway here is the report from the NEC:

David Abbott’s ‘charges’ were sent at 7:30 pm on Sat 1st Nov so not a lot of
notice for the trial on Mon Nov 3rd at 1 pm. [Interestingly I
received my NEC copy before David who had only that day flown from Canada
for the NEC meeting – G. L-W.].

Neither David or I were able
to defend ourselves as the meeting had degenerated to an utter farce and both of
us we being subjected to tirades of abuse and I felt I was in danger of physical

Martin Haslam brought Buster Mottram who also wanted
to talk about donors to the party and also to act as his McKenzie
friend to reply to Fargage’s demand for Martin’s resignation as Deputy Treasurer
for the crime of talking to the press.

I challenged Farage on this
and he admitted that he, Farage, had set the whole thing up with the journalist
concerned to entrap Martin Haslam or as Farage put it to ‘test his

I told Farage I found his act desplicable as did David
Abbott and we both left along with Martin Haslam, Buster Mottram. Why should we
be judged in a kangaroo court by such a man and his placemen and women? We have
done no wrong. Del Young left a few minutes after us feeling the same

Farage is trying now to smear us as being BNP. Neither I,
David or Martin have ever been in the BNP or supported the BNP.

challenge Nuttall to produce with sources the evidence to back his statement
that I or David spoke in public against UKIP or its NEC

Haslam is one of the best and most honest men you could hope to meet and has
given around £15000 to UKIP that I know of.

I gather a tape
recording of the meeting exists so you should hopefully be able to hear for

I need scarcely add that Mottram’s expulsion from UKIP
gave him no hearing or right of defence as in the UKIP

Eric Edmond

Clearly based upon the sequence here, which bears out my earlier statement of Fact, it would seem that since 4 members of the NEC had left the NEC BEFORE the vote commenced – The NEC was ‘In Quorate’ to act as a kangaroo court and obviously Zucherman who had been speaking of the PLANNED outcome at HMS Belfast and Bannerman who has placed himself in litigation with an NEC member yet dishonestly drew up the trumped up charges and also is NOT a legal or legitimate member fit to hold office they also MUST in all conscience Recuse themselves.

Arguably Rachel Oxey should recuse herself as she lodged a dishonest complaint AND has published her legal opinion on these matters.

With certainty Lisa Duffy should be recused as she only gained her position on the NEC as did Bannerman by dishonesty and deceit.

There is absolutely no doubt the meeting was ‘Inquorate’ by ANY normal standards of Justice!It may dishonestly be claimed that a meeting can not be MADE inquorate by the departure of persons who were there at the commencement however as the liar Denny has put in writing this IS acceptable on EUkip’s NEC and the precedent was set when John Wittaker in a morally underhand way withdrew during a meeting to ensure his wishes carried by making the meeting inquorate at that time.

No challenge was heard from The Chairman (Nuttall – Farage’s puppet), The Party Secretary (The ridiculous Zucherman), The Deputy Leader (The farcical liar David Bannerman) or the Leader (why would Farage act when surrounded by his puppets?) at that time. Thus the precedent is irrefutable.

Thus I would contend that the proceedings of The EUkip NEC on Monday 3rd. November 2008 are null and void. Void and of no consequence: Let the minutes show with honesty that no decisions were reached at the NEC as it was unfit to vote.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#106* – EUkip Puppet Chairman Proves He Is An Rse!!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2008

#106* – EUkip Puppet Chairman Proves He Is An Rse!!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




What a fool Nigel’s pet Liverpool scally has made of himself – not even enough brains for fertiliser to grow hair! This shaven headed chav is a fiasco.

Yesterday in a display of farsical incompetence this little chappie dragged EUkip ever further into the gutter bringing the Party into disrepute when despite having the joke leader in a brief interlude from Brussels and whoring his way around the bars Farage actually deigned to turn up and even the liar, fraud and cheat Bannerman was there to carry out his masters bidding like a good little poodle – ever the gofer just as he was in the Tories for whom he may well still work because he has proved in EUkip that his fraudulent claims have so discredited him that he is neither use nor ornament merely providing the meeeeja with a plethora of material for the election.

With the clear evidence now in the public domain that with 20+ NEC and assorted parasites from Brussels EUkip couldn’t even manage their own meeting and had to call the Police due to incompetence.

The shouting and screeching on the tapes – the utterly out of control behaviour of supposedly grown me and the general chavvery would have been hilarious if it was coming from filth like the BNP but no it was yet another resounding betrayal by EUkip’s leadership of the standards members had hoped for.

Imagine having to call the Police to restore order at a EUkip NEC meeting – and these people expect people to vote for them?

Then along come Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dee on Anthony Butcher’s forum – the only platform they can find for their lies and try to discredit the truth and the constant supply of facts I publish.

My track record of opposing extremist racist and anti Jewish organisations goes back to when the liar and puppet of Farage’s Croucher was still in nappies – unlike Croucher I have absolutely no association with any extremist political organisations, nor have I been the paid parasite in a political party.

Further I have been promised (Immediately before I published my report on the corrupt ravings of EUkip and its dishonest spin on their debacle) that neither Dr. Eric Edmond nor Dr. David Abbott had any idea whatsoever that this idiot Mottram had any idea or intent to come up with his idiotic proposition.

Do not forget that the long term benefactor Martin Hasslam who has been for some time acting as Treasurer and was presented by Farage and others as trustworth and sound as a donor of money and time and totally professional as Treasurer without a known blemish on his character had brought a little known celebrity of yesteryear to the meeting – a EUkip member who had been promoted to the public by EUkip’s leadership as a prized member of EUkip.

I doubt if Martin Hasslam had any idea that Mottram would so deliberately let him down – he was brought as a witness that Farage had acted despicably in setting out to entrap Martin Hasslam.

Unsolicited I phoned Dr. Edmond and Dr. Abbott, I was not prepared to back their cause in any way if they knew Mottram was planning to proselytise scum like the BNP. Both Dr. Edmond & Dr. Abbott assured and promised that they did NOT KNOW and clearly both individuals are far more believable than Mark Croucher who is a serial liar, paid low life acting from time to time for scum like Farage who have so betrayed the peoples of Britain, the members of EUkip and the entire EUroSceptic movement.

Based on proven track record and personal experience there is absolutely no reason to believe Croucher who has lied on many occasions on a regular basis – the comments of Mr.Angry the village idiot are of no consequence he is nothing more than another trash publican with a bullying attitude willing to lie for Farage.

FACE FACTS and start to realise in all the years I have been supporting UKIP and now trying to clean up EUkip never ever once have any of the low life and parasites that hang around EUkip for the crumbs nor all the lawyers and all the money of EUkip to fund lawyers NEVER ONCE has it been established that I have EVER lied nor has there EVER been a single solitary iota of evidence led by any of these liars that can show I have any ties with or have EVER in any way supported the BNP or any other racist or extreme organisation.

KNOWING & HAVING CONCLUSIVELY PROVED Mark Croucher is a liar and a cheat and Bob would struggle to understand what is going on around him let alone recognise he is being treated as Farage’s village idiot – I am left with no alternative but to believe on ALL the evidence that Dr. Abbott & Dr. Edmond are telling me the truth – nor have I one shred of evidence to support any contention that they are telling lies where there is clear evidence that EUkip & particularly Mark Croucher are telling outright lies.

They are after all liars and sadly they have found a Forum where the Owner is prepared to provide a platform for their libels and lies unchallenged.
corrup, dishonest and dishonourable Anthony Butcher on what was UKIPForum ever willing to support lies and dishonesty about me yet unwilling to permit correction defence or the truth.

Dear Branch Chairmen,

Some of you will have been contacted over the last few days with an attempt to destabilise the party.

Would that be the deliberate lies, bullying and dishonesty from the fraud and liar David Bannerman or were you thinking of the lies and dishonesty of one of EUkip’s other appointed officers – or even perhaps the liar Mark Croucher or were you thinking of some other untruth EUkip has tried to peddle like the dishonest listing of chosen MEP candidates?

At today’s NEC meeting the real agenda was revealed.

Oh indeed it was and what a pack of lies EUkip came out with – they even turned the NEC into a kangaroo court and listened to the serial liar and fraudulent ex Tory Bannerman.

Though not invited to attend, Buster Mottram

This is a deliberate lie as Mr. Mottram was invited by the EUkip benefactor and assistant treasurer Martin Hasslam as a witness of fact in his defence in a trumped up and dishonest attempt, admitted by Farage, to ‘set him up’.

came to the meeting at the request of Martin Haslam,

So NuttAll you admit your first statement was a lie.

to represent him in relation to the proposition to remove the post of Deputy Treasurer.

Another lie as we all know that Martin Hasslam was set up by Farage in a dishonest and shamefull attempt at entrapment that again brings EUkip into disrepute.

Mr. Mottram was told that he had no right to speak at the meeting

Since when has even a kangaroo court refused to permit the accused a defence – come to think of it 1933 Germany! Joseph Stalin! Chairman Mau! Robert Mugabe! (quite a few really – including the kangaroo court against Peter Baker by the pond life and liar Douglas Denny with the dishonest and corrupt Derek Clark who has so undeniably defrauded the tax payers and betrayed Britain, I well remember!).

but insisted that he had something else important to say.

You will note that both the party so called leader Farage and his puppet had permitted Mr. Mottram to enter the meeting and Mr. Mottram is a paid up member of EUkip and has been used by EUkip’s leadership to promote the party.

A truce with the BNP was Buster Mottram’s intention whereby the BNP would contest the North of England and we would contest the South in the European elections next year.

I am promised that Dr. Abbott & Dr. Edmond were unaware that Mottram would be so foolish and I have no reason to believe so dedicated a benefactor of EUkip as Hasslam would have permitted this wittingly.

I do appreciate that Mottram might have some reason to believe his utterly foolish suggestion might meet with approval since Farage has from time to time had dalliance with extremist individual and his election agent is from the national Front and I believe the same ex National Front member is supporting Farage’s money spinner in Ramsgate.

Farage has undeniably in the past had association with members and has employed people like Croucher who had and probably has links with extremist political groups.

He said that Nick Griffin had agreed to this

We only have Mr. Mottram’s word for this I understand and there has been no formalisation by anyone of any consequence in the BNP. Filth that the BNP are I do NOT believe that this was a serious plan by their poisonous leader as revolting as he may be he is not without low guile and would not for a moment seriously approach such a pact in so inept a manner using such a loud, unreliable and bombastic nobody as Mottram – disgusting as Griffin is there is no doubt he is NOT an idiot!

but the deal could not work if Nigel Farage remained leader of UKIP.

This has much merit to it in view of the catastrophic incompetence and total inability of Farage to lead, his weakness and childish insecurity – But I am morally certain that if Griffin WAS involved in this he was no more than mischief making and playing on Mottrams over blown ego as a useful idiot.

Mottram has proved he lacked the competence or political nouse to get anywhere near first base on this issue – I suggest he goes back to bat and ball which I believe he had once mastered!

Accordingly Branch Chairmen were being contacted with a view to calling an EGM to remove Nigel Farage.

I understand this is true but I have no reason to believe those doing so have ANY pretentions to overt racism and anti Judaism which are the founding principles of the BNP which they refuse to repudiate – it is founded on the money borne of ritual murder of some 4-5,000 young men just because they were black a policy the BNP’s favoured friends and founding funders carry on to this day yet are NOT renounced by the obvious scum attracted to such practices and the BNP.

This offer was unanimously rejected by the NEC.

Which – the idiotic claimed BNP so called deal or the desire by many branches of UKIP to disassociate themselves from the lies, chavvery, corruption, fraud, dishonesty and lack of probity which is the leadership and NEC of EUkip?

Buster Mottram was expelled from UKIP after being removed from the meeting by uniformed police officers.

Because Farage’s puppet the little Liverpool scally was unable to control the meeting and commanded so little respect due to his immaturity, incompetence and risible lack of experience that he could not even control his own members. It was a disgracefull show of incompetence and as admitted got so out of hand the Police had to be called! & this shower want to be taken seriously by the electorate!!

Further to this the NEC voted to remove Eric Edmond and David Abbott as NEC members.

Clearly NuttAll had so clearly lost the plot by this stage that he was unaware that both Dr. Edmond, Dr. Abbott, John West & Del Young had left the meeting in disgust at its behaviour wanting no part of such atrocious behaviour.In their absence the shameful residue like the people of Hartlepool of yore held a kangaroo court and tried the monkey!

Drs. Abbott & Edmond were to be unconstitutionally and dishonestly tried without benefit of defence, witnesses or support in a manner yet again redolent of Beria and the KGB, Putin & The Olygarchs.

Perhaps this sad little chav from Liverpool can scratch his brain cell and clarify to all just what aspect of decent British values this behaviour falls under and in what way this dishonesty represents Justice.Just what is the purpose of this new sleeze ridden EUkip as it represents nothing any individual of integrity or morality would wish to uphold! Are you even capable of naming a majority on your sordid failed committee who have any moral AND legitimate right to be there?

In fact can you name a single member of this baying claque who by their behaviour has NOT brought EUkip into disrepute – JUST ONE!

They have both publicly opposed NEC decisions time and again

Yet your gaulleitter the fraud, liar and cheat Bannerman who contra the Constitution is an employee of the EU and still may well be in the pay of the Tories in view of the dishonesty and damage he is doing EUkip – even this piece of filth could not dream up a single solitary example of substance to back this lie. I shall be publishing, at my convenience the serial lies used in the trumped up charges. They were supplied to me by a member in the EU and confirmed as genuine by an NEC member in Britain.

and have made the NEC dysfunctional.

No the NEC has proved it is dysfunctional I have the tapes to prove it – the reason the NEC is dysfunctional is twofold – firstly the unutterably squalid and dishonest members who are on it – secondly the proven incompetence of its chairman, leader, deputy leader or Party secretary to control its outrageous ill mannered childish posturings such that the Metropolitan Police have to be called to restore order!

The post of Deputy Treasurer was removed and Martin Haslam thanked for his past efforts.

This is a lie – a figleaf to disguise the dishonest behaviour of the leader in an openly admitted entrapment scam.

The NEC will now act as a united body to get us ready to fight the big campaign next year.

Mr. NuttAll any honourable man would resign having presided over such a catastrophic display of incompetence but we know you are without honour and you have shown you are without competence and clearly you are without integrity and it is proven you are without skill – just a sad little puppet with broken strings.

It really is farcical when we know you strut around deceiving yourself that when Farage falls as leader as he surely has you might assume the mantle.Grow up you idiotic little man!

You are being used!

You are a laughing stock the little lad so hopelessly out of his depth he had to call the Police a child who had to call the grownups to restore order at his little party – What a shameful farce!

Yours sincerely,

Paul Nuttall (UKIP Party Chairman)

What a joke this little chappie is!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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