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#106* – EUkip Puppet Chairman Proves He Is An Rse!!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2008

#106* – EUkip Puppet Chairman Proves He Is An Rse!!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




What a fool Nigel’s pet Liverpool scally has made of himself – not even enough brains for fertiliser to grow hair! This shaven headed chav is a fiasco.

Yesterday in a display of farsical incompetence this little chappie dragged EUkip ever further into the gutter bringing the Party into disrepute when despite having the joke leader in a brief interlude from Brussels and whoring his way around the bars Farage actually deigned to turn up and even the liar, fraud and cheat Bannerman was there to carry out his masters bidding like a good little poodle – ever the gofer just as he was in the Tories for whom he may well still work because he has proved in EUkip that his fraudulent claims have so discredited him that he is neither use nor ornament merely providing the meeeeja with a plethora of material for the election.

With the clear evidence now in the public domain that with 20+ NEC and assorted parasites from Brussels EUkip couldn’t even manage their own meeting and had to call the Police due to incompetence.

The shouting and screeching on the tapes – the utterly out of control behaviour of supposedly grown me and the general chavvery would have been hilarious if it was coming from filth like the BNP but no it was yet another resounding betrayal by EUkip’s leadership of the standards members had hoped for.

Imagine having to call the Police to restore order at a EUkip NEC meeting – and these people expect people to vote for them?

Then along come Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dee on Anthony Butcher’s forum – the only platform they can find for their lies and try to discredit the truth and the constant supply of facts I publish.

My track record of opposing extremist racist and anti Jewish organisations goes back to when the liar and puppet of Farage’s Croucher was still in nappies – unlike Croucher I have absolutely no association with any extremist political organisations, nor have I been the paid parasite in a political party.

Further I have been promised (Immediately before I published my report on the corrupt ravings of EUkip and its dishonest spin on their debacle) that neither Dr. Eric Edmond nor Dr. David Abbott had any idea whatsoever that this idiot Mottram had any idea or intent to come up with his idiotic proposition.

Do not forget that the long term benefactor Martin Hasslam who has been for some time acting as Treasurer and was presented by Farage and others as trustworth and sound as a donor of money and time and totally professional as Treasurer without a known blemish on his character had brought a little known celebrity of yesteryear to the meeting – a EUkip member who had been promoted to the public by EUkip’s leadership as a prized member of EUkip.

I doubt if Martin Hasslam had any idea that Mottram would so deliberately let him down – he was brought as a witness that Farage had acted despicably in setting out to entrap Martin Hasslam.

Unsolicited I phoned Dr. Edmond and Dr. Abbott, I was not prepared to back their cause in any way if they knew Mottram was planning to proselytise scum like the BNP. Both Dr. Edmond & Dr. Abbott assured and promised that they did NOT KNOW and clearly both individuals are far more believable than Mark Croucher who is a serial liar, paid low life acting from time to time for scum like Farage who have so betrayed the peoples of Britain, the members of EUkip and the entire EUroSceptic movement.

Based on proven track record and personal experience there is absolutely no reason to believe Croucher who has lied on many occasions on a regular basis – the comments of Mr.Angry the village idiot are of no consequence he is nothing more than another trash publican with a bullying attitude willing to lie for Farage.

FACE FACTS and start to realise in all the years I have been supporting UKIP and now trying to clean up EUkip never ever once have any of the low life and parasites that hang around EUkip for the crumbs nor all the lawyers and all the money of EUkip to fund lawyers NEVER ONCE has it been established that I have EVER lied nor has there EVER been a single solitary iota of evidence led by any of these liars that can show I have any ties with or have EVER in any way supported the BNP or any other racist or extreme organisation.

KNOWING & HAVING CONCLUSIVELY PROVED Mark Croucher is a liar and a cheat and Bob would struggle to understand what is going on around him let alone recognise he is being treated as Farage’s village idiot – I am left with no alternative but to believe on ALL the evidence that Dr. Abbott & Dr. Edmond are telling me the truth – nor have I one shred of evidence to support any contention that they are telling lies where there is clear evidence that EUkip & particularly Mark Croucher are telling outright lies.

They are after all liars and sadly they have found a Forum where the Owner is prepared to provide a platform for their libels and lies unchallenged.
corrup, dishonest and dishonourable Anthony Butcher on what was UKIPForum ever willing to support lies and dishonesty about me yet unwilling to permit correction defence or the truth.

Dear Branch Chairmen,

Some of you will have been contacted over the last few days with an attempt to destabilise the party.

Would that be the deliberate lies, bullying and dishonesty from the fraud and liar David Bannerman or were you thinking of the lies and dishonesty of one of EUkip’s other appointed officers – or even perhaps the liar Mark Croucher or were you thinking of some other untruth EUkip has tried to peddle like the dishonest listing of chosen MEP candidates?

At today’s NEC meeting the real agenda was revealed.

Oh indeed it was and what a pack of lies EUkip came out with – they even turned the NEC into a kangaroo court and listened to the serial liar and fraudulent ex Tory Bannerman.

Though not invited to attend, Buster Mottram

This is a deliberate lie as Mr. Mottram was invited by the EUkip benefactor and assistant treasurer Martin Hasslam as a witness of fact in his defence in a trumped up and dishonest attempt, admitted by Farage, to ‘set him up’.

came to the meeting at the request of Martin Haslam,

So NuttAll you admit your first statement was a lie.

to represent him in relation to the proposition to remove the post of Deputy Treasurer.

Another lie as we all know that Martin Hasslam was set up by Farage in a dishonest and shamefull attempt at entrapment that again brings EUkip into disrepute.

Mr. Mottram was told that he had no right to speak at the meeting

Since when has even a kangaroo court refused to permit the accused a defence – come to think of it 1933 Germany! Joseph Stalin! Chairman Mau! Robert Mugabe! (quite a few really – including the kangaroo court against Peter Baker by the pond life and liar Douglas Denny with the dishonest and corrupt Derek Clark who has so undeniably defrauded the tax payers and betrayed Britain, I well remember!).

but insisted that he had something else important to say.

You will note that both the party so called leader Farage and his puppet had permitted Mr. Mottram to enter the meeting and Mr. Mottram is a paid up member of EUkip and has been used by EUkip’s leadership to promote the party.

A truce with the BNP was Buster Mottram’s intention whereby the BNP would contest the North of England and we would contest the South in the European elections next year.

I am promised that Dr. Abbott & Dr. Edmond were unaware that Mottram would be so foolish and I have no reason to believe so dedicated a benefactor of EUkip as Hasslam would have permitted this wittingly.

I do appreciate that Mottram might have some reason to believe his utterly foolish suggestion might meet with approval since Farage has from time to time had dalliance with extremist individual and his election agent is from the national Front and I believe the same ex National Front member is supporting Farage’s money spinner in Ramsgate.

Farage has undeniably in the past had association with members and has employed people like Croucher who had and probably has links with extremist political groups.

He said that Nick Griffin had agreed to this

We only have Mr. Mottram’s word for this I understand and there has been no formalisation by anyone of any consequence in the BNP. Filth that the BNP are I do NOT believe that this was a serious plan by their poisonous leader as revolting as he may be he is not without low guile and would not for a moment seriously approach such a pact in so inept a manner using such a loud, unreliable and bombastic nobody as Mottram – disgusting as Griffin is there is no doubt he is NOT an idiot!

but the deal could not work if Nigel Farage remained leader of UKIP.

This has much merit to it in view of the catastrophic incompetence and total inability of Farage to lead, his weakness and childish insecurity – But I am morally certain that if Griffin WAS involved in this he was no more than mischief making and playing on Mottrams over blown ego as a useful idiot.

Mottram has proved he lacked the competence or political nouse to get anywhere near first base on this issue – I suggest he goes back to bat and ball which I believe he had once mastered!

Accordingly Branch Chairmen were being contacted with a view to calling an EGM to remove Nigel Farage.

I understand this is true but I have no reason to believe those doing so have ANY pretentions to overt racism and anti Judaism which are the founding principles of the BNP which they refuse to repudiate – it is founded on the money borne of ritual murder of some 4-5,000 young men just because they were black a policy the BNP’s favoured friends and founding funders carry on to this day yet are NOT renounced by the obvious scum attracted to such practices and the BNP.

This offer was unanimously rejected by the NEC.

Which – the idiotic claimed BNP so called deal or the desire by many branches of UKIP to disassociate themselves from the lies, chavvery, corruption, fraud, dishonesty and lack of probity which is the leadership and NEC of EUkip?

Buster Mottram was expelled from UKIP after being removed from the meeting by uniformed police officers.

Because Farage’s puppet the little Liverpool scally was unable to control the meeting and commanded so little respect due to his immaturity, incompetence and risible lack of experience that he could not even control his own members. It was a disgracefull show of incompetence and as admitted got so out of hand the Police had to be called! & this shower want to be taken seriously by the electorate!!

Further to this the NEC voted to remove Eric Edmond and David Abbott as NEC members.

Clearly NuttAll had so clearly lost the plot by this stage that he was unaware that both Dr. Edmond, Dr. Abbott, John West & Del Young had left the meeting in disgust at its behaviour wanting no part of such atrocious behaviour.In their absence the shameful residue like the people of Hartlepool of yore held a kangaroo court and tried the monkey!

Drs. Abbott & Edmond were to be unconstitutionally and dishonestly tried without benefit of defence, witnesses or support in a manner yet again redolent of Beria and the KGB, Putin & The Olygarchs.

Perhaps this sad little chav from Liverpool can scratch his brain cell and clarify to all just what aspect of decent British values this behaviour falls under and in what way this dishonesty represents Justice.Just what is the purpose of this new sleeze ridden EUkip as it represents nothing any individual of integrity or morality would wish to uphold! Are you even capable of naming a majority on your sordid failed committee who have any moral AND legitimate right to be there?

In fact can you name a single member of this baying claque who by their behaviour has NOT brought EUkip into disrepute – JUST ONE!

They have both publicly opposed NEC decisions time and again

Yet your gaulleitter the fraud, liar and cheat Bannerman who contra the Constitution is an employee of the EU and still may well be in the pay of the Tories in view of the dishonesty and damage he is doing EUkip – even this piece of filth could not dream up a single solitary example of substance to back this lie. I shall be publishing, at my convenience the serial lies used in the trumped up charges. They were supplied to me by a member in the EU and confirmed as genuine by an NEC member in Britain.

and have made the NEC dysfunctional.

No the NEC has proved it is dysfunctional I have the tapes to prove it – the reason the NEC is dysfunctional is twofold – firstly the unutterably squalid and dishonest members who are on it – secondly the proven incompetence of its chairman, leader, deputy leader or Party secretary to control its outrageous ill mannered childish posturings such that the Metropolitan Police have to be called to restore order!

The post of Deputy Treasurer was removed and Martin Haslam thanked for his past efforts.

This is a lie – a figleaf to disguise the dishonest behaviour of the leader in an openly admitted entrapment scam.

The NEC will now act as a united body to get us ready to fight the big campaign next year.

Mr. NuttAll any honourable man would resign having presided over such a catastrophic display of incompetence but we know you are without honour and you have shown you are without competence and clearly you are without integrity and it is proven you are without skill – just a sad little puppet with broken strings.

It really is farcical when we know you strut around deceiving yourself that when Farage falls as leader as he surely has you might assume the mantle.Grow up you idiotic little man!

You are being used!

You are a laughing stock the little lad so hopelessly out of his depth he had to call the Police a child who had to call the grownups to restore order at his little party – What a shameful farce!

Yours sincerely,

Paul Nuttall (UKIP Party Chairman)

What a joke this little chappie is!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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