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#110* – Did Mr. Mottram Provide Farage’s REICHSTAG Moment?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/11/2008

#110* – Did Mr. Mottram Provide Farage’s REICHSTAG Moment?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


EUkip’s Ever Greater Shame


“He (NIGEL FARAGE) told the BBC there had been an attempt “over many months” to infiltrate and try to “demoralise” UKIP members into thinking there was no
future without a deal with the BNP.”We had worked out who those people were,
that had infiltrated UKIP, we were on the verge of getting rid of them, and they
began to panic so they thought they would play their trump card.”The party says
it expects more people to leave within the next few months.”**END**

There is every good reason to believe that this is a total pack of lies – I base this on the willingness of Farage and those around him to lie, cheat and slander to keep their snouts in the troughs.

Interestingly one of Farage’s most dishonest supporters his over paid spin doctor and ex press officer Mark Croucher, who has done such harm to EUkip in his odious bullying and repetitive dishonesty whilst a paid servant of the party and whilst still having access to official minutes and similar confidential material presumably controlled by The Party secretary has let slip that clearly he is working directly for EUkip.

In Croucher’s attempt to rubbish a EUkip senior member he concedes, one might say officially, that the NEC elections were corrupt and the leadership election was also corrupt (well we all knew that but he bases his confession on a lie!).

Now let us look at some factual history.Ms. Holdsworth resigned mostly over the issue of the refusal of Farage and his cronies on the gravy train to provide transparent accounting or responsible behaviour as they refused to let it be known to the NEC what staff the party had, or what their MEPs did all week.

She also refused to accept the abuse and childish behaviour that was prevalent amongst the self seeking MEPs who had seemingly abandoned the members and gone native.

Also having been thwarted in attempts to establish the truth of the criminality of Tom Wise as subsequently published in the media.Part of her final contribution to EUkip was to establish a more competent structure starting with a new and more professional constitution – which she did, working with the few competent members on the NEC.

Unfortunately after she resigned the constitution was tampered with by others damaging large tracks of its intent and its accountability to members. The demarcations between that which was professionally drawn up and the amateur alterations can be seen by the informed reader.

Subsequent to the Chairman’s resignation legal advice would seem in the main to have been supplied by The Party Secretary whose competence and professionalism can be seen by the fact that he signed off the shoddy alterations, has little or no control of either his personal ambitions or his mouth.

Further astonishingly as Party Secretary he is willing to act with undeclared and morally contemptible conflict of interest in allocation of legal work.

However one can tell the calibre of his professionalism as a solicitor and the calibre of his competence in terms of legal advice – surely only a fool of the proportions of Rachel Oxley or Douglas Denny would tender such low grade legal advice as to have EUkip found guilty in the courts rather than act competently and honestly – surely it was his duty to protect the party against the lies, dishonesty and clearly breeches of law by Andrew Smith as accountant when he deserted his position of trust leaving the accounts in a shambles having clearly been involved in dishonesty with Nigel Farage, David Lott and others.

Only a fool would ignore legal challenges and threats of substance such as tampering with internet eMails in trust, criminal breech of the Data Protection Act, rigging of elections, orchestration of a corrupt and dishonest enquiry by Trevor Colman who was so dishonest he refused to carry out his duty as a citizen let alone a retired police officer.

Then to further bring EUkip into disrepute Farage has failed to keep the lid on his garbage can Croucher, or the sordid behaviour he has been involved in himself.Similarly the fact that Bannerman who is a proven liar, fraud and cheat is deputy leader and in the employ of the EU is a measure of the manner in which EUkip would seek to lead or represent if voted into any office.

Farage must be cock a hoop if not in collusion with Mr. Mottram!For some months as EUkip has ‘milled’ all but leaderless with collapsing membership, near vanished activists, delusional half baked policies, lost and leaderless there have been endless criticism of the incompetence of the NEC & Leadership manifest in endless lies and cover-ups, profligacy with other people’s money, untrusted and clearly untrustworthy accounts, surrounded by spivs & parasites in Farage’s entourage of chavs and trash that brought nothing but shame to the party EXCEPT sycophantic adulation of ‘Our Glorious Leader’ whose competence is quite clearly limited to a series of sound bites, a few 90 second speeches and 3 tub thumping speeches we have all heard ad naseam – all 3 cigarette papers end on end they are now so thin!

During the last few weeks Farage and his cronies have desperately trying to blame their palpable incompetence on something ANYTHING other than their total incompetence – finally sickened by the lies he had to put his name to John Wittacker resigned and Farage put in a puppet – a measure of this shaven headed Liverpool scally’s competence was that at his first meeting as chairman the police had to be called to restore order.

Godfrey Bloom had to be restrained and finally the chairman himself surrounded by the foul language of the Party secretary, the childish Denny, the risible Clark in a tantrum, the meeting collapsed with the Chairman looking like a maggot on a spring bright red with anger reverting to his roots and threatening to attack Mr. Mottram.

The meeting and Farage’s subsequent idiotic comments about the BNP were such that it left Clive Page in the press office desperately trying to keep EUkip out of the courts phoning around to assure people that the comments about the BNP had no connection with the kangaroo court and unconstitutional and morally reprehensible abuses aimed at preventing John West, Dr. Abbott & Dr. Edmond from representing some 6,000 members who asked them to represent them and clean up EUkip and start by cleaning out the rats nest of corruption supporting EUkip’s catastrophic leader and the liar, cheat and fraud Bannerman.

The attempt to present a solution to EUkip’s impecunity with a mere £45,000 in the bank and pending forfeitures and costs that may run to between £500,000 & £1,000,000 from the lies of Farage, Smith etc. and the crass legal advice, presumably from the imbecilic Zucherman that has led to this position.

Realising that there is every possibility that before the courts come collecting on this the first calamitous legal action. Then there are the costs and fines that may well accrue from the various legal cases being brought by the police, OLAF, DPA and others – leading to probable subsequent cases founded on likely guilty verdicts such as any damages claims made by Robin Page, John West and others displaced by kangaroo court hijackings and unelected committees running out of control by excercising authority they do not have.

Of course there is every possibility that EUkip will be forced to act honestly and follow the advice of its appointed Returning Officer which would lead to refunding some £20,000 so far obtained by false pretences and then re-run the selection process honestly this time with it overseen by an outside agency that can be trusted as it was clear from the report that the NEC, Leadership and staff can not be trusted.

One wonders if the NEC are aware that under law the NEC is the banker of last resort – let us see just how much of a fool Alan Bown is – will he pay for the bad advice, the lies and incompetence of Andrew Smith, Nigel Farage, David Lott and others?

Will he fund such legal costs as are mounting on other cases, will he pay the damages ALL incurred by Nigel Farage as leader and the utter incompetence of his team.May I presume to advise Dr. Abbott, Dr. Edmond & John West – make absolutely no effort to regain your rightfull seats on the NEC and I would advise Del Young to find a way to leave with haster.

The NEC has 15 members I believe however looking at those who are proud to accept liability for EUkip’s potential debts I note there are now 10 – so that will be debt divided by 10? Well no actually as probably you will find, since I understand the law states that the matter is jointly and severally!

So will Farage pay up? – well I doubt it as he always moans he has no money and is not recorded as a donor even to EUkip, anyway the money he has ‘acquired’ is recorded as off shore!

Then there is Bannerman and all he is worth after many years as a bag carrier of little significance and openly stated as desperate for the job of MEP, thus probably a man of straw – nothing there then.

Zucherman a different case and I presume together with Oxley responsible for the legal opinions seemingly of similar calibre but I would hazard a gues the courts are unlikely to persue Oxley considering her of little substance in view of how much may be owed!

Then consider the likelihood that it would be worth going to Liverpool to collect off of our puppet scally.

That leaves Denny, who although a serial liar I incline to believe his claim he owns nothing, Delboy was unable to provide a CV during the leadership election which was the only reason I campaigned to expose him, as there was always the risk with a chappie who was unknown and unwilling to state or show a CV that they MIGHT have just arrived from St. Quintin or Njemina Prison!

Duffy, well having had to lie and cheat to get on the NEC and with merely the talents to work on the floor in a down market store one would probably be safe assuming she would be unlikely to fund the debts especially with numerous kids and no husband! Her fellow MAY be liable under law but as an RO about all he could muster in clout was the ability to remove those who campaigned and provide contacts that may well get one’s partner electedto the NEC

Jill Seymour well I’m sure her husband will be happy to chip in and since it is jointly and severally it would seem that Seymour, Zucherman, Bown & Gill are the most likely to have to pay up in full or in part – as decided by the Court but I’m sure Denny, Duffy, Nuttall, Bannerman & Farage will be happy to stump up their share!

Perhaps Mr. Mottram’s rather lame suggestion of an electoral pact has played right into Nigel Farage’s hands as this would seem to be his Reichstag Fireshudder, wriggle, fear we are under attack by the BNP – so what!

Is EUkip so very weak that the vile BNP is really a threat! – have Farage and his gang so alienated the members of EUkip that even the revolting BNP may be a better option?

Now just a minute – the mere suggestion in the 5 minutes allotted to Mr. Mottram by Farage should have left EUkip with the upper hand as after 5 minutes a competent chairman could have stepped in and graciously thanked Mr. Mottram, asked him if he would care to remain as an observer or leave with his friend Mr. Hasslam.
A clear and unequivocal rejection by the chairman or Farage would have sufficed and a brief clarification as to why that was unacceptable and then just for clarity I believe a vote would have sealed the matter
– Further thanks, a 3 minute break before returning to constructively representing the interests of the remaining members.

BUT NO this was permitted to get totally out of hand with Zucherman making racist outbursts accusing a long term member invited to speak by the leader of being a ‘Nazi’!!

We also have this professional solicitor later on using the F*** word openly as representation of the members in a mixed meeting of EUkip’s management committee!

Similarly Denny & Clarke were near hysterical, Oxleys manners were those of the gutter and Bloom & Nuttall were taking it in turns to threaten to thump people!

Just as a point of interest, in view of the many thoroughly decent members I have met over the years – just where do you find these trash?

Do you really believe they represent ANY British Values of note – liars, bullies, foul mouthed, drunks, womanisers, cheats, frauds – how very proud you must be to be represented by such people!

How very very convenient for Farage to seek to blame his utter incompetence and the behaviour of his failed team on the BNP – I guess he believes in the tooth fairy too!EUkip is no more under attack from the BNP than it is ignored by the 2 main parties who like the media have discounted EUkip as an irrelevance in British politics since they have stuffed the filing draws of the media and filled their hard disks with enough stories to be able to produce them if need be during the election but of no interest at the moment.

Farage occupies the BBC’s 3 or 4 Question Time slots a year – you will note the BBC will be ale to leave EUkip out during the electoral period as having had their quota and anyway you only have one tried and tested performer and he has been on a lot last year!

Wake up and smell the coffee – Farage and his antics has destroyed any hope EUkip once had.

Then the lunacy of seemingly being unable to find an accountant of repute to do the books in Britain – or is this more Reichstag Fire – do we await the announcement of irresponsibility that in trawling the books around the continent just to hire some political prostitute who has tried to hire out almost anywhere to get her snout in the EU trough, seemingly Farage offered to ‘squeeze’ her in even though she does believe the EU is a good idea and just needs a bit of changing – too right she has NOTHING in common with Britain or the values of UKIP’s grass roots members.

Not a bad bit of ‘squeeze’ when it comes to it – a part time job without responsibility where the cheques are sent to you in Barcelona, Brusells, Strasbourg, Denmark or wherever the weather suits her, signed and then sent back for distribution! – it would seem to be obscenely over paid when you consider the organisation had £45,000 according to whoever actually does the books – the treasure gets £36,000+ and expenses we understand – not bad when you consider previous treasurers did at least claim to be interested in the cause and worked pro bono.

It could be argued in view of the professional incompetence & dishonesty of Andrew Smith and the disaster he has exposed EUkip to, EUkip should have paid a professional, but what is wrong with one OF REPUTE from Britain, or is Farage’s reputation such that no one wants the job?

I presume the purpose of Farage’s Reichstag Fire was to scream BNP or Tooth Fairy or some such, we are under attack (that’s politics idiot!), then he will set up his ‘Enabling Act’ set aside the Disciplinary Committee claiming they can’t be trusted and the Tooth Fairy might have invaded!

Next it will be for the sake of the Party because we are under invasion by the Viet Kong or Winnie The Pooh or something (more likely Pink Elephants in Farage’s case – delerium tremens may account for his shakes!), we must suspend the Constitution until after the elections and as the NEC can’t be trusted because someone made a suggestion (A MEMBER Nigel Farage invited to make a 5 minute presentation of his idea!).

Infamy Infamy he screeched like a latter day Kenneth Williams we must suspend the NEC, well nothing ever got done there! – Farage already has a corrupt and dishonest group called the Political Committee, hand picked yes men and useless puppets.

Beware The Reichstag Fire – well actually no this is more a bonfire of his vanity as he makes ever more of a fool of himself.Farage – YOU ARE A JOKE – quite a good performing monkey as I’ve always said, but as a leader totally out of your depth and you know what that looks like you watched your puppet Nuttall and your little army of useless muppets on Monday – what a Co** U*

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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