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#135* – John West Risks Telling The Truth!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/11/2008

#135* – John West Risks Telling The Truth!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Subject: Letter of complaint: Stuart Gulleford
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 17:08:31 +0100
Dear John,

Please find attached my letter of complaint.

Best wishes

The interesting factor about the letter is the date – you will note this long pre dates the fantasies and black spin of EUkip, their corrupt puppet chairman Paul NuttAll and the dishonest propaganda so readily accepted by The East Anglian Times.

The following letter sent to Dr. John Whittaker on 06-May-08 was far from the first attempt by John West to clean up what seemed to be irregularity and wiith the joy of hindsight was clearly corruption in EUkip.

Private and Confidential

Dear John,

I am writing to you regarding comments made to me by Stuart Gulleford concerning David Campbell Bannerman, Gerard Batten and Christopher Hudson. He has on more than one occasion complained to me about them speaking at events in the East. This includes the two conferences organised by me. I have informed him that I am not prepared to be pressurised into dropping speakers simply because he does not like them.

1. He has referred to David Campbell Bannerman as a ‘carpetbagger’ who is using me and the conference to raise his profile in the East.

2. He has also referred to Gerard Batten as a ‘carpetbagger’ who, like Bannerman, is using me and the conference to raise his profile in the East. He has also called Gerard ‘a bad MEP who does nothing for the people of London’.

3. He has referred to Chris Hudson as an extremist and someone who is not to be trusted.

I am extremely concerned that a paid representative of the party and Vice chairman of the Eastern Counties Regional Committee is willing to make such remarks about other party members. I should also add that I have a witness to these remarks.

Yours sincerely,

John West

I have had these communications for some time from a source close to the NEC but felt it was unwise to publish them however in view of the dishonest spin against John West seeking corruptly to pretend he is somehow at fault – as supplied by EUkip to The East Anglian Times.

In the light of the lies I phoned my contact for permission to use the material and I also phoned John West for his permission. John West found it hard to accept that the only way to deal with liars was to confront them with fact and the truth.

With their permission I therefore publish these communications, showing that there is no truth in the mallicious propaganda from EUkip’s corrupt leadership that ‘John West complained when he was not GIVEN a preferential position on the MEP list’.

John West did not expect a ‘viable’ position as he was using the process to raise his profile for the future General Election so that he could make a good showing for EUkip as a PPC with the extra experience and the added profile. He did not however expect to be lied about, abused, criminally defamed and attacked by the very Party he had aimed to serve.

Never in May had it occurred to John West that people might be ‘GIVEN’ positions – he had faith in the democratic process and perhaps rather naiively trusted EUkip to be different, honest and democratic.

John West is now not just rightly sad and feeling betrayed – he is angry that EUkip has lied to the members, lied to the media and lied both to and about him.

I wonder now that EUkip have been irrefutably shown to be corrupt whether thay will have the integrity to contact Graham Dines of The East Anglian Times and apologise for their dishonesty and ask for a retraction of their lies about John West and regarding OLAF.

The correspondence spreading the lies, which we will publish later and some we have already published are signed by Stuart Gulleford, Peter Reeve the Regional Orchestrator and Paul NuttAll Nigel Farage’s unelected salaried puppet chairman. In any moral and decent organisation shown to be so corrupt these individuals would apologise to Mr. West and to the party for having brought it into disrepute and their resignations WOULD be accepted.

Minded that the Regional Primary Candidate David Bannerman has fraudulently gained his position, lied about his identity and benefitted from the corruption do be aware that EUkip’s own Returning Officer ex Tory MP Piers Merchant has reported that the selection process and election was so corrupt and corrupted as to require re-running under the aegis of an external third party as the NEC & Leadership have shown they can not be trusted.

EUkip has no right to ask members of the electorate to support them in any way least of all by voting for them. To support EUkip as a member is an act of corruption in betrayal of patriotism and these United Kingdoms.

You will note the past 2 chairmen John Whittaker & Petrina Holdsworth both resigned in protest at uncontrolable corruption, the past General secretary Godffrey Kingscott has similarly resigned advocating people withdraw support.

It is time these evil parasites on the body politic were shut down by the members and/or the Electoral Commission – It may well be a consideration that they should be shut down by the police on behalf of The Ombudsman for Standards in Public Life.

I leave the matter to YOUR morality as to what you will do to help clean up EUkip or close it down.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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#134* – KINGSCOTT Quits EUkip In Clear Disgust!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/11/2008

#134* – KINGSCOTT Quits EUkip In Clear Disgust!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



Firstly may I wish Geoffrey Kigscott a long and happy retirement with his wife of 46 years, Judy to enjoy their 5 granchildren and the company of their children Roger, Sally & Laurence.

I hope Geoffrey will have plenty of time to indulge his hobby of ‘trains’ and will have many years in which to bring pleasure to the folk who share his passion with further books on the subject.

I was aware of his books long before I was aware of him politically and to judge by his resignation letter, where he finally wakes up, his metiere was trains as clearly Politics was not.


Could you please terminate my membership of the UK Independence Party.

Don, Derek

I resign from all my branch positions, and that of Derbyshirerepresentative on the East Midlands Counties Committee.I will take the opportunity of my next visit to Nottingham to take in anypapers or effects I may have had as a branch officer to Derek Clark’soffice there.

Although recently I have been critical of how the party is being led, I wasstill always wanting the party to win, as Britain’s only hope. But I havenow altogether lost faith. Suddenly I find I no longer want UKIP to beelectorally successful, since I feel UKIP tarnishes the cause for which itostensibly stands. It is now just the Nigel-Farage Party.

I always said Iwould never resign, since it was my party as much as it was NigelFarage’s,but this sudden loss of faith these last ten days has made me realise itwould not be honest to continue as a member.

My earlier idea had been that if I felt that the leadership was lacking,e.g. over opposition to the Lisbon Treaty, then we should remedy the lack,which was what we started to do with the Stop the Treaty rally. I was alsokeen on the idea that as so many activists had left UKIP over the years,those of us still in UKIP should build bridges to them.

I now find that we(those of us who had stayed with UKIP) are now the junior partner here,and there are now more patriots outside UKIP than remain inside.Even though I now find there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I respectthose who somehow still feel they must stay inside the fold and fight there.

I remember the arguments I myself put in the past to try to persuadeothers to stay. Nor do I hold no animus against those who feel they must continueto support Nigel Farage.

I am as sharp a critic as any of actions orinactions, but I cannot bring myself to dislike persons. I have alwayshated the personal vituperation and character assassination that is rife in someUKIP quarters in both supporters and critics of the leadership. The worst ofthese have been the frustrated rants of Greg Lance Watkins, which are widelycirculated but so crude as to verge on the silly, and the much moreprofessionally composed black propaganda of Mark Croucher, an expert atmaking bricks without straw. I shall be glad to leave all that behind.

Although I have been critical inside the party, outside I have been apassionate spokesman for it. In my own town of Long Eaton many people knowmy name only as the representative of UKIP. My friends and relations havecome to avoid getting on to the subject of politics with me; I had becomea UKIP bore to them. It is going to be a personal embarrassment having to gopublic with an admission that I now find UKIP unfit for purpose.

I will blind-copy this to all the friends and acquaintances in UKIP. As Ihave got a lot on my plate at the moment – not only long-term commitmentsto book publishers but also a short-term writing contract with tightdeadlines – I emphatically do not want to spend any time in telephonediscussions. But I will try to reply to emails.

However, now I have mademy decision, UKIP is the past, it’s a dead duck as far as I am concerned, andI no longer interested in discussing what is happening inside it.

Best regards

It is not implausible that once EUkip have time to spin this Geoffrey will be branded by the evil rump that is left of EUkip as a ‘plotter’, a ‘Nazi’, ‘BNP’, ‘MI5’, a ‘Dissident’ or similar – we have all seen the EUkip puppets peddling such implausible comments for many a year.

Geoffrey must be particularly irked by the fact that however he may depracate the way I circulated the truth he eventually had to accept that truth as irrefutable. He had missed his opportunity having held senior office within EUkip, to acquit his duty and cirb the excesses of the few, that he was well aware of, that were so damaging to the many whom he perported to serve.

Geoffrey’s finest hour became, sadly, an epic tragedy that brought about the final start of the collapse of EUkip into corruption and dishonesty. It could accurately be shown that although this man spoke much of probity and administrative integrity when it came to the crunch he lacked the competence to carry it out.

The Party Secretary Douglas Denny, having been caught corrupting the leadership election, in collusion with Nigel Farage, whilst serving as The Returning Officer, was removed from his post by The NEC; having misled (forced to withdraw a lie) The NEC, having actively campaigned for a candidate in the election, obtained signatures for that candidate and actively campaigned against other candidates – Douglas Denny having been proven beyond all shadow of doubt to be dishonest, corrupt and a liar was removed and Geoffrey put in his place.

Sadly Geoffrey was quite clearly not up to the job and failed abysmally to acquit his duty maintaining a level and fair playing field. It was under Geoffrey that Press Office staff actively lied about candidates to favour their paymaster. Annabell Fuller was telling lies in her capacity as a Press Officer informing members that Richard Suchorzewski was BNP although affidavited material was made available to Geoffrey he was too weak to acquit his duty.

It was determined by the NEC that the EUkip News Comic produced by Croucher would be veted by Geoffrey and he was too weak to do so. Geoffrey, for all his castigation of Croucher in his resignation letter had his opportunity to silence this dishonest self seeking little man he was too weak to do so, he permitted a dishonest advertising brochure that praised Farage and castigated Farage’s only real rival to be circulated to all members at the expense of the party during the election.

Geoffrey made no issue of the fact that employees of EUkip actively circulated dishonest literature supporting Farage, nor did he challenge the dishonesty of David Lott or Jim Carver in dishonestly attacking Suchorzewski. Nor did Geoffrey make any challenge of the fact that Farage launched his leadership bid at the cost of around £100,000 in the catastrophic Bromley by election where £68 per additional vote was the actual cost of a risible 8%.

Sadly Geoffrey’s political influence was so clearly inconsequential that after Farage obtained the leadership through corruption – directly the responsibility of Geoffrey to control – the party has slid inexorably into disrepute, squabbling, dishonesty and downright bullying yobbery. The turning point was Geoffrey’s failure to competently act as Returning Officer sadly.

Geoffrey’s lack of grasp of political reality was most manifest in his web site and the various reports and unwise selection of partners it would seem. Though he took great pride in his semantics the core message bore no clarity or fire and his Grass Roots, Phoenix Group and subsequent attempts to move forward showed what we all knew – Geoffrey was good on paper, a usefull and detailed organiser but there it ended.

I’m sure that this depressing failure put behind him Geoffrey will take note of the fact that ‘all political careers end in failure’ and he will bring great pleasure in his retirement to Train buffs and his family with all the new found time.

Good luck and thank you for trying.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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