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#158* – SUFFOLK COASTAL & Alison & John WEST

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#158* – SUFFOLK COSTAL & Alison & John WEST

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




lets look at some of the players in the corruption that has been endemic in The Eastern Region:

Jeffrey Titford – all too willing to dishonestly bear false witness for his own gain and protection. I was sent a copy of his distortions and lies bearing dishonest false witness against John West, it was mailed to me by someone close to the NEC at about 20.00hrs. last evening.

Mr. Jeffrey Titford you are a duplicitous liar.

I have yet to establish whether the person who sent it to me wishes me to publish it yet.
Andrew Smith, a liar, unprofessional, corrupt and with Nigel Farage directly responsible for the fact that The Courts found EUkip Guilty in the case defending their offences against electoral law. Guilty as Charged. Currently there is a Judicial Review pending that may find EUkip liable for between £1/2 & 1 Million due to this man’s irresponsibility and that of Farage.

Currently seeking to place a gagging order on the unelected Regional Committee so that news of their fiddles does not reach the members no doubt!

Peter Reeve discreditted BNP member well he looks like one and acts like one! Deselected by several UKIP branches has presided over a steady fall in membership amounting to almost one per working day over and above any recruits!

A liability willing to enjoin in dishonesty and destroy the credibility of the party for personal prefferment. Has orchestrated unconstitutional and dishonest kangaroo courts.

Nigel Farage’s sad little unelected puppet – clearly way out of his depth and needed The Metropolitan Police to restore order at the only NEC he has so far chaired – where Godfrey Bloom had to be restrained from thumping someone as did NuttAll himself.

This BNP look alike iis the sort of person who gives the BNP a bad name – just look at his bullying and dishonest letter trying to present freedom of speech – just for the record Nigel Farage DOES consort with prostitutes even though he claims he doesn’t pay.

I can provide a Court with affidavitted evidence that his proud boast is he has never had to pay one yet! See Blogs:

#144* – EUkip – Farage & The Prostitute ………….
#143* – Farage DOESN’T Pay Prostitutes!!
#142* Prof. Farage & How To Make A Horemone

Lisa Duffy – last heard hissing and spitting at the NEC meeting like a refrigerator with a shorting fuse. Shouting at other members like a fishwife.

ON TWO SEPARATE TAPES (not quite true one was an MP3.

This is the woman who gained access to the NEC duplicitously and dishonestly. She also lacks the integrity to recuse herself when voting on Eastern Region matters and her partner!

George Curtis, a liar, dishonest and a coward. Has lied about me provably, has lied about John West provably and has lied about Robin Page provably. Corrupt in that he bears false witness for personal gain and a coward because he only does it behind people’s backs. A man without honour or integrity.

The Pathetic little desk is getting less and less significant as more and more people realise that David Bannerman is dishonest, a liar, a fraud and a cheat – but he has got a coupon cut out of a breakfast serial packet to prove he isn’t or something equally irrelevant – his pathetic little chum NuttAll told us all about it for a joke, I think, in his abusive letter to Anthony Butcher:
#141* – EUkip’s NuttAll Issues Party Suicide Note!…

If you want to check out any of the caterpillars or the butterflies just type their name into the search boz at the top left of the page.


SUFFOLK COASTAL had its duely constituted AGM last night.

The past Chairman and one of his cronies arrived, not surprisingly & tried to prevent the meeting taking place.

3 people had been brought as guests to join once the new committee was empowered but have subsequently decided not to having seen the behaviour of the outgoing Chairman trying to mislead and disrupt the meeting.
The meeting was small, but there were about half as many as David Bannerman and Peter Reeve got to their launch Rally for David Bannerman’s Eastern Region campaign for the EU elections. Many leaflets and a great deal of advertising was carried out for thats one whereas a single letter was mailed out for this AGM to each member of the branch – despite the abuse of membership lists by a member (Ron Witmore) who with others rang around to try to destroy this meeting for the corrupt Eastern Region EUkip cabal the meeting was fully quorate.

June Latter and Ron Witmore who both claimed the meeting had been cancelled to people on the phones, turned up to the so called cancelled meeting, but when their shameful behaviour was brought to light and the dishonesty they had participated in with Peter Reeve they had a hissy fit and stompped off together, very much tail between their legs.

The meeting was called to order and proceded in a civilised and correct manner.
Alison West was proposed and seconded and is now the duly constituted and elected Chairman.

John West was proposed separately to both the duty of Treasurer and Secretary, seconded and duly constituted and elected Treasurer and Secretary separately.

All three positions were voted on and gained a unanimous vote.

I expect more details later today when my vole (a small mole) can contact me. If there is anything of note I will post the details on this blog.

That said – in Constitutional terms all that is left to do is congratulate Alison & John West who have been stalwart activists for UKIP for several years and have continued campaigning despite the series of corrupt and dishonest attacks made on them by some of the filth that has floated to the top in EUkip’s septic tank.

Well done for your courage and the example of polite and rigid determination.

These are the very British values UKIP seeks to repatriate on leaving The EU not those of the self serving, dishonest gadarene EUkip as they rush squabbling and squeling to get their places at the trough.

Well done Suffolk Coastal – I hear that if the EUkip leadership try to intervene there will be a unanimous disbanding of the branch and the members will actively campaign around other branches for support and actively campaign against EUkip in the elections – be minded that 21 Branches in the Eastern Region have put their names and signatures to The Newmarket Declaration: #119* – The Betrayal Of The Branches & Democracy (…
#118* – The Betrayal of the Branches, The Members …

You will also find sebveral have put in motions of no confidence in The Regional Organiser also.

May I suggest that people with an interest in the endemic corruption in the Eastern Region read my blo in full!!


May I make an apeal – I am aware that Alison & John are young with financial responsibilities and upholding decency in UKIP in the Eastern Region and defending UKIP and themselves against the corruption endemic in The NEC is proving a burden to them as they are ensuring that they do not put a foot wrong, as it might put them at risk, and that legal advice must perforce be good and is thus not cheap.

Alison & John West are fighting this battle to save UKIP fom being subsumed and I believe that all who value freedom should make a contribution relative to their means and just how much they value liberty, honesty and integrity.

I shall be asking Major Niall Warry (Green Jacket Rtd.), who is beyond reproach to act as the collecting point and issue receipts for any and all monies contributed, if he will be so good as to do so, should this not suit YOU then I would ask you to make your contribution through either Dr, Eric Edmond or Mrs. Petrina Voelker who are both of utmost probity and the three can liase.

Thank you – any monies over and above the legitimate costs of Alison & Juhn will be contributed to the fund to clean up EUkip and re-establish probity, morality and integrity – The UKIP that was stolen from the members.

Major Warry, Doctor Edmond & Mrs Voelker together with the Wests will form the steering committee to liase on projects over and above the reasonable and legitimate needs of Alison & John.

Sometimes honesty costs!

I have launched this on my own initiative knowing that the 3 parties I have nominated will be only too willing to help but due to commitments or legalities may need to nominate another.

I will publish their contact details here once confirmed.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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#157* – MARTHA ANDREASSEN Is Trying Hard BUT …….

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#157* – MARTA ANDREASSEN Is Trying Hard BUT …….

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


When considering hiring a Danish woman, domicile in Spain who was married to an Argentinian one wonders how much accurate research was done or was it along the Farage laise fair manner he is so renowned for?

You will remember The Honourable Stephen Sobey Neville with his name dropping of Eton and impressive connections to titles. Nigel – so insecure – fell for every line of the lad’s patter. At the time I phoned Nigel, having never met the chappie but before he was hired.

“Nigel this chappie is a fraud, or if you rather a mole where are you putting him?”

“No he isn’t he’s a really good chap and has amazing contacts and I want him in the press office.”

Not a murmur from the party Press Officer who probably hadn’t bothered coming to work for a while and was absolutely hopeless as a press officer – just look at all the media coverage he didn’t ever get!

“Nigel for starters he is NOT a ‘Nevile’, nor is he a Rt. Hon. and I’ve checked with mates of mine and he never went to Eton, don’t HIRE him he is a Tory plant”

Next day I get a call “No he is genuine, I misheard him, he went to Stowe and played Eton at sports.”

“Did you check the rest Nigel? Was he the groundsman at Stowe?”

We all know what happened. A rank amateur bowled over by the sniff of a title! No sensible check of references etc.

Well here we go again it seems!

It isn’t a job share for the happy couple is it?

I wonder if Nigel watched this before he hired her:

Thursday, 3 October, 2002, 14:08 GMT 15:08 UK
EU accounts ‘open to fraud’

Marta Andreasen met the BBC’s Tim Andersen
Marta Andreasen, the former chief accountant of the European Union says that flaws in the EU accounting system leave it vulnerable to fraud on a massive scale.

What she didn’t say until she was ambushed with the question that made her squirm was that their procedures for hiring senior trusted personelle is just as ropey!

Let us see how this woman fits in for EUkip as she sure to hell represents none of the British values that UKIP used to stand for!

I can confirm that Martha Andreassen was suspended from a senior position at The O.E.C.D. for 18 months without pay.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen unlike honest contestants in the selection/election scams to draw up the list of prospective MEPs for EUkip did NOT provide a CRB clearance.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen unlike honest contestants in the selection/election scams to draw up the list of prospective MEPs for EUkip did NOT provide a British electoral roll number.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen unlike honest applicant for a job did NOT include in her application CV for a senior role at the EU the FACT of her suspension without pay for 18 months from her senior role at The O.E.C.D.I can confirm that morally Martha Andreassen is inadequate to the job of representing British citizens in a political party grounded on the core vote and belief that we should leave the EU and repatriate our democracy, Sovereignty, liberty and self determination as she is firmly on record as being pro EU and has even taken the EU to court to get her snout back in the trough and lost recently.
I can also confirm Martha Andreassen is unfit to represent members under the terms of EUkip’s own rules.I can also confirm that Martha Andreassen participated in and acted in a corrupt selection/election process – see EUkip’s own returning officer’s report enumerating many breeches of the process.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen is aware that her position and behaviour is corrupt and mallign to the process of democracy and decent behaviour.

I can also confirm that although an effort was made to establish residency in a dodgey P.O.Box but after further prayers to the good ‘Lord’ I understand a suitable Domicilium Citandi was found.

Interestingly having cheated to get the job at the EU – the claims in the interview would indicate she never was paid for the period of suspension, despite wholesome motives for her suspension are claimed by her!

I find this strange as it is clear this is a woman of quite notable letigious fortitude.
I note that recently she has lost her case in Court, to get her snout back in the troughs of the gravy train. I gather her claims against the EU and The O.E.C.D. were not disimilar and that Courts in two very clear juristictions and maybe more have found against her!
One is forced, not unreasonably, to wonder if EUkip will be her next victim?

I can see no philanthropic motive for her association as she is I understand performing a part of the task of treasurer which hereto fore was performed largely pro bono, yet for her part time efforts I gather she is paid some £36,000 a year plus expenses!

As I say I can see no philanthropy there and as for Patriotism that would be beyond belief for the most broad minded of souls surely. Martha Andreassen is I understand Danish born, Argentinian married and a Spanish resident.

However now that she is ‘ostensibly’ resident in Britain all be it as an alien and is expected to be for 6 months minimum by electoral law what will be her tax position.

I would contend this foolish and implausible woman may well grant some benefit to EUkip but to UKIP she is but an electoral liability as are all of the leadership team and their associates.

Perhaps you will find watching Tim Sebastian’s interview of the woman more convincing than did I – It can be viewed at:

Personally she cuts no ice with me and I would trust her as far as I could kick her but very few of the supporters and staff of The EU offer any value to mankind – as with all parasites we will be well rid of them, when we leave The EU.
I hope this provided sufficient details for EUkip’s look alike BNP chavs to again try to bully Anthony Butcher to try to remove and control FREEDOM OF SPEECH in a manner directly contra the core principles of the party NuttAll tries to chair, yet again bringing the party into Disrepute, in a manner that would leave honest men and women with no alternative but to put him before a Disciplinary Committee.
I can also confirm that although she is Danish her name is actually Marta but I thought I’d give her a leg up – lots of others seem to, and give her the benefit of Anglicising which she so clearly craves.
Clearly his dishonest bullying and threatening complaint seeking to damage Anthony Butcher’s relationship with his ISP brought EUkip into disrepute.
It is time the rotten head of EUkip was removed from the body of UKIP to give EUroScepticism a chance. Please can we be sure that Marta Andreassen is made fully aware that she represents no wish or value that represents these United Kingdoms I can see – is EUkip so debased now that they can not find honest British candidates as MEPs that they must hire a foreigner with a track record of falling out with almost everyone she works with.
Beyond ALL doubt if nothing else this woman has participated in a corrupt and dishonest process for listing as a candidate – The Evidence Is Irrefutable she knowingly participated in this corruption and acted and has gained personal gain.

Marta Andreassen is corrupt and dishonest having clearly colluded in corruption and dishonesty.

Clean up EUkip to make UKIP a party that honest, decent men and women of integrity and morality can vote for to serve us and lead us out of The EU.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!
Otherwise It Is Going NOWHERE?


I am often criticised for seeming negative. Of course I have answers or I would not see the problems, of course I understand the pragmatism of politics or I would not manage to reach the parts others don’t reach – they just quietly withdraw their support – which may explain that at the last shambolic NEC meeting it was apparent that EUkip was in such financial straits as to be risible.

EUkip recorded at its NEC meeting that they had £45,000 Yet they face a Court consideration of a Judicial Review – NOT of their guilt but of the size of forfeiture! This could leave EUkip facing a bill of £1/2 to 1 Million!! Then they have to settle the Court claim of John West and a separate claim at Court by Alison West – whether they settle or lose it does look as if that could open the flood gates for around £20,000 of claims as the point will set a prescedent!

There is much much more in the pipeline with regard to claims against the party funds and failing that against the NEC members jointly and severally.

Yes I believe that EUkip is finished but I do hope that if the rotten head that has betrayed us all can be cut off and the right cleaning squad brought in there is still a slim hope for UKIP.

In a question and answer presentation in response to some comments on Anthony Butcher’s Forum – I tried to put some building blocks in place and my reasons:

Also UKIP needs to recognise the following;
I believe you fail to make the very important differentiation between UKIP (the grass root members and real activists) & EUkip (it dishonest and untrustworthy leadership ‘team’ who have bought such shame on the party). The party needs a really good clean-up, new unimpeachable management and a really good telephone answering technique – as policy Nation Wide.
NOT Spanish practices book keepers!

the British people don’t like the EU, but it’s not an important determinant of voters choice of party at general elections. In fact voters consistently rate the EU issue about 13th to 15th on their list of priorities, way down on things like defence, NHS etc.
This is merely a measure of the failure of EUkip that after 50 man years of MEPs and a cost to the tax payer of around £65,000,000 they have TOTALLY failed to get the most important issue in Britain up the list and people are still supporting the single issue parties Lib.Lab.Con.Dim. who have much to say and no control over our country and whose single issue is to bend the knee to Brussels to get their snouts in the trough).

Wasn’t UKIP elected to get this message across? But they got carried away with self interest and went native overloohing & betraying their electorate.

Until UKIP acknowledges this fact
It is NOT a fact it is a misguided opinion as I have frequently shown. You merely reflect EUkip’s abject failure to explain the facts and the message, their lack of training, lack of vision, lack of strategy, lack of tactics and abject failure of leadership.

and produces full, coherent, budgeted, responsible and popular policies to meet the most important concerns of the voters UKIP will continue to get 1-2% of votes at GEs, with the odd blip at Regional Assembly and EU ‘Parliament’ elections.
I presume you are a political strategist for the EU as it is their intention to emasculate UKIP with this silly fantasy.

We already have 3 major one issue parties – the great novelty of UKIP at its zenith was that it wanted to make decisions by the British peoples for the British peoples by not wasting time on the foolish pastime of utterly irrelevant policies (though it may make the foolish feel important).

If you want a multi issue democratic party where we can make decisions first we must repatriate our democracy, restore our independence, reinstate our Parliament and start to work on our policies for the future WHILST we get on with doing the real job of dismantling and disassociating from the EU.

Plenty of time then to find the best brains to reinstate the very best written cconstitution for the modern world and put it to the peoples. Then we can consider pulling together the very best brains to formulate a Transport policy and put it to the peoples and so on. It has taken 60years + to get dragged into this evil mess and the utter economic iliteracy of

This, IMO, is where Roger Knapman went wrong after the 2004 EU elections; and never mind the RKS fiasco.
Roger Knapman had about the same lack of skills as Farage but in his case it was indicisive weak venal incompetence, in Farage’s it is weak, ebullient, ignorance and a willingness to invent solutions without the ability – he lacks even the skills as a leader to have defined his incompetence.

He failed to addresss this issue. I also have the sneaking suspicion that as an ex-Tory he might not have been too keen to see a successful UKIP deprive the Tories of votes at the next GE, and consequently sat on his hands.
No he was just very very dull, his wife had the brains and he wasn’t even much of a Tory, which is why having plugged at Lloyds and lost one of the safest seats in Britain the Tories refused to have him back.

The RKS debacle was entirely Farage’s he lied to RKS and promised him a position that was not in his gift – when he failed to deliver he lacked the manhood or integrity to apologise either to RKS, the NEC for whom he has ALWAYS had contempt or the members, whose sole use is for his glory!

There is a huge gap in the political market, IMO, and the “leadership” have failed to capitalise on that.
You are right, there is a huge gap in the political market, you are right the leadership have failed to capitalise on it and in my opinion both you and the leadership have even noticed it let alone structured training, vision, strategy, tactics and marketing to capitalise upon what with a little explanation some 90% of Britidhcitizens want and need.

Until I see evidence of that changing I shall not be rejoining UKIP.
If a new party espoused the aims you propose they may count upon my active oposition – we already have three one policy parties we DO NOT need another.

We need a multi issue party that is smart enough to explain to the British peoples that as they grow they will build on the determination to leave the EU until it is achieved and in the many years it will take us to disengage from the EU we have more than enough time to rebuild that land fit for heros my Grandfather stood at The Somme to defend, watching his friends fall injured to drown in the mud – for me.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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#155* – Few In EUkip KNOW How Close To Being BROTHERS They Were!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#155* – Few In EUkip KNOW How Close To Being BROTHERS They Were!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

THEY COULD HAVE SO EASILY BEAN BROTHERS:Few will have noticed Nigel’s uncanny resemblance to our dearly beloved ‘National Treasure’ Mr. Bean?

His bumbling attempts to lead UKIP are clearly modelled on his famous alter ego!

It is hardly surprising that Nigel Farage was pleased to find I and other friends believed his brother would be an inappropriate front man – Never did I believe that Farage would be foolish enought to believe he should lead either. I’m with Christopher Booker & Bill Jamieson there His brother would have been as bad as Farage has turned out but for other reasons.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


with thanks to Junius for the inspiration for this blog though Junius’s motives may have differed 😉

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#154* – EUkip, RSS, BNP styles & Telegraph & Subsidies

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#154* – EUkip, RSS, BNP styles & Telegraph & Subsidies

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

EUkip Propaganda, The BNP look, Propaganda, The Telegraph and Subsidies:


If you want a steady flow of info. on the EU which is reliable may I suggest you set up your own RSS feeds on the items you want or go to whichever party site suits you best as most of us who are politically interested do.

If you want to have political commentaries beyond the press build up a list of the blogs which give you a wide range of opinions.

If you want to have the political articles pulled together in one place you will find that Politigg does quite a good job as it breaks it down into Parties AND Subjects.To discuss material it is best picked up and brought to a forum like and discussed – IF you feel it is of interest to others or requires clarification.

One drawback of any RSS system is that if it passes through the hands of a third party it clearly classifies as propaganda and is subject to alteration or selective quoting or perhaps a selective cut off point.Most of us with a serious political interest have a pretty big ‘milk round’ collecting info.

Here is the full article from The Telegraph:

France demands £7bn farm subsidies before talks begin EXCLUSIVE:

France is preparing to “stitch up” Britain by blackmailing the European Union into guaranteeing farm subsidies worth more than £7 billion a year.

By: Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Last Updated: 8:15AM GMT 25 Nov 2008

President Sarkozy,
who has bitterly attacked plans to cut Europe’s farm spending, has summoned EU
agriculture ministers to a special meeting to discuss ‘the future of the Common
Agriculture Policy’
Restricted documents seen by The Daily Telegraph, show Paris will demand subsidies to French farmers are protected before agreeing to allow global free trade talks to take place next month.

The development threatens to break promises made three years ago when the former Prime Minister Tony Blair gave up a chunk of Britain’s annual rebate from
Brussels on the understanding there would be a cut in farm subsidies after

The recent meeting of G20 leaders called on the EU to come to a quick
agreement on World Trade Organisation negotiations aimed at cutting farm
subsidies and dismantling import barriers.But diplomats say France, which
currently holds the EU’s rotating presidency, is using its position to hold the
EU to ransom by linking protection for French farmers to the reopening of
talks.President Sarkozy, who has bitterly attacked plans to cut Europe’s farm
spending “while 800 million people are dying of hunger”, has summoned EU
agriculture ministers to a special meeting on Friday to discuss “the future of
the Common Agriculture Policy” (CAP).

According to officials and diplomats, France is planning to take the issue to a summit of European leaders in 16 days time, even threatening to call heads of government back off their Christmas holidays on Dec 29 unless agreement is reached.”

It is a pretty transparent attempt to stitch up the CAP so France can carry on subsidising food and farms,” said one diplomat.

“It is alarming how much support the French have.”

A classified internal French document praises the CAP as a “strategic asset” based
on principles laid down in the Treaty of Rome over 50 years ago.

It goes on to urge that it should be continued beyond 2013, the date when a new five year EU budget period begins.

“It is necessary for the EU to continue to have after 2013 a common and sufficiently ambitious agricultural policy, ” state “draft Council conclusions”.

By seeking agreement “on the CAP after 2013”, France appears to be
trying to ring-fence its lion’s share of annual EU farm budgets worth £42
billion, spending that costs the average British household £322 a year.

Jim Paice MP, Conservative spokesman for agriculture and rural affairs, said: “When Blair gave up rebates worth £7 billion in 2005 it was on the basis that there would be substantial reform of the CAP.”

British, Dutch and officials from other countries committed to CAP reform are particularly concerned that the French paper insists on retaining Brussels jargon such as “Community preference” and “market stabilisation”.

This is wording that will preserve favouritism, price and production subsidies for EU farm products over agriculture imports from the developing world, trade barriers a new WTO deal aims to end.

Alarm bells have also rung over a demand for the EU to guarantee “the wholesomeness of its products for consumers by promoting ambitious health standards both inside and outside the Union”.

This move and the language used is widely regarded as spelling a new form of protectionism that will limit imports by demanding that non-European food producers in Latin America, Asia or Africa abide by all the EU’s health, environment, workplace and animal rules before food can be exported.

To get the measures through, Mr Sarkozy will need to win over the
German Chancellor Angela Merkel who he met with yesterday.

In 2002, the former French President Jacques Chirac did a deal with Chancellor Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schröder to maintain the high levels of CAP spending.Six years later, amid a recession, say diplomats, Germany, the EU largest economy and budget contributor, is not enthusiastic about guaranteeing subsidies that benefit French farmers.

Interestingly the duplicity of the CAP and these so called REBATES has never really reached the public – mainly because the people who were elected to raise the profile towards getting us out of the EU promptly went native and set about working out how they could enjoy life or in some cases what fiddles they could get upto for self enrichment.

They seem never to have training courses for their members even let alone the public. Had they been acquitting their duty rather than obfuscating accounts and activities to cover for each other and enriching themselves people would have become more aware that EUkip has agreed to work with the EU to strengthen their committees and it is this sort of betrayal that has made the article above from Bruno Waterfield such a revelation to many.

To this day people have little understanding of the huge perks and MEP gets and the massive pension they can accrue – few even seemed to realise that many MEPs families also can benefit – whether as with Clark’s wife who is milking the system for all it is worth it seems and then the dishonesty and betrayal of UKIP when as leader of EUkip it was revealed by the media that he had let the party down and added another source of income for himself by paying his wife £25,000 a year.

This was particularly shamefull as he had promised he would not do this at hustings and when elected and had as leader issued a direct instruction that MEPs should not pay family.

Had those elected to get us out of the EU stuck to their core job they might have made some progress. Clearly they were elected to address this ONE issue which would, when achieved, give British people the right to vote on all aspects of Governance of Britain – this was what achieved such a notable result for UKIP it was only when they turned the party into a muddle of fatuous policies and corruption that their support collapsed.

UKIP was voted in to address the single issue of getting out of the EU so that we could have a full slate of meaningfull policies of our own in Britain.EUkip is now like all the other parties a single issue party no longer is it seeking the right to multiple issue politics – it is just willing to be RULED by The EU and like the other parties be single issue parties have a meaningless wish list.
The collapse into ruin of UKIP came when as EUkip it went from being a party fighting for the liberty and freedom for sovereign self determination with policies on ever issue once out of the EU to being a single issue party squabbling as EUkip over childish and meaningless window dressing with manifestod policies – Dream on!

Just a bunch of pretend politicians surrendering to EU rule as a single issue party.

EUkip lacks vision, shows no understanding opf leadership and manage every problem to turn it into a divisive chrisis, that is one problem with a single issue party – they are left squabbling over who makes the cake for the next meeting and policies that have no meaning. In EUkip’s case the seem to need the police to bring order at their meetings and have dedicatedly branded themselves as the BNP by any other name.

Well what IS the difference?

They behave the same, they look the same & they seem the same – maybe they are a duck!


Greg L-W.

01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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