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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Anthony Butcher; UKIP Forum; Farage;’ Category

#136* – Anthony Butcher’s Contentions Analysed

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/11/2008

#136* – Anthony Butcher’s Contentions Analysed

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



Anthony Butcher posted his views on his open Forum which used to be UKIPForum and can be found at:

Anthony your comments sound more like a mantra stated because it is – rather than because it was – thought about.

Perhaps introducing vision and a spot of political reality may help as I think your opinion is unsound and unsupportable – Unless you find supporting evil to be an acceptable policy, perhaps a poll on the matter would help.

Let us look at the contentions you make from a different perspective:

Even from a critic’s point of view, Farage has to be allowed to stand in the EU
elections as UKIP leader.

Perhaps you could give some politically sound ethical reason to support the contention of wasting time on a hopeless inadequate who is so insecure that he is a serial adulterer, a drunkard, has absolutely no idea or competence as a leader and is incapable – no doubt from fear – of delegation.

As a critic I believe you are wrong and have failed to provide ANY reason for your contention.

This is his grand plan –

So is THAT what he has led you to believe and what is the party’s?

to double the number of UKIP MEPs (to 18 or 24, it isn’t

If it is it is risible – could ANYONE be foolish enough to believe that without substantial funding IN PLACE NOW, competent staff, sound candidates, an honest selection process and a platform to launch from NOW it is just childish or dishonest to imply it is likely.

There are less seats, higher goal posts, greater competition and a collapsed membership Oh yes & 0.03% in the last by election!

If and when UKIP fails, and perhaps ends up with just three
or four MEPs,

It has failed and visibly. What makes you think it will get 3 or 4 MEPs or is your prediction based upon static inertia!

then Farage will lose all credibility as a leader

In what way has he not already?

He has attracted a body of bad publicity – his performance as leader has been catastrophic and divisive and his ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment has back fired on him, even if he does try to roll on through Kristall Nacht to expulsions and a Hitler Youth style claque in EUkip Yoooof telling tales on their elders & rewarded by personal gain – viz. Delroy Young being ambushed by some unknown lad at an NEC meeting to aid the duplicitous Lisa Duffy.

and will have to step aside for someone completely fresh to
take over..

Why since if EUkip get ONE MEP it is most likely to be Farage who would not step aside he would jump ship for his own gain – he has already shown himself to be only too willing to exploit corruption for his personal gain.

and that means someone who isn’t in his trusted circle…
which means someone who doesn’t hold any position in the leadership at the

There is no trusted circle merely those who are bought or controlled.

We can argue on this forum forever about his faults,

Yep probably – there are that many. If you seek brevity may I commend with a felt tip pen you list his competences and skills on the back of a postage stamp.

but political leaders stand and fall on election results.

Some are arrested, some hanged, some guillotined and some just leg it at speed! Many merely resign some like Charles Kennedy when exposed as hopwless and irresponsible drunks – regardless of their obvious skills and affable charm but that in the main is a product of their own honourable behaviour and the wisdom of a competent NEC.

No one expected UKIP to do well in the General Election or
the local elections, but the EU elections are a completely different

Why on all points – after 15 years? Could it be the serial incompetence of its leaders and the pandering of its weak and weakened NEC?

Farage has been given far more leniency by the party than
most other party leaders would ever have had,

NO he has systematically cut the throat of any competitor aided by the lies and dishonesty of his staff and cronies seeking preferment and a place with their snout in the trough.

but he has one big chance to prove himself.

He has had 15 years – when will someone wake up – he HAS proved himself – he has proved he is catastrophic an abysmal failure miles out of his depth as a leader. A slick performing monkey but increasingly tarnished as a monkey in silk is a monkey no less.

It is far too late for a new leader to have any chance of
making an impact on the party now in time for the elections.

Boy he sure has made an impact, similar to The Black Death which killed half the population he has halved the membership and destroyed the party.EUkip could NOT be worse off with an entire new leadership at any stage – though the sooner the better.

So if you are a UKIP member I would urge you to stop
plotting to oust him

& I would ask you to justify your reasons for promoting catastrophy.

and let him get on with it for the moment.

Every day he has been in power he has damaged EUkip – how do you work that out.

I would contend that it is as daft as watching Gordon Brown control our economy increasing debt at £9,111 a second over 11 years & then leaving him in charge to borrow more to stimulate growth!! What, of collapse and rot!

That doesn’t mean that his leadership decisions shouldn’t be
criticised –

It has made no Leadership decisions it has made self interested moves to enclave undermining loyalty and support save from the corrupt and the gullible.

that is only healthy –

NEVER run a care home – clearly your policy would be leave them in their beds soaked in urine and their own ordure and they will get better and grow younger!

but attacks for the sake of attacks won’t achieve

Oh how I agree – let us hope enough people realise the attacks are to clean up EUkip and rebuild a strengthened UKIP which people of integrity can vote for.

If you think that he is doomed to fail anyway,

Wait until he has denuded the funds, destroyed the records, jumped ship and run perhaps – leaving the party with multiple court cases and perhaps as much as £1Million of costs and forfeiture due to Farage & Andrew Smith’s crass irresponsible incompetent and unprofessional behaviour re. handling donations.

then don’t provide him with more excuses to try to worm his
way out of it afterwards.

Why wait – we know he was and is a disaster.

You and a few others will probably be out of the party soon
anyway, so thisis probably a pointless post! 🙂

Increasingly the few decent members are gone or going. The activists have mostly vanished and the membership is still falling.

You may have gathered I believe you’ve rather lost the plot but the question is why – for whom are you working because clearly it is not for UKIP or common sense for UKIP.
Are you considering a personal position AFTER the election as otherwise your suggestions make absolutely no sense in either political or commercial terms.

The Original of this rebuttal of Anthony Butcher’s contentions by me can be found at:

If you are a member of the forum and are willing to be subject to some rather starange rules where the owner seems to have little understanding of a level playing field, scant regard for fairness, largely denies free speech when it suits him and has little comprehension of fundamental tennets of justice do join in – it is free but do not expect integrity or balance to feature and the chosen are permitted to libel and lie whilst the victims are controlled.

That apart it is quite fun, though little positive is discussed nor much on political thought, vision or structure. That said there are a couple of good brains present when they can break free of what can only be described as the ‘ya-boo yobbery’ so prevalent in followers and hopefully left behind by leaders or the competent.

See you there perhaps.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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