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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/05/2009



I rarely get involved in tittle tattle but I hear much of the significance of TWITTER – though as I have never believed myself to be at anyone’s beck and call and have never used a mobile phone – I am the last to judge its significance.

However having read many of the comments mailed to me on ‘e’Mail that have been lifted off of Twitter – I find it so aptly named as clearly it is for Twits.

The obscenity of much of the language and the childish idiocy of what passes for messages tells me all I need to know to confirm the wisdom of avoidance. Then I hear people discussing which Twits are well known as large users and I realise I am well off without it.

Who would want a conversation in bad shorthand and childish abreviations with Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross or their ilk – who would want the flow of foul language from annabell Fuller or the filth of Gawain Towler?

No all in all one is so much better off without it and I understand there are a mere 6,000,000 of these clearly challenged individuals Twit enough to Twitter world wide!

That said I get quite a lot of link ins like the one below.

I make no claim as to its veracity as I would not know a pearl of wisdom from dog poo on Twitter.

I leave it to my readers to draw their own conclusion from the ‘e’Mail sent me on which I have removed the sender.


Here is a lead for you, which supports your labeling UKIP’s leaders as EUKIP.

Please take as your article – not mine!

You are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. I am just disgusted with Farage.

Q: Why did Farage help a Europhile Lib Dem MP Sandra Gidley with information on an MEPs expenses?

The party of the MEP are not mentioned in the conversations below but what on earth is he up to collaborating with the most europhile party at Westminster?


Chris Hatch to Sandra Gidley

“@SandraGidley Nigel Farage almost strikes me as the sort of person that would make you want a shower after a meeting with him #QT”

in reply Sandra Gidley stated

“@ChrisHatch He’s nicer in real life – very helpful in telling me about abuse of a certain MEPs expenses!”

Make of it what you will.

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