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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; UKFirstParty; UKFP; Iain Dale;’ Category

#487* – Serve to Lead & Dare to Lead

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/05/2009

#487* – Serve to Lead & Dare to Lead


I’m sorry my output is a bit scrappy just at the moment but I’ve spent overly much time working with a number of Newspapers over the last few days.

I was amused to hear from a radio journalist and a sources in the meeeja in fear of thee truth coming out EUkip and their dishonest agents/supporters have been desparately telling lies and making fools of themselves by claiming that I am BNP – they really are running scared!

The most shoddy of journalists either knows or can easily check to find out just what an idiotic claim that is. Similar to the lies Croucher and his pals put out when they were scared Farage might not get elected leader and they might find someone of integrity was elected who would have cleaned up the party and cleared it of filth that lied about its critics.

Fortunately my track record of opposition to any form of racism or opposition to peoples superstitions and beliefs goes back 50 years. I refuse to act with clandestine groups and use dishonesty – I have stated over and over again that it is the gutter morality, lack of ethics and outright un British values of the scum that have risen in EUkip that I oppose – just as with the underhand dishonesty of neo communism as in Searchlight and the EU (no wonder they are so closely alied and mutually supportive!).

Anyway many of you will have seen Mrs. Dale’s Diary at:

I’ve made a couple of postings in the comments and here is my latest:


I gather EUkip MEPs will not enjoy disclosures of their expenses etc. on Sunday nor A Tory MEP on Monday.

Interesting that MPs would seem to have TRIED to make their income tax free, but they seem to have failed. Allowances or expenses if they do not equate to actual expenses with receipts would seem to be taxable but note
The number to report an MEP or MP for defrauding HM Revenue or even for conspiring with others to defraud HMRC, which is a criminal offence:
ie you can’t just hand over the sack of swag when you are caught with it!
Stolen money stays stolen even WHEN it is paid back as EUkip’s fraudsters Clive Page, Ashley Mote (undredged!), Lindsay Jenkins & Tom Wise will attrest – the last two named will be answering the criminal charges against them just after EY results are counted on June 8th. at Westminster Courts, where they face allocation.

I believe that it will be clear on Sunday that EUkip are far from the virginal honesty when it comes to expenses as a protest vote.

The amounts that have seemingly been trousereed in EUkip are eye watering per capita relative to the Tories.

Just to be on the safe side don’t waste your vote on a self enriching moral dyslexic – Politicians have not represented the electorate for years, only themselves.

Don’t waste your vote on a politician withdraw your mandate and deny them theirs:
Just write on your ballot paper
The clear wish of the majority in Britain without going against your ‘tribal’ vote.

75%+ of all the laws are imposed from The EU so just keep demanding representation with:
on every ballot until we can make our own laws for our own peoples, can control our own borders in our own interests, legislate for our own businesses, agriculture and financial institutions – ensure the well being of our own fish stocks in our own waters.

You KNOW the only ethical way to vote is to write on your ballot paper
In the best interests of your family, friends and the future AND in fact, as Churchill made clear for the benefit of the Continental Countries.

The Anglosphere has much to offer the world whilst Continental EU is looking for ways to regulate and take, building ever larger military forces of The Rapid Repression Force (YOU can call it Mary Anne!)and armed police of EUroPol increasingly able to abuse and kill citizens across borders using EU arrest warrants!

You KNOW it makes sense write:
If you do this you will help destroy The BNP and strengthen YOUR Country as a Patriot.

Greg L-W.

In passing I have just seen the leaflet being distributed in the EU’s Eastern Assembly Region for Robin Page on behalf of UKFirstParty – Robin is a damned good candidate and along with John West has much to offer the region but sadly the leaflet has been produced by the congenital idiot Bruce Lawson and it is toilet paper!

Bruce Lawson is not only an arrogant self obsessed fool but crano rectally retentive. The leaflet is a complete embarrassment – EUkip may feel foolish producing a leaflet in the EU South East Assembly Region with 4 glaring mistakes on one page including spelling Britain wrong, bureaucracy wrong and the candidate Andreasen wrong twice when it is clearly spelt on Court Judgements against her published on this blog CLICK HERE or for the full Court Judgement itself in English CLICK HERE

Bruce Lawson in his self opinionated stupidity has let down so very many people and to think he honestly expects to get anywhere as a political party, not only with him associated but with the ignorant ill mannered bully Peter Cole who is so closely associated with Tom Wise as almost his only praise singer. UKFirstsParty must be looking forward to the END of the election when it can dump the mills stones, that have all but destroyed them, and can get on with trying to build for the future without the dishonest, the liars and the cheats Bruce Lawson and Peter Cole. If they refuse to leave with dignity then that is the end of UKFirstParty but once they leave it has much to offer.

You will note that Bruce Lawson and Peter Cole are clearly irrelevant to the future of UKFP.

I also note that some slime in EUkip is peddling around a letter trying to claim Richard Suchorzewski was offered a consequential job in EUkip when he did so well against the lies, corruption and dishonesty employed by Farage and his poisinous pals. interestin isn’t it – this is a lie, a fact I can corroborate and do read his predictive and very prescient Resignation Letter. It is astonishing just how frightened the low lifes of EUkip are that he might re-emerge so much so to avoid someone of integrity with qualifications and experience outside of political boot licking they feel a fear such that they still try to bad mouth and lie about him – such astonishing insecurity and it seems so similar to the behaviour of the BNP and the EU when confronted with the risk of exposure.

Look at the lies and slurs against me or for that matter Niall Warry, Petrina Holdsworth, John West, Junius, Richard North, Simon Muir – yet the liars that form the leadership team of EUkip can not identify a single lie or dishonesty from any one of us and the very worste EUkip can say about me is that I have a pony tail!!!

But that does not stop liars and cheats like Denny, Croucher, McGough, Nuttall, Reeve, Carver, Malcolm Wood, Graham Booth, Peter Cole, Tom Wise, Duffy, Colman, Jenkins, Towler and their ilk inventing lies to desparately suppress the truth in attempts to get their snouts to The Troughs on the Gravy Train – Just how high can you pile such filth? It seems high enough to build an NEC and goffers!

Well enough for now I’ve an early start and a full day tomorrow, there are stories to finalise – I hope you all enjoy the efforts I am making, with others, to clean up EUkip which should start to manifest shortly and the Tory story on Monday will also amuse in the same vein.

By the way with regard to my posting #486 – have you phoned to make an official complaint regarding tax fraud and collusion to defraud HMRC in collusion with others of your MPs and MEPs?

All the details you need are there to help you to help clean up British Politics as we increasingly distance ourselves from the filth of TheBNP, the dishonesty and self enrichment of EUkip and the odious EU which they so closely emulate!

Enjoy the day and the papers tomorrow.

The more you can help clean up British politics, without fear or favour regarding Party – To vote is to Collude in Corruption and reward corruption.

Write on your Ballot Paper

There is no shame in acting ethically even if at times it may seem lonely taking a lead and making a moral stance.

Dare to Lead.
Beat The Clock!

Greg L-W.

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