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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
 their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


two complimentary Buses with different and complimentary routes to the same destination and a rag tag of fly by night taxis trying to pick up funding and a few bewildered passengers put out by The UKIP Garage.

Should that be UKIP‘s Farage as the last two petitions he has been party to were nothing more than blatant scams.

They were NEVER delivered and the £1/4 Million of tax payers money that went into one was never accounted, and seems to have vanished into the pockets of those responsible, as did possibly £1+ million or more from the Ashford scam, seemingly founded on the addresses garnered from the petition, and a breech of the ethics of Data Protection!

It is worrying that even after the huge amount of money that went missing unaccounted from Ashford where even David Bannerman as Farage’s puppet chairman admitted there had been no control and less than 15% of the money collected for UKIP ever reached the party, whether that included the money laundered through Graham Booth’s hotel accounts he did not specify!!

To see the same team – Farage, Bannerman and Croucher (with Lott once more, presumably again using the data base – mailing out letters to promote Farage’s financial interests) all merrily launching a new fleet of ‘dodgey taxis’ but even more purturbingly doing it in a childish and petulent assault on The Peoples’ Petition because it is run by Nikki Sinclaire MEP, aided now by Mike Nattrass MEP and The EU Referendum Campaign because James Pryor and Bridget Rowe set it up and Dan Hannan MEP and Paul Nuttall MEP have joined it!!

You will even note that Farage has his team all working closely together for his re-election, and clearly states NOTHING about a petition but openly advocates a call center. Be minded when he pronounced that Ashford was the most successful thing UKIP has ever done yet, to the press, for whom one must ask, as 85% of the money raised AT LEAST would seem to have vanished! We note he clearly states his intention to set up another ‘Call Center’!

You may care to note that since the article below was written it has been agreed that form a point of referrence for GENUINE petitions and although JUNIUS somewhat harshy claims Farage was refused participation – strictly that is not true just as he was not refiused co-operation with Libertas and Declan Ganley it seems there he was refused access to the funds and with The EURC hethey were not willing to put him in charge!

So like a spoilt child he registered Libertas at Companies House to try to blackmail declan Ganley – he failed (as of course did Ganley but little wonder!).

It looks like de Ja Vu all over again! Farage is acting like a spoilt child and using UKIP to try to run a spoiler annoyed that those who have moved onno longer enthralled watching him feather his own nest at the expense of Britain and UKIP.

What must particularly annoy is that The Peoples’ Petition is already up to about 20,000 (exact No. not counted as they have only counted full sheets of 10 signatures those with 9 0r less have not been counted and are slowly being filled by incoming phone calls – the estimated 20,000 I am assured is a fair judgement) – either way that outstrips Farage’s previous petitions!

The aim is to get the first 100,000 and deliver them to Drowning Street and the certificate of delivery with the petition to The Speaker’s Chair as demanded by our democracy. It is expected that the donations already in on top of Ms. Sinclaire’s substantial personal contribution will now put The Peoples’ Petition in a self liquidating position to advertise to back and promote the achievement with the second and subsequent 100,000s progressively easier to obtain as the public catch on.

Meanwhile the efforts of The EURC ploughs its own complimentary furrow working with The Peoples’ Petition but aimed at solid promotion of the need for a referendum on In or OUT of The EU with politicians, Councils, Commerce and big businesses – already Labour EUro Safeguards Campaign is on board as are The Boo Group and representatives of major Trades Unions.

Please enlarge this form to the appropriate size and print off a few to get filled in by family and friends – neighbours and work mates – maybe even strangers!!

For details of how YOU can help and participate CLICK HERE

The Third Bus

Author: Andy Carling
12 September 2010 – Issue : 902

The Brits, with their characteristic downbeat outlook have a saying, “you wait forever for a bus and then three arrive at the same time”. A situation that anyone who has been hanging around Place Luxembourg can relate to. 
And so, it applies to referendum petitions. The British eurosceptics, peeved at being denied a referendum on Lisbon have been racing to organize campaigns, asking the Brits to sign petitions asking for a referendum on EU

So far, three have turned up. It’s uncertain how many more are due.

First out the starting gate was Nikki Sinclaire MEP, who left the EFD Group because of what she saw as anti-semitism and homophobia amongst its members. Her campaign, which she dubs ‘the people’s petition’ is trying to raise 100,000 signatures. She argues that the UK is neither in, nor outside the EU and a referendum on membership will provide a firm position for the country’s future relationship with Europe, either inside or outside the union.

She is touring the UK garnering signatures. She claims to have had 10,000 in the first week of campaigning.

UKIP responded to this by launching a referendum petition of their own their third in recent years. One that closed in 2008 had 10,782, another one, launched in November 2009, seems to have disappeared. It remains to be seen how the latest will do, but there doesn’t seem to be much promotion behind it and it is said that some UKIP people are a little embarrassed about launching a second petition.

Enter Dan Hannan. He has launched a third petition. This is the slickest of them all, and possibly crucially, has support from the left and right. The move, which announces itself as a “ballsy, cutting edge campaign” is getting the most press and is a much more professional effort, even though it was the last one off the ground. They say that, “It’s a sad fact that Britain is sleepwalking into the European Super-State and Britain must wake up to the nightmares hiding under the sheets of Brussels. EU laws and directives made without our knowledge or consent, behind locked doors of the most complicated clauses and sub-clauses imaginable.”

Sadly, there is no joint campaign against cliches and tired metaphors. To view the full article CLICK HERE as it seems there is also no joint campaign for tired associations to fill column inches!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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