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Archive for the ‘Rob McWhirter’ Category

#115*Z – Marta Andreassen Undermines EUkip’s Credibility!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/11/2008

#115*Z – Marta Andreassen Undermines EUkip’s Credibility!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The insistence of Ms. Andreassen for rules & protocols seems all important for others, yet the rules of EUkip & having indisputably cheated to be listed as a favoured pro EU candidate, who just wants changes, as long as she can get back on the gravy train – undermines her credibility & EUkip’s.

Greg L-W.

Correct though she may be – Marta Andreassen brings EUkip into Disrepute by Having Cheated to Get Listed As An MEP Candidate.

We have a right to know where the EU’s millions end up
Brussels accounts scandal must be stopped

Marta Andreassen

Here we go again. Today, for the 14th year in a row, the European Court of
Auditors will unveil their report, telling us that they refuse to clear the EU
accounts. What’s worse, no one will really seem to care. We are told that the
accounts won’t be cleared until 2020 – if then.

Having worked inside the Brussels nomenklatura and having being sacked
for my insistence that financial controls have to be strengthened, I am not
surprised to find that nothing has changed other than the arguments deployed to
defend this state of affairs. What the auditors have been saying for years is
that most of the payments made by the Commission from its £70 billion-a- year
budget cannot be deemed legal or regular. That is, that they cannot confirm
those payments have been made to the correct person for the correct purpose and
for the correct amount. It stretches credulity to insist, as the Europhiles do,
that this does not mean that there is fraud.

Because the payments are made to beneficiaries in the member countries
it’s easy enough for the institutions to put the blame on those recipients.
Which is what they do, claiming that the problem is one of insufficient
attention being paid to the paperwork. But who designed the paperwork that no
one understands or completes? And who doesn’t insist on it being completed? The
institutions themselves, of course. Because this control is missing there is no
way to protect against fraud or even to uncover it.

We might not expect the European Union to be whiter than white, but we
should at least hold them to the standard of being competent. Who is to blame
for this situation? The Members of the European Parliament. For those 14 years
they’ve been allowing this situation to continue.
It’s not just that too
many have gone native, dreaming of their part in constructing that shimmering
vision of “Europe”. It’s that they’ve forgotten what a Parliament is for, which
is not simply to pass legislation, but to hold those who implement it to
account. Only a complete cynic would note that those who do complain, those who
do insist that this situation must change, start to find their own activities,
their own expense accounts, say, subjected to audits of much greater detailed
scrutiny than are applied to the accounts as a whole.

The Euro-elections in June 2009 offer the public a chance to elect
those who will defend their interests, who will insist on controlling where
their money is going. The EU costs Britons £40 million a day and we all deserve
that so much of what is ours is not wasted in fraud.
Marta Andreassen was
the chief accountant for the European Commission. She is standing for the UK
Independence Party in the SE Region

To view the original article in today’s Times:

To Quote Rob McWhirter:

Good article
As a believer in competence, though, will she be calling for Piers recommendations on the MEP lists to be implemented?

One does wonder what place a Danish born, Argentinian Married, Spanish Resident from Barcelona has as a highly paid part timer doing a bit of book keeping, well signing them actually – I understand others do the work she merely collects the salary & expenses for a small amount of work.

How come EUkip couldn’t get a reputable firm of UK accountants?

How come EUkip has to dishonestly parachute in an unregistered alien who was not a member when such as Rob McWhirter was denied a vote after many years, because he is currently under contract in Switzerland?

This woman is a fraud and a cheat – hardly surprising when one realises her determination as a political prostitute to get back on the gravy train – seemingly by any dishonest means!.

Greg L-W.

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