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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; John West; Alison West; Paul Nuttall; Zucherman; Jeffrey Titford; Gulleford;’ Category

#177* – EUkip Intimidates A Witness AGAIN

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/12/2008

#177* – EUkip Intimidates A Witness AGAIN

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



we have already dealt in part with the crass stupidity of EUkip in its treatment of its loyal supporters.

Seeking to intimidate those who find themselves as witnesses in Court, through no fault of their own, when acting as every moral decent UKIP member would be expected to is stupidity beyond belief.

Recently the letter which follows would have been expected to land on the mat of a loyal supporter of UKIP, who was elected by members as a Branch Chairman of a UKIP Branch and I understand asked to stand and elected by the members of another Branch as Secretary.

Seen as a dedicated UKIP member and a supporter he was elected as a PPC by the members.

Here is the letter of 27-Nov-08, my source on the NEC has mailed me – I concede it is ONLY a copy which I have to hand and I would like to thank the sender who was able to obtain a photo copy for me to share with the public to show just how off the rails EUkip now is:

I wonder if this muppet Ma Zucherman has any idea or does he care about the damage he is laying EUkip open to.

If only EUkip had competent legal advice instead of this self seeking idiot.

Sooner or later I expect that John West will receive a copy of the letter – though I gather not only has Ma Zucherman not thought of his letter leaking but he has I presume sent it un-recorded.

One has to wonder what Ma Zucherman uses to keep his ears apart – the man is clearly a liability!

This man as the Party Secretary of EUkip has brought the party into clear disrepute abusing members by hurling at one that he has Tourrettes and another he diagnosed as having Electronic Tourrettes!

Not content with this he abused a guest invited to speak by The Party Leader using the racist epithette ‘Nazi’.

I gather the relevant fully documented and witnessed complaints have been lodged with his professional body as a ‘solicitor’ or so he gives people to understand despit evidence and signs of competence!

Let us consider a couple of FACTS:

* John West has no need to acknowledge receipt of this letter.

* John West is in a position to treat the letter in a like manner to that which members of The EUkip NEC have treated his letters, failing or refusing to reply and leaking them to try to bring EUkip to its senses.

May I also remind this bufoon Ma Zucherman that the Courts in these United Kingdoms take a VERY dim view of intimidation of witnesses!

Consider the FACTS:

* John West is likely to be called by The Data Protection Commissioner and or The Public Prosecutor in a Criminal Case currently under investigation (Case numbers etc. have been listed on this Blog Go Seek!).
*1. Against Ms. Annabelle Fuller.
*2. Against Clive Page
*3. Against Christopher Gill
*4. Against Ma Zucherman
*5. Against Nigel Farage
related to their possibilities of culpability in the matter of the criminal posting of a film to You Tube in contravention of The Data Protection Act.

* John West is likely to be called as a witness by The Information Commissioner’s Office
*1. Against Nigel Farage as Party Leader.
*2. Against Paul Nuttall unelected Chairman.
*3. Against Ma Zucherman as Part Secretary of EUkip.
related to their refusal to answer requests properly made with regard to production of documents.

* John West may be called as a witness by The Information Commissioner’s Office in related matters.

* John West may well be a litigant seeking return of monies and costs related to a breech of contract on the part of EUkip (which in my opinion is unwinnable, on the part of EUkip, based upon fact and prescedent, evidence and witnesses).

It is probable that the following people may be called as witnesses to Court – Nigel Farage as leader, David Bannerman Deputy Leader and beneficiary of the corrupt process in question and proven not to be the person he has claimed to be for gain fraudulently, Stuart Agnew as a beneficiary of the corruption and his friends on the so called panel, Michael McGough who lied to cheat his friends and dupe his associates, both in written form and by omission to correct and others. Gerard Batten may also be called dependent on whether he is considered to be a credible and honest witness. Documentary evidence is in place as posted on this blog.

* John West may also be called as a witness, together with those above and others, in a similar case being led by Mrs. Alison West.

Perhaps Ma Zucherman would be well advised to consult someone with some legal nouse, rather greater than that of Rachel Oxley who has issued her written legal opinion to the NEC in the past despite her illustrious education which I gather raised her to teaching junior school children in ‘real’ life.

I believe that there is absolutely no doubt that this plethora of claims as put forward both by EUkip’s unelected Chairman Paul Nuttall in another case more accurately described as an ambushing and kangaroo court procedure. Also the written letter I have posted on this blog at #124* as I recall.

These actions taken subsequent to the publishing of the facts known to date regarding John West’s probability as a witness in Court on numerous issues is clearly likely to be seen as an attempt to intimidate a witness.

By the by I had overlooked the fact that John West will almost deffinitely be called as a witness in the cases against Jeffrey Titford and his political assistant, should the Police decide to proceed in matters before them, or on the request of OLAF who are currently investigating legitimate allegations passed to them by the British Constabulary.

Details of these various enquiries are dealt with and clarified elsewhere on this blog.

The following letter from Jeffrey Titford to Ma Zucherman may well be seen as collusion in an attempt to intimidate a witness – especially since it is possible that John West has not received a copy of this letter having read it on this blog!

That the letter from Ma Zucherman above is undated and the alleged complaint by Titford vary in date of presentation dramatically it does indeed seem that there has been collusion to intimidate John West as a witness, brought into play when The Intimidatory letter from Paul Nuttall the unelected placeman of the corrupt and discreditted Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage seized leadership of EUkip as a result of a dishonest and corrupt process not disimilar to the well documented breech of due process that is likely to see EUkip in Court for breech of contract by subsequent and various members over the next months. Many have intimated they await the outcome of the two pending Court Cases of John West and also separately of Mrs. Alison West.

Now may I draw your attention to the long out dated letter of Jeffrey Titford.

I have provided a ‘dismantling of this letter elsewhere on this blog and can assure you that it is a tissue of lies and false witness and I will be happy to attest to that in Court and provide witnesses thereof and stand witness myself.

Mr. Titford has most dishonestly misrepresented facts herein and on this tissue of lies Ma Zucherman has founded his attempt to intimidate John West as a witness in various cases concerning EUkip, dishonesty, criminality, duplicity, lies and corruption.

I would contend that had EUkip set out upon an act of self destruction they could hardly have achieved such potential damage.

I call upon Jeffrey Titford, Michale Zucherman, Paul Nuttall and all others associated with this crass attempt at intimidating John West as a witness to accept responsibility for their irresponsibility and potentially criminal action and resign their offices and their membership of the party.

This will permit of the reinstatement of John West and others who have been dishonestly treated by the clearly corrupt NEC and leadership team.

An honourable and Patriotic step in the direction of cleaning up the party to try to reinstate UKIP as a party individuals of integrity and morality can vote for and work to rebuild after this catastrophic and damaging period which has seen membership collapse and votes wither.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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