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#103* – The Growth Of EUkip Shame!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/11/2008

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

#103* – The Growth Of EUkip Shame!!



It is interesting to note the hours members of UKIP keep in their efforts to route out the filth that is the rotten head of EUkip.

It will also be interesting to see if Anthony Butcher is man enough to apologise for his despicable corrupt behaviour and publish my eMail and comments or will he again insist on aiding dishonesty and corruption?

It is also interesting to note the corrupt and the dishonest who seek to belittle the truth when it comes to them and those who censor material and the facts to prevent them coming to the attention of a wider audience – cheats and the corrupt who support and assist lies about those who bring the truth, liars like Malcolm Wood who seeks to undermine those who bring the truth and his efforts to change and dishonestly distort minutes, lie about accounts, tell lies about people to ensure he hangs onto his EU paid job.

He is not alone in his self interested dishonesty – consider the dishonesty and corruption of Anthony Butcher and his Forum where lies and dishonesty about opponents of the EU are supported and encouraged – they are permitted, like Croucher, Denny, Bob FM etc. to publish any lie about me without any shred of substantiation whilst Anthony Butcher censors the truth and refuses to publish facts that are provided with provenance by me and to this date has been too dishonest to apologise to those he wrongs.

Many will remember when he banned Niall Warry from his Forum with absolutely no reason he could establish – he then lacked the integrity to apologise for his dishonesty and corruption when Niall’s statements were proven beyond doubt – the gutless and dishonest little Butcher just snivelled and hid from the truth.

Anthony Butcher’s assistance to the corrupt, the dishonest and the self seeking shows beyond any doubt that he is beneath contempt – despite proof he censured me for stating Tom Wise had been shown to be involved in fraud, corruption, embezzling and dishonesty – for which he was arrested by the media – Anthony Butcher – despite the evidence censured me and colluded with Tom Wise!!

Yet even to this day the cowardly and dishonest little Butcher lacks the integrity to apologise for his dishonesty and corruption of the forum.

Again and again I provide facts, opinion and irrefutable proof to back the facts of criminality in EUkip, apparent dishonesty, corruption and endless breeches of law and their own constitution but Butcher dishonestly aids the corrupt to continue by publishing the supporters who lie about EUkip yet removes or prevents the publication of the facts and the proven truth – one has to wonder for whom Anthony Butcher, in such dishonesty, works and jusyt howmuch he is paid for his corruption.

Would EUkip still be in the mess it is? Would the corrupt leadertship still be there if dishonest people like Anthony Butcher were not corruptly sheltering them – There is not enough money on this planet to make me sink so low!

Having read the depositions for the kangaroo Court on Monday being brought against Dr. Eric Edmond & Dr. David Abbott and the fact that the ‘latest’ version of the so called Agenda aims to hold numerous further kangaroo courts – the silence of the membership that is left is very much a result of liars, cheats, idiots and the corrupt like Bob FM, Malcolm Wood, Anthony Butcher and the like – who without a shred of honest evidence seek to sabotage the spread of proven truth. Gutless traitors to our Country who betray our peoples.

Astonishingly the EUkip leadership are so dishonest and corrupt that they believe their behaviour, led by the proven liar, fraud and bullying cheat Bannerman though it seems he may well still (like Stephen Sobey) be working for the Tories and is definitely in the employ of the EU. Do these people have ANY morality?

We note they have to date ignored the report and advice of their own Returning Officer regarding their utterly corrupt and invalid listing of who they want as MEP candidates and their criminality in achieving it!Leadership – what leadership?

A vain self seeking dishonest and very grubby little drunkard with an inability to think with his big head and an obsession with the thoughts of his little head. Then we have the self seeking and clearly ineligible Marta Andreassen – seemingly Farage could find anyone of stature to manipulate to fiddle the books – so he has EMPLOYED @ over £36,000 a part time and discredited Danish woman who lives in Spain – the so called UK Independence Party couldn’t find anyone in the UK and they now pay someone to fudge the books who is far from Independent she is seeking a way to get her snout back into the troughs on the gravy train corruptly and dishonestly, seemingly at all cost, having lost her legal case to get her snout in!

Marta Andreassen is FIRMLY over many years pro EU – she thinks the EU just wants a bit of fine tuning!

UKIP is no more EUkip is adopting a clear stance of negotiation and acquiescence to the EU with pond life like the dishonest liar and cheat Derek Clark whose betrayal far exceeds that of Edward Heath a traitor and self confessed thief who fraudulently steals tax payers money and boasts of it at public meetings!

These people are clearly beneath contempt yet the corrupt like Anthony Butcher dishonestly collude in protecting them – How shameful!

Dear Mr Bannerman,

Thank you for your letter.

I suggest that you get someone to read my email to you as you seem unable to understand it’s content. I was referring to an email sent by YOU to a UKIP member. In that email you repeat the lie that I have libelled you. By doing this you have, in fact, libelled me.

You have been threatening to go to the police for months.

Either go to the police or do not but either way cease telling lies about me, cease harassing me and cease threatening me – your posturing is becoming both boring and offensive. In fact, I would welcome you going to the police.

I will be very happy to speak to them. Will you be doing this in your private capacity or as an agent for the Party? Please send me the officer’s email address as I have a number of UKIP members who are willing to send the police statements concerning corruption in UKIP.

Among other things, I look forward to the Metropolitan Police interviewing Nigel Farage about the You Tube video leak, who posted it, and on whose instructions the harassment of me began.

I also look forward to the police looking into what happened to the money raised by the Ashford Call Centre and the allegations that you have deliberately and dishonestly misled the members about your supposed links to Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman in order to gain position and preferment in UKIP.

You are also sadly misguided in your belief that “ breach of confidentiality” can result in instant dismissal from the NEC.

As Deputy Leader of UKIP, I would have thought that even you would be aware of basic rules. As you are not, I will remind you. The constitution does not permit instant dismissal No one can be instantly dismissed.

The constitution says breaching of NEC confidentiality are GROUNDS for expulsion/suspension. The grounds have to be proved and there is no automatic or instant ‘punishment.’ There have to be a minimum of nine members present plus the accused who has full rights of reply. For expulsion two-thirds of those present have to vote in favour.

Mr Bannerman, your threats are groundless and are based on lies.

Yes, I did report Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gullaford to the police after failing to get the party to consider the complaint that had been brought to my attention by a former member . Are you suggesting that I ignore alleged criminal activity in order to save the leadership embarrassment?

Mr Bannerman, it would be impossible to libel you as you have already destroyed any reputation that you may have had by condemning me for doing my duty and reporting alleged criminal activity to the police.

I should add that the investigation is not over. The file has been passed to Olaf. You have taken your ‘30 pieces of silver’ and betrayed UKIP by becoming a paid employee of the EU.

An EU employee ‘shall carry out his duties and conduct himself solely with the interests of the Communities in mind, he shall neither seek nor take instructions from any government, authority, organization or person outside his institution. He shall carry out the duties assigned to him objectively, impartially and in keeping with his duty of loyalty to the Communities‘.

How on earth can you reconcile this with being a UKIP MEP candidate? Do tell me, as I, and the membership, would love to know!

You claim that I am constantly harassing the NEC.

On the contrary, I am making legitimate complaints to the governing body of UKIP. It is about time that NEC members realise that they have a duty to represent the interests of the members. They are not there simply to please Nigel Farage and do his bidding.

Incidentally, I am still waiting for the NEC to even acknowledge my complaint about Peter Reeve and Ron Whitmore. I am still waiting for an apology from Zuckerman and Denny for their claim that I suffer from Tourettes and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (May I point out that I am a governor of the Suffolk NHS Mental Health Trust – where we are campaigning to end the stigma attached to those suffering from mental illness. Using mental illness as a term of abuse is shameful and unacceptable).

I am still waiting for an apology for the You Tube video incident. Do you wish me to go on and list all the complaints that I and others have made? All these complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Is it so surprising that so many are now calling on the NEC and leadership to resign for having brought the party into disrepute.

Mr Bannerman, rather than acquit your duty and deal with these complaints, you evade the issues, either by ignoring them, or by making trumped up counter threats to take me to court for libel.

May I remind you that you were elected to the NEC to represent the interests of the members. As you are clearly not willing to do this nor hold the position legitimately under the UKIP Constitution, being an EU employee, you should resign from the NEC, stand down as Deputy Leader and give up your place on the MEP list. I totally reject your attempts at harassment and intimidation, although I fully understand the reasons behind your sabre rattling.

I am sorry to disappoint you but I will not back down.

My various complaints, that have led to legal action against the leadership, will continue regardless of your threats.

May I suggest that you follow the path of Stephen Sobey, and return to the Tory Party as you have clearly brought our party into disrepute for the reasons given above. I will be passing a copy of this email to Suffolk Police, the NEC and the Information Commissioner.

Yours sincerely,
John West

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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