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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/04/2011

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Judge’s Comments Mirror This Blog’s Position from day one!




a strange day _ don’t normally do mornings but today I was up early and left home at 07:45hrs.for Velindre Hospital Cardiff, my first call transferred to their care!

I was early for my 09:00hrs. appointment with Nuclear Medicine where I was injected with a radio active isatope! As if we aren’t getting enough from Japan. Then a two hour wait and the only paper was The Guardian, what garbage there is little wonder why they lost so many £Millions last year if that was a typical days effort!

Then a blood sample every hour on the hour for 3 hours! So that will check my kidney function.

On getting back – thanks for the calls on the answer phone and I checked Google for the outcome of the sad case of Justin Adams.

Earlier today it seems Justin Adams was predictably found guilty of threats to kill in Oxford Crown Court.

As this blog has stated consistently it was a sad case and there was clearly a mental health issue that underpinned the case and I still maintain that it was poorly handled heaping grief upon woe by use of courts!

You will remember I reported my earlier conversations with Justin Adams at the time and also his comments that Nigel Farage’s behaviour during the emergency prior to the crash, in which he had known their position was not good and they were likely to crash at around stall spead of something a little under 50mph., Justin Adams had stated that Nigel Farage’s behaviour had been exemplary keeping calm and quiet throughout responding clearly to questions and instructions.

Well done Nigel – for a change showing a spark of leadership ability. May I also congratulate Justin Adams for heaping praise where it was clearly due when at the time he had lost his livelihood, his plane, his home, his wife, his child and his heath.

The entire debacle shows just how badly our Justice system and our health system serves our people that this very clear case of a mental health issue was not properly dealt with as a mental health issue and became blown out of all proportions by clearly insensitive handling when a man in a chronic state mentally, emotionally and medically can not be helped but is ‘Banged Up’ from the end of November until well into May when sentence will be passed.

How can this in any caring society be seen as Justice?

You will note:

The Honourable Mr Justice Saunders adjourned sentencing until the week commencing 9 May, pending a pre-sentence report.
Remanding Adams in custody, he said he was “clearly extremely disturbed” at the time the offences happened.
He added: “He is a man who does need help. If I can find a way of giving him help, I will.”

I was glad to see that even the Judge agrees with this blog and is seeking help for Justin Adams – guilty as he may well be technically.

There is little doubt that in terms of publicity Nigel Farage has been able to milk this one to great effect all be it in a quite bizarre and delusional way at times – well it is after all a mental health issue 😉

To view the original of this story CLICK HERE
For more about this accident and the trial put >Justin AdamsSEARCH< box at the top of the right sidebar on this blog.:

24 Jan 2011
The Court heard the charges which were of 5 Counts of Threatening to Kill and the case was further postponed to 11-Mar-2011 and Justin Adams was remanded in custody without bail until that date YET AGAIN! …
22 Jan 2011
Justin Adams is scheduled to present at Court 2 in Oxford, on a charge of ‘Threatening to kill’ – I believe Nigel Farage MEP the leader of the overtly Racist, anti Jewish, sexually intolerant Pan EU EFD Political Group and one other (at …
13 Mar 2011
Justin Adams, 45, appeared at Oxford Crown Court yesterday charged with making threats to kill the politician and Civil Aviation Authority investigator Martin James. Adams, of Glenwood, Buckland, near Faringdon, was at the controls of a …
06 Jan 2011
I’ll provide more details later but Justin Adams has been remanded in custody to appear Jan 21st. I’ll fill in some detail later as I must go play with Doctors as part of the aftermath of my latest op. Regards, Greg_L-W.. …
02 Dec 2010
you may find some detail of Justin Adams, nigel Farage, The Plane Crash & the Court charges of interest! For SOME veracity start at CLICK HERE re: 02-Dec-2010 – Justin ADAMS Pilot in Court & Nigel FARAGE MEP of UKIP …
12 Apr 2011
so finally the long delayed trial of Justin Adams has commenced – it was fast beginning to look like Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – Justin Adams has now been held in custody as an innocent man pending trial (British presumption of …
07 Dec 2010
I understand that Justin Adams was remanded in custody until 30-Dec-2010 – a search on this blog in the search box at the top of the Right Sidebar will take you to other articles on the matter as will reading The Farage Blog CLICK HERE. …
19 hours ago
That said, one must feel sorry for Justin Adams as his world quite literally crashed whilst his passenger was able to profit from the publicity and even saw himself as some sort of Mesiah having survived (in his shaving mirror!). …

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