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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Robert M. Stockmann; Butcher; Archibold Ramsey; A.K. Chesterton;NF;’ Category

#516* – EUkip, Archibald RAMSEY, NF & Corruption.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/06/2009

#516* – EUkip, Archibald RAMSEY, NF & Corruption.


today I recieved a particularly strange ‘e’Mail from:
Robert M. Stockmann []

I question the motivation and my response follows:


There’s a interesting poll put up by the British Democracy Forum at

Who will you vote for on 4th June? … -june.html by Administrator and Moderator Anthony Butcher of the Libertas Party.

Sofar its roughly 41.51% UKIP and 28.30% BNP …. But there is a problem, Mr. Butcher somehow doesn’t want to moderate my posting and put it up for public view.

Here’s my posting (BTW i voted for UKIP, although the EUSSR menace should stop a.s.a.p. and there was sadly enough not the option “None of the above”.) :
The Soviet States of Europe

The following was penned down in 1952 by the assistant of Chamberlain, Cpt. Archibald Ramsey. On 23 May 1940 he was imprisoned without a valid reason in Brixton Prison. On 6 September 1944 he was released and took his seat again in the House of Members of Parliament :

“Out of the last war we brought the Soviet States of Russia ; out of the next war we will bring the Soviet States of Europe.” had been the pronouncement at a world meeting of communist parties about 1932. To make the next war possible, therefore, the see-saw must be balanced again ; German strength build up, and British strength whittled down. Then the Europeans can fight each other to the death of one and complete exhaustion of the other. A dramatic surprise is in store for both sides. Neither is to be the real winner. The real winner is quite a different army. This army is the one that will receive the real attention. For 25 years it will be built up under conditions of the greatest secrecy. Its leaders will not show their strength until the conflict is well under way. Not until a critical moment in the war will the European armies be permitted to guess at the existence of the huge factories beyond the Urals, or of the colossal proportions of the heavily mechanized hordes which will then commence to roll west-wards over Europe under the red flag of Marxism.”

It starts to look like we now finally are getting the Soviet States of Europe, most certain because ‘free enterprise’ doesn’t exist anymore, where only a thing like ‘free trade’ is hailed but that’s only a mockery because on Heathrow one is only allowed to buy 2 cigarette packages or a couple of bottles. If one exceeds this, one is fined and, when failing to pay, parked in jail next to Ashley Mote.

It certainly starts to look like has been takenover by a couple of strange ‘moderators’


I note with interest your posting untrustworthy as Anthony Butcher is being self interest and very easily self impressed – you must remember he has little or no understanding of ethics or integrity. His weak capitulation to the lies and bullying of EUkip has been plain for all to see as has his willingness to act as a platform for corrupt and dishonest individuals like the vile Mark Croucher a piece of pond life with which Farage is intimately associated, who is a conduit of EUkip information to the extremist and clandestine organisation Searchlight.

EUkip has taken a lurch to an outdated centralisation of authoritarian control under Farage where many of the methods and looks of an extreme right wing Fascist party has emerged.

Consider the dishonesty and lies of Paul Nuttall who was willing to lie and bully to get his way with little Anthony Butcher who rapidly capitulated to and colluded in EUkip’s dishonesty.

I note your quotation from Archie Ramsey which is known to me but perhaps you can provide a URL from which this can be authoratitively sourced.

That Archie Ramsey was both an extremist and markedly anti Jewish leads me to incline not to promote his views or deductions as I have found them to be on the whole vile.

That Archie Ramsey was indeed imprisoned is not debatable though your assertion of ‘without a valid reason’ is rather disingenuous as you will no doubt be aware that he had fallen foul of the Home Secretaries legally enacted war time authorities to imprison without trial, anybody he believed likely to “endanger the safety of the realm”.

I find it disingenuous of you to represent the situation as you do in the light of the fact that Archie Ramsey was a leading light in the extremist organisation The Right Club based in more than fair measure on racism, anti Judaism and an undemocratic attack on the values of these United Kingdoms verging on direct betrayal and collaborative behaviour as with William Joyce a fellow member or the odious A.K. Chesterton a supporter of apartheid and you may well be aware of his part in the foundations of The National Front and his best known work The New Unhappy Lords although showing some insight into the dangers of Global governance and The New World Order is in the main a vile and obsessive promotion of an anti Jewish White Supremacist bile.

Wisdom, prescient foresight, opportunity and a glib way with words is not nor should it ever be a Free Pas to Get Out of Jail.

Archie Ramsey was betraying his Country and was in the words of Parliament ‘likely to endanger the safety of the realm’ whether you are Archie Ramsey, William Joyce, Tom Wise, Nick Griffin, Tom Wise or A.K. Chesterton there is no quarter that should be given for corruption or betrayal of ones Country, racism, hatred of peoples for their superstitions and beliefs, nor lies, victimisation or dishonesty of issues or people – NO Get Out of Jail Free card.

I had felt disposed to NOT publish your deeply flawed submission however perhaps the light of day and the oxygen of publicity might destroy such vile mold.

I have based my comments on one single article by you, in which you may possibly be misguided and naiive, in which case I apologise and will publish your rebuttal of my conclusion in your defence – if however my deduction is correct expect no quarter.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

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