interesting snippet noted by one of my French contacts in the EP!

Here is Godfrey Bllom EUkip’s MEP on the Women’s Issues Committee in the EP – he is the EFD designated MEP on the committee representing the interests of racist Lega Nord supporters, anti Jewish Greeks, extremist Danish anti Nazis, criminals from several EU parties and others favouring membership of the EU.

Firstly it was noted that despite the way the document is presented by the clerical assistant who wrote it would like you to think – Godfrey Bloom couldn’t be bothered turning up – My French contact’s comment was ‘typiche EUquip probablement on ze pizz avec Farage’!

I have checked with someone else on the committee and Nikki Sinclaire was there in her capacity as UKIP and was able to make a political speech for which she was chastised by the chairman of the committee – but her point was made.

EUkip’s position is made increasingly worse as their name does not feature as they do not even represent themselves or the British electorate but TheEFD! That Bloom was expected to be there, that his false press release is on EUkip’s web site although he is EFD and NOT UKIP – and in fact UKIP had an elected member on the committee who attended and spoke but is not featured on the web site.

To add insult to injury Bloom’s goffer has made a fundamental and major error in their reportage!

Tuesday, 23rd February 2010

The Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee of the European Parliament will be voting tonight to make it compulsory to give 18 weeks of maternity pay on 100% of wages.

“This is the economics of the madhouse” said Godfrey Bloom MEP. “At this time of economic crisis this proposed legislation is stupid and wrong. I said this years ago and I repeat it now. No small businessman or woman with two brain cells will employ a woman of child bearing age”.

“It is stupid because rather than increasing employment possibilities for young woman, it make them scarcer as hard pressed businesses factor in the risk of losing staff – whilst paying them for months on end. And it is wrong because it is the small businesses that create wealth and innovation. Doing this strips them of the ability to invest effectively in staff.

It is sadly typical of a legislature made up of public sector employees, lecturers and charity workers – no concept of life in the real world, yet they have the temerity to dictate to those whose hard work pays their wages”, continued Bloom.

Why are we not surprised!