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#0537* – Justin ADAMS Pilot of UKIP Banner Stunt Crash – Sentenced.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/06/2011

#0537* – Justin ADAMS Pilot of UKIP Banner Stunt Crash – Sentenced.
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Justin ADAMS Pilot of UKIP Banner Stunt Crash – Sentenced!
Over a Year after the unfortunate crash – with his work, company, marriage, health, sanity, home, family, plane and more in ruins – having spent 6 months in Prison awaiting outcome let us hope UKIP can now try to ensure this unfortunate man gets the medical help he clearly needs – rather than further berate him!

The help UKIP can provide will be a measure of what they might be like if ever they rise above Mare in a village council!!




as this blog stated right at the outset this now clearly seems a mental health issue and clearly Justin Adams has been deeply harmed by the plane crash whilst Nigel Farage – being a politician with no job to worry about – has merely capitalised on his personal survival.

As stated before Justice delayed is Justice denied and holding Justin Adams in a prison in his fragile state when clearly he needed medical help can hardly be seen as Justice.

Nigel Farage death threat crash pilot given community order

Mr Farage was taken to hospital after the crash on election day 2010

A pilot found guilty of threatening to kill UKIP leader Nigel Farage following a plane crash has been given a two-year supervised community order. 

Entangled banner

Mr Farage said he wants to “draw a line” under the affair

‘Drinking to excess’

Adams has been in custody for six months before sentencing.

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