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Yet More Ukip Corruption In Lincolnshire

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/12/2014

Yet More Ukip Corruption In Lincolnshire

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


 Yet More Ukip Corruption In Lincolnshire, yet another rigging of selection process – this time in Ukip’s No. 2 target Westminster Seat!


yet further provenance of the total corruption of the process of democracy within Ukip – a circumstance repeated time and time again making a total mokery of the much vaunted principles of democracy in Ukip.
There is absolutely no doubt that there has been constant and continuous rigging of Ukip selection and election processes. Ukip has been utterly dishonest in its due process and has not only rigged selections and elections but has used them to steal money from their members – offering democracy and votes to members who had put their names forward with various payments required to obtain the right to stand for el;ection!
Corruption in Ukip and overt fraud has been endemic, whether as when Douglas Denny dishonestly acted for Nigel Farage to do all he could to ensure Farage was elected leader – a stunning act of corruption and dishonesty from someone supposedly empowered as the Returning Officer for the election with the duty to ensure ‘fair play’ and adherence to the rules yet himself cheating for Nigel Farage directly!
Douglas Denny was caught out, in no small part by this blog which exposed the corruption, subsequently he was removed as Returning Officer by the NEC, regardless of his hissy fit and lies to try to cover his tracks. Douglas Denny’s removal however (which is fully documented despite intervention dishonestly to try to remove all the evidence given by my blogs) However unfortunately by that time the damage was done and the election of Farage was nothing more than a corrupt coronation.
There are many more examples of the corruption of Ukip which have beenconclusively proven – below is just yet another example:

Nigel Farage with Robin Hunter-Clarke

UKIP’s oft-burnished reputation as a democratic grassroots party is set to take a battering with its own members — after the party’s top committee intervened to install one of their own number as the candidate for their #2 target seat.

With polling from Survation giving the party a massive 20-point lead, 22 year-old councillor and National Executive Committee (NEC) member Robin Hunter-Clarke is set to become the youngest MP in more than 30 years if he prevails in the Lincolnshire seat of Boston and Skegness, which is second only to Clacton in its demographic receptiveness to UKIP.

But emails leaked to Scrapbook lay bare a conspiracy amongst party top brass to install Hunter-Clarke as candidate. The day before the selection hustings was to take place, shortlisted candidates received a message from a local party official notifying them of “an anomalous situation”:

“I greatly regret that this situation has arisen and I hope that you will appreciate that it has done so solely as a result of the intervention of the NEC.

Apparently they’d decided to unilaterally install Hunter-Clarke on the shortlist, with corrupt former Tory minister Neil Hamilton withdrawing his name:

“The shortlist was duly drawn up and was submitted to the NEC. Unusually, they made adjustments to the list and one name was withdrawn and was replaced by another.

And it gets even more stinky. It turns out that Hunter-Clarke was not only on the NEC, which nobbled proceedings in his favour, but also the local committee which drew up the original shortlist in August — meaning he had seen his opponents’ CVs and had the inside track on their strengths and weaknesses.

The local party proposed sharing CVs amongst the other hopefuls — but UKIP’s head of candidates David Soutter didn’t respond until, errrr, the day before the selection meeting:

“Clearly, this was an undesirable situation and the only remedy seemed to be for all of you to have sight of each others’ CVs in order to create a level playing field.

“I wrote to [David Soutter] setting out the situation and suggesting the above remedy. That was 2½ weeks ago and I have just today received Mr. Soutter’s agreement as to this proposed course of action.

Hilariously, Soutter then refused to tell locals which candidate had prevailed at the meeting until a week later:

We’re currently awaiting a statement from ‘Kipper HQ, who insist the whole process has been above board.

UPDATE: UKIP statement: “Steps were taken to ensure that the selection in Boston and Skegness was a fair and balanced one. Robin Hunter-Clarke was selected by to fight the seat by an overriding and overwhelming vote by the Branch.”​

To view the original article CLICK HERE
Further comments ‘e’Mailed to me adds further details to this story of typical Ukip corruption:
Robin Hunter-Clarke was not only on the NEC, which nobbled proceedings in his favour, but also the local committee which drew up the original short-list in August — meaning he had seen his opponents’ CVs and had the inside track on their strengths and weaknesses.

Hunter Clarke is of course a Farage sycophant, and he makes much of being a local lad.  The problem is that he in fact lives in Chester where he is a law student.  Quite how he is going to manage to keep up with his studies is anyone’s guess, let alone fulfil his responsibilities as a councillor in Lincolnshire!
Hunter Clarke faces 260 mile round trips to attend council meetings in Lincoln, and be fully available to his constituents on local matters.  This appears not only to be exhausting for the young chap but potentially very expensive for the public.

He has been parachuted into the Boston & Skegness parliamentary seat – without a bye or leave to the local party.  Even though he has precious little experience of life (he’s still a student) he already sits on the UKIP NEC and is Chairman of a UKIP branch, and he’s a p/t councillor.  Now he’s set to be a PPC for UKIP, and possibly an MP!  What skills does he have to achieve such a rapid rise to prominence, apart from being a sycophant?  If elected will he continue to ‘read law’ and be a p/t MP as he is a p/t councillor?  Or will he become yet another career politico who will never have any first hand experience of the real world?





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