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Ukip’s Corruption Is Endemic & Hardly News!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/12/2014

Ukip’s Corruption Is Endemic & Hardly News!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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Ukip’s Corruption Is Endemic & Hardly News!
This blog has written in detail, with endless examples, of Ukip corruption, fraud, cronyism, nepotism , abuse of office and dishonesty over many years with over 2.1/2 thousand blogs & detailed links!



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UKIP ex Members Who Mostly Quit In Disgust

you will note details of corruption in Ukip and of internal rigging and dishonesty in Ukip’s internal selection and election processes that show it is endemic – you may remember the detailed example shown by the Ukip returning Officer that exposed the corruption of the process and the involvement of officers of the party, including Christopher Gill and others CLICK HERE.
Then of course there are many resignation letters of well informed elected officers of the party such as:
Richard Suchorzewski CLICK HERE
Niall Warry CLICK HERE
Douglas Denny CLICK HERE
You will note from Douglas Denny’s letter of resignation he boasts of having detailed evidence of the criminality in Nigel Farage’s party, which as we all know is managed by Nigel Farage on a very hands on basis using his personal appointees, such as Douglas Denny, to corrupt processes to obtain the results he personally required!
I always believed that it was a criminal offence to fail to report crime and thus I wonder when Douglas Denny will be called to account on criminal charges.
 TIMES - Ukip Rig Elections 01TIMES - Ukip Rig Elections 02-Dec-2014 - 02
Then again we know that Nigel Farage’s doxy Annabelle Fuller acted on his behalf to rig elections whether in her corrupt move to belittle John West as a candidate by breech of data protection laws posting a confidential video on You Tube, a matter about which she lied, lies which led to lies from Nigel Farage and the resignation of John Wittaker MEP’s resignation as chairman.
Or as portrayed in Julia Langmaid’s letter:
LANGMAID, Julia 01 - Letter 31-07-2010
 Also seek out the details, all of which are covered on this web site, of John Wittacker MEP’s depature as Chairman or that of Chris Pain, Mike Nattrass MEP, or the lies of Ukip surrounding the departure of Jasna Badzak or Nikki Sinclaire MEP, Dr. David Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmonds, Roger Knappman MEP & Leader, Martin Hasslam, Petrina Holdsworth Chairman, Marta Andreasen MEP, David Bannerman MEP, John Petley (unless it paid!) and many many more who quit in disgust at the corruption in Nigel Farage’s party, which he has operated over many years as a one man fiefdom with absolute control. A control which with the help of Douglas Denny and other ‘placemen’ he  enshrined in the corruption of the party constitution and rule book.
The media has also covered details of positions on MEP selection lists purchased by candidates in some detail previously!
Nigel Farage’s mask – the affable chappy in the pub act is clearly slipping
FARAGE, Nigel  104one can hear him already either blaming everyone else and accepting no responsibility for the actions of the party he has controlled, in every aspect, since Alan Sked left in disgust, or taking a leaf out of the book of his chums in the BNP, who are I note now openly backing him as do the EDL and other extremists, racists and the self serving!
He is more than likely to try to claim this is just a Government smear or the establishment trying to damage the party because, he will claim, it is doing so well.
This is of course just the dishonest spin of politics, as one can tell by even a glance at the facts and a small amount of research of the many key people in Ukip that Farage has fallen out with and just how implacable are their enemies who their dishonesty, corruption and offensive behaviour has done so much to earn.

Ukip ‘massaging’ selection process

Ukip’s selection process has been manipulated to allow the leadership to install favoured candidates, it has been claimed.

Leaked emails reveal a raft of concerns about the way the system in Nigel Farage’s party has been operated, including suggestions it has been “massaged by an internal clique to suit pre-determined outcomes”.

Psychometric tests, interviews and assessments were used by the party to weed out potential problem candidates ahead of the campaign for the May’s elections to the European parliament.

Ukip's leadership manipulated the party's selection process, it is claimed

Ukip’s leadership manipulated the party’s selection process, it is claimed

According to emails seen by The Times, Andrew Moncrieff, a member of the party’s governing committee, claimed it had turned into “another classic Ukip behind closed doors selection”.

He wrote last year: “There is the question of whether the final scores were massaged by an internal clique to suit pre-determined outcomes.

“What started out as an attempt to produce a transparent, equitable system has turned into another classic Ukip behind closed doors selection.”

Mr Moncrieff asked why “paid party lackeys have done surprisingly well” and raised the prospect of the involvement of “Nigel’s henchmen”.

Ukip deputy chairman Neil Hamilton claimed the list of candidates contained “manifest absurdities” in a private email, according to the newspaper.

“As you can imagine, I’m not pleased with the MEP selection process,” Mr Hamilton wrote. “Yet again, things have not been thought through properly and badly executed.”

In one email exchange, Will Gilpin, the party’s former chief executive, wrote: “When I saw the (MEP selection) list I concluded that the party doesn’t really want to change, that the same sycophancy will be the driving force.”

Mr Moncrieff and Mr Hamilton did not make the party’s shortlist for the European elections.

Douglas Denny, who was selected in an open hustings to be the Portsmouth South parliamentary candidate but was later dropped by the leadership, accused the party of being “immoral, undemocratic and deeply corrupt”, according to The Times.

Ukip said that its selection systems were fair and insisted Mr Farage had “no hand” in the process.

A spokesman said: “The results were not manipulated, and Nigel Farage had no hand whatsoever in the selection process, finding out the assessment results only at the NEC at which they were unveiled.

“The fairness of the process was, in fact, tested in court. The regional lists were not altered, except in Scotland where several candidates resigned, or where one or two candidates resigned in other regions.

“The process was not designed to ensure that anybody specific did not make the shortlist; it was designed, using external consultants, to ensure that comparatively unsuitable people did not make the shortlist, and worked well in that respect.”

The Times in splendid isolation behind its pay wall has worked up the story with further details and would seem to have sourced much of the information via Alexi talking with the embittered scoundrel and imaginitive fantasist Douglas Denny, who is slowly spilling ther beans as his revenge for being demoted from being one of Nigel Farage’s more corrupt fixers!
Whether Alexi will manage to gain access to the hard evidence that will put Farage in prison, as boasted of by Denny, before Denny has his collar felt for colluding in criminal activity and failing to supply the facts with the evidence to the rightfull authorities is a moot question!

Ukip ‘fixing’ selection of candidates, emails claim

To view the originaldo buy a copy of today’s Times, where you will find the full text rather more decorously laid out!

Ukip ‘fixing’ selection of candidates, emails claim

 Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has gained support by pitching Ukip as an ‘anti-establishment’ party Carl Court/Getty Images

Alexi Mostrous and Billy Kenber

Ukip has manipulated the selection of prospective parliamentary candidates and is run by Nigel Farage as an “undemocratic” cabal, according to claims in a leaked cache of documents seen by The Times.


More than a dozen activists previously loyal to the Eurosceptic party have resigned over perceived efforts by Mr Farage and his allies to remove long-serving Ukip members from standing as MPs and MEPs in winnable seats.


As Mr Farage attempts to broaden Ukip’s appeal and to capitalise on its recent successes, some of his most longstanding foot-soldiers have accused the party of ignoring its own rules on selection procedures to the benefit of favoured candidates.


Neil Hamilton, now Ukip’s deputy chairman, warned in a private email that its list of MEP candidates for May’s European elections contained “manifest absurdities”.


“As you can imagine, I’m not pleased with the MEP selection process,” Mr Hamilton wrote. “Yet again, things have not been thought through properly and badly executed.”


In another leaked email, Will Gilpin, Ukip’s former chief executive, wrote: “When I saw the [MEP selection] list I concluded that the party doesn’t really want to change, that the same sycophancy will be the driving force.”


Mr Farage has gained support by pitching Ukip as an “anti-establishment” party seeking to shake up the old boys’ club in Westminster. Internal documents reveal, though, that senior figures questioned whether party leaders had tailored interview questions to discriminate against certain MEP candidates or had altered some candidates’ ratings to suit their own preferences.


Instead of allowing local branches to choose candidates for the European elections in May this year, Ukip required potential MEPs to undergo psychometric testing and a series of formal interviews and assessments. They were given a rating out of 100 based on their performance and placed on a shortlist that was voted on by every party member.


“There is the question of whether the final scores were ‘massaged’ by an internal clique to suit pre-determined outcomes,” Andrew Moncrieff, who remains on Ukip’s governing committee, wrote last year. “What started out as an attempt to produce a transparent, equitable system has turned into another classic Ukip ‘behind closed doors’ selection.”


Last night, a party spokesman said: “What we see are a series of claims by disappointed candidates. The system was fair and rigorous, and the quality of candidates continues to improve. As Ukip grows there are those who have been around a long time who feel that by dint of long service they are entitled to jobs and roles. The opposite is true, as today there is far greater competition. This can only be a good thing for the party and the country as a whole.”


Steve Crowther, the party chairman, had to reassure the party’s national executive committee last year that Mr Farage had “never at any stage given me even the slightest indication of who should and should not be on the list. Not once.”


Mr Moncrieff, who like Mr Hamilton did not make the European shortlist, questioned the involvement of “Nigel’s henchmen” in the process and asked why “paid party lackeys have done surprisingly well”. He suggested that a likely reason was “that it suits the party hierarchy to get people paid by the party elected as MEPs so they can be paid for by the EU”.


Two Ukip insiders have suggested that at least one candidate’s scores may have been downgraded.


“The candidate got his results [from the firm which carried out tests o/n behalf of Ukip],” one source said. “They told him he was one of the highest. His scores were higher than his position on the list, that was for sure.”


The insider said that members of the party’s governing committee were not shown the candidates’ scores and were simply presented with a ranked list of 60 candidates at the same time as it was published to members.


David Gale, Ukip’s former candidate for the police and crime commissioner role in Derbyshire, resigned last year after suggesting that one party official had justified the omission of an MEP candidate on the basis that “all the members would vote for him and we can’t have that”. Ukip strongly denied the claims at the time.


Rifts in the party over selection look set to continue into next year. Douglas Denny, a former Farage loyalist who joined Ukip in 1999, accused the party of being “immoral, undemocratic and deeply corrupt” after he was deselected as the party’s parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth South.


Mr Denny was selected 18 months ago after winning an open hustings but was dropped by Ukip’s leadership after it asserted the right to change candidates in so-called “key seats”. In a resignation note he said that Ukip had “demonstrated conclusively that they are willing to manipulate the MP candidates’ selection process . . . and have changed the rules recently to allow this to be done. Those choosing will be under the shadow of Nigel Farage.”


Andrew MacDowell, Portsmouth’s chairman, also resigned from the party in protest. Roger Bird, a Ukip member, told a local newspaper that Mr Denny’s deselection was a “routine event”.


More recently, the entire local party branch in South Hereford voted to dissolve itself in support of the prospective parliamentary candidate, Kip Waistell, who resigned after a Ukip MEP allegedly threatened to have him “deselected”.


Mr Waistell claimed in his resignation letter that “there are those within Ukip who have sought from day one to manipulate people against each other in this constituency”. Ukip’s response was that a “lacklustre” Mr Waistell “jumped before he was pushed”.


Last year, about 200 Ukip members paid £500 each to enter the process to become an MEP candidate in the European elections. Some 77 shortlisted names paid a further £360 for screening tests, bringing the party more than £125,000 in income.


Mr Crowther told NEC members in an email that the selection process was “calculated to be self-liquidating”. However, Ukip’s 2013 accounts listed the costs of MEP selection as £32,671, suggesting it made a profit of more than £95,000.


Caroline Gent, a Ukip councillor, wrote to the party’s NEC last year to express her “total dismay” after candidates she considered to be superior were passed over. “The whole thing stinks,” she said. “I thought UKIP were supposed to be honest.”




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