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Looking At The Apparent Industrialisation Of Crime In Ukip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/11/2014

Looking At The Apparent Industrialisation Of Crime In Ukip

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Looking At The Apparent Industrialisation Of Crime In Ukip, with a GUEST POST a few examples of the many and relevant links, substantive details and numerous reminders.



The strange case of Jasna Badzak, Lee Jasper, Louise Mensch, UKIP and possible police corruption.

Jasna Badzak is a former UKIP press officer. She’s the last person who you’d expect would have anti-facist campaigners, MP’s, former colleagues of Ken Livingstone and people from the left and right coming out in defence of her.

Best to start at the beginning with Lee Jasper and this is from his blog explaining how he and Badzak first met.

Jasna Badzak is a former press officer for UKIP. She started work for Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten MEP in November 2010 and around a year ago; she was convicted of defrauding UKIP of some two thousand five hundred pounds in October 2013.  Around a year ago Jasna rang me seeking support for what she claimed, was a miscarriage of justice. I was intrigued and decided to meet Jasna.


It’s best to read Jasper’s first hand account of what he and Badzak were discussing as it’s quite complex, but the short version is that Badzak was convicted of fraud in October 2013 which was quite heavily covered in the right wing press. Badzak has claimed this was a miscarriage of justice which is where she contacts Jasper in order to get someone to hear her story which is she is the subject of a possible criminal conspiracy by members of the Metropolitan Police (who may have links to UKIP, the BNP and the EDL) and Gerard Batten, a UKIP MEP.

It’s fairly outlandish but I can understand why Badzak went to Jasper, than say, the likes of The Sun, as if she could get a left wing campaigner for equality to believe her, then she’d have an unlikely ally in taking on what at first seems like a fairly simple case of fraud, but when delved into deeper is much, much more worrying and affects freedom of speech for all of us.

If however she’s been framed because she was repulsed by Gerard Battens UKIPs Charter for Muslim Understanding, Dismantling Multiculturalism and that as claimed, she’s being targeted by officers in the Met with links to UKIP/EDL then that’s incredibly worrying. The allegations if the blog by Lee Jasper are extraordinary but this is only the start of it as the case has now been taken up by of all people, Louise Mensch who picked it up after Badzak was arrested for ReTweeting the Lee Jasper blog.

At this point it’s essential to read this blog from Mensch and take the implications of it in entirely. If this is true then not only has the Met lied to the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London, but is suppressing critics of UKIP and is acting on behalf of MEP’s to ensure that Badzak is silenced, and in terms of her fraud conviction, wrongfully have her convicted. Sadly, due to the fact that Badzak is a cardiac patient and is undergoing astonishing amounts of stress, she’s been left paralysed from the waist down thanks to this.


What I find astonishing is that Badzak and her supporters (which I fully admit to being one of) aren’t being nicked for posting the Lee Jasper blog, or harassed by police because of posting the Mensch blog. It’s as far as I know, it’s just the woman who may have proof that would show what UKIP are which is very clearly a party of the far right using corrupt police officers to enforce what they want which is suppressing debate.

I find it extraordinary that journalists who monitor Louise Mensch’s Twitter feed for every single fuck up (and I’ve made my opinion on Mensch clear in the past) haven’t picked up what she’s been Tweeting about, especially as it relates to UKIP and the media love stories about UKIP. This however could be one which has massive implications about the party, who it has connections with on the far right and the police and how they’re conducting themselves. Either it’s a case where journalists aren’t interested (which would be astonishing) or there’s something else holding them back from even mentioning this story. Whatever the reason I find it suspicious there’s nothing in the press.

This is a constantly updating story so I suggesting following Jasna Badzak and Louise Mensch on Twitter to see where this goes because if true, then some Met Officers and a UKIP MEP should be the one feeling the stress, not Jadna Badzak.

UPDATE 9th November

Mensch has updated her blog today which can be read here but essentially she has screenshots which show that one of the Met Officers, a James Galvin, supports UKIP on his Facebook page which isn’t enough to show he’s in the pocket of UKIP MEP’s, but it’s certainly enough to show a probably conflict of interest that at the very least should result in a public inquiry.

Also, I’ve now had it made clear to me that the story was offered to Channel 4 News and  other media organisations but nobody bothered to touch it. Considering that an effigy of Alex Salmond being burned made headline news while this massive miscarriage of justice has been left to flounder online I can only think that there’s people who don’t want to dig into something which frankly, could well bring UKIP down as well as further expose the Met for being a corrupt force open to abuse by its officers.

I need to also bring to light an anonymous comment left on this blog and highlight the implications made in it.

The implications are as follows: UKIP seems to have infiltrated the police. Further still, specialist officers in the financial crimes, serious crime and anti-terror sections have been involved in framing Jasna Badzak. There are many others who claim to be harassed by these specialist and elite police units including hounding by the Air Support Unit and CID from the Homicide and Major Crimes directorate. Many of these individuals are professional people who have not been involved in any criminal activities what so ever. They are in the construction industry, unionists or simply are targeted over personal matters as with Ian Puddick.


The implication is that the Met are targeting people, including a number of activists, who they see as a ‘threat’ to whatever they’re trying to protect.Then I remembered this blog I stuck up back in May which mentions how a Green Party member by the name of Michael Abberton had a knock on the door for posting this image on his social media.


In that case it was Cambridgeshire police but as much as I don’t like conspiracy theories or the nutters they attract, there’s something about all of what’s happening with UKIP and the police that screams of a genuine attempt to suppress debate and of course, the fact the party is now very firmly a far right party who clearly have authoritarian undertones.

In the case of Badzak, it seems that as Louise Mensch has said (and I find it astonishing I agree with her) that all of James Galvin’s convictions are unsafe, and that he should also be investigated for corruption which should include his links to UKIP and the far right. If the police have people working within it essentially working for the far right (which I include UKIP as firmly being of the far right) then it’s down to the Fourth Estate to pull their head out their arses and expose this because if it’s dismissed, or forgotten about there’s going to be irreparable damage to the joke that is democracy within the UK.

To view the original of this post CLICK HERE
BATTEN, Gerard 10
For more info. on this apparent abuse of public office by Gerard Batten and collusion with corrupt police officers and corrupted Judiciary CLICK HERE and HERE to start with.
We published our doubts about this case with extensive details at the time of Jasna Badzak’s original trial.
BADZAK, Jasna 01
We also published details of Ukip’s agents corrupt efforts to silence/bankrupt me by claiming over £100,000 for using a well circulated Ukip publicity photo of Nigel Farage standing in a large puddle at a building site which they tried to pass of as a fishing photo:
FARAGE, Nigel awash 01 publicity pic co CROUCHERLooks all too like a display of the degree of corruption in Ukip.
The Courts found in my favour and ordered Ukip’s agent to pay my costs. To date Ukip have shown nothing but contempt for British justice defaulting on payment of around £13,500 + years of interest!
WISE, Tom 04 MEP
It was also myself that exposed the embezzeling of public funds by Tom Wise on my web site. We now know that Tom Wise assisted Nigel Farage by giving him £Thousands, which he KNEW was part of the fraudellently obtained money – was this why Farage NEVER threw Tom Wise out of Ukip?
It was my blog and postings on the corrupt Anthony Butcher’s forum which repeatedly published details of Tom Wise and Ukip’s corruption that eventually ensured Wise was sentenced to 2 years in jail!
DENNY, Douglas 03
It has been this blog that has publicly kept alive the desire for open transparency over the Ukip corrupt Ashford scam and exposed the dishonesty and corrupting of Ukip internal elections for Farage by Douglas Denny.
CLARK, Derek MEP born 10-Oct-1933 06
It was this blog that exposed the corruption of Ukip MEP Derek Clark which eventually led to him having to refund somewhere between £30 & 100,000 of tax payers money he had missapropriated. It is understood the only reason he was never prosecuted was bnecause of his advanced years!
HOLDSWORTH, Petrina 01It was also my blogs which brought you the lies and deceit of Roger Knappman and the obscenities of Nattrass and corrupt bullying by others that led to the resignation of the tyhen chairman of Ukip Petrina Holdsworth.
It was this blog which first published the fact that Nigel Farage had lied on media to get elected and had broken his promise by employing his wife doing very little for £30Kpa.
FARAGE, Kirsten 03
It was this blog that published the fact that Nigel Farage had set up a tax dodging Isle of Man bank account and also gave details of his undeclared income relative to the Electoral Commission some £200,000 in donations from the owners of his constituency office.
It was also my blog which published that the £11,000 unlawfully claimed from the EU and allegedly paid to The Metric Martyrs vanished on route, as they never received a penny of it from Ukip.
MERCHANT, Piers 04
There was also the report of the Ukip Returning Officer in their candidate selection process a Barrister and former Tory MP, which exposed the corruption of the process and the dishonesty of a fellow former Tory MP’s involvement in the scam, which were exposed on my blog CLICK HERE
GILL, Christopher 03
ALL of these items appeared on this blog and others I control long before they were ever made public in the Legacy Media.
FULLER, Annabelle 10a
Do not forget it was this blog that published the lies of Annabelle Fuller and her theft of confidential data pertaining to John West which she published on You Tube and details of the collusion with Nigel Farage4 to stay on his payroll which has been achieved to date regardless of the pretence and subterfuge Nigel Farage has been involved in to achieve it.
You may recall Ukip’s then chairman John Wittaker MEP who resigned in disgust over Nigel Farage’s corrupt behaviour!
It was also this blog which published the fact that Annabelle Fuller had stolen Andrew Bridgen’s Blackberry phone device, House of Commons Pass and correspondence whilst at his flat in the early hours with his political advisor – we also published tyhe fact that she had twice phoned Nigel Farage from the flat at the time!
Despite these facts being reported to the police at the time it would seem there was a cover up of Ukip’s invbolvement in Annabelle Fuller’s criminality due to repeated embarrassment of the police eventually
BRIDGEN, Andrew 01 + wife
(too late to save Andrew Bridgen’s marriage) instigated an enquiry only about a month ago see CLICK HERE and then ask yourself just how long it takes the police to investigate the theft of a Blackberry, a House of Commons Pass and correspondence, which not only has been admitted by the thief but since it was theft from an MP was clearly a Security Issue
Clearly it is legitimate to ask ‘Are the police still acting to cover up the crimes for Ukip whilst seemingly fabricating cases for Ukip’?.
It would seem Ukip has privileged links with various Police Officers and have corrupted the judicial system on more than one occasion. Last week we noted that Police Officers were destroying evidence which may well have proved damaging to their various cases on behalf of Ukip, Gerard Batten and possibly others.
The similarities involved in these cases, including the involvement of Simon Orme from the CPS and various police officers named on this blog site with what seems to be a ‘fit up’ case being brought against the then Ukip MEP Nikki Sinclaire,
who fell out with Ukip over their racist, anti homosexual, anti Jewish low life associates in the EFD Group.
SINCLAIRE Nikki Banks + Hurst 01
Clearly the claimed case against Nikki Sinclaire which so closely follows the case brought against Ukip as to obviously be unsound – not least in the fact that it has taken over 2 years of police harrassment and public villification of Nikki Sinclaire to even bring this febrile stack of nonsense to Court – clearly costing her the possibility of re-election and together with
PEARSON, Lord Malcolm of Rannock 16 & Pamela
the lies of the utterly corrupt extremist Zionist racist Lord Pearson of Rannock’s lies about her has made her position untenable.
A clear case of justice delayed is justice denied.
Like so much else related to the dealings of the Ukip leadership clique aided by their nere do well claque this is deeply unreliable and would seem to be a very clear case of corruption of justice in collusion with other public servants.
I believe that there is more than enough evidence in the public domain and readily available to call for an enquiry into the ethics of Ukip and consider as unsound various, if not all cases, involving those officers who have seemingly colluded with Ukip. If they have been willing to ‘sit on’ some cases, ‘cover-up’ others and pursue seemingly fabricated cases then they are clearly unfit and ALL their work must be considered suspect.
An investigation of the ‘establishment’ by the ‘establishment’ is clearly no more fit for purpose than Ukip as representatives of British values nor the Police of Police corruption!
Ukip has made much of being different from other politicians and parties and it seems they surely are – they would seem to have industrialised corruption. Perhaps it is time for a complete change in the style of British politics so let us change by having an independent and trustworthy enquiry – unlike such stitch ups as Chilcott and Leverson’s various stunningly inept reports (deliberate?) – or the mealie mouthed efforts to sweep the various paedophile reports back under the carpet!
It is time for A Royal Commission on Police, Policing and the Justice System which so readily abuses its position of trust with utilising false laws just ‘Because they can’.
Also we should strive to restructure our system of Governance along the lines of ‘The Harrogate Agenda‘ once we have implemented ‘FleXcit‘ to Leave_The_EU, minded of ‘The House of Commons document‘.




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