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#113* – Eastern Region Septic Tank With Its Lid Off

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/11/2008

#113* – Eastern Region Septic Tank With Its Lid Off!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



Let us firstly clear the confusion of Peter Reeve the Regional Organiser who is presiding over the collaps of EUkip in the Eastern Region.Fortunately I spotted his eMail in the SPAM dump bin on one of my other computers – normally people who wish to contact me use MY computer rather than posture by mailing other computers.You will note almost all my eMails state my name, address, phone number and eMail address clearly just to give even the thickest of people a clue how to contact me!It seems Peter Reeve is puzzled – thus showing that in any sense of the word he is challenged as a reeve to EUkip!

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: 08 November 2008 10:52
To: greg.glanceback@
Subject: Lisa Duffy

To Mr Watkins

Please can you provide we with the basis for your statement that Lisa Duffy dishonestly gained her seat on the NEC as in the quote below. This is a very serious allegation which you claim to have distributed to up to 4,000 people on this email alone and have repeated on earlier emails circulated by yourself. “Peter Reeve lives with Lisa Duffy & her children and I gather a few of his – you will note La Duffy dishonestly gained her seat on the NEC”
Quote is from email ref :
From: Glanceback greg.glanceback@
Subject: #1125 – Eastern Region Rises Against Corruption of EUkip Leadership It Seems!
To: greg.glanceback@
Date: Saturday, 8 November, 2008, 6:30 AM
Regards.Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties

Firstly may I point out that as the Regional Organiser of parts of the Eastern Region, having been de-selected by various branches, being the subject of complaints to the NEC of others and having shown your own duplicity, dishonesty and underhand determination to betray the UKIP members and the public at larger my inclination is to tell you to mind your own business and if one of your superiors wish to question the veracity of my statement it is up to them.

However being aware that Lisa Duffy is a cohabiter of yours may I suggest that you read the EUkip Constitution, crass as it is in many areas having been unprofessionally altered from the original – I appreciate you have scant regard for the Constitution or Party procedural rules, however be minded of ‘the spirit of the law’ when next you read The Constitution.

Be advised that Lisa Duffy obtained her position on the NEC dishonourably and dishonestly and has abused her position and acted dishonestly and dishonourably bringing EUkip yet further into disrepute by her behaviour and her actions.

Your position Mr. Reeve is unconscionable for a man of any integrity, morality or honour.

May I remind you that you are promoting and supporting the undeniably corrupt selection process in your region as shown beyond any possible doubt in the public domain – further you are supporting in office bringing into disrepute both EUkip and the body politic the fraud, liar and cheat David Bannerman.

Is it any wonder that in a society largely opposed to vassal status in the EU amongst an audience of the young and educated at Cambridge EUkip’s position was resoundingly rejected when it fielded the fundamentally flawed and dishonest Mr. Bannerman.Despite leafleting, widespread advertising and a great deal of promotion you will have noted that the EUkip Rally at Capel St. Mary was an unmitigated disaster – having hired a Hall and after all the effort you found out just how popular you are amongst members, despite a claimed membership of 1,770ish in your Region only 10 or 12 were remotely interested in hearing the opinions or views of the corrupt Bannerman or the scams you are paid to uphold!

Interestingly despite the liar and coward George Curtis publishing widely to prevent members meeting, with your assistance – it is noted that on a limited circulation and with little effort – despite yours & the odious George Curtis’s efforts and misrepresentations – some 20 branches were represented from your region.

I note that despite two liars in the audience seemingly planted by the odious Gollom (who has a track record of dishonesty and misrepresentation and is together with his employer Jeffrey Titford under investigation by OLAF with a pending situation by Essex Police).

I appreciate that the rather sad Herbert Hitt had come along to support the lies of Ian Jonathan Smith – but you will have heard they made complete fools of themselves and had to scuttle off with their tails between their legs when they found out they were inadequately and dishonestly briefed.

Peter Reeve your behaviour in upholding dishonesty, presumably for financial gain, is unpatriotic, dishonest, corrupt, dishonourable and damaging to the EUroSceptic movement – that you are unable to work out the ways in which Lisa Duffy dishonestly gained a position on the NEC and has acted dishonourably since comes as no surprise to me.

Whether Lisa Duffy and yourself are in the employ of some agency to work with Bannerman to destroy the EUroSceptic movement or merely useful idiots is of no interest to me – the facts speak for themselves and are clear and they are that EUkip has all but collapsed and the media takes no interest as they are clearly irrelevant – the build up of Court cases all but deliberately incurred by EUkip.

As with the Judicial Review currently reaching culmination with a possible £1,000,000 cost to EUkip and thus to the NEC as bankers of last resort, if Alan Bown refuses to pay having woken up and realised it was deliberately incurred by the lies and stupidity of Andrew Smith (of your Region) and the idiotic Nigel Farage.

I note that this collapse and catastrophic mismanagement, particularly in the Eastern Region is concurrent with yours Lisa Duffy’s & Bannerman’s involvement!!

This tends to speak volumes and it is pretty clear you are being used as useful idiots as I see no signs that you have the collective intelligence worth trying to train to do the job!

The damage done to the Eastern Region has largely been due to the seeking of self interest by the likes of Gollom, Bannerman, Wise, Agnew, Curtis, Smith and others who are clearly discredited and have done such damage making such justified and serious enemies on route.

One only needs to look at the main body of the party to see an example of how NOT to do almost everything political – it has been one long squabble by little men for their own gain and glory.

You have managed to drive off every serious backer, train no one, lose sight of the goal and now even try to blame you failures on the mythical invasion by the BNP – yet have proved completely unable to identify with substance a single straw towards Farage’s Reichstag Fire – the plot of corruptly shifting blame for the dishonesty and corruption and seizing absolute control as Hitler did with HIS Reichstag Fire has gone off like a damp squib making all concerned in your plot look foolish.

There was no match to light the fire and the only smoking gun was the trail of bullet holes in the feet of clay of Farage’s cronies.Keep reading my eMails and you will steadily see the plot collapse.

Read Mein Kampf and you will realise why Hitler succeeded and Farage & EUkip failed – the importance of training, structure, organisation, lines of command & respect ensured when his Reichstag Moment came Hitler had the right people in the right places to seize control and to this day there are those who believe the Fire might have been the act of a dissident – no such luck for Farage the fingerprints of he and his cronies are all over the alleged and engineered plot – right down to their having been predicted by me in written eMails and having got their time lines muddled by their gofers.

As I have said repeatedly – my contact details are readily available and I am happy to defend the patriotism of my actions, clearly showing my every word to be correct where fact is distributed and my opinions to be substantive and sound.

I have had one side or another seeking to smear me for years and beyond the childish level of lies of Ian Smith today on behalf of his puppet masters and dishonesty such as Gollom has promoted about me or the idiocy and lies of Denny & Croucher that have done so much to discredit them I have proved exactly who I claim to be motivated ONLY by the position I have consitently held and as for Croucher’s idiotic drivel about my anti Jewish stance or my affiliation with the BNP – NOTHING other than his own life and behaviour has made him look so stupid!

I repeat I am happy to attest to my every statement in detail and in outline and will willingly present at any mutually convenient public meeting to show my every statement about EUkip and the corruption of its leadership is correct.

I do not sabre rattle about libel & courts as any court would merely laugh at EUkip and dismiss the case as being unfair of me as to be libelled by EUkip is no insult as they are consistently dishonest and everyone knows it – hence they get 0.03% vote as in the recent by election.Well done EUkip – haven’t your leaders done well as your remaining gullible supporters mill around squabbling – turning up 12 at a time to hear your message.

£45,000 in the bank & staring down both barrels in terms of costs and forfeiture with a pre determined guilty verdict running to near £1,000,000
Then there are all the other Court cases piling up.
NO WONDER it is an open subject of discussion, particularly in Brussels that Farage will siphon ALL resources into getting himself re-elected and then jump ship – it is even rumoured that Kirsten is merely waiting for his re-election to get a better settlement! One can not blame her I guess with her £25,000 a year rumoured to have been hush money, Farage’s hush money bill must be massive!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62
Since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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