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#107* – EUkip Puppets Now On Chains?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2008

#107* – EUkip Puppets Now On Chains?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



I note the desperate mess EUkip are getting in unable to rebut a single fact I have published Nigel’s little goffer has had to troll through his searchlight records and hunt through Google and Mark Croucher hasn’t been able to come up with a single substantive item against me that hasn’t long since been kicked way into touch as unmitigated nonsense.

They are now so desperate that Mark Croucher has had to recycle old lies he has used before, I note he even repeats the same errors when before it was proved his understanding of English usage merely made a fool of him:
Do try to remember what EMPATHISE means Croucher!

Little Mark Croucher was too stupid to grasp the concept last time the nonsense he was spouting was shown to be absolute tosh.

Try not to keep making a fool of yourself though I do understand your need to be seen to be performing for your master – that you again make a fool of yourself with rehashed repetition of debunked drivel speaks volumes – I guess repeating lies is a hazard of being owned by another man and having to sing for your supper.

Croucher do go away and play with your drinks you are just becoming a sad figure of ridicule and pitied by all but a few gullible idiots, like ANYONE who thinks you were EVER value for money – you are just a figure of pity leaping up and down to earn your crust.

Back to the FACTS and let us try to ignore inadequates and their lies.

I have just received this from my EU contact, and had it confirmed, I understand it was sent out quite a while ago and you will note it endorses virtually every aspect of what I have stated about EUkip’s dishonest NEC meeting and the shouting, bullying and incompetence of those set up as puppets to control it.

The staggering thing is these liars and cheats frauds and spivs in the leadership are again and again proven to be low lifes of no credibility some even criminal and it is proven – there are numerous legal cases they have brought upon themselves and it is looking increasingly certain that they are about to be hit with a bill in the region of £500,000 to £1,000,000 and their only consequential backer is beginning to wake up and realise he has been taken for the mug he clearly is – just turned upside down by a bunch of self serving spivs to have his pockets emptied – laughed about behind his back for his gullibility and when it comes to the crunch cut adrift to face The Judicial Review alone!

I believe it would be an honourable action on the part of Alan Bown to refuse to pay for the dishonesty and incompetence of Andrew Smith and David Lott and the idiotic weenie waggling of the massively insecure Nigel Farage. The three of them having irrefutably personally incurred this debt.

If I was Dr. Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmond, John West or Del Young I for one would be consulting Councel for a sound ‘Opinion’ as to how best to ensure I was NOT on the NEC as the NEC are bankers of last resort and thus Jointly & Severally liable for the debts of The Party.

Does Brian Seymour know his wife’s ambitions with Farage’s corrupt crew could cost him £100s of £1,000s similarly the Weasle Rachel Oxley with her knickers stuffed with her legal opinions to glibly distribute.

I wonder will they pursue the shaven headed Liverpool Scally Farage has put in as his puppet or the undeniably corrupt Bannerman or perchance that other man of straw and liar Douglas Denny or the cheat and clearly corrupt Lisa Duffy or will the Courts and bailiffs go straight for Farage, Bown, Seymour & Zucherman as obviously sufficient for the funds and let them chase after the others for their cut!!

For what portion will The Treasurer be responsible as a foreign National who lives in Spain?

Well anyway here is the report from the NEC:

David Abbott’s ‘charges’ were sent at 7:30 pm on Sat 1st Nov so not a lot of
notice for the trial on Mon Nov 3rd at 1 pm. [Interestingly I
received my NEC copy before David who had only that day flown from Canada
for the NEC meeting – G. L-W.].

Neither David or I were able
to defend ourselves as the meeting had degenerated to an utter farce and both of
us we being subjected to tirades of abuse and I felt I was in danger of physical

Martin Haslam brought Buster Mottram who also wanted
to talk about donors to the party and also to act as his McKenzie
friend to reply to Fargage’s demand for Martin’s resignation as Deputy Treasurer
for the crime of talking to the press.

I challenged Farage on this
and he admitted that he, Farage, had set the whole thing up with the journalist
concerned to entrap Martin Haslam or as Farage put it to ‘test his

I told Farage I found his act desplicable as did David
Abbott and we both left along with Martin Haslam, Buster Mottram. Why should we
be judged in a kangaroo court by such a man and his placemen and women? We have
done no wrong. Del Young left a few minutes after us feeling the same

Farage is trying now to smear us as being BNP. Neither I,
David or Martin have ever been in the BNP or supported the BNP.

challenge Nuttall to produce with sources the evidence to back his statement
that I or David spoke in public against UKIP or its NEC

Haslam is one of the best and most honest men you could hope to meet and has
given around £15000 to UKIP that I know of.

I gather a tape
recording of the meeting exists so you should hopefully be able to hear for

I need scarcely add that Mottram’s expulsion from UKIP
gave him no hearing or right of defence as in the UKIP

Eric Edmond

Clearly based upon the sequence here, which bears out my earlier statement of Fact, it would seem that since 4 members of the NEC had left the NEC BEFORE the vote commenced – The NEC was ‘In Quorate’ to act as a kangaroo court and obviously Zucherman who had been speaking of the PLANNED outcome at HMS Belfast and Bannerman who has placed himself in litigation with an NEC member yet dishonestly drew up the trumped up charges and also is NOT a legal or legitimate member fit to hold office they also MUST in all conscience Recuse themselves.

Arguably Rachel Oxey should recuse herself as she lodged a dishonest complaint AND has published her legal opinion on these matters.

With certainty Lisa Duffy should be recused as she only gained her position on the NEC as did Bannerman by dishonesty and deceit.

There is absolutely no doubt the meeting was ‘Inquorate’ by ANY normal standards of Justice!It may dishonestly be claimed that a meeting can not be MADE inquorate by the departure of persons who were there at the commencement however as the liar Denny has put in writing this IS acceptable on EUkip’s NEC and the precedent was set when John Wittaker in a morally underhand way withdrew during a meeting to ensure his wishes carried by making the meeting inquorate at that time.

No challenge was heard from The Chairman (Nuttall – Farage’s puppet), The Party Secretary (The ridiculous Zucherman), The Deputy Leader (The farcical liar David Bannerman) or the Leader (why would Farage act when surrounded by his puppets?) at that time. Thus the precedent is irrefutable.

Thus I would contend that the proceedings of The EUkip NEC on Monday 3rd. November 2008 are null and void. Void and of no consequence: Let the minutes show with honesty that no decisions were reached at the NEC as it was unfit to vote.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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