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Annabelle Fuller is back in Nigel Farage’s office

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/08/2014

Annabelle Fuller is back in Nigel Farage’s office

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

The unstable, attention seeking, dishonest thief and odious liar Annabelle Fuller is back in Nigel Farage’s office presumably providing him with her usual range of services!


between jobs out of doors enjoying the sunshine today I was fossiking around on the internet as I waited for a friend to arrive and I found this.
One would be hard pressed to conceive of a better display of Nigel Farage’s complete contempt for the well being of UKip, his electorate and followers of his Cult – it is clearly a me, me, me Cult where The Cult claque act in pursuit of preferement to positions on the EU gravy train, funded from the public purse – largess in the gift of Nigel Farage!
EU MEP Cartoon 03
I had heard rumours of this a few days ago but without sufficient substantiation to publish it as a fact – however these details of Nigel Farage’s much denied ‘mistress’ who he had on the payrole at public expense – just as he paid his wife at public expense when even his constituency office did not know and could identify absolutely no work she did for UKip that jusdtified her employment let alone at a salary of around £30K pa.
FULLER, Annabelle 10aNigel Farage, Annabelle Fuller & Ray Finch!
Many have alleged that the £30K from the public purse was paid as a bribe for Kirsten to turn a blind eye to her husband’s alleged mistresses or at least his various sexual dalliances!
Credibility for this widely held belief would seem to be the various occasions when Farage has employed and re-employed Annabelle Fuller in various positions and the fact that the question in the last sentence of the article below may well be answered by the fact that now that it is banned by The EU for MEPs to employ their spouses.
FARAGE, Kirsten 03
Kirsten Farage has been transpherd to the employ of Nigel Farage’s lackey Ray Finch!

Annabelle Fuller is back in Nigel Farage’s office

Senior figures in UKIP are reported to be furious that Nigel Farage is allowing Annabelle Fuller back into his office, according to one well-placed source in the party hierarchy. It’s still unclear if she has returned to work for the party or is she is merely providing decoration. If the former is the case then it confirms the story that my source gave me some time ago which was that Farage had promised Annabelle that she could return to work for him once the dust had settled.
The question is has the dust really settled? We need to remember that German born Kirsten Farage is reported to have gone seriously Teutonic over her husband’s alleged relationship with busty Annabelle. So if she really is back and drawing a salary for her activities, then it is unlikely that Kirsten will be unaware of this fact.
This leads people to ponder what deal has been done to stop Kirsten Farage screaming her head off?
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